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Monday 22 March 2010

Lesley Duncan (vocals)

The Jokers [1963] 
Dusty Springfield Band [1965-1966?]4 recordings
Lesley Duncan Band  15 recordings
Elton John Band [Feb 72]5 recordings + 3 compilations
Lesley Duncan Band (again)   


Wonderful vocalist and songwriter. She was born on August 12th, 1943 in Stockton-on-Tees, England.


The Jokers was a band around 1963, with young musicians that later became famous:

Lesley Duncan
John Carter
Ken Lewis
Les Reed
Viv Prince

They released a single credited to Leslie Duncan And The Jokers, ´I want a steady guy / Movin´ away´.

Other info on members of The Jokers (I know up to 5 members)
To be covered (2): Viv Prince, Les Reed
Not enough info (2): John Carter, Ken Lewis


She released several singles, without great success.


Lesley joined Dusty Springfield, probably around 1966, appearing in several of their albums, forming a magnificent vocal team with Madeline Bell and Kiki Dee or Maggie Stredder.

Sorry, I don´t have info about the lineup(s), so if someone can help, it would be very appreciated.

In 1966, Dusty Springfield was backed by this great vocal section for her concert NME Pollwinners in Wembley:

Dusty Springfield
Madeline Bell
backing vocals
Lesley Duncan
backing vocals
Kiki Dee
backing vocals
+ others unknown to me. Help!

I don´t know the musicians, but they probably were The Echoes. Help, please!

Other info on members of Dusty Springfield Band (I know up to 38 members)
Already covered (4): Madeline Bell, Gary Boyle, Kay Garner, Bob Wackett
Old pages (1): Micky Keene
To be covered (18): Simon Bell, Vic Briggs, Vicki Brown, Jeff Crampton, Kiki Dee, Mo Foster, Frank Gibson Jr, Jean Hawker, Will Hill, Mike O´Neill, Jack Peach, Don Shinn, Brian Smith, Dusty Springfield, Liza Strike, Stuart Taylor, Derek Wadsworth, Peter Woolf
Not enough info (14): Derek Andrews, Brian Bennett, Don Burrell, Ivan Chandler, Pete Clifford, Johnny Dryden, Micky Garrett, Ian Harper, Paul Hodgson, Jimmy O´Brien, Douggie Reece, Tony Scott, Chris Sparrow, Maggie Stredder


In 1970, when Elton John chose Lesley´s tune ´Love song´ for his album Tumbleweed Connection, where Lesley appears, she signed a solo contract. Although, much to our delight, she kept on appearing in many albums as backing vocalist.

Around that time, she married producer and keyboardist Jimmy Horowitz.


Lesley appeared in two more albums by Elton, as well as singing backup in one concert.

In February 1972, Elton John includes superb vocalists and a whole orchestra for his gigs:

Feb 72
Elton John
vocals, keyboards
Davey Johnstone
Alan Parker
Dee Murray
Nigel Olsson
Caroline Attard
backing vocals
Lesley Duncan
backing vocals
Madeline Bell
backing vocals
+ The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Paul Buckmaster

In 1974, she also appeared in Elton´s live album Here and there dueting with Elton in ´Love song´.

Other info on members of Elton John Band (I know up to 68 members)
Already covered (10): Caroline Attard, Madeline Bell, Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Kay Garner, Stevie Lange, Jo Partridge, Roger Pope, Caleb Quaye, Tim Renwick
To be covered (57): Guy Babylon, Jeff ´Skunk´ Baxter, Bob Birch, Dave Bitelli, Alex Brown, Paul Buckmaster, Kim Bullard, Cindy Bullens, Alan Carvell, Joel Clempson, Dennis Conway, Ray Cooper, Raul D´Oliveira, Kiki Dee, Ian Duck, Dave Glover, Ken Gold, Stjepan Hauser, Natalie Jackson, Mortonette Jenkins, Marlena Jeter, Elton John, Davey Johnstone, John Jorgenson, David Katz,... up to 57 musicians.


Jimmy Horowitz´s relationship with Lesley Duncan was very close, as they were married at that time. Jimmy produced most of her albums, and he also assembled and played live bands to back her. This was the Lesley Duncan Band just for 1 gig in September 1972 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall:

Sep 72
Lesley Duncan
Chris Spedding
Andy Bown
Madeline Bell
backing vocals
David Katz
string conductor

Lesley wasn´t keen on performing live. Anyway, she appeared in the Reading Festival 1973 (with one song in the collective live album) and also toured in 1976.

