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Friday 26 March 2010

Aliki Ashman (vocals)

(Also known as: Aliki Holland)
  • Sweetwater Canal [1969-1970]
  • Airforce [1970-?]
  • Ashman Reynolds
  • Long John Baldry Band [1971-1972]
  • Ashman Reynolds [72-Sep 72]
  • Casablanca


Great vocalist, I don't have biographical data about her.

The first thing she did was in 1968, a recording with Taste (Rory Gallagher´s band). There´s an unreleased acetate from that session.


Sorry, I´m still working on this info, but it´s very hard to trace...


Airforce. From left to right: Bud Beadle, Steve Gregory, Graham Bond, Colin Gibson (hidden behind Bond), Speedy Acquaye, Ginger Baker, Diane Stewart, Aliki Ashman, Kenny Craddock

Airforce. From left to right: Ginger Baker, Diane Stewart, Speedy Acquaye and Aliki Ashman

Airforce. From left to right: Speedy Acquaye, Aliki Ashman and Kenny Craddock

Airforce. From left to right: Colin Gibson, Ginger Baker (hidden behind Diane Stewart), Diane Stewart, Aliki Ashman, Speedy Acquaye

Airforce. From left to right: Steve Gregory, Graham Bond, Ginger Baker (hidden behind Bond), Speedy Acquaye, Kenny Craddock, Diane Stewart, Aliki Ashman - out of the photo: Bud Beadle and Colin Gibson

This is the lineup of Ginger Baker´s Airforce for an appearance in German TV show Beat Club:

Sep 70-Feb 71
Diane Stewart
Colin Gibson
Kenny Craddock
keyboards, guitar, vocals
Steve Gregory
sax, flute
Bud Beadle
Graham Bond
sax, keyboards
Speedy Acquaye
Ginger Baker
Ashman Reynoldsê

They recorded a new album, Ginger Baker´s Air Force 2, although 3 songs still feature musicians from previous lineup (Denny Laine, Harold McNair, and Ric Grech).

In 1998, it has been released a 2CD, Do what you like, comprising the whole two Airforce albums, plus an outtake from 2nd album, plus several songs from Ginger Baker´s album Stratavarious (featuring Bobby Tench under the pseudonym Bobby Gass).

Other info on members of Airforce (I know up to 21 members)
Already covered (2): Speedy Acquaye, Ric Grech
To be covered (18): Ginger Baker, Eleanor Barooshian, Bud Beadle, Graham Bond, Trevor Burton, Kenny Craddock, Colin Gibson, Steve Gregory, Joni Haastrup, Jeanette Jacobs, Remi Kabaka, Denny Laine, Harold McNair, Phil Seamen, Diane Stewart, Alan White, Steve Winwood, Chris Wood


Aliki Ashman and Harry Reynolds met during the time of Ginger Baker´s Airforce, when Aliki was one the lead singers and Harry was their tour manager. When Ginger Baker split the band, they joined forces to form the band Ashman-Reynolds. They started recording demos with the great, late Mickey Keene on guitar and Rod Edwards on keyboards, as well as Bob Weston and Keith Boyce. After the recording, the real lineup was:

Harry Reynolds
vocals, bass
Bob Weston
Rod Edwards
Keith Boyce
Long John Baldry Bandê
Long John Baldry Bandê
Long John Baldry Bandê
Long John Baldry Bandê
Long John Baldry Bandê

They released an album, called Stop-Off, with help in vocals from Liza Strike and Madeline Bell and guest appearance by Mickey Keene on guitar.

They started touring along Europe and America.


Soon after, the band Ashman-Reynolds became Long John Baldry's backing band, along with Denny Ball (who, after a spell of musical inactivity, had gone to audition for John Baldry, and was given five days to learn the set before going on tour in America) and Ian Armit. The band were on a package with Savoy Brown and Fleetwood Mac. This had to be around Winter 1971:

êAshman Reynolds
êAshman Reynolds
êAshman Reynolds
êAshman Reynolds
êAshman Reynolds
Long John Baldry
Bob Weston
Rod Edwards
Ian Armit
Keith Boyce
Ashman Reynoldsê
Ashman Reynoldsê
Ashman Reynoldsê

After the tour finished they made an appearance on ´Top of The Pops´ BBC show. The band line up for that show included Rod Stewart, Elton John and Lesley Duncan on back-up vocals.

In the summer of 1972, Baldry changed the line-up as people went their separate ways.

Other info on members of Long John Baldry Band (I know up to 105 members)
Already covered (11): Dave Ball, Denny Ball, Cliff Barton, Cal Batchelor, Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Jimmy Horowitz, Felix Krish, Billy Law, Harry Reynolds, Bob Weston
To be covered (93): Ian Armit, Tony Ashton, Cliff Aungier, Long John Baldry, Pete Blannin, Keith Boyce, Geoff Bradford, Gary Breit, Hugh Brockie, Charity Brown, Norm Brown, Paul Brown, Tom Brown, John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, Roger Carey, Liane Carroll, Chris Castle, Jacko Ciminello, Elaine Clark, Mick Clarke, Tom Connor, Charlie Coolie, Myra Cooper, Randall Coryell, Butch Coulter,... up to 93 musicians.


