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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Joanne Williams (vocals / backing vocals)

(Also known as: Joanne Stone)
  • Glovertones
  • Ashton & Lord
  • Chris Farlowe Band
  • Birds Of Paris
  • James Last Orchestra
  • R & J Stone
  • Bookham And Riskett


Fantastic singer, Joanne Williams appears in many albums. After meeting Russell Stone while singing together in the James Last Orchestra, they married, thus becoming Joanne Stone.

It's a pity that her career was truncated so soon, when she died due to a malignant brain tumour in 1979.


This group was formed probably around 1958, by Madeline Bell and Joanne Williams (who were cousins, being only 16 at that time):

Madeline Bell
Joanne Williams
+ others unknown to me. Help!

I haven´t any other details, sorry.


After leaving Family, Tony Ashton teamed with his mate Jon Lord. They recorded an album with lots of friends and guests, First of the big bands. Some guests in the album are: Jim Cregan (guitar), Jerry Donahue (guitar), Peter Frampton (guitar), Pat Donaldson (bass), Dick Parry (sax), Howie Casey (horns), Dave Caswell (trumpet), Mike Davies (trumpet), John Mumford (trombone), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Carmine Appice (drums), Terry Cox (drums), Ian Paice (drums), and backing vocals by Madeline Bell, Tony Ferguson, Jimmy Helms, Kenny Rowe, Graham White, Joanne Williams, Roger Willis.

The album was released in March 1974, but some months later, Ashton & Lord wanted to play a live concert to promote it. That's when they assemble an all-star lineup:

Sep 74
Tony Ashton
vocals, keyboards
Jon Lord
Jim Cregan
Ray Fenwick
Pat Donaldson
Mike Davis
John Mumford
Howie Casey
Dick Parry
Frank Ricotti
percussion, vibes
Ian Paice
Carmine Appice
Madeline Bell
Grahame White
Jimmy Helms
Kenny Rowe
Tony Ferguson
Joanne Williams
Roger Willis

The concert was held on September 15th, 1974. A live album from those concerts was released almost 20 years later. It's BBC Radio One Live in concert.

Other info on members of Ashton & Lord (I know up to 18 members)
Already covered (1): Dave Caswell
To be covered (16): Carmine Appice, Tony Ashton, Madeline Bell, Howie Casey, Mike Davis, Pat Donaldson, Ray Fenwick, Tony Ferguson, Jimmy Helms, Jon Lord, Max Middleton, John Mumford, Dick Parry, Kenny Rowe, Grahame White, Roger Willis


Chris Mercer joined Chris Farlowe's band for a short tour in November and December 1975:

Chris Farlowe
Albert Lee
Pat Donaldson
Jean Roussel
Ron Carthy
Gerry Conway
Madeline Bell
backing vocals
Joanne Williams
backing vocals

They released in 1976 the live album The Chris Farlowe Band live.

Other info on members of Chris Farlowe Band (I know up to 45 members)
Already covered (6): Dave Bronze, Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Terry ´Tex´ Comer, Chris Mercer, Chris Parren
To be covered (38): ...


Birds Of Paris was a group of backing vocalists that appeared in many albums in the 70s. Some of the singers were:

Madeline Bell
backing vocals
Katie Kissoon
backing vocals
Kay Garner
backing vocals
Sue Glover
backing vocals
Sunny Leslie
backing vocals
Stephanie DeSykes
backing vocals
Vicki Brown
backing vocals
Joanne Williams
backing vocals

Other info on members of Birds Of Paris (I know up to 10 members)
Already covered (1): Kay Garner
To be covered (8): Madeline Bell, Vicki Brown, Stephanie DeSykes, Sue Glover, Jean Hawker, Katie Kissoon, Sunny Leslie, Jacqui Sullivan


This was part the James Last Orchestra lineup around 1975. If anybody knows the names of the other players, please write me:

James Last
Russell Stone
Joanne Williams
Lennart Axelsson
Barry Reeves
+ many others, unknown to me. Help!
R & Jê
R & Jê

Russell Stone and Joanne Williams left the orchestra in order to attend their own commitments as R & J.

