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Tuesday 28 June 2011

Felix Krish (bass)

  • Long John Baldry Band [1977]
  • Bucks Fizz
  • Bad Company [Jun 90-Apr 91]
  • Beverley Craven Band [1991]
  • Alan Parsons Band [Jul 95-Oct 95]
  • Beverley Craven Band [1996]


Great bassist, it´s not easy to find info about him.


In 1977, this was the new Long John Baldry live backing band:

Long John Baldry
Kathi McDonald
Alan Murphy
Jakob Magnusson
Chris Castle
Sharon Robinson
backing vocals
Barbara Frye
backing vocals

Other info on members of Long John Baldry Band (I know up to 104 members)
Already covered (7): Aliki Ashman, Cliff Barton, Cal Batchelor, Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Billy Law, Harry Reynolds
To be covered (96): ...


And then, I don´t know in which bands Felix played for a long period. He played with Bucks Fizz, and also Charlie, but don´t have enough details. Can anybody help, please?


I only know that Felix Krish played bass in their 1983 tour, but can´t find other info:

+ others unknown to me. Help!

Any additional info would be very welcomed!

Other info on members of Bucks Fizz (I know up to 18 members)
To be covered (4): Martin Bliss, Alan Coates, Shelley Preston, Steve Stroud


In June 1990, original guitarist Mick Ralphs leaves the band for some months, so they call Geoff Whitehorn to stand in. He tours with them promoting the album Holy water (where he doesn't appear):

Jun 90 - Apr 91
Brian Howe
Simon Kirke

Geoff stays in the band until Mick Ralphs comeback in April 1991.

Other info on members of Bad Company (I know up to 17 members)
Already covered (2): Jaz Lochrie, Geoff Whitehorn
To be covered (14): Boz Burrell, Dave ´Bucket´ Colwell, Paul Cullen, Gregg Dechert, Robert Hart, Brian Howe, Harry James, Simon Kirke, Howard Leese, Steve Price, Mick Ralphs, Paul Rodgers, Lynn Sorensen, Rick Wills


I have Felix playing in a live video concert by Beverley Craven, but I don't remember the year, probably 1991. This is the lineup:

Beverley Craven
vocals, piano
Ian Bairnson
Gary Sanctuary
Frank Mead
sax, harmonica
Charlie Morgan
Shelley Preston
backing vocals
+ another female vocalist unknown to me

I think Felix also toured with Beverley in 1993, but I need to confirm that.


This was the Alan Parsons Band that toured from July 1995 to October 1995:

Jul 95 - Oct 95
Alan Parsons
keyboards, vocals
Chris Thompson
vocals, guitar
Peter Beckett
vocals, keyboards
Ian Bairnson
Richard Cottle
Andrew Powell
Stuart Elliott

Other info on members of Alan Parsons Band (I know up to 28 members)
Already covered (1): Tim Renwick
To be covered (26): ...


This was the reduced live band for Beverley Craven around November 1996:

Beverley Craven
vocals, piano
Ian Bairnson
Simon Willescroft


This was the Beverley Craven Band that recorded the live DVD Live in concert in October 2009::

Beverley Craven
vocals, piano
Gary Sanctuary
Simon Willescroft
Tim Weller

Other info on members of Beverley Craven Band (I know up to 18 members)
To be covered (16): Ian Bairnson, Karen Boddington, Andy Caine, Beverley Craven, Carmen Daye, John Giblin, Nigel Hitchcock, Frank Mead, Charlie Morgan, Simon Nicol, Shelley Preston, Suzanne Rhatigan, Gary Sanctuary, Neal Wilkinson, Simon Willescroft, Paul ´Tubbs´ Williams

DISCOGRAPHY: (51 albums known to me - Status: Quite advanced)

  • Things change - Charlie Dore (1995)

    • Producer: Terry Britten, Felix Krish, Julian Littman, Danny Schogger
  • Writing on the wall - Bucks Fizz (1986)

    • Members: Felix Krish, Shelley Preston
    • Guests: Ian Bairnson, Gary Barnacle, Tony Beard, Graham Broad, Matthew Cang, Mel Collins, Richard Cottle, Martin Dobson, Nick Graham, Gary Hutchins, Alan Park, Will Parnell, Steve Price, Danny Schogger, John Thirkell, Pete Thoms, Gary Wallis (RIP: J J Belle)
  • Troubadour - Max Boyce (1987)

