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Monday, 25 January 2010

Bob Jenkins (drums)

  • Lionheart
  • Be Sharp
  • Design
  • Barbara Dickson Band
  • Sheena Easton Band
  • Ginger Man
  • Gulliver´s People
  • Jet Harris Band
  • Linda Lewis Band
  • Room
  • The Surprise Sisters
  • Tetrad



Tetrad was a band formed around 1968 by Richard Palmer-James:

Richard Palmer-James
(guitar, vocals)
John Wetton
(bass, vocals)
John Hutcheson
Bob Jenkins

The band played covers and, as far as I know, never recorded.

For a while, John Wetton left to back singer Helen Shapiro, coming back to the band soon later. I don´t know if he was replaced meanwhile. Help, please!

They changed their name to Ginger Man.


The same band as Tetrad, but with the new name Ginger Man.

Richard Palmer-James
(guitar, vocals)
John Wetton
(bass, vocals)
John Hutcheson
Bob Jenkins

They finally parted ways around July 1969.


This is the 2nd lineup for Room:

1969-Jul 71
Jane Kevern
Steve Edge
Chris Williams
Roy Putt

They released their only album, Pre-flight, recorded during the summer of 1970 in just one day!

After the album was released, Bob´s old mate, John Hutchenson joined the band on keyboards, but I don´t know if some other member left. Help with info, please...

The band finally folded around July 1971, I think.


Bob was a member of this band, for one year and a half, but don´t have additional info.


I don´t know the period when this was the backing lineup for Linda Lewis:

Linda Lewis
Roger Dean
Brent Forbes
+ conga player unknown to me. Help!

After the tour finished, Forbes and Jenkins left, and Pat Donaldson arrived.


This was the superb band that backed The Surprise Sisters around 1978:

Linda Surprise
Susan Surprise
Patricia Surprise
Ellen Surprise
Ray Russell
Brent Forbes
Max Middleton
Phil Kenzie

Bob played with the band during 1978 and 1979. Other players were: Rod Argent (keyboards), Peter Lee (keyboards) and some others (probably also Kevin Savigar). Can someone help me with additional info, please?


In 1983, Sheena Easton is backed by a magnificent British lineup for her TV concert Live at The Palace:

Sheena Easton
Gary Twigg
Gerry Moffatt
Ian Lynn
Bias Boshell
Jeff Carpenter
Pete Zorn
backing vocals
Alan Carvell
backing vocals
Jackie Rawe
backing vocals


Lionheart released the album Hot tonight, with Bob Jenkins as session drummer, who finally joins the band, and with help from a horn section by Ray Kelley (clarinet) and Gary Herbig (sax).

This was their lineup in 1984, with the new drummer, as well as a lead vocalist, as in their early times:

?-Nov 84
Chad Brown
Dennis Stratton
guitar, vocals
Steve Mann
guitar, keyboards, vocals
Rocky Newton
bass, vocals

But, in November 1984, Bob Jenkins leaves.


Bob was a member of Barbara Dickson Band, but I don´t have accurate details about some of the lineups, so any additional info would be very welcomed.

Around June 1986, this was the Barbara Dickson Band, with great players, as always:

Barbara Dickson
Richard Brunton
Andy Brown
Ian Lynn
Pete Zorn
flute, sax, percussion

This lineup recorded the live album After dark.

In 1990, Dave Bronze joins Barbara Dickson Band:

Barbara Dickson
+ others unknown to me. Help!
Be Sharpê
Be Sharpê
Be Sharpê

At the end of 1990, Stevenson, Bronze and Jenkins leave to form their own band Be Sharp.


