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Friday 30 December 2016

Al Caiola (guitar)


Great session guitarist, Al Caiola was born Alexander Emil Caiola on September 7th, 1920 in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. He played in hundreds of albums of very different musical styles, such as country, pop, jazz, rock, etc, appearing in many hits, especially in the sixties. This is a very small part of his discography.

Al Caiola passed away on November 9th, 2016 in Allendale, New Jersey. He was 96.

Al Caiola Group  26 RECORDINGS:
  • Music for space squirrels - Al Caiola´s Magic Guitars (1958)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Technical: (RIP: Tom Dowd)
  • Deep in a dream - Al Caiola (April 1958)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Guests: (RIP: Kenny Clarke, Hank Jones, Bernie Privin)
    • Comments: Recorded in October 1955. It was also released under the new title Everything happens to me.
  • High strung - Al Caiola (1959)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Guests: Bucky Pizzarelli (RIP: Don Arnone, George Barnes, Billy Bauer, Sandy Block, Eddie Costa, Phil Kraus, Don Lamond)
    • Comments: Recorded in August 1957. It was reissued under the title The guitar style of Al Caiola.
  • Great pickin´ - Al - Don Arnone Caiola (1960)

  • Percussion espaƱol - Al Caiola (1960)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Producer: (RIP: Bob Shad)
    • Comments: Recorded in May 1960.
  • Guitar woodwinds & bongos - Al Caiola And Orchestra (1960)

  • Salute Italia! - Al Caiola (1960)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Guests: Sol Gubin, Bucky Pizzarelli (RIP: Don Arnone, Sandy Block, Dominic Cortese, Phil Kraus, Terry Snyder)
    • Comments: This album has been reissued under different titles: Roman guitar, or Guitar, Italian style or The Al Caiola guitar.
  • Hit instrumentals from Western TV themes - Al Caiola - Guitars with Orchestra (1961)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Producer: (RIP: Don Costa)
  • Midnight in Moscow - Al Caiola And His Orchestra (1962)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Comments: This album was reissued with the title Have guitar will travel!.
  • Golden guitar - Al Caiola - His Golden Guitar And The Manhattan Strings (1962)

  • Spanish guitars - Al Caiola (1962)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Guests: Sol Gubin, Bucky Pizzarelli (RIP: Don Arnone, George Barnes, Dominic Cortese, Barry Galbraith, Phil Kraus, Bobby Rosengarden)
    • Producer: (RIP: Bob Shad)
  • Acapulco 1922 & The lonely bull - Al Caiola - Ralph Marterie (1963)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola, Ralph Marterie)
    • Producer: (RIP: LeRoy Holmes)
  • City guy plays country - Al Caiola (1963)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Guests: (RIP: Floyd Cramer, Buddy Harman, Grady Martin)
  • Guitar for lovers - Al Caiola (1964)

  • On the trail - Al Caiola (1964)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Guests: (RIP: Don Costa)
    • Producer: (RIP: LeRoy Holmes)
  • 50 fabulous guitar favorites - Al Caiola And His Orchestra (1964)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Producer: (RIP: LeRoy Holmes)
  • Tuff guitar - Al Caiola (1965)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Producer: (RIP: LeRoy Holmes)
  • Solid gold guitar goes Hawaiian - Al Caiola (1965)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Producer: (RIP: LeRoy Holmes)
  • Tuff guitar English style - Al Caiola (1965)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Producer: (RIP: LeRoy Holmes)
  • Sounds for spies and private eyes - Al Caiola (1965)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Producer: (RIP: LeRoy Holmes)
  • Tuff guitar Tijuana style - Al Caiola (1966)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Producer: (RIP: LeRoy Holmes)
  • Caiola romantico - Al Caiola (1966)

    • Members: (RIP: Al Caiola)
    • Producer: (RIP: LeRoy Holmes)
  • King guitar - Al Caiola (1967)

  • The Power of brass - Al Caiola (1968)

  • Mood music for listening and relaxation - Al Caiola ( - )

  • Al strung out - Al Caiola ( - )


  • ITV 50 - the album - VVAA (September 2005)

    • Guests: Tony Hatch, Jon Hiseman, Keith Mansfield, Charlie Morgan, Andy Pask, Anthony Pleeth, Ray Russell, Tony Russell, Ralph Salmins, Steve Sidwell, Gavin Sutherland, Alan Tew (RIP: Al Caiola, Nelson Riddle, Jackie Trent)
    • Comments: 2CD comprising soundtrack themes from different TV series.

