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Friday, 9 March 2012


Vicky Silva [backing vocals]:


Vicky Silva is featured as backing vocalist in a number of albums, although she also sang lead vocals in the only band I´ve been able to trace with her:


In 1973, John Tilbury left People´s Liberation Music, and 3 new members arrived:

Laurie Baker
Cornelius Cardew
Keith Rowe
John Marcangelo

Don´t know how much time they stayed together with this lineup, or if others lineups featured Vicky Silva. Help, please!

Other info on members of People´s Liberation Music (I know up to 12 members)
To be covered (3): Tony Hicks, Pip Pyle, Keith Rowe
Not enough info (8): Laurie Baker, Cornelius Cardew, John Hewitt, John Marcangelo, John Mitchell, Hugh Shrapnel, Dave Smith, John Tilbury

And then I don´t know of other bands where Vicky Silva sang, I´ve only found studio credits for many different bands.


People´s Liberation Music   
Other info on members of People´s Liberation Music (I know up to 12 members)
To be covered (3):Tony Hicks, Pip Pyle, Keith Rowe
Not enough info (8):Laurie Baker, Cornelius Cardew, John Hewitt, John Marcangelo, John Mitchell, Hugh Shrapnel, Dave Smith, John Tilbury
Vicky Silva Band  2 RECORDINGS:
  • All summer long / I got you (SINGLE) - Vicky Silva (1977)

  • I think I´ll always love you / Sea of love (SINGLE) - Victy Silva (1980)

    • Members: Vicky Silva
    • Guests: John Cameron
    • Producer: David Essex
    • Comments: Both tracks of this single were taken from the Silver dream racer soundtrack album, credited to David Essex.


    Cornelius Cardew Group  2 RECORDINGS:
  • We only want the Earth - Cornelius Cardew (2001)

    • Members: (RIP: Cornelius Cardew)
    • Guests: Keith Rowe, Vicky Silva + Liam Genockey, Bryan Spring (RIP: Tony Hicks, Pip Pyle)
    • Comments: This album includes unreleased tracks (some are live recordings) from 1973 to 1978. Some of them feature most of his mates in the band People´s Liberation Music.
  • Consciously - Cornelius Cardew (2006)

    • Members: (RIP: Cornelius Cardew)
    • Guests: Keith Rowe, Vicky Silva + Evan Parker (RIP: Pip Pyle)
    Other info on members of Cornelius Cardew Group (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Cornelius Cardew


  • Dick Tracy - OST (June 1990)

    • Guests: Patti Austin, David Ballou, Gene Cipriano, Stephanie DeSykes, Bill Elliott, Harold Fisher, Tony Fisher, Colin Green, Ronnie Lang, Jennifer Leitham, Gayle Levant, Darlene Love, Myrna Matthews, Eddie Mordue, Joel Peskin, Vicky Silva, Colin Smith, Sally Stevens, Stan Sulzmann, Julia Tillman Waters, Oren Waters, Maxine Willard Waters, Roy Willox (RIP: Vic Ash, LaVern Baker, Lennie Bush, Kay Garner, Derek Healey, Bobby Keys, Jeanette Kimball, Neil Levang, Tommy Page, Richard Payne, Jim Self, Derek Wadsworth, Ray Warleigh)
    • Technical: Mark Linett, Roger Wake

       1 MUSICALS / CASTS:

  • Two gentlemen of Verona (London cast) - VVAA (1973)

  •    13 SESSIONS (FOR 12 ARTISTS):

    David Essex Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Silver dream racer - David Essex (1980)