Other info on members of James Last Orchestra (I know up to 45 members)
Already covered (3): Irene Chanter, Kay Garner, Stevie Lange
To be covered (19): Madeline Bell, Simon Bell, Vicki Brown, Jimmy Chambers, George Chandler, Bob Coassin, Bob Findley, Chuck Findley, Sue Glover, Jimmy Helms, Rick Kiefer, Katie Kissoon, Sunny Leslie, Jan Oosthof, Barry Reeves, Russell Stone, Big Jim Sullivan, Derek Watkins, Kenny Wheeler


After working together in the James Last Orchestra, Russell Stone and Joanne Williams married and formed this duo:

R & J STONE #1
êJames Last Orchestra
êJames Last Orchestra
Russell Stone
Joanne Williams
vocals, as Joanne Stone

They had a big hit with their song ´We do it´, releasing two albums, but success was not repeated, and they didn´t work as a duo any more even if they recorded a third album that remains unreleased.


Bookham And Riskett was a sort of pseudonym for Vicki Brown and Joanne Williams, in order to release some material, avoiding contractual obligations.

Vicki Brown
Joanne Williams

As far as I know, they released a single in 1979, ´We got a love / Bama-Lama-Boogie´, but I don´t know if there was more material. Anybody knows?

DISCOGRAPHY: (50 albums known to me - Status: In progress)

OWN ALBUMS (1 credit)
  • Jack of all trades (SINGLE) - Joanne Williams ( - )

  • Live! - The Chris Farlowe Band (1976)

    • Members: Madeline Bell, Gerry Conway, Pat Donaldson, Chris Farlowe, Albert Lee, Chris Mercer, Jean Roussel (RIP: Ron Carthy, Joanne Williams)
    • Comments: Recorded live during 2 different concerts in July and August 1975.
  • R & J - R & J (1977)

  • We got a love / Bama-Lama-Boogie (SINGLE) - Bookham And Riskett (1979)

  • BBC live in concert 1974 - Ashton & Lord (1993)

    • Members: Carmine Appice, Madeline Bell, Howie Casey, Dave Caswell, Jim Cregan, Jeff Daly, Mike Davis, Pat Donaldson, Ray Fenwick, Tony Ferguson, Jimmy Helms, Jon Lord, Max Middleton, John Mumford, Ian Paice, Dick Parry, Frank Ricotti, Kenny Rowe, Roger Willis (RIP: Tony Ashton, Grahame White, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: Jeff Griffin
  • This is one girl - Madeline Bell (1976)

    • Members: Madeline Bell
    • Guests: Mike Bailey, Simon Bell, Ray Cooper, Jeff Daly, Bob Efford, Tony Fisher, Steve Gray, Patrick Halling, Alan Hawkshaw, Les Hurdle, Chris Karan, Duncan Lamont, Mike Moran, Rex Morris, Alan Parker, Frank Ricotti, Russell Stone, Derek Watkins (RIP: Barry Morgan, Ronnie Ross, Joanne Williams)
SESSIONS (38 credits)
  • Food of love - Yvonne Elliman (1973)

    • Members: Yvonne Elliman
    • Guests: Paul Buckmaster, Irene Chanter, Ray Cooper, Mike Giles, Mick Grabham, John Gustafson, Rosetta Hightower, Rupert Hine, Ruby James, Ann Odell, John G Perry, Caleb Quaye, Peter Robinson, Darryl Runswick, Liza Strike, Pete Townshend (RIP: Simon Jeffes, Morris Pert, Joanne Williams)
    • Comments: Hawaii-born singer, she once was Mary Magdalene in JesusChrist Superstar original album. Later, she joined Eric Clapton band, and she was re-discovered due to the huge success of Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
      Food of love must be her 3rd solo album, with many fantastic musicians: John Gustafson (bass) and Peter Robinson (keyboards) (both from Quatermass), Mick Grabham, Pete Townshend, Ann Odell (keyboards, from Blue Mink), Ray Cooper and Morris Pert (on percussion), and later members of Penguin Cafe Orchestra (Simon Jeffes and John G. Perry).
  • 1000 volts of Holt - John Holt (1973)

    • Members: John Holt
    • Guests: Rosetta Hightower (RIP: Doris Troy, Joanne Williams)
    • Comments: CD reissue contains bonus tracks, taken from his next album 2000 volts of Holt.
  • Kick off your muddy boots - Graeme Edge (1974)

