This is intended to be a homage to very many musicians I've loved since I started listening to music. My intention is to tell what I know about them, hoping that those people who like them too, will help me fill numerous gaps, which I may have in their careers and discographies. Sorry, but there are no MP3 audio files here at all, just info (and love for the musicians).

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Tuesday 23 February 2010

Bands Index

As with the musicians index, I include two different indexes:

  • Index for the already-done bands (for if you want to check the bands already covered) - SORRY, NONE YET
  • Complete index (for if you want to check the bands that should be covered here in the future)


  1. For PETER BECKETT, lead vocalist of PLAYER, you have the band listed ALAN PARSONS PROJECT. That was actually a different Peter Beckett. MY Peter(I'm his webmistress) was nt oinb that band

  2. The Band "South" (Lonnie Mack, T-Bone Wolk) included Stan Szelest on the piano/organ.
    I knew Stan when we were both in Ronnie Hawkins "Hawks".
    Stan worked with many legends including Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker, Ritchie Havens and was an original member of "the Band".
    Feel free to contact me if you want more info.

  3. Ref The Roy Young Band. The original lineup of the Roy Young Band was Cliff Davies drums, Dave Wendells guitar, Paul Simmons bass guitar, Alan Townsend trumpet, Howie Casey sax, an unknown trombonist. Then Eddie Thornton replaced Alan Townsend on trumpet and Dennis Elliott replaced Cliff Davies on drums. Rick Dodd then replaced Howie Casey on sax. The next lineup was Dennis Elliott drums, Mick Clarke guitar, Paul Simmons bass, Jon Lee trombone, Ricky Dodd sax, Eddie Thornton trumpet. Nick South then replaced Paul Simmons on bass. As I am Paul Simmons I don't know the precise lineup after that except that there were many alterations to follow.


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