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Friday, 12 November 2010

Cal Batchelor (guitar)

  • Take Four
  • Forge Band
  • Quiver
  • 747
  • Kevin Ayers Band [Apr 73-Sep 73]
  • Long John Baldry Band
  • Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance
  • Kicks
  • Cal Batchelor Band


Born Calvin Batchelor, he is a fantastic Canadian guitarist (also a skilled keyboardist).


This is the first band I know with Cal.

This band from Victoria (Canada) was also known as Victorian Sect. This was their personnel around 1966:

Phil Linfield
Bernie Mueller
Cal Batchelor
bass, guitar
Bill Pick
Yogie Stewart


Sorry, I don´t have any info about this band.


He went to England in 1969, and he helped form Quiver. This was around 1970. The band was formed in Ladbroke Grove, London. After some initial tries, Cal Batchelor joined, thus forming the first complete lineup of the band

Then, Tim teamed around 1970 with Canadian guitarist Cal Batchelor, forming the first complete lineup of the band:

Cal Batchelor
guitar, keyboards, vocals
Bruce Thomas
John ´Willie´ Wilson
Sutherland Brothers & Quiverê
Sutherland Brothers & Quiverê
Sutherland Brothers & Quiverê

They were the first group to play at Rainbow Theatre in London (supporting The Who).

Their first album, Quiver, was completed with help from great sax player Dick Parry. A superb album, it contains killer guitar duels (as in the great ´Killer man´), outstanding bass playing, and tight ryhthm on drums. Another great song is ´Reason for staying´. I wonder why this album is not released on CD!!

Their 2nd album is Gone in the morning, as magnificent as the 1st one. The self titled track, ´Gone in the morning´ is a masterpiece, and I also like ´I might stumble´ a lot.

Soon later, the whole band decided merging in late 1973 with Sutherland Brothers, forming Sutherland Brothers & Quiver, but Cal Batchelor decided to leave.


After leaving Quiver, Cal Batchelor formed a band called 747:

747 #1
?-Sep 73
Cal Batchelor
guitar, vocals
Archie Legget
Henry Crallan
Freddie Smith
Kevin Ayers Bandê
Kevin Ayers Bandê
Kevin Ayers Bandê
Kevin Ayers Bandê


In April 73, the band 747 joined Kevin Ayers (as "Kevin Ayers & 747") until September 73, with this extended lineup:

Apr 73-Sep 73
Kevin Ayers
vocals, guitar
Gerry Fitzgerald
Archie Legget
Henry Crallan
Freddie Smith
Long John Baldry Bandê
Long John Baldry Bandê

They toured promoting Kevin's previous album, Bananamour (but Cal doesn't appear there).

Cal´s recorded contribution to Kevin Ayers discography is the album The confessions of Dr. Dream and other stories, May 74, also appearing John Gustafson, Ollie Halsall, Mike Moran, John G. Perry, Mark Warner, Mike Oldfield, Mike Giles, etc . Cal plays in one song, ´Everybody´s sometime and some people´s all the time blues´, with a 4 guitar lineup: Kevin Ayers, Cal Batchelor, Mike Oldfield and Sam Mitchell, plus Henry Crallan on piano.


In 1973, Cal Batchelor joins Long John Baldry for a British tour, supporting The Faces (with Baldry's old mate, Rod Stewart, of course). A superb lineup:

Long John Baldry
Sam Mitchell
Archie Legget
John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick
Freddie Smith
Doreen Chanter
backing vocals
Irene Chanter
backing vocals


In that tour, he met Ronnie Lane, joining his band later. Again, I´m missing the info about those lineups. Help, please!

Cal appears in one album by Ronnie Lane: See me, released in 1980, also with Mel Collins, Bruce Rowland, Steve Simpson, Eric Clapton, Henry McCullough. Cal plays on 3 tracks: ´One step´, ´Good ol' boys boogie´ and ´Don't tell me now´).


In February 1977, Cal Batchelor formed another band called Kicks, with two members of Hawkwind (Alan Powell and Paul Rudolph) and an ex-member of Vinegar Joe (Steve York):

Feb 77-Jul 77
Cal Batchelor
guitar, vocals
Paul Rudolph
guitar, vocals
Steve York
Alan Powell

They played their first gig at Rock Garden in April 1977. But after a short tour, they sadly split in July 1977.

On a side note, Cal Batchelor and Steve York recorded an album together, but it was never released.


In the 80s, Cal returned to Canada, where he still lives.

His first solo album is Live at the Rock Shop, only available on cassette.

He has been fronting his own Cal Batchelor Band since 1995, approximately. This was the lineup around 1997:

Cal Batchelor
guitar, vocals
Trevor Newman
Robbie King
Jimmy Ferguson
Gene Hardie
sax, sometimes

For some gigs, they were joined by sax player Gene Hardie.

There's also a collective album called West coast blues party, vol. I, including two songs (´Someday you're gonna need me´ and ´She can't be trusted´ performed by Cal Batchelor).