    • Members: Graeme Edge, Mickey Gallagher, Adrian Gurvitz, Paul Gurvitz
    • Guests: Ginger Baker, Martyn Ford, Ruby James, Sunny Leslie, Brian Parrish, Barry St John, Ray Thomas (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Nicky James, Joanne Williams)
    • Technical: John Burns, Derek Varnals
    • Comments: Their first album was Kick off your muddy boots, also including Ray Thomas (vocals, from Moody Blues), Ginger Baker (drums), and vocals by the magnificent ones Lesley Duncan, Sunny Leslie, Barry St. John, Joanne Williams, Brian Parrish, Ruby James and Nicky James. A magnificent album, with great songs. Paul Gurvitz co-wrote the song ´The tunnel´. The CD reissue has 1 bonus track, ´We like to do it´.
  • Weren´t born a man - Dana Gillespie (1974)

    • Members: Dana Gillespie
    • Guests: John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, Ray Cooper, Terry Cox, Pat Donaldson, Ray Glynn, Rosetta Hightower, Paul Keogh, Bobby Keys, Ronnie Leahy, Mike Moran, Del Newman, Brian Odgers, Frank Ricotti, Jim Ryan, Liza Strike, Rick Wakeman, Dave Wintour (RIP: Barry De Souza, Robert Kirby, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: David Bowie, Robin Geoffrey Cable (RIP: Mick Ronson)
    • Comments: English singer and actress, she was born Dana Richenda Antoinette de Winterstein Gillespie!!! She started her musical career in 1969, and David Bowie helped her in 1974. In Weren't born a man, we can find Jim Ryan (guitar), Paul Keogh (guitar), Dave Wintour (bass), Pat Donaldson (bass), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Ronnie Leahy (keyboards), Mike Moran (keyboards), Rick Wakeman (keyboards), Bobby Keys (sax), Ray Cooper (percussion), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Terry Cox (drums), Barry De Souza (drums) and Keef Hartley (drums), plus Rosetta Hightower, Lisa Strike and Joanne Williams on backing vocals. It includes a David Bowie cover, ´Andy Warhol´.
  • Rock´n´roll testament - Karthago (1974)

    • Members: Joey Albrecht, Glenn Cornick
    • Guests: Barry St John (RIP: Vicki Brown, Joanne Williams)
    • Technical: Barry Hammond
  • Max - Max (1974)

    • Guests: Chilli Charles, Calvin ´Fuzzy´ Samuels, Liza Strike (RIP: Doris Troy, Dickie Wells, Joanne Williams)
  • Stretching out - Doris Troy (1974)

    • Members: Mick Clarke (RIP: Doris Troy)
    • Guests: Gladstone Anderson, Phil Chen, Winston Delandro, Rosetta Hightower (RIP: Roy Davies, Winston Grennan, Joanne Williams)
  • The Confessions of Dr Dream and other stories - Kevin Ayers (05/1974)

    • Members: Kevin Ayers, Cal Batchelor, Lol Coxhill, Henry Crallan, Mike Oldfield, Mike Ratledge (RIP: Ollie Halsall)
    • Guests: Ray Cooper, Mike Giles, John Gustafson, Rosetta Hightower, Mike Moran, Steve Nye, John G Perry, Geoff Richardson, Mark Warner (RIP: Simon Jeffes, Sam Mitchell, Nico, Doris Troy, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: Rupert Hine
    • Technical: John Punter
    • Comments: This album was recorded with Kevin´s great friend Ollie Halsall (appearing in 1 track), some other fellow companions like Mike Oldfield (guitar, bass), Nico (vocals), Cal Batchelor (guitar), John G. Perry (bass), Mike Ratledge (keyboards), Lol Coxhill (sax), Mike Giles (drums) and session musicians: Mike Moran (keyboards), Steve Nye (keyboards), Trevor Jones (bass), John Gustafson (bass), Ray Cooper (percussion), Doris Troy, Joanne Williams & Rosetta Hightower (vocals), etc. Produced by Rupert Hine (who also plays keyboards).
  • Blame it on the night - Kevin Coyne (05/1974)

    • Members: Chilli Charles, Tony Cousins, Terry Slade, Gordon Smith (RIP: Kevin Coyne, Ricky Dodd, Ruan O´Lochlainn)
    • Guests: Barry St John, Liza Strike, Fiachra Trench (RIP: Joanne Williams)
  • Rock´n slow - Johnny Halliday (11/1974)