At the end of 1990, Be Sharp is formed from the inside of Barbara Dickson´s band:

1990-Mar 91
êBarbara Dickson Band
êBarbara Dickson Band
êBarbara Dickson Band
Jerry Stevenson
guitar, vocals
Dr Feelgoodê

But Dave Bronze leaves them in March 1991 (to join Dr Feelgood). Years later (in 1997), they released a live album with this lineup, appropiately called Be Sharp Live!, recorded in 1991.
Another great bass player is recruited for Be Sharp, Andy Brown:

Jerry Stevenson
guitar, vocals
Andy Brown

Andy Brown left them sometime during 1997.
The new bass player in Be Sharp is Gary Moxom:

Jerry Stevenson
(guitar, vocals)
Gary Moxom
Bob Jenkins

And now, the new bass player in Be Sharp is Darren Tingey:

Jerry Stevenson
guitar, vocals
Darren Tingey


This is the lineup for mythical Jet Harris around January 2007:
Charles Taylor
Debbie Worthy
Paul Rumble
Jet Harris
(bass, guitar)
Tim Marshall
Nigel Hopkins
Bob Jenkins
This is the new lineup for mythical Jet Harris circa 2007:
Charles Taylor
Debbie Worthy
Paul Rumble
Gary Todd
Jet Harris
(bass, guitar)
Nigel Hopkins
Bob Jenkins


Bob Jenkins has been a prolific studio drummer, as well as playing live with many different acts. I still have to find info about if Bob has played live with some of these: Sheena Easton (maybe the album Sheena Easton in 1981 with Andy Brown?), Elton John, Sandie Shaw, The Three Degrees, Gerrard Kenny, Edwin Starr, Sarah Jory, Junior Giscombe, Keith Emerson, Van Morrison, Freddy Cole.

He has also played in soundtracks for TV series such as "The Life and Loves of a She Devil", "King of the Ghetto", "Jumping the Queue", "The Marksmen" "Boon", etc.

DISCOGRAPHY: (57 albums known to me - Status: In progress)

  • Pre-flight - Room (1970)

  • By Design - Design (1976)

    • Members: Bob Jenkins
    • Producer: John Punter (RIP: Robert Kirby)
  • Got to get you into my life / Misty morning (SINGLE) - The Surprise Sisters (1976)

  • Heartbeats - Barbara Dickson (1984)

    • Members: Richard Brunton, Barbara Dickson, Bob Jenkins, Ian Lynn, Pete Zorn (RIP: Andy Brown)
    • Producer: Nicky Graham, Del Newman, Alan Tarney (RIP: Gus Dudgeon)
  • Gold - Barbara Dickson (1985)

    • Members: Richard Brunton, Barbara Dickson, Bob Jenkins, Ian Lynn, Pete Zorn (RIP: Andy Brown)
    • Guests: Bias Boshell, Kiki Dee, Martin Ditcham, Mo Foster
    • Producer: Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Pip Williams
    • Technical: Barry Hammond
  • Hot tonight - Lionheart (1985)

    • Members: Chad Brown, Bob Jenkins, Steve Mann, Rocky Newton, Dennis Stratton
    • Guests: Gary Herbig, Ray Kelley
  • The Right moment - Barbara Dickson (1986)

    • Members: Richard Brunton, Barbara Dickson, Bob Jenkins, Ian Lynn, Pete Zorn (RIP: Andy Brown)
    • Producer: Del Newman
    • Technical: Barry Hammond
  • After dark - Barbara Dickson (1987)

    • Members: Richard Brunton, Barbara Dickson, Bob Jenkins, Ian Lynn, Pete Zorn (RIP: Andy Brown)
    • Comments: Live album recorded during two different concerts held in June 1986 and May 1987.
  • Pier pressure - Be Sharp (1992)

  • Don´t think twice it´s all right - Barbara Dickson (1992)

    • Members: Barbara Dickson, Bob Jenkins, Jerry Stevenson, Pete Zorn (RIP: Andy Brown)
    • Guests: Martin Ditcham, Paul Jones, Dave Kelly, Danny Thompson, Geraint Watkins (RIP: Tony Jackson, Gerry Rafferty)
    • Producer: Ian Lynn
  • Play this! - Be Sharp (1993)