His album Now playing is a masterpiece. It was nominated for a Pacific Music Industry Award for ´Best Album´ in 1998. Cal is superb singing and playing guitar, and the band is also great. Superb Hammond work, and some tracks have a guest horn section. The album can be obtained at Cal Batchelor´s website (see link below).

Cal´s next album was Roadworthy.

In 2004, he returned to England for some tours, followed by gigs in Europe.

This was the new Cal Batchelor Band around 2005:

Cal Batchelor
guitar, vocals
Jim Bermingham
Steve Knelson

DISCOGRAPHY: (16 albums known to me - Status: Quite advanced)

OWN ALBUMS (3 credits)
  • Live at the Rock Shop - Cal Batchelor (1995)

  • Now playing - Cal Batchelor (11/1997)

  • Roadworthy - Cal Batchelor (2003)

  • Quiver - Quiver (1971)

    • Members: Cal Batchelor, Tim Renwick, Bruce Thomas, John ´Willie´ Wilson
    • Guests: Dick Parry
    • My opinion: Superb album.
  • Gone in the morning - Quiver (1972)

  • The Confessions of Dr Dream and other stories - Kevin Ayers (05/1974)

    • Members: Kevin Ayers, Cal Batchelor, Lol Coxhill, Henry Crallan, Mike Oldfield, Mike Ratledge (RIP: Ollie Halsall)
    • Guests: Ray Cooper, Mike Giles, John Gustafson, Rosetta Hightower, Rupert Hine, Sam Mitchell, Mike Moran, Steve Nye, John G Perry, Mark Warner, Joanne Williams (RIP: Nico, Doris Troy)
    • Comments: This album was recorded with Kevin´s great friend Ollie Halsall, some other fellow companions like Mike Oldfield (guitar, bass), Nico (vocals), Cal Batchelor (guitar), John G. Perry (bass), Mike Ratledge (keyboards), Lol Coxhill (sax), Mike Giles (drums) and session musicians: Mike Moran (keyboards), Steve Nye (keyboards), Rupert Hine (keyboards), Trevor Jones (bass), John Gustafson (bass), Ray Cooper (percussion), Doris Troy & Rosetta Hightower (vocals), etc.
  • See me - Ronnie Lane (1980)

    • Members: Cal Batchelor, Brian Belshaw, Charlie Hart, Henry McCullough, Bruce Rowland, Steve Simpson, Chrissie Stewart (RIP: Ronnie Lane)
    • Guests: Eric Clapton, Mel Collins
    • Comments: This was the comeback album for good ol' Ronnie. As always, with great musicians, including many of Ronnie's former mates: Steven Simpson (fiddle, mandolin), Cal Batchelor (guitar), Alun Davies (guitar), Eric Clapton (guitar), Henry McCullough (guitar), Brian Belshaw (bass), Chrissy Stewart (bass), Charlie Hart (keyboards, violin), Billy Livsey (keyboards), Mel Collins (sax), Bruce Rowland (drums), Carol Grimes (vocals), Penny Wood (vocals). The album was also reissued under another title, One step.
  • Ain´t no one like - Ronnie Lane (11/2003)

    • Members: Cal Batchelor, Brian Belshaw, Colin Davey, Alun Davies, Benny Gallagher, Charlie Hart, Jim Leverton, Billy Livsey, Graham Lyle, Henry McCullough, Steve Simpson, Chrissie Stewart, Mick Weaver (RIP: Ronnie Lane, Steve Marriott, Ruan O´Lochlainn, Ian ´Stu´ Stewart, Kevin Westlake)
    • Guests: Eric Clapton, Hughie Flint, John Porter (RIP: Mick Green, Dave Hynes)
    • Comments: Recorded between 1973 and 1981, it also includes some live tracks.
  • Kuschty Rye - the singles 1973-1980 - Ronnie Lane (08/1997)

    • Members: Cal Batchelor, Charlie Hart, Jimmy Jewell, Henry McCullough, Bruce Rowland, Steve Simpson (RIP: Ronnie Lane)
    • Guests: Eric Clapton
    • Comments: The compilation Kuschty Rye - the singles 1973 - 1980 was released in 1997, and it´s collection of A&B sides, plus two bonus live tracks. Cal Batchelor plays guitar in one song, ´One step´.and Steve Simpson is featured in 7 tracks, along with Henry McCullough, Eric Clapton, Carol Grimes, Bruce Rowland, Jimmy Jewell, Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle, Kevin Westlake, Billy Livsey, Steve Bingham, Ken Slaven, Chrissy Stewart, Alun Davies. It also contains two bonus live tracks recorded on March 1975, so I guess Steve Simpson is also featured there.
    • My opinion:
  • West coast blues party, vol I - VVAA ( - )