    • Members: David Essex + Phil Palmer, Alan Wakeman (RIP: Barry De Souza)
    • Guests: Herbie Flowers, Henry Lowther, Trevor Morais, Chris Rae, Darryl Runswick, Vicky Silva (RIP: Ronnie Ross)
    • Comments: Soundtrack.
    Other info on members of David Essex Band (I know up to 28 members)
    Already covered (3):Barry De Souza, Mark Griffiths, Jo Partridge
    Old pages (1):Herbie Armstrong
    To be covered (24):Pete Beachill, Martin Bliss, Paul Bliss, Brian Davison, Rod Demick, David Essex, Ken Freeman, Frank Gibson Jr, Pete Giles, Steve Grant, Frank Ince, Graham Jarvis, Ronnie Leahy, Matthew Letley, Pete May, Gerry Moffatt, Phil Palmer, Andy Summers, Mike Thorn, Graeme Turner, Alan Wakeman, Dave Wallace, Ian Wherry, Dave White
    Everything But The Girl  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Baby, the stars shine bright - Everything But The Girl (1986)

    • Members: Martin Ditcham (RIP: Pete King)
    • Guests: Stuart Brooks, Tony Burrows, Bosco D´Oliveira, Jeff Daly, Martin Drover, Lance Ellington, Andy Fawbert, Roger Garland, Nick Ingman, Paul Kegg, Helen Liebmann, Tessa Niles, Peter Oxer, Rob Peters, Chris Pyne, Frank Ricotti, George Robertson, Vicky Silva, Cathy Stevens, Richard Studt, Ray Swinfield, Gary Taylor, Pete Thoms, Phil Todd, Claire Torry, Gavyn Wright (RIP: Levine Andrade, Alan Downey, Wilf Gibson, Derek Watkins)
    • Technical: Haydn Bendall, John Kurlander
    Other info on members of Everything But The Girl (I know up to 14 members)
    To be covered (8):Damon Butcher, Vinnie Colaiuta, Martin Ditcham, Geoff Gascoyne, Pete King, Peter Murray, Steve Pearce, Ralph Salmins
    Not enough info (6):June Miles-Kingston, Phil Moxham, Steve Sanger, Neil Scott, Tracey Thorn, Ben Watt
    The Sensational Alex Harvey Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • The Impossible dream - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (1974)

    • Members: Zal Cleminson, Chris Glen, Hugh McKenna (RIP: Alex Harvey, Ted McKenna)
    • Guests: Vicky Silva
    • Producer: (RIP: Derek Wadsworth)
    Other info on members of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (I know up to 10 members)
    Already covered (2):Tommy Eyre, Chris Glen
    To be covered (5):Zal Cleminson, Alex Harvey, Hugh McKenna, Ted McKenna, Billy Rankin
    Not enough info (3):Stevie Doherty, Julian Hutson-Saxby, Max Maxwell
    Tom Jones Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Reload - Tom Jones (November 1999)