    • Members: Paul Carmen, Felix Krish, Martin Wilde (RIP: Neil Lewis)
  • Holy water - Bad Company (06/1990)

    • Members: Brian Howe, Simon Kirke, Felix Krish, Mick Ralphs
    • Producer: Terry Thomas
  • Here comes trouble - Bad Company (1992)

    • Members: Dave ´Bucket´ Colwell, Brian Howe, Simon Kirke, Felix Krish, Mick Ralphs
    • Guests: Richard Cottle
    • Producer: Terry Thomas
  • Love scenes - Beverley Craven (1993)

    • Members: Ian Bairnson, Beverley Craven, Felix Krish, Frank Mead, Simon Nicol, Shelley Preston, Suzanne Rhatigan, Gary Sanctuary (RIP: Paul ´Tubbs´ Williams)
    • Guests: Martin Allcock, Jeff Beck, Richard Cottle, Steve Dawson, Luis Jardim, Greg Knowles, Russ Kunkel, Tessa Niles, Lenny Pickett, Neil Sidwell, Miriam Stockley, Nana Vasconcelos, Jim Williams
    • Producer: Paul Samwell-Smith
    • Technical: Ted Jensen
  • The Very best live - Alan Parsons (03/1995)

    • Members: Ian Bairnson, Richard Cottle, Stuart Elliott, Gary Howard, Felix Krish, Jeremy Meek, Alan Parsons, Andrew Powell, Chris Thompson
    • Comments: Live CD with 3 additional studio tracks (where the bassist is Felix Krish).
  • Close to home - Beverley Craven (2009)

    • Members: Ian Bairnson, Beverley Craven, Felix Krish, Frank Mead, Gary Sanctuary
    • Guests: Tim Cansfield, Richard Cottle, Ralph Salmins
  • Live in concert - Beverley Craven (2010)

    • Members: Beverley Craven, Felix Krish, Gary Sanctuary, Simon Willescroft
    • Comments: Live DVD recorded in October 2009.
  • Here comes trouble - Charlie (1982)

    • Members: Julian Colbeck, Richard Cottle, Terry Thomas
    • Guests: Felix Krish
    • Comments: Felix Krish appears in the bonus tracks.
  • Charlie - Charlie (1983)

    • Members: Richard Cottle, Bob Henrit, Terry Thomas, Terry Wilson-Slesser
    • Guests: Andy Clark, Felix Krish, Mutt Lange, Adrian Lee, Chris Parren, Nick Payn
    • Technical: George Marino
  • In pursuit of romance - Charlie (1986)

    • Members: Richard Cottle, Terry Thomas
    • Guests: Graham Broad, Felix Krish
  • Unusual heat - Foreigner (1990)

    • Members: Johnny Edwards, Dennis Elliott, Lou Gramm, Mick Jones, Mark Rivera, Rick Wills
    • Guests: Tony Beard, Richard Cottle, Lani Groves, Felix Krish, Tommy Mandel, Vaneese Thomas
    • Producer: Terry Thomas
    • Technical: Ted Jensen
  • SFX featuring Alan Murphy - SFX (1993)

    • Members: (RIP: Alan Murphy)
    • Guests: Tony Beard, Richard Cottle, Felix Krish
    • Comments: The album was recorded in 1984, but it remained unreleased until 1993, three years after Alan Murphy´s death.
  • Paid vacation - Richard Marx (02/1994)

    • Members: Euge Grove, Richard Marx
    • Guests: Israel Baker, Tony Beard, Charlie Bisharat, Bill Champlin, Luis Conte, Nathan East, Bruce Gaitsch, James Getzoff, Vince Gill, Jerry Goodman, Randy Jackson, Felix Krish, Russ Kunkel, Cheryl Lynn, Marilyn Martin, Jonathan Moffett, Sid Page, Bill Payne, Greg Phillinganes, Timothy B Schmit, Leland Sklar, Lee R Thornburg, Chris Trujillo, Paul Warren (RIP: Jeff Porcaro, Luther Vandross)
    • Producer: Terry Thomas
    • Technical: Wally Traugott
  • Tangled in blue - Brian Howe (04/1997)

    • Members: Brian Howe
    • Guests: Chris Hunt, Mick Jones, Felix Krish
    • Producer: Terry Thomas
  • Best of Charlie - Charlie (2000)