  • Night by night - Be Sharp (1995)

  • Insert this - Be Sharp (1996)

  • Be Sharp live! - Be Sharp (1997)

  • Unearthed - raiders of the lost archives - Lionheart (03/1999)

    • Members: Andy Bierne, Chad Brown, Clive Edwards, Bob Jenkins, Phil Lanzon, Steve Mann, Rocky Newton, Dennis Stratton
    • Guests: Bruce Bisland, Nicko McBrain
    • Comments: Many years later, in 1999, another album was released by Lionheart, comprising old, unreleased tracks. It's called Unearthed - Raiders of the lost archives, a 2CD, comprising 30 tracks, ranging from December 1981 to September 1985. Obviously, different lineups are featured here. Dennis Stratton, Rocky Newton and Steve Mann play in all tracks, and other featured musicians are: Clive Edwards (drums), Bob Hawthorn (vocals), Chad Brown (vocals), Phil Lanzon (keyboards), Nicko McBrain (drums), Bob Jenkins (drums), Bruce Bisland (drums) and Andy Bierne (drums).
  • Take us alive - Be Sharp ( - )

  • The Journey - Jet Harris ( - )

  • Natural fact / Got to get up (SINGLE) - The Surprise Sisters ( - )

  • Music music / Rhythm (SINGLE) - The Surprise Sisters ( - )

  • Forgotten summer - Ian Lynn (1988)

    • Members: Ian Lynn
    • Guests: Martin Ditcham, Bob Jenkins
  • Celebration - Ian Lynn ( - )

    • Members: Ian Lynn
    • Guests: Richard Brunton, Martin Ditcham, Bob Jenkins, Pete Zorn (RIP: Andy Brown)
  • Early snow - Ian Lynn ( - )

    • Members: Ian Lynn
    • Guests: Martin Ditcham, Mo Foster, Bob Jenkins
  • Rattlesnake guitar: the music of Peter Green - VVAA (1995)

    • Guests: Mick Abrahams, Jeff Allen, Ian Anderson, John Baggott, Wilbur Bascomb, Gregg Bissonette, Harvey Brooks, Arthur Brown, Pete Brown, John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, Crispin Cioe, John Cook, Jeff Danford, Mark Doyle, Damon Duewhite, Larry Etkin, Bob Funk, Andy Giddings, Ray Gomez, Luther Grosvenor, Stu Hamm, Kuma Harada, Arno Hecht, Ken Hensley, Bob Jenkins, Paul Jones, Mike Kellie, Dave Lennox, Jim Leverton, Harvey Mandel, Tommy Mandel, Jim McCarty, John McKenzie, Pete McMahon, Max Middleton, Zoot Money, Dave Moore, Jonathan Mover, Dave Olson, Jon Paris, Mo Potts, Jess Roden, Gary Scuz, Billy Sheehan, Innes Sibun, Kim Simmonds, Jerry Soffe, Bobby Tench, Top Topham, Graham Walker, Randall Ward, Snowy White, Mark Williams (RIP: Bobby Chouinard, Rory Gallagher, Dick Heckstall-Smith, ´Lonesome´ Dave Peverett, Rod Price)
  • Knights of the blues table - VVAA (05/1997)

    • Guests: Robert Ahwai, Skip Alan, Jeff Allen, Miller Anderson, Maggie Bell, Jack Bruce, Mick Clarke, Clem Clempson, Les Davidson, Georgie Fame, Mark Feltham, Dennis Greaves, Peter Green, Kuma Harada, Chris Jagger, Mick Jagger, Bob Jenkins, Paul Jones, Ronnie Leahy, Lou Martin, Phil May, Gerry McAvoy, Tony ´T S´ McPhee, Max Middleton, Malcolm Mortimore, John Povey, James Powell, Duffy Power, Phil Ryan, Big Jim Sullivan, Dick Taylor, Mick Taylor, Henry Thomas, Nigel Watson, Charlie Watts, Neal Wilkinson (RIP: Cyril Davies, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Alexis Korner)
    • Producer: Pete Brown
    • Technical: Joe Gastwirt
  • Transitions volume one - VVAA ( - )