    • Members: Jean-Pierre Azoulay, Madeline Bell, Jean-Marc Deuterre, Pat Donaldson, Pierre Goasguen, Johnny Halliday, Guy Marco, Rene Morizur (RIP: Tommy Brown)
    • Guests: (RIP: Vicki Brown, Joanne Williams)
  • The Butterfly ball and the grasshopper´s feast - Roger Glover (12/1974)

    • Members: Roger Glover
    • Guests: Les Binks, Helen Chappelle, David Coverdale, Jack Emblow, Ray Fenwick, Martyn Ford, Mo Foster, Mike Giles, John Gustafson, Eddie Hardin, Jimmy Helms, Glenn Hughes, Eddie Jobson, Chris Karan, Neil Lancaster, John Lawton, Mike Moran, Del Newman, Ann Odell, Mickey Lee Soule, Barry St John, Liza Strike, Nigel Watson (RIP: Tony Ashton, Ronnie James Dio, Kay Garner, Joanne Williams)
    • Comments: Some CD reissues add one bonus track.
  • La Booga Rooga - Andy Fairweather-Low (1975)

    • Members: John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, B J Cole, John David, Andy Fairweather Low, Dave Mattacks
    • Guests: Bud Beadle, Doreen Chanter, Joe Egan, Georgie Fame, Benny Gallagher, Steve Gregory, Jimmy Jewell, Kenny Jones, Bernie Leadon, Graham Lyle, Bruce Rowland, Barry St John, Liza Strike, Eddie Thornton (RIP: Gerry Rafferty, Joanne Williams)
    • Comments: La Booga Rooga contains collaborations from: Bernie Leadon (guitar, later in Eagles), B.J. Cole (pedal steel guitar), John David (bass), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Georgie Fame (keyboards), Jimmy Jewell (sax), Kenny Jones (drums), Dave Mattacks (drums), Bruce Rowland (drums), and a horn section from Gonzalez: Bud Beadle & Steve Gregory. Plus some special guests on vocals: Gerry Rafferty & Joe Egan (that is, Stealers Wheel), Doreen Chanter, Benny Gallagher & Graham Lyle (i.e. Gallagher & Lyle duo), Barry St. John, Liza Strike.
  • Plant life - Herbie Flowers (1975)

    • Members: Herbie Flowers
    • Guests: Ted Barker, Madeline Bell, Greg Bowen, Ray Cooper, Alan Downey, Jack Emblow, Steve Gray, Rosetta Hightower, Duncan Lamont, Mike Moran, Tony Newman, Alan Parker, Frank Ricotti, Mark Singer, David Snell, Chris Spedding (RIP: Kay Garner, Ronnie Verrell, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: Brian Robertson
    • Technical: Robin Black, Mike Bobak
    • Comments: Recorded in 1975.
  • Sunny side of the street - Bryn Haworth (1975)

    • Members: Bryn Haworth, Chris Stainton
    • Guests: Madeline Bell, Dyan Birch, Frank Collins, Mel Collins, Pat Donaldson, Dave Mattacks, Paddy McHugh, Jim Mullen, Alan Munde, Tony O´Malley, Dave Pegg, Bruce Rowland, Terry Stannard, Dave Swarbrick, Pete Wingfield (RIP: Alan Spenner, Joanne Williams)
    • Technical: Dick Cuthell
    • Comments: Sunny side of the street features the whole Kokomo band: Dyan Birch (vocals), Frank Collins (vocals), Paddy McHugh (vocals), Jim Mullen (guitar), Tony O'Malley (keyboards), Alan Spenner (bass), Mel Collins (sax), and Terry Stannard (drums), plus others like Madeline Bell (vocals), Pat Donaldson (bass), Dave Pegg (bass), Alan Munde (banjo), Chris Stainton (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Dave Mattacks (drums), Bruce Rowland (drums), Dave Swarbrick (violin), Lee VanDerBilt (vocals), Joanne Williams (vocals).
  • Get off my cloud - Alexis Korner (1975)