    • Members: Julian Colbeck, Richard Cottle, Bob Henrit, Terry Thomas, John Verity, Terry Wilson-Slesser
    • Guests: Felix Krish
  • Jukebox heroes - the Foreigner anthology - Foreigner (08/2000)

    • Members: Johnny Edwards, Ed Gagliardi, Lou Gramm, Al Greenwood, Jeff Jacobs, Mick Jones, Ian McDonald, Mark Rivera, Mark Schulman, Bruce Turgon (RIP: Bob Mayo)
    • Guests: Wally Badarou, Tony Beard, Richard Cottle, Sheryl Crow, Schuyler Deale, Thomas Dolby, Michael Fonfara, Lani Groves, Ian Hunter, Billy Joel, Mike Kellie, Felix Krish, Dave Lebolt, Nils Lofgren, Marilyn Martin, Eddie Martinez, Leon Pendarvis, Stanley Sheldon, Chrissie Stewart, Crystal Taliefero, Terry Thomas, Vaneese Thomas, Gary Wright (RIP: Bryson Graham, Mike Patto, Junior Walker)
    • Producer: Roy Thomas Baker, Eddie Kramer, Gary Lyons, Keith Olsen (RIP: Bud Prager, John Purdell, Alex Sadkin)
    • Technical: Tom Lord-Alge, Geoff Workman
    • Comments: 2CD compilation, including some tracks from Spooky Tooth (featuring Mick Jones).
  • No end in sight - the very best of Foreigner - Foreigner (07/2008)

    • Members: Michael Bluestein, Jason Bonham, Dennis Elliott, Ed Gagliardi, Thom Gimbel, Lou Gramm, Al Greenwood, Kelly Hansen, Jeff Jacobs, Mick Jones, Ian McDonald, Jeff Pilson, Mark Rivera, Mark Schulman, Bruce Turgon, Rick Wills (RIP: Bob Mayo)
    • Guests: Wally Badarou, Tony Beard, Richard Cottle, Thomas Dolby, Larry Fast, Michael Fonfara, Lani Groves, Kevin Jones, Felix Krish, Dave Lebolt, Tommy Mandel, Sammy Merendino, Terry Thomas, Vaneese Thomas, Peter John Vettesse
    • Producer: Roy Thomas Baker, Mutt Lange, Gary Lyons, Keith Olsen (RIP: Alex Sadkin, Mike Stone)
    • Technical: Gavin Lurssen
SOUNDTRACKS (1 credit)
  • Megazone 23 Vol III OST - VVAA (11/1996)

SESSIONS (30 credits)
  • A Collection of his short dreams - Dave Lewis (1978)

    • Members: (RIP: Dave Lewis)
    • Guests: Steve Brantley, Preston Heyman, Felix Krish, Maggie Ryder (RIP: Andrew McMahon)
  • Ravenna - Kim Beacon (1979)

    • Members: Andy Davis (RIP: Kim Beacon)
    • Guests: Stuart Elliott, Felix Krish, Jim Mullen, Nico Ramsden, Dave Rose, Colin Tully (RIP: Dick Morrissey, Alan Murphy)
  • Little Susi / London trip (SINGLE) - Ciaran Mac Gowan (1980)

    • Guests: Richard Brunton, Felix Krish, Glen LeFleur, Mike Paice
    • Producer: Melanie Harrold, Julian Littman
  • Lelo - Lelo (1981)

  • Goodbye to the island - Bonnie Tyler (1981)

    • Members: Garth Watt-Roy
    • Guests: Robert Ahwai, Jeff Allen, Betsy Cook, Liam Genockey, Felix Krish, Steve Lipson, Raf Ravenscroft, Gary Taylor
  • Patrick James McGlynn and Yours - Pat McGlynn (1982)

  • Love sides - Marcia Hines (05/1983)

    • Guests: Richard Cottle, Barrie Guard, Cliff Hall, Preston Heyman, Felix Krish, Ray Russell
  • The Talking city - David Roach (1984)

    • Guests: Tony Beard, Richard Cottle, Peter Cox, Carol Kenyon, John Kongos, Felix Krish, Tessa Niles, Andy Pask, Danny Schogger, Neal Wilkinson (RIP: Alan Murphy)
  • Greatest love classics - Andy Williams (1984)

    • Guests: Herbie Flowers, Bob Jenkins, Felix Krish, Ian Lynn, Terry Taylor, Paul Westwood (RIP: Stu Calver, Barry Morgan)
  • Hope and glory - Tom Robinson (10/1984)