       28 SESSIONS (FOR 26 ARTISTS):

    Harry Belafonte Band  1 COMPILATIONS:
  • Island in the sun - Harry Belafonte (1991)

    • Members: (RIP: Norman Keenan, Tony Scott)
    • Guests: Ray Alonge, Urbie Green, Harry Klee, Mundell Lowe, Romeo Penque, Sol Schlinger, Carlos Vidal, Eddie Wasserman, Eugene Wright (RIP: Trigger Alpert, Israel Baker, Bobby Bloom, Al Caiola, Conte Candoli, Ray Charles, Buddy Childers, Jimmy Cleveland, Cozy Cole, Buddy Collette, Maynard Ferguson, Arnold Fishkin, Jimmy Giuffre, Gigi Gryce, Osie Johnson, Lou McGarity, Hal McKusick, Jimmy Nottingham, Jack Pleis, Bobby Rosengarden, Pete Rugolo, Eddie Sauter, Wilbur Schwartz, Bud Shank, Terry Snyder, Marshall Sosson, William Stewart, Joe Wilder, Rudy Williams, Si Zentner, Norma Zimmer)
    • Producer: (RIP: Monte Kay, Joe Reisman, Henri Rene, Jack Rollins, Hugo Winterhalter)
    • Technical: (RIP: Dennis Ferrante, Bob Jones)
    • Comments: 5CD boxset compilation.
    Other info on members of Harry Belafonte Band (I know up to 12 members)
    To be covered (8):Keith Carlock, La Tanya Hall, Jeff Haynes, Arthur Jenkins, Norman Keenan, Ralph MacDonald, Jose Neto, Tony Scott
    Not enough info (4):Harry Belafonte, Sipho Kunene, Portinho, Dianne Reeves
    Ralph Bellamy Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Stories and songs of the civil war - Ralph Bellamy (1960)

    • Members: (RIP: Ralph Bellamy)
    • Guests: (RIP: Al Caiola, Ed McCurdy)
    • Comments: Album narrated by actor Ralph Bellamy, backed by Ed McCurdy on vocals and Al Caiola on guitar.
    Tony Bennett Group  1 COMPILATIONS:
  • Young Tony - Tony Bennett (March 2007)

    • Members: (RIP: Ralph Sharon)
    • Guests: Harry Bluestone, Sam Clayton, Emanuel Green, Urbie Green, Dick Hyman, Harry Klee, Harvey Leonard, Mundell Lowe, Gene Orloff, Doc Severinsen, Chuck Wayne (RIP: Seymour Barab, Count Basie, Phil Bodner, Will Bradley, Billy Butterfield, Al Caiola, Al Cohn, Henry Coker, Ray Conniff, Wendell Culley, Gil Evans, Frank Foster, Charlie Fowlkes, Stan Freeman, Bernie Glow, Freddie Green, Bernard Greenhouse, Al Grey, Bob Haggart, Neal Hefti, Sonny Igoe, Gordon Jenkins, Eddie Jones, Jimmy Jones, Thad Jones, Armand Kaproff, Al Klink, Phil Kraus, Yank Lawson, Bernie Leighton, Harry Lookofsky, Jimmy Maxwell, Mitch Miller, Joe Newman, Jimmy Nottingham, Sonny Payne, Benny Powell, Bernie Privin, Ernie Royal, Marshal Royal, Dave Schildkraut, Ed Shaughnessy, Felix Slatkin, Terry Snyder, Marshall Sosson, Lou Stein, Frank Wess, Snooky Young)
    • Comments: 4CD boxset.
    Other info on members of Tony Bennett Group (I know up to 14 members)
    To be covered (6):John Bunch, Harold Jones, Roger Kellaway, Jerome Richardson, Carl Saunders, Sol Schlinger
    Not enough info (8):Tony Bennett, Billy Exiner, Lee Musiker, Gray Sargent, Ralph Sharon, Claude Thornhill, Marshall Wood, Torrie Zito
    Ruth Brown Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Late date with Ruth Brown - Ruth Brown (1959)