She later married producer Tony Cox. Her last appearances were with him, and around 1980, she stopped doing sessions. A pity.

Other info on members of Lesley Duncan Band (I know up to 8 members)
Already covered (2): Madeline Bell, Jimmy Horowitz
To be covered (5): Andy Bown, Harvey Burns, David Katz, Glen LeFleur, Chris Spedding

But the tragedy arrived when I read about Lesley´s passing in 12th March, 2010, due to a cerebrovascular disease. Rest in peace.

DISCOGRAPHY: (86 albums known to me - Status: In progress)

OWN ALBUMS (15 credits)
  • When my baby cries / Did it hurt? (SINGLE) - Lesley Duncan (1964)

  • Tell Him / You Kissed Me (SINGLE) - Lesley Duncan (1964)

  • Hey Boy / I Go To Sleep (SINGLE) - Lesley Duncan (1965)

  • Run to love / Only the lonely and me (SINGLE) - Lesley Duncan (1965)

  • Just for the boy / See that guy (SINGLE) - Lesley Duncan (1965)

  • Lullaby / I Love You, I Love You (SINGLE) - Lesley Duncan (September 1968)

  • A Road To Nowhere / Love Song (SINGLE) - Lesley Duncan (1969)

  • Sing children sing - Lesley Duncan (June 1971)

    • Members: David Katz, Chris Spedding (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Guests: Elton John + Toni Campo, Ray Cooper, Terry Cox, Tristan Fry (RIP: Joe Moretti)
    • Producer: Jimmy Horowitz
    • Comments: Lesley´s first album. It was recorded with Chris Spedding (guitar), Joe Moretti (guitar), Toni Campo (bass), Jimmy Horowitz (keyboards, also producer), Elton John (keyboards), Terry Cox (drums), Ray Cooper (percussion), Tristan Fry (percussion), David Katz (strings).
  • Earth mother - Lesley Duncan (1972)

    • Members: Andy Bown, David Katz, Chris Spedding (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Guests: (RIP: Barry De Souza, Jack Rothstein)
    • Producer: Jimmy Horowitz
    • Comments: Lesley´s second album. It was recorded by Chris Spedding (guitar), Andy Bown (bass), Jimmy Horowitz (keyboards), Barry De Souza (drums), Jack Rothstein (strings).
  • Everything changes - Lesley Duncan (1974)

    • Members: Andy Bown, Jimmy Horowitz (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Guests: Bob Cohen, Peter Frampton, Sue Glover, Larry Steele, Liza Strike (RIP: Barry De Souza)
    • Comments: Lesley´s 3rd album, and also has a stellar cast: Peter Frampton (guitar), Bob Cohen (guitar), Andy Bown (bass), Larry Steele (bass), Jimmy Horowitz (keyboards), Barry De Souza (drums), and backing vocals by Sue Glover and Liza Strike.
  • Moon bathing - Lesley Duncan (1975)

    • Members: Glen LeFleur, Chris Spedding (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Guests: Peter Dennis, Derek Grossmith, Jim Ryan, Liza Strike
    • Producer: Jimmy Horowitz
    • Comments: Moon bathing is one of Lesley's best albums. Recorded during the winter of 1974, it features Chris Spedding (guitar), Jim Ryan (guitar), Peter Dennis (bass), Jimmy Horowitz (keyboards, also producer), Derek Grossmith (horns), Glenn Le Fleur (drums), and vocals by Liza Strike and Joanna Newman.
  • Maybe it´s lost - Lesley Duncan (1977)

    • Members: Madeline Bell, Glen LeFleur, Chris Spedding (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Guests: Robert Ahwai, Peter Dennis, John Perry, Nico Ramsden (RIP: Bobby Keys, Alan Murphy)
    • Producer: Jimmy Horowitz
    • Comments: Maybe it´s lost features Chris Spedding (guitar), Robert Ahwai (guitar), Alan Murphy (guitar), Nico Ramsden (guitar), Peter Dennis (bass), Jimmy Horowitz (keyboards), Bobby Keys (sax), Glenn Le Fleur (drums), and vocals by Madeline Bell, Laurie Andrew, John Perry.
  • Sing children sing / Rainbow games (SINGLE) - Lesley Duncan (November 1979)