    • Guests: Jet Harris, Bob Jenkins, Roger Newell
    • Technical: Paul Butler
    • Comments: Benefit album comprising bands from the Isle of Wight, including 1 track by legendary Jet Harris.
SESSIONS (31 credits)
  • Happy - Labi Siffre (1975)

    • Members: Ray Flacke
    • Guests: Alan Branscombe, Brent Forbes, Chas Hodges, Bob Jenkins, Phil Kenzie, Jacqui Sullivan
  • All or nothing - Stevie B (1979)

    • Guests: Mario Argandoña, Mats Bjoerklund, Keith Forsey, Bob Jenkins, Dave King, Siegfried Sigi Schwab
  • The Joke´s on you (SINGLE) - Kit Hain (1979)

    • Guests: John Cook, Martin Ditcham, Brian Holloway, Bob Jenkins, Gary Twigg
    • Producer: Pip Williams
  • City jungle - Stevie B (1980)

    • Guests: Thor Baldursson, Geoff Bastow, Jeff ´Skunk´ Baxter, Mats Bjoerklund, Keith Forsey, Les Hurdle, Bob Jenkins, Elmer Louis, Kevin Peek, Kristian Schultze (RIP: Patrick Gammon)
  • 2 - Jean-Patrick Capdevielle (1980)

    • Guests: Bimbo Acock, Bud Beadle, George Chandler, Ray Cooper, Jim Cuomo, Les Davidson, Martin Drover, Kuma Harada, Brian Holloway, Bob Jenkins, Katie Kissoon, John Mealing, Max Middleton, Peter Oxendale, Rick Taylor, Pete Thomas, Joy Yates (RIP: Isaac Guillory)
    • Technical: Tim Young
  • Going for the big one - Ronnie Jack (1981)

    • Guests: Les Davidson, Kuma Harada, Colin Hodgkinson, Bob Jenkins (RIP: Isaac Guillory)
    • Comments: Sorry, I don't know who he is. In this album, he sings and plays keyboards, being backed by: Les 'Bells' Davidson (guitar), Colin Hodgkinson (bass, catalogued as 'bass man'), Nick Straker (keyboards), Graham Pleeth (keyboards), Bob 'Early' Jenkins (drums), plus: Isaac Guillory (guitar), Kuma Harada (bass), and Scotland the Greatest (backing vocals, who will be?). Recorded in London.
  • Go ahead - Linx (1981)

    • Guests: Guy Barker, Andy Duncan, Chris Hunter, Bob Jenkins, Carlos Morales, Nile Rodgers, Keith Wilkinson
  • Playing in the flame - Sally Oldfield (1981)

    • Members: Sally Oldfield
    • Guests: Robert Ahwai, Hugh Burns, Mel Collins, Betsy Cook, Herbie Flowers, Colin Green, Bob Jenkins, Steve Lipson, Julian Littman, Charlie Morgan, Kevin Peek, Frank Ricotti, Gary Twigg, Peter Van Hooke, Godfrey Wang, Derek Watkins, Pete Willsher, Gavyn Wright
    • Producer: Laurie Jay
  • Perfect timing - Kiki Dee (07/1981)

    • Members: Bias Boshell, Kiki Dee, Steve Holley
    • Guests: Bob Jenkins, Elton John, Stevie Lange, Patrick Moraz, Frank Ricotti, Gary Twigg, Pip Williams, Joy Yates
  • I hear talk - Bucks Fizz (1984)