Ashman Reynolds - from left to right: Aliki Ashman, Bob Weston, Harry Reynolds

Ashman Reynolds - from left to right: Bob Weston, Harry Reynolds, Rod Edwards (not visible), Aliki Ashman, Keith Boyce

Ashman Reynolds: Aliki Ashman and Bob Weston

After parting ways with Long John Baldry, Aliki and Harry Reynolds kept on playing together as Ashman-Reynolds, but I don't know if they kept the same original lineup (help with info, please!).

?-Sep 72
êLong John Baldry Band
êLong John Baldry Band
êLong John Baldry Band
Harry Reynolds
vocals, bass
Bob Weston
+ others unknown to me. Help!
Fleetwood Macê

They made some concerts along with Quiver (with Cal Batchelor, Tim Renwick, Bruce Thomas and John 'Willie' Wilson) and also appeared at German Beat Club TV program. But then, Bob Weston joined Fleetwood Mac in September 1972.

Aliki and Harry Reynolds replaced Bob Weston with another great musician, Graham Preskett.

Sep 72-?
Harry Reynolds
vocals, bass
Graham Preskett
+ others unknown to me. Help, please!

They started working in a 2nd album, but sadly, they finally parted ways without the album having been released.

Other info on members of Ashman Reynolds (I know up to 6 members)
Already covered (2): Harry Reynolds, Bob Weston
To be covered (3): Keith Boyce, Rod Edwards, Graham Preskett


I still have to find more info, sorry...

This is hard to trace. Casablanca had several lineups during their life, and it´s not easy at all finding info about them. Around 1974, Steve York was a member of the band:

Barry Clarke
Chris Nichols
Eddie Edwards
Charley Charles

They recorded an album in 1974 that remained unreleased until 2003. It´s called The lost funk.

Other info on members of Casablanca (I know up to 14 members)
Already covered (1): Steve York
To be covered (12): Bias Boshell, Charley Charles, Barry Clarke, David Costa, Eddie Edwards, Mickey Feat, Juanita Franklin, David Miles, Chris Nichols, Chris North, Christopher North, Jon Plotel


In 1976, she released a single with Arthur Brown, ´Ooh, it takes two to tango / Rocking the boat´, credited to Arthur Brown & Aliki Ashman.

In 1977, she released a solo single, ´Got to be you / A simple love song´, produced by Vic Smith.

And, sadly, I haven't been able to know more about Aliki's musical career, except for some sessions, credited to her new name Aliki Holland.

She has created a record label with her husband, Chris Holland, called Red Chakra Records, where they have produced some albums.

DISCOGRAPHY: (13 albums known to me - Status: Completed)

OWN ALBUMS (4 credits)
  • Ooh, it takes two to tango / Rocking the boat (SINGLE) - Arthur Brown & Aliki Ashman (1976)

  • Got to be you / A simple love song (SINGLE) - Aliki Ashman (1977)

  • A Decade - Aliki Ashman ( - )

    • Members: Aliki Ashman, Ginger Baker, Harry Reynolds
    • Guests: Arthur Brown, Clive Chaman, Dave Dowle, Bernie Holland, Chris Stainton (RIP: Charley Charles)
  • Demos - Aliki Ashman ( - )

  • A Being of light - Turquoise ( - )

  • Airforce 2 - Ginger Baker´s Airforce (10/1970)

    • Members: Aliki Ashman, Ginger Baker, Bud Beadle, Colin Gibson, Steve Gregory, Denny Laine, Diane Stewart (RIP: Speedy Acquaye, Graham Bond, Kenny Craddock, Ric Grech, Harold McNair)
    • Guests: Rocky Dzidzornu
  • Stop Off - Ashman Reynolds (1972)

  • Casablanca - Casablanca (1974)

    • Members: Aliki Ashman, Bias Boshell, Barry Clarke, David Costa, Juanita Franklin
    • Guests: Steve Bingham, Phil Chen, Lol Coxhill, Luis Jardim, Nick Judd, Billy Livsey, Gary Osborne, Graham Preskett, Bruce Rowland, Terry Stannard, Paul Vigrass, John ´Willie´ Wilson
  • The Lost funk - Casablanca (2003)

    • Members: Aliki Ashman, Barry Clarke, Eddie Edwards, Chris Nichols, Steve York (RIP: Charley Charles)
    • Comments: This album was recorded in 1974, but remained unreleased until 2003.
  • Do what you like - Ginger Baker (1998)

    • Members: Aliki Ashman, Ginger Baker, Bud Beadle, Colin Gibson, Steve Gregory, Denny Laine, Diane Stewart, Steve Winwood (RIP: Speedy Acquaye, Graham Bond, Kenny Craddock, Ric Grech, Phil Seamen, Chris Wood)
    • Guests: Bobby Tench
    • Comments: Do what you like comprises the whole two Airforce albums (Airforce and Airforce 2), plus an outtake from 2nd album, and several songs from Ginger Baker's album Stratavarious.
  • Holy magick - Graham Bond (1971)

