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Friday, 4 June 2010

Theodore Thunder (drums)

(Also known as: John Dentith / Theo Thunder)
  • Dick Heckstall-Smith Band [1973]
  • Leo Sayer Band
  • Cheeks [1975]
  • Alan Price Band
  • Bandit [1978-1979]
  • Long Distance
  • Rhino! [1983-1984]
  • The Cry [1984]
  • Calamity Jane



After that, Dick formed his own band in 1973 to promote the album A story ended:

James Litherland
Bill Smith
David Rose

A magnificent band. Theodore Thunder was 18 at that time!

There is some concert recorded by the BBC and there you can notice the superb musicianship in the band.

They toured Europe, and then travelled to the States for another tour supporting Fleetwood Mac and Deep Purple, and changing their name to Manchild.

They started recording a new album, but Dick´s health problems sadly prevented the album was finished.


Then, Theodore joined Leo Sayer Band, but can´t find details about the lineups or the time he spent in the band. Can someone help me, please? I guess this should happen around 1974, as he appears in the Just a boy album...


Around 1975, this was Cheeks, formed by Verden Allen:

Kevin Blacklock
Eunon Brady
John Brown
Verden Allen


Then, Theodore joined Alan Price Band, and again, can´t find details about the lineups or the time he spent in the band. Can someone help me, please? I guess the period should be 1976-1977, and maybe his mate David Rose was in the band too.


The band reformed around 1978:

Gerry Trew
Danny McIntosh
Tony Lester

They recorded their second album Partners In Crime. But the band wasn´t satisfied, and redid the album again. I think the guitar parts were then done by Mick Grabham, who was to join them.

Mick Grabham replaced Danny McIntosh:

Gerry Trew
Mick Grabham
Tony Lester

They recorded what was to be their 3rd album, but sadly it was never released.

For live concerts, they were augmented with the great, late Alan Murphy:

Gerry Trew
Mick Grabham
Alan Murphy
Tony Lester

But they soon split.


I only know that Theodore Thunder played with this band for a while, but can´t find proper info (the period must be around 1982-1983):

êOld Gold
êOld Gold
êOld Gold
Michael Maxwell
Lee Richards
Dave Abair
+ others unknown to me. Help!

Can someone confirm me this lineup, please?


In 1983, John Edwards formed his own band, Rhino!:

Ritchie Lightman
John Edwards

They split in 1984 (although John resurrected the idea some time later).


This was the lineup for The Cry, formed around 1984 by John Watts (ex-leader of Fischer Z). He brought David Graham with him:

John Watts
David Graham
Mike Benn

They recorded the album Quick quick slow, but then, I don´t know how much time they stayed together. Info needed!


Sorry, I don´t have too much info about this Welsh band, except that Theodore Thunder played here:


Can someone help me here, please?

DISCOGRAPHY: (20 albums known to me - Status: In progress)

  • Quick quick slow - The Cry ( - )

  • A Story ended - Dick Heckstall-Smith (1972)

    • Members: Clem Clempson, James Litherland, Dave Rose, Bill Smith, Theodore Thunder (RIP: Dick Heckstall-Smith)
    • Guests: Gordon Beck, Mark Clarke, Chris Farlowe, Dave Greenslade, Jon Hiseman, Caleb Quaye, Chris Spedding, Rob Tait, Paul Williams (RIP: Graham Bond)
    • Technical: Tom Newman
    • Comments: After the breakup of Colosseum, Dick recorded this superb solo album, assisted by some of his fellow Colosseum members plus other friends. It was recorded in March/April 1972.
      The CD release by Sequel includes a few live bonus tracks, with Manchild (Dick´s own band in 1973: James Litherland, Billy Smith, Dave Rose and Theodore Thunder). But there´s more... a different CD release by Castle adds 2 more studio cuts by Manchild.
  • Just a boy - Leo Sayer (1974)

    • Members: John Mealing, Leo Sayer, Theodore Thunder
    • Guests: Mike Giles, Jeannie Greene, Cliff Hall, Paul Keogh, James Litherland, Dave Markee, Keith Nelson, Dave Rose, Bill Smith, Barry St John, Liza Strike
    • Producer: (RIP: Adam Faith)
  • Shouts across the street - Alan Price (1976)

  • Two of a kind - Alan Price & Rob Hoeke (1977)

    • Members: Alan Price, David Rose, Theodore Thunder (RIP: Rob Hoeke)
    • Guests: Jan Akkerman, Eef Albers
  • Partners in crime - Bandit (1978)