    • Members: (RIP: Ruth Brown)
    • Guests: Sol Gubin, Mundell Lowe, Gene Orloff, Romeo Penque, Frank Rehak, Doc Severinsen, Chauncey Welsch (RIP: Phil Bodner, Joe Cabot, Al Caiola, Bernie Glow, Milt Hinton, Hank Jones, Don Lamond, Ernie Royal)
    • Technical: (RIP: Tom Dowd)
    • Comments: Recorded in January and February 1959.
    Other info on members of Ruth Brown Band (I know up to 4 members)
    To be covered (1):Rodney Jones
    Not enough info (3):Ruth Brown, Eddie Kirkland, Abram Wilson
    The Coasters  1 COMPILATIONS:
  • 50 Coastin´ classics - The Coasters (November 1992)

    • Members: (RIP: Earl Carroll, King Curtis, Sonny Forriest, Carl Gardner, Cornell Gunter, Billy Guy, Will Jones, Bobby Nunn, Roy Richards)
    • Guests: Vinnie Bell, Billy Butler, Charles Calello, George Devens, Al Gorgoni, Mickey Gravine, Milton Hopkins, Bucky Pizzarelli, Phil Spector, Maeretha Stewart (RIP: Don Arnone, Mickey Baker, George Barnes, Dud Bascomb, Fred Below, Gil Bernal, Richard Berry, Al Caiola, Gary Chester, Jimmy Cleveland, Willie Dixon, Steve Douglas, Panama Francis, Milt Hinton, Barney Kessel, Melvin Lastie, Irwin ´Marky´ Markowitz, Wendell Marshall, Floyd McDaniel, Tony Mottola, Louis Myers, Chuck Norris, Benny Powell, Ernie Royal)
    • Producer: Bill Inglot (RIP: Jerry Leiber)
    • Technical: Dan Hersch (RIP: Tom Dowd, Phil Ramone)
    • Comments: 2CD compilation, including tracks from The Robins.
    Other info on members of The Coasters (I know up to 20 members)
    To be covered (3):King Curtis, Terry Evans, Tommy Zvoncheck
    Not enough info (17):Arthur Ashton, George Braithwaite, Ronald Bright, Earl Carroll, Ray Dougherty, Sonny Forriest, Carl Gardner Jr, Carl Gardner, Cornell Gunter, Billy Guy, Vernon Harrell, Leon Hughes, Will Jones, Jimmy Norman, Bobby Nunn, Tony Sanders, Willie Scandlyn
    Cozy Cole Group  1 COMPILATIONS:
  • Savina - Cozy Cole And All That Big Band Jazz! (June 2005)

    • Members: (RIP: Cozy Cole)
    • Guests: Kenny Burrell, Urbie Green, Dick Hyman, Mundell Lowe, Jimmy Raney, Frank Rehak (RIP: Don Abney, Pepper Adams, Billy Bauer, Barney Bigard, Al Caiola, Henderson Chambers, Kenny Clarke, George Duvivier, Barry Galbraith, Milt Hinton, Peanuts Hucko, Sonny Igoe, Hank Jones, Wendell Marshall, Nat Pierce, Bernie Privin, Ernie Royal, Ed Shaughnessy, Mal Waldron, Wilbur Ware, Joe Wilder)
    Other info on members of Cozy Cole Group (I know up to 1 members)
    To be covered (1):Cozy Cole
    Eydie Gorme Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Blame it on the bossa nova - Eydie Gorme (1963)

    • Members: (RIP: Eydie Gorme)
    • Guests: Dick Hyman, Mundell Lowe (RIP: Al Caiola, Joe Guercio, Billy May, Clark Terry)
    Other info on members of Eydie Gorme Band (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Eydie Gorme
    Buddy Holly Band  2 RECORDINGS:
  • Buddy Holly - Buddy Holly (1958)

    • Members: (RIP: Buddy Holly + Niki Sullivan)
    • Guests: (RIP: Al Caiola, Joe B Mauldin, Norman Petty, Vi Petty)
  • For the first time - Buddy Holly (1983)

    • Members: (RIP: Buddy Holly + Niki Sullivan)
    • Guests: (RIP: Don Arnone, Al Caiola, Don Guess, Norman Petty)
    Other info on members of Buddy Holly Band (I know up to 5 members)
    To be covered (1):Waylon Jennings
    Not enough info (4):Tommy Allsup, Carl Bunch, Buddy Holly, Niki Sullivan
    Linda Hopkins  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Shiver and shake - Linda Hopkins (1989)

    • Guests: Ernie Hayes (RIP: Don Abney, Mickey Baker, Al Caiola, Red Callender, Maxwell Davis, Panama Francis, Milt Hinton, G T Hogan, Taft Jordan, Jimmy Nottingham, Jerome Richardson, Arvell Shaw, Carl Smith, Joe Thomas)
    Ivory Joe Hunter Band  1 COMPILATIONS:
  • The Hits - Ivory Joe Hunter (1987)