    • Members: Keith Bailey, John Morshead, Kevin Stacey, Diane Stewart, Steve York (RIP: Graham Bond)
    • Guests: Aliki Ashman, Pete Bailey, Annette Brox, Victor Brox, Alex Dmochowski, John Gross, Godfrey McLean, Jerry Salisbury (RIP: Ric Grech)
    • Comments: A great keyboardist and sax player, a pity he died back in 1974. This album features great players: his wife Diane Stewart on vocals, plus John Moorshead (guitar), Kevin Stacey (guitar), Steve York (bass), Alex Dmochovski (bass), Ric Grech (bass), John Gross (sax), Jerry Salisbury (harmonica), Keith Bailey (drums), Pete Bailey (percussion), Godfrey McLean (drums), Aliki Ashman (vocals), Annette Brox (vocals), Victor Brox (vocals). Some CD reissues contains 6 bonus tracks (others only have 2).
SESSIONS (2 credits)
  • And a cast of thousands - Leigh Stephens (06/1970)

    • Members: Leigh Stephens
    • Guests: Bob Andrews, Aliki Ashman, Dave Caswell, Glenn Cornick, Roy Dyke, David Jackson, Lyle Jenkins, Noel Norris, Geoff Peach, Dave Quincy, Peter Ross, Pete Sears (RIP: Tony Ashton, Kim Gardner, Dick Morrissey, Micky Waller, Kevin Westlake)
  • Any other face - Dennis O´Brien (1979)

    • Guests: Aliki Ashman, Jim Gannon, Gary Griffiths, Dave Mattacks, Phil Palmer, Raf Ravenscroft, Ray Russell, Pete Solley, Gary Taylor, John Turnbull, Pete Willsher (RIP: Tommy Eyre, Vivienne McAuliffe, Micky Waller)
    • Comments: Vocalist and keyboardist, he's backed here by: Ray Russell (guitar), Jim Gannon (guitar), Phil Palmer (guitar), John Turnbull (guitar), Pete Willsher (steel guitar), Gary Taylor (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Pete Solley (keyboards), Raphael Ravenscroft (sax), Richard Burgess (drums), Dave Mattacks (drums), Micky Waller (drums) and vocals by Aliki Ashman (now Aliki Holland), Viv McAuliffe, Jane Kennaway, Simon Morris.


From the always interesting Alex's Picks (by Alex Gitlin), we have:

From the superb site Knights in Blue Denim: The British Blues Scene '68 - '70 (by Christer Fridhammar & Vanja), we have:

From the fantastic The British Sound blog (by Bruno Ceriotti), we have rock family trees about:

Disclaimer: I don´t own or upload any of the videos linked here. I just include links to live videos that are already available, in order to show the work of this musician. Anyway, if someone feels that some link shouldn't be included, please write me at the email address shown below. And if you know of more videos featuring Aliki Ashman, please, also write me with the link.
  • Airforce - Early In The Morning
  • Airforce live at German TV Beat Club program in October 1970. Fantastic. (Resolution: 360)
    Featuring: Speedy Acquaye, Aliki Ashman, Ginger Baker, Bud Beadle, Graham Bond, Kenny Craddock, Colin Gibson, Steve Gregory, Diane Stewart.

  • Airforce - Toady
  • Airforce live at German TV Beat Club program in October 1970. Fantastic. (Resolution: 240)
    Featuring: Speedy Acquaye, Aliki Ashman, Ginger Baker, Bud Beadle, Graham Bond, Kenny Craddock, Colin Gibson, Steve Gregory, Diane Stewart.

  • Airforce - Sunshine Of Your Love
  • Airforce live at German TV Beat Club program in October 1970. Fantastic. (Resolution: 240)
    Featuring: Speedy Acquaye, Aliki Ashman, Ginger Baker, Bud Beadle, Graham Bond, Kenny Craddock, Colin Gibson, Steve Gregory, Diane Stewart.

  • Ashman Reynolds - Taking Off (1972)
  • Ashman Reynolds live in German TV program Beat Club, June 1972. (Resolution: 480)
    Featuring: Aliki Ashman, Keith Boyce, Rod Edwards, Harry Reynolds, Bob Weston.


Very Special Thanks to:
  • Aliki Ashman: for her kindness and info.
  • Harry Reynolds: for info on Ashman Reynolds.

  • Thanks to:
  • Sophia Daratanas: for her message with info.
  • Mick Higgs: for info.
  • Pete Dent: for info.


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    1. Aliki is well and a good friend of mine. Currently living peacefully with her wonderful husband Chris. There are some great stories kicking around.

    2. Thanks for this info. I became a fan of old Fleetwood Mac, and after Bob Weston just passed, I started searching for other stuff. This "taking off" footage from German TV is really great stuff. I immediately want more

    3. Came to Aliki through Air Force. Totally in love with them as well as her and can't believe they're not more well-known!! Really wish there was more of Aliki's music, her songs are great, her voice is great, she's beautiful!

    4. Aliki Ashman Holland is easy to find on Facebook. she lives in australia i think...
      I have tree hard to find recordings from her out of the sevetees;
      asong with "Casablaca"
      one with "MistifYing"
      And something with "Smile Again"
      greetz Pieter


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