    • Members: Colin Hodgkinson, Keith Richards (RIP: Alexis Korner, Sappho Korner, Steve Marriott)
    • Guests: Dyan Birch, Irene Chanter, Frank Collins, Peter Frampton, Neil Hubbard, Sunny Leslie, Paddy McHugh, Tony O´Malley, Barry St John, Terry Stannard, Liza Strike, Rick Wills (RIP: Nicky Hopkins, Morris Pert, Alan Spenner, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: George Caldwell
    • Comments: Get off my cloud was recorded during September to December 1974, and it contains again a great musicians list: Keith Richards, Peter Frampton, Steve Marriott, Neil Hubbard and the members of Kokomo, Rick Wills, the much-missed Nicky Hopkins, Morris Pert, Irene Chanter, Sunny Leslie, Liza Strike, Joanne Williams...
  • Dan McCafferty - Dan McCafferty (1975)

    • Members: Manny Charlton, Dan McCafferty
    • Guests: Helen Chappelle, Zal Cleminson, Roger Glover, Hugh McKenna, Ted McKenna, Chris Mercer, John Perry, Graham Preskett, Tony Rivers, Barry St John, Liza Strike (RIP: Joanne Williams)
    • Technical: John Punter
    • Comments: He has always been the lead singer in great band Nazareth. This was his only solo album. With lots of his companions: Manny Charlton (guitar, from Nazareth), Roger Glover (bass, from Deep Purple, he was Nazareth's usual producer), Zal Cleminson (guitar, from Sensational Alex Harvey Band; later joined Nazareth), Hugh McKenna and Ted McKenna (keyboards and drums, also from SAHB), Chris Mercer (sax), Graham Preskett (violin), etc.
  • Tears on my pillow - Johnny Nash (1975)

    • Members: Richard Bailey, John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, Winston Delandro, Emmanuel Rentzos, Terry Wilson
    • Guests: Madeline Bell, Tyrone Downie, Rosko Gee, Herbie Hancock, Jerome Rimson, Liza Strike, Bobby Womack (RIP: Norman Harris, Melvin Webb, Joanne Williams)
  • Souvenirs - Demis Roussos (1975)

  • Hard times - Peter Skellern (1975)

    • Guests: Madeline Bell, George Ford, Chris Karan, Rob Townsend, Joy Yates (RIP: Mick Green, George Harrison, Joanne Williams)
  • In London - Richard Jon Smith (1975)

  • Winning - Russ Ballard (1976)

    • Guests: Russ Ballard, Madeline Bell, John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, Chris Karan, Sunny Leslie, Dave Markee, Dave Mattacks, Chris Mercer, Nick Newell, Liza Strike, Pip Williams, Pete Zorn (RIP: Joanne Williams)
    • Comments: Winning is Ballard´s second solo album. Guest musicians include: Madeline Bell, Sunny Leslie, Liza Strike and Joanne Williams (vocals), Pete Zorn (bass), Dave Markee (bass), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Chris Mercer and Nick Newell (sax), Dave Mattacks (drums).
  • The Autumn of my life - J J Barrie (1976)

  • Love in C minor - Cerrone (1976)

    • Guests: Madeline Bell, Hugh Burns, Tony Carr, John Dean, Stephanie DeSykes, Mo Foster, Colin Green, Patrick Halling, Jean Hawker, Alan Hawkshaw, Jacqui Sullivan, Ray Swinfield (RIP: Joanne Williams)
    • Comments: Recorded during September & October 1976.
  • Smoovin - Martyn Ford Orchestra (1976)

    • Members: Martyn Ford
    • Guests: Robert Ahwai, Madeline Bell, Hugh Burns, Robert Clark, Mel Collins, Paul Cosh, Jeff Daly, Martin Drover, Liz Edwards, Wilf Gibson, Malcolm Griffiths, John Gustafson, Cliff Hardie, Monica Huggett, Michael Hurwitz, Tony Hymas, Chris Laurence, Helen Liebmann, Henry Lowther, Brian Mack, Ian MacKinnon, Donald McVay, Chris Mercer, Mike Moran, Ann Odell, Dee Partridge, Simon Phillips, Jane Robertson, Martin Robinson, Peter Robinson, Ray Russell, Godfrey Salmon, Allan Sharpe, Stan Sulzmann, Stephen Tees, Kathy Thulborn, Colin Walker, Ray Warleigh, Mark Warner, Robin Williams, Gavyn Wright, Gus Yeadon (RIP: Vicki Brown, Morris Pert, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: John Punter
  • We can´t go on meeting like this - Hummingbird (1976)