    • Guests: Ian Bairnson, Bias Boshell, Terry Britten, Graham Broad, Richard Cottle, Simon Darlow, Martin Dobson, Nick Glennie-Smith, Bob Jenkins, Billy Livsey, Charlie Morgan, Pete Thoms, Gary Twigg, Pip Williams
  • Have you ever been in love - Leo Sayer (1984)

    • Members: Leo Sayer (RIP: Al Hodge)
    • Guests: Derek Austin, Michael Boddicker, Robbie Buchanan, Sharon Campbell, Alan Carvell, Mo Foster, Steve George, Bob Jenkins, Steve Khan, Abraham Laboriel, Will Lee, Marcy Levy, Steve Lukather, Ian Lynn, Hank Marvin, Gordon Neville, Richard Page, Jackie Rawe, Frank Ricotti, Casey Scheuerell, Trevor Spencer, Geoff Westley (RIP: Jeff Porcaro)
    • Producer: Alan Tarney (RIP: Arif Mardin)
  • Greatest love classics - Andy Williams (1984)

    • Guests: Herbie Flowers, Bob Jenkins, Felix Krish, Ian Lynn, Terry Taylor, Paul Westwood (RIP: Stu Calver, Barry Morgan)
  • Heaven knows - Jaki Graham (1985)

    • Members: Jaki Graham
    • Guests: Guy Barker, Tony Beard, Gee Bello, Graham Broad, Nick Glennie-Smith, Luis Jardim, Bob Jenkins, Richard Niles, Tessa Niles, Martin Taylor, Phil Todd (RIP: J J Belle)
  • Straight from the heart - Johnny Logan (1985)

    • Guests: Guy Barker, Malcolm Griffiths, Bob Jenkins, Phil Palmer, Andy Pask, Frank Ricotti, Jamie Talbot, Geoff Westley, Gavyn Wright (RIP: Ron Aspery)
  • King of the ghetto - Dave Kelly (1986)

    • Members: Peter Filleul, Dave Kelly
    • Guests: Mark Feltham, Bob Hall, Bob Jenkins, Paul Jones, Liz Kitchen (RIP: Andy Brown)
  • Lonesome man blues (SINGLE) - Dave Kelly (1986)

    • Members: Peter Filleul, Dave Kelly
    • Guests: Mark Feltham, Bob Hall, Bob Jenkins, Paul Jones, Liz Kitchen (RIP: Andy Brown)
    • Comments: Music from The BBC TV Series King Of The Ghetto.
  • Afternoons in utopia - Alphaville (06/1986)

    • Guests: Guy Barker, Stuart Brooks, Alan Childs, Bob Jenkins, Dave LeBolt, Phil Palmer, Frank Ricotti, Jimmy Ripp, Carmine Rojas, Neil Sidwell, Phil Todd (RIP: Andy Brown, Jimmy Maelen)
    • Producer: Steve Thompson, Peter Walsh
    • Technical: Steve Chase
  • Time & tide - Basia (1987)

    • Members: Kevin Robinson, Peter White
    • Guests: Guy Barker, Ray Carless, Steve Gregory, Bob Jenkins, Robin Jones (RIP: Ronnie Ross)
    • Technical: Dave Anderson, Vlado Meller, Tim Young
  • Frobisher drive - Gilbert O´Sullivan (1987)

    • Members: Tim Renwick
    • Guests: Don Airey, Richard Bailey, Andy Caine, Simon Clarke, Tony Hymas, Luis Jardim, Bob Jenkins, Brad Lang, Roddy Lorimer, Ian Lynn, Juliet Roberts, Tim Sanders, Carol Thompson, Derek Watkins, Geoff Whitehorn
    • Producer: Ken Gold, Chris Tsangarides (RIP: Gus Dudgeon)
    • Comments: Originally released in 1987 in Germany, it was finally released in 1989 in England under the new title In the key of G, with a slightly different tracklisting.
  • Sweet talker - original music from the movie - Richard Thompson (1991)