    • Members: (RIP: Ivory Joe Hunter)
    • Guests: Romeo Penque, Seldon Powell, Alan Townsend (RIP: Harold ´Shorty´ Baker, Owen Bradley, Charles Brown, Al Caiola, Bill ´Wild´ Davis, Eddie ´Lockjaw´ Davis, Joe Evans, Tyree Glenn, Sonny Greer, Johnny Hodges, Budd Johnson, Taft Jordan, Phil Kraus, Wendell Marshall, Ray Nance, Oscar Pettiford, Russell Procope, Skippy Williams)
    Other info on members of Ivory Joe Hunter Band (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Ivory Joe Hunter
    Jerry Jerome Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • On the wild side - Jerry Jerome (1956)

  • Other info on members of Jerry Jerome Group (I know up to 2 members)
    To be covered (1):Trigger Alpert
    Not enough info (1):Jerry Jerome
    Bubber Johnson Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Come home - Bubber Johnson (1957)

    • Guests: Joe Benjamin, Dick Hyman (RIP: Mickey Baker, Al Caiola, Teddy Charles, King Curtis, Wendell Marshall, Specs Powell, Lou Stein)
    Morgana King Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • For me, for you, for evermore - Morgana King (1956)

    • Guests: Chauncey Welsch (RIP: Al Caiola, Richard Hayman, Hank Jones)
    • Producer: (RIP: Bob Shad)
    • Technical: Suha Gur
    • Comments: Recorded in March 1966.
    Other info on members of Morgana King Group (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Morgana King
    Frankie Laine Band  1 COMPILATIONS:
  • On the trail - Frankie Laine (1990)

    • Members: (RIP: Frankie Laine)
    • Guests: Ray Alonge, Harry Bluestone, Mundell Lowe, Ted Nash, Bucky Pizzarelli (RIP: Don Arnone, George Barnes, Al Caiola, Ray Conniff, Nick Fatool, Arnold Fishkin, Al Hendrickson, Shelly Manne, Joe Mondragon, Tony Mottola, Bobby Rosengarden, Babe Russin, Sal Salvador, Felix Slatkin, Terry Snyder, Tommy Tedesco, Paul Weston, Zeke Zarchy)
    • Producer: (RIP: Mitch Miller)
    Other info on members of Frankie Laine Band (I know up to 2 members)
    Already covered (1):Fred Katz
    Not enough info (1):Frankie Laine
    Brenda Lee Band  2 COMPILATIONS:
  • Anthology 1956-1980 - Brenda Lee (1991)

    • Guests: Jay Berliner, Harold Bradley, David Carey, Ray Edenton, Jerry Kennedy, Charlie McCoy, Bob Moore, Jimmy Page, Hargus Pig Robbins, Bergen White (RIP: Al Caiola, Farris Coursey, Floyd Cramer, Buddy Emmons, Hank Garland, Buddy Harman, Don Helms, Grady Martin, Bill McElhiney, Boots Randolph, Joe Zinkan)
    • Producer: (RIP: Owen Bradley)
  • Rocks - Brenda Lee (2011)

    • Guests: Brenton Banks, Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton, Reg Guest, Charlie McCoy, Bob Moore, Jimmy Page, Alan Weighall (RIP: Al Caiola, Farris Coursey, Floyd Cramer, Dottie Dillard, Buddy Emmons, Hank Garland, Bobby Graham, Jimmy Hall, Buddy Harman, Hoyt Hawkins, Don Helms, Millie Kirkham, Grady Martin, Neal Matthews Jr, Bill McElhiney, Louis Nunley, Jack Pleis, Boots Randolph, Jack Shook, Gordon Stoker, Big Jim Sullivan, Marijohn Wilkin, Joe Zinkan)
    • Producer: (RIP: Owen Bradley, Paul Cohen, Mickie Most)
    Other info on members of Brenda Lee Band (I know up to 5 members)
    To be covered (3):Karl Himmel, Ray Kennedy, Wayne Moss
    Not enough info (2):Dave Bass, Brenda Lee
    Johnny Mathis Band  1 COMPILATIONS:
  • The Essential - Johnny Mathis (June 2010)