    • Members: Pat Davey, Danny Kustow, Steve Laurie, Tom Robinson, Simon Skinner (RIP: Sean Mayes)
    • Guests: Bimbo Acock, Iain Ballamy, Guy Barker, John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, Martin Ditcham, Pete Glenister, Marsha Hunt, Paul Jones, Felix Krish, Dzal Martin, Danny Schogger, David Smith
    • Producer: Robin Millar
  • La Vita e´ adesso - Claudio Baglioni (1985)

    • Guests: Derek Austin, Stuart Elliott, Mo Foster, Nick Glennie-Smith, Paul Keogh, Felix Krish, Phil Palmer, Frank Ricotti, Ray Russell, Peter Van Hooke
    • Technical: Ian Cooper
  • The Big kiss - Thereza Bazar (1985)

    • Guests: Roger Ball, Graham Broad, Simon Darlow, Sammy Figueroa, Nick Glennie-Smith, Anthony Jackson, Felix Krish, Billy Livsey, Graham Lyle, Philippe Saisse, Mark Stevens (RIP: Alan Murphy)
    • Producer: (RIP: Arif Mardin)
    • Technical: Lewis Hahn
  • What if - Tommy Shaw (1985)

  • Trouble in paradise - Anri (1986)

    • Guests: Ian Bairnson, Tony Beard, Bill Bruford, Laurence Cottle, Mark Feltham, Carol Kenyon, Felix Krish, Simon Phillips, David Rhodes
  • No more the fool - Elkie Brooks (1986)

    • Members: Elkie Brooks, Zal Cleminson, Gary Hutchins, Duncan Mackay, Mike Richardson
    • Guests: Gary Barnacle, Tony Beard, Clem Clempson, Martin Dobson, Mo Foster, Nick Glennie-Smith, Felix Krish, Brad Lang, Stevie Lange, Mickey Simmonds (RIP: Morris Pert)
    • Producer: Russ Ballard, Garry Bell, Trevor Jordan
    • Comments: This superb vocalist belonged to the band Vinegar Joe. After that, she has been releasing lovely solo albums, where she usually is backed by great musicians. In this album, plenty of Russ Ballard songs, we can find Russ Ballard himself playing guitar, keyboards and vocals), plus Zal Cleminson (guitar in a cover of Alice Cooper's ´Only women bleed´), Clem Clempson (guitar on two songs, ´No secrets (call of the wild)´ and ´Hold the dream´), Ian Crighton (guitar), Mo Foster (bass), Brad Lang (bass), Graham Edwards (bass), Felix Krish (bass), Micky Simmonds (keyboards), Duncan Mackay (keyboards), Nick Glennie-Smith (keyboards), Martin Dobson (sax), Gary Barnacle (sax), Morris Pert (percussion) and Tony Beard (drums).
  • Take it or leave it - Jimmy Nail (1986)

    • Guests: John Barclay, Jo Burt, Paul Carmen, Richard Cottle, Jeff Daly, Felix Krish, Ian Lynn, Andrew Mackintosh, Tessa Niles, Alan Park, Tim Renwick, Danny Schogger, Jamie Talbot, Linda Taylor, Roger Taylor, Derek Watkins, Geoff Whitehorn, Neal Wilkinson
    • Comments: In this album, Jimmy Nail is backed by: Tim Renwick (guitar), Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Rick Parfitt (guitar, from Status Quo), Felix Krish (bass), Jo Burt (bass, he once played in Black Sabbath), Richard Cottle (keyboards), Jeff Daly (horns), Neil Wilkinson (drums), Roger Taylor (drums, from Queen), and backing vocals by Linda Taylor and Tessa Niles, among others.
  • Ambition - Tommy Shaw (1987)

    • Guests: Steve Alexander, Tony Beard, Richie Cannata, Felix Krish, Shirley Lewis, Helena Springs, Peter John Vettesse, Paul ´Wix´ Wickens
    • Producer: Terry Thomas
    • Technical: George Marino
  • Radio musicola - Nik Kershaw (1988)

    • Members: Mark Price
    • Guests: Mark Brzezicki, Steve Brzezicki, Simon Clarke, Larry Dunn, Kuma Harada, Carol Kenyon, Felix Krish, Stevie Lange, Roddy Lorimer, Simon Phillips, Andy Richards, Tim Sanders, Steve Sidwell, Miriam Stockley, Pete Thoms, Paul ´Wix´ Wickens
    • Technical: Ian Cooper
  • Outrider - Jimmy Page (1988)