    • Members: Christine Collister, John Kirkpatrick, Dave Mattacks, Simon Nicol, Richard Thompson, Pete Zorn
    • Guests: Richard Bennett, Richard Brunton, Fran Byrne, Bob Jenkins, Liz Kitchen, Chris Leslie, Ian Lynn, David Paton, Danny Thompson
    • Producer: Peter Filleul
  • The blues, the whole blues and nothing but the blues - Jimmy Witherspoon (1992)

    • Members: (RIP: Jimmy Witherspoon)
    • Guests: Bob Jenkins, Bob Ross, Charlie Watts, Pete Wingfield (RIP: Dick Heckstall-Smith)
    • Producer: Mike Vernon, Tim Young
  • Under no obligation - Roger Chapman (03/1992)

    • Members: Gina Brown, Roger Chapman, Ian Gibbons, Debbie Sharp, Steve Simpson, Peter Stroud, Mick Weaver, Geoff Whitehorn, Laurie Wisefield
    • Guests: George Chandler, Bob Jenkins, Alvin Lee, Mike Paice, Juliet Roberts, Pete Wingfield (RIP: Andy Brown)
    • Producer: Bob Ross, Mike Vernon
    • Comments: After four years out of Roger Chapman's band, Geoff Whitehorn played with him again in this album: Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Steve Simpson (guitar), Laurie Wisefield (guitar), Alvin Lee (guitar), Peter Stroud (bass, later in Peter Green's Splinter Group), Andy Brown (bass), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Ian Gibbons (keyboards), Mike Paice (sax), Bob Jenkins (drums). Produced by Mike Vernon.
  • The Blues soul of Jay Owens - Jay Owens (1993)

    • Guests: Bud Beadle, Bob Jenkins, Dave Lennox, Bob Ross, Pete Wingfield
    • Producer: Mike Vernon
  • The Land that Cream forgot - Pete Brown / Phil Ryan (04/1996)

  • Visions of dreamscapes - Alphaville (1999)

    • Guests: Guy Barker, Stuart Brooks, Tim Cansfield, Bob Jenkins, Phil Palmer, Frank Ricotti, Neil Sidwell, Phil Todd (RIP: Andy Brown)
    • Producer: Peter Walsh
    • Technical: Andy Richards
  • Absolute O´Brien - Richard O´Brien (02/1999)

    • Members: Les Davidson, Nick Payn, Ed Spevock
    • Guests: Guy Barker, Pete Beachill, Bias Boshell, Hugh Burns, George Chandler, Paul Clarvis, Bob Jenkins, Zeitia Massiah, Kevin McAlea, Jackie Rawe (RIP: Andy Brown, Sappho Korner)
    • Producer: Pip Williams
    • Comments: In 1996, Richard O´Brien has his own musical ´Disgracefully yours´. Some of the songs from the show were later played in Richard O'Brien's album from 1999, Absolute O'Brien, where Ed Spevock plays in two songs. The album was produced by the great Pip Williams, and other musicians featured are: Les Davidson (guitar), Hughie Burns (guitar), Kevin McAlea (keyboards), Bias Boshell (keyboards), Rob Melvin (keyboards), Andy Brown (bass), Bill Robinson (bass), Nick Payn (sax), Pete Beachill (trumpet), Guy Barker (trumpet), Bob Jenkins (drums), and Sappho Korner on backing vocals.
  • One man went to mojo - Tim Hain & Sunnysideup (2006)

    • Members: Tim Hain, Prince, Pete Shaw
    • Guests: Paul Cox, Bob Jenkins, Jackie Rawe, Pete Saunders
  • Sun and moon - Bob Huff (2007)

  • Hide go seek - Roger Chapman (2009)