    • Members: Dave Bishop, Simon Gardner, Steve Pearce, Neil Sidwell, Ian Thomas (RIP: Derek Watkins)
    • Guests: Steve Sidwell + Guy Barker, Pete Beachill, Mark Berrow, Stuart Brooks, Sam Brown, Andy Caine, Simon Chamberlain, Simon Clarke, Laurence Cottle, Dermot Crehan, David Daniels, Snake Davis, Clive Deamer, Chris DeMargary, Andy Duncan, Geoff Dunn, Fil Eisler, Pee Wee Ellis, Magnus Fiennes, Tony Fisher, Richard George, Simon Hale, Adrian Hallowell, Sophie Harris, Kevin Hearn, Mick Hucknall, Chrissie Hynde, Nick Ingman, Chester Kamen, Paul Kegg, Patrick Kiernan, Boguslav Kostecki, Peter Lale, Chris Laurence, Roddy Lorimer, Martin Loveday, Ged Lynch, Duncan Mackay, Sylvia Mason-James, Perry Montague-Mason, Van Morrison, Malcolm Mortimore, Mark Nightingale, John Parricelli, Guy Pratt, Jim Rattigan, Kevin Robinson, Alan Ross, Ralph Salmins, Tim Sanders, Adam Seymour, Chris Sharrock, Jackie Shave, Vicky Silva, Beverley Skeete, Mike Stevens, Miriam Stockley, Jamie Talbot, Stephen Tees, John Thirkell, Nichol Thomson, Phil Todd, Chris Tombling, Paul Turner, Steve Waterman, Geraint Watkins, Chris White, Annie Whitehead, Robbie Williams, Rolf Wilson, Gavyn Wright, Zucchero (RIP: Stuart Cable, Mick Cox, Johnny Douglas, Claudia Fontaine, Wilf Gibson, Maurice Murphy, Tommy Scott)
    • Producer: Guy Chambers, Stephen Hague, Steve Power
    • Technical: Steve Price, Ren Swan (RIP: Alan Douglas)
    • Comments: Tom Jones appears with different artists in each track:The Cardigans, Stereophonics, Robbie Williams, The Divine Comedy, Space, James Dean Bradfield, Mousse T, Heather Small, James Taylor Quartet, Van Morrison, The Pretenders, Barenaked Ladies, Simply Red, Zucchero, Natalie Imbruglia, Cerys From Catatonia and Portishead.
    • My opinion: Very good album, showing a rejuvenated Tom Jones along with some veterans and new artists. My favourite tracks are ´Burning down the house´ (cover of Talking Heads, played with The Cardigans) and ´Mama told me not to come´(the Randy Newman song, performed with Stereophonics).
    Other info on members of Tom Jones Band (I know up to 89 members)
    Already covered (4):Mickey Gee, Tim Renwick, Big Jim Sullivan, Derek Watkins
    To be covered (49):Keith Airey, Trevor Bastow, Brian Bennett, Dave Bishop, Roy Burrowes, Kenny Clare, Vic Cooper, Mike Egan, Dan Falcone, Daniel Fornero, Simon Gardner, Peter Gordon, Johnny Harris, Marty Harris, Ian Harrison, Nigel Hitchcock, Fanita James, Terry Jenkins, Alan Jones, Jean King, Les King, Cal Lewiston, Jody Linscott, Darlene Love, Zeeteah Massiah,... up to 49 musicians.
    Not enough info (36):Pete Adams, Kenny Anderson, Norman Arnold, Glenn Berger, Christi Lynn Black, Dave Cooper, Steve Ezzo, Melena Francis, Gary Gardner, Sharon Hendrix, Darelle Holden, Marl Hollingsworth, Vernon Hopkins, Tom Jones, Keith Jourdan, Darren Kramer, Brian Matson, Aileen McLaughlin, Michael Mennell, Andy Michlin, James Nuzzo, Tony Reynolds, Stevie Rominelli, Johnnie Spence, Steve Spence,... up to 36 musicians.
    Deke Leonard Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Before your very eyes - Deke Leonard (March 1981)

    • Members: Martin Ace, Dave Charles, Terry Williams (RIP: Deke Leonard)
    • Guests: Billy Bremner, Doreen Chanter, Martin Drover, Dave Edmunds, John McKenzie, Chris Mercer, Malcolm Morley, Chris Parren, Vicky Silva (RIP: Ron Aspery, Kenny Moore)
    • Producer: (RIP: Martin Rushent)
    • Technical: David Grinsted, Barry Hammond
    • Comments: Deke was the lead guitarist in the superb Welsh band Man. He also recorded his own albums, like this one. With some members of his former band Man, like Martin Ace (bass), John McKenzie (bass), Malcolm Morley (keyboards) and Terry Williams (drums, later in Rockpile and Dire Straits). Several then-current companions of Terry Williams in Rockpile, Dave Edmunds (guitar), Billy Bremmer (guitar) also played here. More musicians: Chris Mercer (sax), Ron Aspery (sax, from Back Door), Chris Parren (keyboards), Martin Drover (trumpet), Doreen Chanter (backing vocals), etc. Recorded in 1977 and 1979, but it was released in March 1981. CD reissue contains 2 bonus tracks.
    Other info on members of Deke Leonard Band (I know up to 21 members)
    Old pages (1):B J Cole
    To be covered (15):Martin Ace, Brian Breeze, Paul Burton, Dave Charles, Mick Groom, Keith Hodge, Reg Isidore, Deke Leonard, Bob Richards, Paul Simmons, Richard Treece, Ken Whaley, Ray Taff Williams, Terry Williams, Will Youatt
    Not enough info (5):James Beck, Lincoln Carr, Howard Hughes, Clive Roberts, Anthony Stone
    Manfred Mann Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Watch - Manfred Mann (1978)