    • Guests: Alex Acuna, Dave Boruff, Paulinho Da Costa, David Foster, Michael Landau, Lincoln Mayorga, Kenny O´Brien, Rafael Padilla, Dean Parks, Mark Portmann, John Robinson, Julia Tillman Waters, Efrain Toro, Randy Waldman, Oren Waters, Maxine Willard Waters (RIP: Ralph Burns, Al Caiola, Chuck Domanico, Ernie Freeman, Milt Hinton, Henry Mancini, Tony Mottola, Gene Page, Harry Rabinowitz)
    • Producer: Humberto Gatica, Jay Graydon (RIP: Mike Berniker, Al Ham, Mitch Miller, Phil Ramone)
    • Comments: 3CD compilation.
    Other info on members of Johnny Mathis Band (I know up to 3 members)
    To be covered (1):Bill Pusey
    Not enough info (2):Ray Davies, Johnny Mathis
    Hugo Montenegro Orchestra  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Cha chas for dancing - Montenegro (1960)

    • Members: (RIP: Hugo Montenegro)
    • Guests: John Bello, Frank Rehak, Doc Severinsen, Billy Slapin, Joe Venuto, Chauncey Welsch (RIP: Ray Barretto, Steve Berrios, Sandy Block, Al Caiola, Mel Davis, Al Klink, Irwin ´Marky´ Markowitz, Tommy Newsom, Jimmy Nottingham, Eddie Safranski, Joe Wilder)
    Other info on members of Hugo Montenegro Orchestra (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Hugo Montenegro
    Tony Mottola Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Mr Big - Tony Mottola (1959)

    • Members: (RIP: Tony Mottola)
    • Guests: Bucky Pizzarelli (RIP: Don Arnone, Al Caiola, Bob Haggart, Terry Snyder)
    Other info on members of Tony Mottola Band (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Tony Mottola
    Don Redman Orchestra  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Don Redman and his All Stars - Don Redman & All Stars ( - )

    • Members: (RIP: Don Redman + Tyree Glenn)
    • Guests: (RIP: Will Bradley, Al Caiola, George Duvivier, Harry ´Sweets´ Edison, Panama Francis, Al Hall, Coleman Hawkins, Hank Jones, Jo Jones, Joe Wilder)
    Other info on members of Don Redman Orchestra (I know up to 7 members)
    To be covered (2):Tyree Glenn, Sam Most
    Not enough info (5):Sidney De Paris, Horace Henderson, Edward Inge, Harlan Lattimore, Don Redman
    Linda Ronstadt Band  1 COMPILATIONS:
  • Greatest hits - Linda Ronstadt (1976)

    • Members: Linda Ronstadt + Mike Bowden, Richard Bowden, John Boylan, Ginger Holladay, Mary Holladay, Bernie Leadon, Mickey McGee, Herb Pedersen, Wendy Waldman (RIP: Mike Botts, Kenny Edwards, Andrew Gold, Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow)
    • Guests: Jim Gordon, David Kemper, Clydie King, Darrell Leonard, Marti McCall, Spooner Oldham, Norbert Putnam, Don Randi, John David Souther, Buddy Spicher, Pete Wade (RIP: Al Caiola, Chris Ethridge, Andy Johnson)
    Other info on members of Linda Ronstadt Band (I know up to 67 members)
    Already covered (4):Kenny Buttrey, Kenny Edwards, Buddy Emmons, John Guerin
    To be covered (63):Peter Asher, Jeff ´Skunk´ Baxter, John Beland, Ed Black, Karla Bonoff, Mike Botts, Mike Bowden, Richard Bowden, John Boylan, Rosemary Butler, Chris Darrow, Dan Dugmore, Liza Jane Edwards, Joe Ely, John Forsha, Don Francisco, Glenn Frey, Bob Glaub, Andrew Gold, Jimmy Greenspoon, Don Grolnick, Gib Guilbeau, Jeff Hanna, Glen D Hardin, Doug Haywood,... up to 63 musicians.
    Bobby Rosengarden Orchestra  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Like bongos - Bob Rosengarden and Phil Kraus (1960)

  • Other info on members of Bobby Rosengarden Orchestra (I know up to 3 members)
    To be covered (3):Eddie Bert, Jerome Richardson, Bobby Rosengarden
    Slugger Ryan Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Plays honky tonk piano - Slugger Ryan (1958)

    • Guests: (RIP: Al Caiola, Bobby Rosengarden)
    • Comments: Recorded in January 1958.
    Other info on members of Slugger Ryan Group (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Slugger Ryan
    Neil Sedaka Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Oh Carol - the complete recordings 1956-1966 - Neil Sedaka (November 2003)