    • Members: Roger Chapman, Jim Cregan, Ian Gibbons, Anthony Glynne, Andy Hamilton, Tim Hinkley, John Lingwood, Micky Moody, Steve Simpson, Henry Spinetti, Peter Stroud, Bobby Tench, Gary Twigg, Mick Weaver, Geoff Whitehorn, Laurie Wisefield (RIP: Boz Burrell)
    • Guests: Joe Hubbard, Bob Jenkins, Alvin Lee, Jamie Moses, Tony O´Malley, Jeff Seopardie, Pete Wingfield
    • Comments: 2CD, a collection of rarities and alternative takes.
  • Looking for you - Kit Hain ( - )

  • Brown source - Soul Survivors ( - )

    • Members: Roger Cotton, Paul Cox
    • Guests: Bob Jenkins, Nicky Moore, Geoff Whitehorn
    • Technical: Jerry Stevenson
    • Comments: 2CD live recorded as a tribute to the magnificent late bassist Andy Brown by some of his friends.
  • The Show must go on: the anthology - Leo Sayer (11/1996)

    • Members: John Mealing, Leo Sayer, Theodore Thunder (RIP: Nicky Hopkins)
    • Guests: Derek Austin, Russ Ballard, Harry Bluestone, Michael Boddicker, Robbie Buchanan, Lindsey Buckingham, Paul Buckmaster, David Campbell, Sharon Campbell, Larry Carlton, Alan Carvell, Lenny Castro, Steve Cropper, Paulinho Da Costa, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Scott Edwards, Sammy Figueroa, Mo Foster, Steve Gadd, Steve George, Mike Giles, Ed Greene, Bobbye Hall, Cliff Hall, Bob Henrit, Richard Hewson, David Hungate, Les Hurdle, John Jarvis, Bob Jenkins, Paul Keogh, Steve Khan, Clydie King, Russ Kunkel, Abraham Laboriel, Will Lee, Marcy Levy, Becky Lewis, David Lindley, James Litherland, Billy Livsey, Ian Lynn, Will Malone, Dave Markee, Shirley Matthews, Gordon Neville, Ira Newborn, Del Newman, James Newton Howard, Nigel Olsson, Michael Omartian, Gene Orloff, Richard Page, David Paich, Ray Parker, Dean Parks, Bill Payne, Greg Phillinganes, Steve Porcaro, Andrew Powell, Chuck Rainey, Jackie Rawe, Frank Ricotti, Lee Ritenour, Dave Rose, Casey Scheuerell, Leland Sklar, Bill Smith, Tom Snow, Trevor Spencer, Henry Spinetti, Barry St John, Liza Strike, Fred Tackett, Alan Tarney, Waddy Wachtel, Willie Weeks, Geoff Westley, Pip Williams, Dave Wintour (RIP: Ben Benay, Frank Farrell, Arif Mardin, Barry Morgan, Gene Page, Jeff Porcaro, Richard Tee, Johnny Van Derrick, Ronnie Verrell)
    • Producer: Richard Perry (RIP: Adam Faith)


01. Was he a member of Gulliver´s People?

02. Has Bob toured with Labi Siffre, Elaine Paige and/or Kiki Dee?

03. When did he play with Sheena Easton?


From the always interesting Alex's Picks (by Alex Gitlin), we have:

From the superb site Knights in Blue Denim: The British Blues Scene '68 - '70 (by Christer Fridhammar & Vanja), we have:

From the comprehensive Rockpalast site (by Michael Marsch), we have:

Wikipedia doesn´t want to include links to this website, but I won´t do the same with them. So, from the great Wikipedia, we have:

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  • Bill More: for very interesting info on The Surprise Sisters.

  • Thanks to:
  • Andy Reynolds: for info on the album Brown source (2010).


    Bob Jenkins mostly worked with these musicians: (name + number of credits)
    Andy Brown (16)
    Ian Lynn (13)
    Jerry Stevenson (8)
    Guy Barker (7)
    Martin Ditcham (7)
    Frank Ricotti (7)
    Pete Zorn (7)
    Richard Brunton (6)
    Pip Williams (6)
    Barbara Dickson (5)

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