    • Members: Robert Ahwai, Clive Chaman, Bernie Holland, Max Middleton, Bernard Purdie, Bobby Tench
    • Guests: Madeline Bell, Liza Strike (RIP: Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: (RIP: Ian Samwell)
  • The Devil is loose - Asha Puthli (1976)

  • Out of time - Alain Renaud (1976)

  • Ramshackled - Alan White (1976)

    • Members: Alan White
    • Guests: Jon Anderson, Bud Beadle, Madeline Bell, Colin Gibson, Steve Gregory, Steve Howe, Pete Kirtley, Henry Lowther, Alan Marshall (RIP: Vicki Brown, Kenny Craddock, Joanne Williams)
    • Comments: When Alan White decided doing a solo album, he called many of his past bandmates: Alan Marshall (vocals), Pete Kirtley (guitar), Colin Gibson (bass, he co-wrote 5 of the 9 tracks), Kenny Craddock (keyboards), Bud Beadle (sax), Steve Gregory (sax, flute), plus Henry Lowther (trumpet) and Andy Phillips (steel drums). Also appearing in one song his bandmates from Yes: Jon Anderson (vocals) and Steve Howe (guitar). Backing vocals by Madeline Bell, Vicky Brown and Joanne Williams.
  • Africanism - Kongas (1977)

  • Munich Machine introducing the Midnite Ladies - Munich Machine (1977)

    • Guests: Thor Baldursson, Geoff Bastow, Madeline Bell, Mats Bjoerklund, Frank Diez, Keith Forsey, Sue Glover, Les Hurdle, Sunny Leslie, Bobby Stern (RIP: Lee Harper, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: Giorgio Moroder
  • Judas Iscariot / Simon Peter - Sphinx (1977)

    • Guests: Madeline Bell, John Dean, Stephanie DeSykes, Raymond Donnez, Mo Foster, Sue Glover, Patrick Halling, Alan Hawkshaw, Ricky Hitchcock, Chris Karan, Sunny Leslie, Chris Rae, Frank Ricotti, Ray Swinfield, Chris Taylor (RIP: Vicki Brown, Barry De Souza, Joanne Williams)
    • Comments: Recorded in April 1977.
  • More than meets the eye - Joe Breen (1978)

    • Guests: Hugh Burns, Mo Foster, Ray Glynn, Ricky Hitchcock, Tony Hymas, Jon Lord, Dave MacRae, Dave Markee, John G Perry, Graham Preskett, Henry Spinetti, Liza Strike (RIP: Vicki Brown, Barry De Souza, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: Roger Glover
  • Romeo & Juliet - Alec R Costandinos & The Synchophonic Orchestra (1978)

  • A Single man - Elton John (1978)

    • Members: Paul Buckmaster, Ray Cooper, Elton John, Davey Johnstone, Stevie Lange, Gary Osborne, Tim Renwick, Chris Thompson
    • Guests: B J Cole, John Crocker, Herbie Flowers, Pat Halcox, Steve Holley, Henry Lowther (RIP: Vicki Brown, Joanne Williams)
    • Comments: CD reissue contains 5 bonus tracks. I love this album, although many people think it's not among Elton best works. When I first heard 'It ain't gonna be easy', I fell in love with the lead guitarist, who turned out to be ... Tim Renwick! Other favourites of mine: 'Part-time love', 'Shine on through' and 'Return to paradise'. Other musicians in the album A single man: Davey Johnstone (one guitar solo), B.J. Cole (pedal steel guitar), Clive Franks (bass), Herbie Flowers (bass), Steve Holly (drums, from Wings), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Ray Cooper (percussion), Chris Thompson (backing vocals), Stevie Lange (backing vocals), Gary Osborne (backing vocals, and lyricist), Paul Buckmaster (arrangements). There aren't any musician credits for the 5 bonus included.
  • How much, how much I love you - Love And Kisses (1978)

    • Members: Stephanie DeSykes
    • Guests: Ray Cooper, Sue Glover, Alan Hawkshaw, Ricky Hitchcock, Chris Karan, Sunny Leslie, Alan Parker, Slim Pezin, Frank Ricotti, Peter Van Hooke (RIP: Joanne Williams)
  • Again and again - Love De-Luxe (1979)