    • Members: Tony Lester, Danny McIntosh, Theodore Thunder, Gerry Trew
    • Producer: Matthew Fisher
    • Comments: The confusion about the guitar player is great. There are 2 different editions: the British edition shows a photo with Mick Grabham in the rear cover, while the European edition shows Danny McIntosh in the rear cover.
  • Alan Price - Alan Price (1978)

    • Members: Steve Gregory, Alan Price, Dave Rose, Theodore Thunder (RIP: Derek Wadsworth)
    • Guests: Tony Burrows, George Chisholm, Geoff Driscoll, Martin Drover, John Gordon, Rob Hendry, Neil Lancaster, Chas Mills, Bill Smith, Jacqui Sullivan, Don Weller, Joy Yates (RIP: Kay Garner)
  • The Show must go on: the anthology - Leo Sayer (11/1996)

    • Members: John Mealing, Leo Sayer, Theodore Thunder (RIP: Nicky Hopkins)
    • Guests: Derek Austin, Russ Ballard, Harry Bluestone, Michael Boddicker, Robbie Buchanan, Lindsey Buckingham, Paul Buckmaster, David Campbell, Sharon Campbell, Larry Carlton, Alan Carvell, Lenny Castro, Steve Cropper, Paulinho Da Costa, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Scott Edwards, Sammy Figueroa, Mo Foster, Steve Gadd, Steve George, Mike Giles, Ed Greene, Bobbye Hall, Cliff Hall, Bob Henrit, Richard Hewson, David Hungate, Les Hurdle, John Jarvis, Bob Jenkins, Paul Keogh, Steve Khan, Clydie King, Russ Kunkel, Abraham Laboriel, Will Lee, Marcy Levy, Becky Lewis, David Lindley, James Litherland, Billy Livsey, Ian Lynn, Will Malone, Dave Markee, Shirley Matthews, Gordon Neville, Ira Newborn, Del Newman, James Newton Howard, Nigel Olsson, Michael Omartian, Gene Orloff, Richard Page, David Paich, Ray Parker, Dean Parks, Bill Payne, Greg Phillinganes, Steve Porcaro, Andrew Powell, Chuck Rainey, Jackie Rawe, Frank Ricotti, Lee Ritenour, Dave Rose, Casey Scheuerell, Leland Sklar, Bill Smith, Tom Snow, Trevor Spencer, Henry Spinetti, Barry St John, Liza Strike, Fred Tackett, Alan Tarney, Johnny Van Derrick, Waddy Wachtel, Willie Weeks, Geoff Westley, Pip Williams, Dave Wintour (RIP: Ben Benay, Frank Farrell, Arif Mardin, Barry Morgan, Gene Page, Jeff Porcaro, Richard Tee, Ronnie Verrell)
    • Producer: Richard Perry (RIP: Adam Faith)
SESSIONS (10 credits)
  • Fly on strangewings - Jade (06/1970)

    • Members: Rod Edwards, Marian Segal, John Wetton
    • Guests: Tony Carr, Clem Cattini, Terry Cox, Ken Freeman, Alan Hawkshaw, James Litherland, Del Newman, Harry Reynolds, Michael Rosen, Pete Sears, Bill Smith, Chris Spedding, Mike Thorn, Theodore Thunder, Pete York (RIP: Barry De Souza, Micky Waller)
    • Producer: Jeff Wayne
    • Technical: Robin Geoffrey Cable
    • Comments: The CD reissue contains 3 bonus tracks (2 from a single recorded in 1971 with John Wetton on bass that remained unreleased).
  • Everything stops for tea - Long John Baldry (1972)

    • Members: Jimmy Horowitz, Sam Mitchell, Rod Stewart, Bob Weston (RIP: Ian Armit, Long John Baldry, Micky Waller)
    • Guests: Madeline Bell, Rick Brown, Ray Cooper, Elton John, Davey Johnstone, James Litherland, Nigel Olsson, John Porter, Bill Smith, Barry St John, Terry Stannard, Liza Strike, Theodore Thunder (RIP: Doris Troy)
  • It´s the climate - East Of Eden (1976)

    • Members: Jeff Allen, Les Davidson, David Jacks, Dave Weller
    • Guests: Bimbo Acock, Dill Katz, Ian Lynn, Dave Rose, Barry St John, Theodore Thunder
  • Right back where we started from - Maxine Nightingale (1976)

    • Guests: Bob Andrews, Helen Chappelle, Michael D´Albuquerque, Wilf Gibson, Ken Gold, Lynton Naiff, John Perry, Raf Ravenscroft, Frank Ricotti, Tony Rivers, Jeff Seopardie, Theodore Thunder, Kenny Wheeler
  • Gaodhal´s vision - Joe O´Donnell (1977)