  • Other info on members of Manfred Mann Band (I know up to 50 members)
    Already covered (4):Craig Collinge, Jim Copley, Conrad Isidore, Steve York
    Old pages (1):Bernie Living
    To be covered (45):Geoff Britton, Jack Bruce, Clive Bunker, Pete Burford, Sonny Corbett, Peter Cox, Dave Coxhill, Mike D´Abo, Lyn Dobson, Bob Downes, Gerald Drewett, Geoff Dunn, Don Fay, Ian Fenby, Dave Flett, Carl Griffith, Robert Hart, Mike Hugg, David Hyde, Matt Irving, Paul Jones, Steve Kinch, Pat King, Shona Laing, Linda Lewis,... up to 45 musicians.
    Spike Milligan Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Paul Gallico´s The snow goose - Spike Milligan (1976)

    • Members: (RIP: Spike Milligan)
    • Guests: Graham Bonnet, Alan Jones, Chris Karan, Paul Keogh, Dave Lawson, Darryl Runswick, Vicky Silva (RIP: Barry Morgan)
    • Producer: (RIP: Stuart Taylor)
    • Technical: John Richards (RIP: John Acock, Martin Rushent)
    Other info on members of Spike Milligan Band (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Spike Milligan
    Nazareth  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Hair of the dog - Nazareth (1975)

    • Members: Pete Agnew, Manny Charlton, Dan McCafferty (RIP: Darrell Sweet)
    • Guests: Max Middleton, Simon Phillips, Vicky Silva, Barry St John, Liza Strike (RIP: Vicki Brown)
    Other info on members of Nazareth (I know up to 11 members)
    To be covered (8):Pete Agnew, Manny Charlton, Zal Cleminson, Ronnie Leahy, John Locke, Dan McCafferty, Billy Rankin, Darrell Sweet
    Not enough info (3):Lee Agnew, Jimmy Murrison, Carl Sentance
    Gilbert O´Sullivan Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Every song has it´s play - Gilbert O´Sullivan (1995)

    • Guests: John Barclay, Harold Fisher, Tony Fisher, Lee Fothergill, Roger Garland, Graham Gouldman, Skaila Kanga, Paul Kegg, Paul Keogh, Mae McKenna, Janet Mooney, Paul Moran, Mark Nightingale, Anthony Pleeth, Frank Ricotti, George Robertson, John Rooke, Vicky Silva, Miriam Stockley, Val Stokes, Ray Swinfield, Roy Willox, Norma Winstone (RIP: Stephen Hill, Don Lusher, Jack Rothstein, Derek Watkins)
    • Comments: Recorded in November 1994.
    Other info on members of Gilbert O´Sullivan Band (I know up to 35 members)
    Already covered (4):Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Helen Hardy, Tim Renwick
    To be covered (6):Liam Bradley, Neil Carter, Jessica Cox, Martin Ditcham, Stuart Heeley, Mick Parker
    Not enough info (25):James Blennerhassett, Shelley Blond, Nozomi Cohen, Bill Cuthbert, Graham Du Plessis, Matthew Elston, Nina Ferro, Victoria Hardy, Richard Houghton, Charlotte James, Pat Kyle, Niamh McNally, Eve Naylor, Gilbert O´Sullivan, Emma Owens, Nick Scott, Bill Shanley, Johnnie Spence, Amy Stanford, Eleanor Stanford, Laura Stanford, Rachel Steadham, Rebecca Thornhill, Julian Webster Greaves, Tony Woollard
    Mick Ronson Band  2 COMPILATIONS:
  • Only after dark - Mick Ronson (1994)