    • Guests: Vinnie Bell, Richard Berg, Kenny Burrell, Artie Butler, Burt Collins, GEorge Devens, Paul Gershman, Al Gorgoni, Emanuel Green, Urbie Green, Sol Gubin, Ernie Hayes, Richard Hixson, Carole King, Harold Kohon, Charles Libove, Mundell Lowe, Barbara Massey, David Nadien, Gene Orloff, Frank Owens, Romeo Penque, Charlie Persip, Bucky Pizzarelli, Max Pollikoff, Carl Pruitt, Frank Rehak, George Ricci, Billy Slapin (RIP: Don Abney, Wayne Andre, Don Arnone, Mickey Baker, Seymour Barab, Everett Barksdale, Eugene ´Gene´ Bianco, Phil Bodner, Harry Breuer, Al Caiola, George Duvivier, Panama Francis, Eric Gale, Bernie Glow, Paul Griffin, Haywood Henry, Milt Hinton, Dorothy Jones, Jack Keller, Bernie Leighton, Harry Lookofsky, Irwin ´Marky´ Markowitz, Hal McKusick, Hank Medress, Whitey Mitchell, Jimmy Nottingham, Jerome Richardson, Bobby Rosengarden, Ernie Royal, Joe Wilder)
    • Producer: (RIP: Don Kirshner)
    • Technical: Bill Inglot
    • Comments: 8CD boxset.
    Other info on members of Neil Sedaka Band (I know up to 18 members)
    Old pages (1):Henry Spinetti
    To be covered (12):Jim Fielder, Mike Giles, Suzanne Lynch, Dave MacRae, Dick Palombi, Andrew Steele, Jacqui Sullivan, Andy Summers, Pete Thomas, Dave Wintour, Joy Yates, Richie Zito
    Not enough info (5):Eric Bikales, Pat Perez, Neil Sedaka, Jim Varley, Kelly Zieminski
    Marlene Ver Planck Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • A Breath of fresh air - Marlene Ver Planck (1969)

    • Guests: James Buffington, Urbie Green, Gene Orloff, Romeo Penque, Bucky Pizzarelli, Alan Raph, Margaret Ross, Jack Six, Tony Studd, Bill Watrous (RIP: Seymour Barab, Phil Bodner, Al Caiola, Mel Davis, Joe Harnell, Sonny Igoe, Hank Jones, Phil Kraus, Bill Lavorgna, Derek Smith)
    • Producer: (RIP: George H Buck Jr, Billy VerPlanck)
    Ernie Warren Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • An Evening in Peacock Alley... at the Waldorf Astoria - The Ernie Warren Trio (1959)

  • Other info on members of Ernie Warren Group (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Ernie Warren
    Joe Williams Group  1 COMPILATIONS:
  • The Overwhelmin´ - Joe Williams ( - )

    • Members: Mickey Roker (RIP: Joe Williams + Zoot Sims, Clark Terry)
    • Guests: Ray Alonge, Kenny Burrell, Urbie Green, Sol Gubin, Mundell Lowe, Junior Mance, Romeo Penque, Seldon Powell (RIP: Snooky Young + Danny Bank, Sandy Block, Phil Bodner, Al Caiola, Bob Cranshaw, Barry Galbraith, Bernie Glow, Coleman Hawkins, Milt Hinton, Sonny Igoe, Quentin Jackson, Osie Johnson, Hank Jones, Jimmy Jones, Thad Jones, Bernie Leighton, Walter Levinsky, Howard McGhee, Jerome Richardson, Ben Webster, Phil Woods)
    • Producer: (RIP: Jim Foglesong)
    Other info on members of Joe Williams Group (I know up to 10 members)
    Already covered (1):Joel DiBartolo
    To be covered (6):George Duvivier, Major Quincey Holley, Mickey Roker, Zoot Sims, Clark Terry, Joe Williams
    Not enough info (3):J C Heard, Ellis Larkins, John Young


    From the comprehensive Rockpalast site (by Michael Marsch), we have:


    Al Caiola mostly worked with these musicians: (name + number of credits)
    Don Arnone (9)
    LeRoy Holmes (9)
    Hank Jones (8)
    Mundell Lowe (8)
    Bucky Pizzarelli (8)
    Milt Hinton (7)
    Phil Kraus (7)
    Phil Bodner (6)
    Urbie Green (6)
    Romeo Penque (6)

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