    • Members: Joe O´Donnell
    • Guests: Steve Bolton, Dave Lennox, Bill Smith, Theodore Thunder, Fiachra Trench (RIP: Rory Gallagher)
    • Producer: Jon Field, Tom Newman
    • Comments: CD reissue contains 3 bonus tracks.
  • Way of the sun - Jade Warrior (1978)

    • Members: Jon Field (RIP: Tony Duhig)
    • Guests: Dick Cuthell, Kuma Harada, Skaila Kanga, Godfrey McLean, Bill Smith, Theodore Thunder
    • Technical: George Chkiantz
  • Wait til night time - Legover (1978)

    • Members: Raf Ravenscroft, Lindsay Scott
    • Guests: Derek Austin, Phil Chen, Mickey Feat, Wilf Gibson, Delisle Harper, Glen LeFleur, Mike Paice, Dave Rose, Theodore Thunder
    • Producer: Rupert Hine
    • Comments: The album was recorded in 1975, but it was finally released in 1978.
  • Get to know you - LW5 (1985)

  • The Gambler - Tim Rose (1991)

    • Members: Andy Summers (RIP: Tim Rose)
    • Guests: B J Cole, Michael D´Albuquerque, Lynton Naiff, Raf Ravenscroft, Liza Strike, Jacqui Sullivan, Theodore Thunder (RIP: Vicki Brown)
    • Comments: This album was recorded in 1977 but it remained unreleased until 1991. With: Andy Summers (guitar, from The Police), B.J. Cole (pedal steel guitar), Raf Ravenscroft (sax), Pierre Tubbs (bass, guitar, vocals, keyboards), Michael D'Alburquerque (bass), Lynton Naiff (keyboards), Philip Love (percussion), Theodore Thunder (drums), and backing vocals by Lisa Strike, Jacqui Sullivan and Vicki Brown.
  • The London sessions 1978-1998 - Tim Rose (2004)

    • Members: (RIP: Tim Rose)
    • Guests: B J Cole, Michael D´Albuquerque, Dave Rose, Liza Strike, Jacqui Sullivan, Theodore Thunder (RIP: Vicki Brown)
    • Comments: Collection of unreleased tracks recorded from 1978 to 1998.
  • Boogie woogie: the Warner Bros recordings - Long John Baldry (2005)

    • Members: Jimmy Horowitz, Sam Mitchell, Bob Weston (RIP: Ian Armit, Long John Baldry, Micky Waller)
    • Guests: Madeline Bell, Tony Burrows, Ray Cooper, Dave Glover, Tony Hazzard, Davey Johnstone, David Katz, James Litherland, Roger Pope, John Porter, Caleb Quaye, Alan Skidmore, Bill Smith, Barry St John, Terry Stannard, Liza Strike, Theodore Thunder, Klaus Voormann (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Doris Troy)
    • Producer: Bill Inglot, Elton John, Rod Stewart
    • Technical: Mike Bobak, Dan Hersch
    • Comments: Double CD, including two complete albums, It ain´t easy and Everything stops for tea, plus unreleased tracks.
  • Spin - Stiletto (2009)

    • Guests: Theodore Thunder (RIP: Randy Booth)
    • Comments: Collection of tracks from the 80s and 90s, some of them unreleased until now.


01. Did Theodore ever played live with Rory Gallagher (except in the Joe O´Donnell album)?

02. Were there more lineups by Bandit? I think Laurie Wisefield was also in the band...

03. Was Theodore a member of Long John Baldry Band ever?

04. Can someone tell me which lineup of Bandit played with Alexis Korner? Did they play gigs, or just assisted him in the studio?


Thanks to:
  • B.B.: for telling me that John Dentith and Theodore Thunder were the same person.
  • Alex Gitlin: for checking his Bandit album (to see if Mick Grabham appeared there).
  • Jan Laureyns: for giving additional info on the Bandit ´mystery´ album.


    Theodore Thunder mostly worked with these musicians: (name + number of credits)
    Bill Smith (9)
    Dave Rose (7)
    James Litherland (6)
    Liza Strike (6)
    Barry St John (5)
    Pierre Tubbs (4)
    Michael D´Albuquerque (3)
    Alan Price (3)
    Raf Ravenscroft (3)
    Jacqui Sullivan (3)

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    1. theodore played percussion for a 14 week summer season at whispers in the palace hotel douglas Isle of man in 1987 I think, with Alan Price, Russel Gillbrooks drums, Pete grant bass, steve grant guitar & keys, Don weller sax, Alison thomas backing vox, Dena payne backing vox. I was the sound engineer. hope that helps

    2. A pretty complete discography is given here It largely agrees with your list.


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