    • Guests: George Chandler, Ray Cooper, Alan Downey, Patrick Halling, Alan Hawkshaw, Ricky Hitchcock, Les Hurdle, Chris Rae, Frank Ricotti, Stan Sulzmann, Ray Swinfield, Ray Warleigh (RIP: Vicki Brown, Graham Jarvis, Joanne Williams)
    • Technical: Stephen W Tayler
  • The Eastbound Expressway - The Eastbound Expressway (1979)

    • Guests: John Barclay, Tony Carr, Clem Cattini, Jimmy Chambers, George Chandler, Helen Chappelle, Jeff Crampton, Jim Cuomo, John Davies, Colin Green, Cliff Hardie, David Horler, John Huckridge, Les Hurdle, Ruby James, Luis Jardim, Alan Jones, Dill Katz, Paul Kegg, Katie Kissoon, Eddie Mordue, Anthony Pleeth, Chris Rae, Frank Ricotti, George Robertson, Godfrey Salmon, Steve Saunders, Mark Singer, Liza Strike, Stan Sulzmann, Fiachra Trench, Ray Warleigh, Derek Watkins, Pip Williams (RIP: Vicki Brown, Tony Harris, Ronnie Ross, Jack Rothstein, Joanne Williams)
    • Technical: Steven Short
  • Cheri - Madleen Kane (1979)

    • Guests: Thor Baldursson, Mats Bjoerklund, Tony Burrows, Marc Chantereau, Keith Forsey, Sue Glover, Les Hurdle, Sunny Leslie, Russell Stone (RIP: Joanne Williams)
  • 1972-1983 - Alexis Korner (1988)

    • Members: Graham Broad, Eric Clapton, Mel Collins, Jim Diamond, Chris Farlowe, Neil Ford, Jaki Graham, Tim Hinkley, Colin Hodgkinson, Paul Jones, Danny McIntosh, Zoot Money, Duffy Power, Keith Richards, Alan Ross, John Surman, Art Themen, Ruby Turner (RIP: Boz Burrell, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Tony Hicks, Alexis Korner, Sappho Korner, Steve Marriott, Dick Morrissey, Stewart Speer, Peter Thorup, Ian Wallace, Mike Zwerin)
    • Guests: Dyan Birch, John Cameron, Tony Carr, Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Frank Collins, Nick Evans, Peter Frampton, Neil Hubbard, Katie Kissoon, Sunny Leslie, Robin Lumley, Paddy McHugh, Eddie Mordue, Barry St John, Terry Stannard, Liza Strike, Peter Ward, Rick Wills (RIP: Harry Beckett, Elton Dean, Ollie Halsall, Nicky Hopkins, Mike Patto, Morris Pert, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: George Caldwell
    • Technical: John Burns
    • Comments: Compilation of tracks recorded during that period (1972-1983), with some live track.
  • Sign of the the times - Kevin Coyne (1994)

    • Members: Chilli Charles, Tony Cousins, Brian Godding, Alan James, Tim Penn, Gordon Smith, Andy Summers, Vic Sweeney, Bob Ward, Paul ´Wix´ Wickens, Peter Woolf (RIP: Kevin Coyne, Archie Legget, Ruan O´Lochlainn)
    • Guests: Chris Hunter, Jean Roussel, Barry St John, Liza Strike, Fiachra Trench (RIP: Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: Mutt Lange
  • Andy Warhol - Dana Gillespie (1994)

    • Members: Dana Gillespie, Simon Phillips, Bob Weston
    • Guests: Trevor Bolder, Mel Collins, Ray Cooper, Terry Cox, Pat Donaldson, Ray Glynn, Bryn Haworth, Rosetta Hightower, Eddie Jobson, Paul Keogh, Bobby Keys, Ronnie Leahy, Mick Liber, Jody Linscott, Mike Moran, Del Newman, Brian Odgers, John Porter, Frank Ricotti, Jim Ryan, Dave Skinner, Liza Strike, Rick Wakeman, Dave Wintour, Woody Woodmansey (RIP: Barry De Souza, Mick Ronson, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: David Bowie, Robin Geoffrey Cable
    • Technical: Phill Brown
    • Comments: Compilation with some unreleased tracks.
  • Get on the funk train - Munich Machine (1996)