    • Members: Jason Bonham, Durban Laverde, John Miles, Jimmy Page
    • Guests: Barriemore Barlow, Chris Farlowe, Tony Franklin, Felix Krish, Robert Plant
    • Technical: George Marino
  • The Other side of John Themis - John Themis (1988)

    • Members: John Themis
    • Guests: Peter Adams, Guy Barker, Pete Beachill, Tony Beard, Paul Carmichael, Claire Hamill, Felix Krish, Rick Taylor, Godfrey Wang (RIP: Dick Morrissey)
  • Rich and famous - Blue Mercedes (04/1988)

    • Guests: Robert Ahwai, Pandit Dinesh, John Eacott, Felix Krish, Shirley Lewis, Mae McKenna, Mike Stock, Jimmy Thomas, Fiachra Trench, Gavyn Wright
    • Technical: Steve Hall
    • Comments: CD reissue contains bonus tracks.
  • Brave - Kate Ceberano (1989)

    • Guests: Robert Ahwai, Lorenza Johnson, Chester Kamen, Felix Krish, Mae McKenna, Warren McLean, Courtney Pine (RIP: Jackie Challoner, Rob Fisher)
    • Producer: Raymond Jones
  • Shadowdance - Chris White (1991)

    • Members: Chris White
    • Guests: Robert Berry, Sam Brown, Hugh Burns, Andy Caine, Danny Cummings, Gary Husband, Mark Knopfler, Felix Krish, Mike Mainieri, Jean-Paul Maunick, Pino Palladino, Andy Scott
    • Producer: Danny Schogger
  • The Girl who ate herself - Betsy Cook (1992)

    • Members: Betsy Cook
    • Guests: Richard Brunton, Dave DeFries, Andy Duncan, Stuart Elliott, Luis Jardim, Felix Krish, Will Malone, Nico Ramsden, Gavyn Wright (RIP: Mark Smith)
    • Producer: Trevor Horn, Steve Lipson, Hugh Murphy
  • Being there - Martyn Joseph (1992)

    • Guests: Marc Cohn, Anne Dudley, Mark Egan, Mo Foster, Tim Harries, Mike Haughton, Bashiri Johnson, Felix Krish, John Leventhal, Jody Linscott, Charlie Morgan, Chris Palmaro
    • Technical: Bob Ludwig
  • Body & soul - Rick Astley (09/1993)

    • Guests: Mark Brzezicki, Richard Cottle, Derek Green, Nigel Hitchcock, Felix Krish, Anthony Patler, Beverley Skeete, Ian Thomas, Jim Williams
    • Technical: Tom Lord-Alge
  • Martyn Joseph - Martyn Joseph (1995)

    • Guests: Andy Caine, Richard Cottle, Neil Drinkwater, Geoff Dugmore, John Giblin, Felix Krish, Frank Mead, Charlie Morgan, Tom Robinson, Don Snow, Linda Taylor (RIP: Paul ´Tubbs´ Williams)
    • Producer: Mick Glossop
    • Technical: Tim Young
  • Together - Peter Smith (1995)

    • Guests: Tony Beard, Hugh Burns, Andy Caine, Paul Carrack, Danny Cummings, Mark Feltham, Katie Kissoon, Felix Krish, Micky Moody, Linda Taylor, Graham Ward, Chris White
    • Producer: Danny Schogger
  • To co naprawde - Anita Lipnicka (10/1999)

    • Guests: Tony Beard, Hugh Burns, Martin Ditcham, Felix Krish, Chucho Merchan, Richard Newman, Nico Ramsden, Danny Schogger, Steve Sidwell
  • Dedication - Hugh Burns ( - )

    • Members: Hugh Burns
    • Guests: Mel Collins, Deon Estus, Felix Krish, Charlie Morgan, Andy Pask, Danny Schogger, Chris White
  • One´s & zero´s - Saro Cosentino (10/1998)

    • Guests: Pandit Dinesh, John Giblin, Trey Gunn, Peter Hammill, Gavin Harrison, David Rhodes, L Shankar
    • Technical: Felix Krish


From the superb site Knights in Blue Denim: The British Blues Scene '68 - '70 (by Christer Fridhammar & Vanja), we have:

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  • Graeme Selkirk: for info on Bucks Fizz tour 1983 (2009).


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