    • Guests: Cal Batchelor
    • Comments: Sampler with tracks by Cal Batchelor (2 tracks), Incognito, Powder Blues, Kenny Wayne, Jim Byrnes, Wailin´ Walker, Oliver And The Elements, Mark Dufresne, Catherine St Germain, Hurricane And The Twisters and Linda Maze.
SESSIONS (4 credits)
  • Swallow tales - Cochise (1971)

    • Members: B J Cole, John Gilbert, Mick Grabham, Rick Wills, John ´Willie´ Wilson
    • Guests: Cal Batchelor, Stewart Brown, Nigel Olsson, Caleb Quaye, Tim Renwick (RIP: Steve Marriott)
    • Comments: This was the 2nd album from this good band. The personnel was: John Gilbert (vocals) Mick Grabham (guitar) B.J. Cole (steel guitar) Rick Wills (bass) Willie Wilson (drums) Another contributions in this album: the late Steve Marriott (Small Faces, Humble Pie) and Tim Renwick.
  • Curtiss Maldoon - Curtiss Maldoon (1971)

    • Members: (RIP: Clive Maldoon)
    • Guests: Cal Batchelor, Harvey Burns, Howie Casey, Roy Dyke, Steve Howe, Tom Parker, Roger Powell, Bruce Thomas, Alan Townsend, Ian Whiteman (RIP: Tony Ashton, Jon Lee)
    • Producer: Hugh Murphy
    • Comments: Cal plays guitar on 'Man from Afghanistan', and organ on 'Long long time'.
  • Tigers will survive - Ian Matthews (1972)

    • Members: Ian Matthews, Andy Roberts, Bob Ronga, Richard Thompson
    • Guests: Cal Batchelor, Timi Donald, Tim Renwick, Bruce Thomas, Ray Warleigh, Ian Whiteman, John ´Willie´ Wilson
    • Comments: Tigers will survive was his second album. By the time it was released, he had already formed the short-lived Plainsong, with some of the musicians featured here: Andy Roberts (guitar) and Bob Ronga (bass, keyboards). Also in the album: Ray Warleigh (sax), Ian Whiteman (keyboards), Timi Donald (drums), and the complete Quiver lineup: Tim Renwick (guitar), Cal Batchelor (guitar), Bruce Thomas (bass), and John 'Willie' Wilson (drums).
  • Orange - Al Stewart (1972)

    • Members: Tim Renwick, Al Stewart
    • Guests: Bob Andrews, Cal Batchelor, Brian Odgers, Roger Pope, Brinsley Schwarz, Bruce Thomas, Rick Wakeman, John ´Willie´ Wilson
    • Comments: Orange includes collaborations by Brinsley Schwarz (guitar), Tim Walker (guitar), Bob Andrews (keyboards), Brian Odgers (bass), Rick Wakeman (keyboards), Roger Pope (drums), Graham Hunt (drums), and the complete Quiver lineup: Tim Renwick (guitar), Cal Batchelor (guitar), Bruce Thomas (bass), John 'Willie' Wilson (drums). Hey, it includes a song called 'The news of Spain'!
  • Past loves - a history - Cochise (1992)

    • Members: Stewart Brown, B J Cole, John Gilbert, Mick Grabham, Rick Wills, John ´Willie´ Wilson (RIP: Roy O´Temro)
    • Guests: Cal Batchelor, Nigel Olsson, Caleb Quaye, Tim Renwick (RIP: Robert Kirby, Steve Marriott)
    • Producer: Dick Taylor
  • Sepheryn - the definitive collection - Curtiss Maldoon (1999)

    • Members: (RIP: Clive Maldoon)
    • Guests: Cal Batchelor, Harvey Burns, Howie Casey, Roy Dyke, Liam Genockey, Steve Howe, John McCoy, Tom Parker, Roger Powell, Bruce Thomas, Alan Townsend, Ian Whiteman (RIP: Tony Ashton, Jon Lee)
    • Producer: Hugh Murphy


01. Cal has played in albums by Carol Grimes and Gary Farr, but don´t know which ones. Does anybody know?

02. Were there more drummers in Quiver, such as Conrad Isadore or Timi Donald?


Official site(s) - tell them you saw the link here:

From the always interesting Alex's Picks (by Alex Gitlin), we have:

From the superb site Knights in Blue Denim: The British Blues Scene '68 - '70 (by Christer Fridhammar & Vanja), we have:

Wikipedia doesn´t want to include links to this website, but I won´t do the same with them. So, from the great Wikipedia, we have:


Very Special Thanks to:
  • Yvonne Batchelor: for her kindness, and her help (1999).
  • Steve York: for info about Cal, and much more (2000).

  • Special Thanks to:
  • Elizabeth Perttula: for info on the Long John Baldry lineup with Cal Batchelor and the Chanter Sisters (2006).
  • Chuck Warriner: for info on the Long John Baldry lineup with Cal Batchelor and the Chanter Sisters, and for telling me about Long John´s sad demise (2003).

  • Thanks to:
  • Alex Gitlin: for giving me some of the albums I still was missing.
  • Deanna Hoversland: for writing (2003).


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