    • Members: Ritchie Dharma, Aynsley Dunbar, Mike Garson (RIP: Mick Ronson + Trevor Bolder)
    • Guests: Ian Hunter + Jeff Daly, Paul Francis, David Hentschel, Neil Kernon, John Mealing, Tony Newman, Vicky Silva
    • Comments: Mick Ronson´s two solo albums from the seventies are available on a 2CD called Only after dark, with 5 bonus tracks (including 3 live tracks from 1974, although Aynsley Dunbar isn't the drummer in these live tracks, but Ritchie Dharma).
  • Main man - Mick Ronson (April 1998)

    • Members: Ritchie Dharma, Aynsley Dunbar, Mike Garson (RIP: Mick Ronson + Trevor Bolder)
    • Guests: Ian Hunter + Jeff Daly, John Mealing, Tony Newman, Vicky Silva
    • Technical: Mick Brown
    • Comments: Main man is a compilation, also featuring Ian Hunter, Trevor Bolder, Mike Garson, Jeff Daly, John Mealing, Aynsley Dunbar, Ritchie Dharma, Tony Newman, etc.
    Other info on members of Mick Ronson Band (I know up to 19 members)
    Already covered (1):Trevor Bolder
    Old pages (2):Aynsley Dunbar, John Turnbull
    To be covered (14):Geoff Appleby, Mike Bailey, Mark Carr-Pritchard, Bobby Chen, Dave Coxhill, Jay Davis, Ritchie Dharma, Geoff Driscoll, Shane Fontayne, Mike Garson, Phil Kenzie, Mick Ronson, Jim Toomey, Blue Weaver
    Not enough info (2):Miquel Brown, Scott Richardson
    Video Kids  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Never too young to dance! - Video Kids (1981)

    • Guests: Joy Askew, Guy Barker, Trevor Bastow, Raul D´Oliveira, Herbie Flowers, Tristan Fry, Nick Graham, Ricky Hitchcock, John Huckridge, Chris Hunter, Les Hurdle, Ruby James, Nigel Jenkins, Chris Karan, Paul Keogh, Sylvia Mason-James, John Mealing, Charlie Morgan, Gordon Neville, Chris Rae, Frank Ricotti, Vicky Silva, Val Stokes, Liza Strike, Stan Sulzmann, Ray Swinfield, Phil Todd, Hans Zimmer (RIP: Alan Downey, Kay Garner, Graham Jarvis, Barry Morgan, Ray Warleigh)
    • Technical: Ray Staff
    Zen  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Russian roulette - Zen (1981)

    • Guests: Joy Askew, Derek Austin, Geoff Bastow, Trevor Bastow, Joe Fagin, Tristan Fry, Ricky Hitchcock, John Huckridge, Les Hurdle, Ruby James, Chris Karan, Paul Keogh, Sylvia Mason-James, Alan Parker, Chris Rae, Frank Ricotti, Vicky Silva, Stan Sulzmann, Ray Swinfield, Jimmy Thomas (RIP: Alan Downey, Kay Garner, Graham Jarvis, Barry Morgan, Ray Warleigh)


    From the always interesting Alex's Picks (by Alex Gitlin), we have:

    From the great site DME (by Dmitry M. Epstein), we have fantastic interviews:

    Wikipedia doesn´t want to include links to this website, but I won´t do the same with them. So, from the great Wikipedia, we have:

    Assorted links:


    Vicky Silva mostly worked with these musicians: (name + number of credits)
    Paul Keogh (4)
    Frank Ricotti (4)
    Ray Swinfield (4)
    Jeff Daly (3)
    Alan Downey (3)
    Tony Fisher (3)
    Kay Garner (3)
    Chris Karan (3)
    Paul Kegg (3)
    Sylvia Mason-James (3)

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