    • Guests: Thor Baldursson, Geoff Bastow, Madeline Bell, Mats Bjoerklund, Frank Diez, Keith Forsey, Les Hurdle, Sunny Leslie, Bobby Stern (RIP: Lee Harper, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: Giorgio Moroder
    • Technical: Harold Faltermeyer
  • The Best of Yvonne Elliman - Yvonne Elliman (04/1997)

    • Members: Yvonne Elliman
    • Guests: Ken Ascher, Mike Baird, John Barnes, Tom Canning, Eric Carmen, Irene Chanter, Gary Coleman, Ray Cooper, Steve Cropper, Paulinho Da Costa, Craig Doerge, Dr John, Assa Drori, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Scott Edwards, Stan Farber, Victor Feldman, Chuck Findley, Martyn Ford, James Gadson, Donny Gerrard, Mike Giles, Bob Glaub, Mick Grabham, Jay Graydon, John Gustafson, Jim Haas, Jack Hale, Willie Hall, Jimmie Haskell, Rupert Hine, Jim Horn, Brooks Hunnicutt, Steve Hunter, Wayne Jackson, Ruby James, Davey Johnstone, Jon Joyce, Russ Kunkel, Andrew Love, Ralph MacDonald, Rick Marotta, Marti McCall, Matthew Moore, Larry Muhoberac, Buell Neidlinger, James Newton Howard, Ann Odell, Michael Omartian, David Paich, Dean Parks, Bill Payne, Don Peake, Mike Porcaro, Petsye Powell, Caleb Quaye, Lee Ritenour, Bruce Rowland, Sid Sharp, Leland Sklar, William ´Smitty´ Smith, Tom Snow, David Spinozza, Liza Strike, Carmen Twillie, Marty Walsh, Alan Weighall, Stu Woods, Bob Zimmitti, Richie Zito (RIP: Ben Benay, Lowell George, Richie Hayward, Simon Jeffes, James Mitchell, Dee Murray, Freddie Perren, Morris Pert, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: Steve Barri
    • Comments: Her recent compilation The best of Yvonne Elliman includes performances by many of the musicians who have played in her albums. The list is so long: Lee Ritenour, Steve Cropper and Donald 'Duck' Dunn (Booker T. & The MG's), Dr. John, Steve Hunter, Lowell George and Richie Hayward (Little Feat), Davey Johnstone and Dee Murray (Elton John band), etc.
  • Wide eyed and legless: the A&M recordings - Andy Fairweather Low (06/2004)

    • Members: John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, B J Cole, John David, Andy Fairweather Low, Dave Mattacks, Henry McCullough, Denny Seiwell, Henry Spinetti, Chrissie Stewart, Mick Weaver
    • Guests: Lea Jane Berinati, Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Julian Diggle, Martin Drover, Joe Egan, Georgie Fame, Benny Gallagher, Steve Gregory, Malcolm Griffiths, Bryn Haworth, Mary Holladay, Jimmy Jewell, Kenny Jones, Bernie Leadon, Graham Lyle, Charlie McCoy, Weldon Myrick, Mark Naftalin, Bruce Rowland, Buddy Spicher, Barry St John, Liza Strike, Eddie Thornton (RIP: Kenny Buttrey, Vassar Clements, John Kahn, Gerry Rafferty, Joanne Williams)
    • Producer: Glyn Johns
    • Technical: Ben King (RIP: Denny Purcell)


Official site(s) - tell them you saw the link here:

From the always interesting Alex's Picks (by Alex Gitlin), we have:

From the superb site Knights in Blue Denim: The British Blues Scene '68 - '70 (by Christer Fridhammar & Vanja), we have:

Wikipedia doesn´t want to include links to this website, but I won´t do the same with them. So, from the great Wikipedia, we have:

Assorted links:

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  • Taasan: my friend, for detailed credits on Dana Gillespie´s Weren´t born a man album (1999).
  • Arne Rasmussen: my friend, for giving me additional credits where Joanne appears (2011).

  • Thanks to:
  • Roger Bateson: for credits on Bryn Haworth´s Sunny side of the street album (2006).


    Joanne Williams mostly worked with these musicians: (name + number of credits)
    Liza Strike (21)
    Madeline Bell (19)
    Vicki Brown (13)
    Sunny Leslie (11)
    Barry St John (11)
    Ray Cooper (10)
    Frank Ricotti (9)
    Sue Glover (7)
    Rosetta Hightower (7)
    Mike Moran (7)

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