    • Members: Madeline Bell (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Guests: Joe Brown, Pete Townshend (RIP: Vicki Brown, Phil Lynott)
    • Comments: Lesley recorded this track again in 1979 as a benefit single, with an all-star backing group.
  • Masters of war / Another light goes out (SINGLE) - Lesley Duncan (1982)

  • Tomorrow / Paper Highway (SINGLE) - Lesley Duncan (1986)

  • I want a steady guy / Movin´ away (SINGLE) - Lesley Duncan And The Jokers (1963)

  • Ev´rything´s coming up Dusty - Dusty Springfield (September 1965)

    • Members: Madeline Bell (RIP: Dusty Springfield + Lesley Duncan)
    • Guests: (RIP: Doris Troy)
    • Comments: Some CD reissues contain bonus tracks.
  • Where am I going - Dusty Springfield (November 1967)

    • Members: Madeline Bell (RIP: Dusty Springfield + Lesley Duncan)
    • Guests: Reg Guest, Peter Knight, Alan Tew (RIP: Arthur Greenslade, Angela Morley, Pat Williams)
    • Comments: It was reissued with bonus tracks with the title Where am I going... plus.
  • Dusty... definitely - Dusty Springfield (November 1968)

    • Members: Madeline Bell (RIP: Dusty Springfield + Lesley Duncan)
    • Guests: John Paul Jones, Peter Knight, Keith Mansfield
    • Comments: CD reissue contains bonus tracks.
  • Elton John - Elton John (May 1970)

    • Members: Elton John + Madeline Bell, Paul Buckmaster, Alan Parker, Caleb Quaye, Bernie Taupin (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner)
    • Guests: Tony Burrows, Roger Cook, Terry Cox, Brian Dee, Colin Green, Roland Harker, Tony Hazzard, Clive Hicks, Les Hurdle, Skaila Kanga, Diana Lewis, Dennis Lopez, Dave Richmond, Alan Weighall (RIP: Barry Morgan)
    • Producer: (RIP: Gus Dudgeon)
    • Technical: Robin Geoffrey Cable
    • Comments: CD reissue from 1995 contains 3 bonus tracks.
  • Tumbleweed connection - Elton John (October 1970)

    • Members: Elton John + Madeline Bell, Paul Buckmaster, Ian Duck, Dave Glover, Nigel Olsson, Caleb Quaye, Bernie Taupin (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Dee Murray, Roger Pope)
    • Guests: Tony Burrows, Brian Dee, Mike Egan, Herbie Flowers, Sue Glover, Tony Hazzard, Karl Jenkins, Robin Jones, Skaila Kanga, Chris Laurence, Sunny Leslie (RIP: Gordon Huntley, Barry Morgan, Dusty Springfield, Johnny Van Derrick)
    • Producer: (RIP: Gus Dudgeon)
    • Technical: Robin Geoffrey Cable
  • Friends - Elton John (April 1971)

    • Members: Elton John + Madeline Bell, Paul Buckmaster, Nigel Olsson, Caleb Quaye (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Dee Murray)
    • Guests: Diana Lewis, Rex Morris, Liza Strike
    • Producer: John Gilbert (RIP: Gus Dudgeon)
    • Technical: Robin Geoffrey Cable
    • Comments: Recorded in September 1970, it was the soundtrack for the movie of the same name.
  • Madman across the water - Elton John (November 1971)

    • Members: Elton John + Paul Buckmaster, Ray Cooper, Dave Glover, Davey Johnstone, David Katz, Nigel Olsson, Alan Parker, Caleb Quaye (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Dee Murray, Roger Pope)
    • Guests: Tony Burrows, B J Cole, Roger Cook, Terry Cox, Brian Dee, Jack Emblow, Herbie Flowers, Sue Glover, Chris Laurence, Sunny Leslie, Diana Lewis, Brian Odgers, Chris Spedding, Barry St John, Liza Strike, Rick Wakeman (RIP: Robert Kirby, Barry Morgan)
    • Producer: (RIP: Gus Dudgeon)
    • Technical: Robin Geoffrey Cable, Tony Cousins, Ken Scott
    • Comments: Recorded in February and August 1971.
  • See all her faces - Dusty Springfield (November 1972)

    • Members: (RIP: Dusty Springfield + Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Derek Wadsworth)
    • Guests: Jimmy Horowitz, Peter Knight, Keith Mansfield (RIP: Angela Morley)
    • Producer: (RIP: Tom Dowd, Ellie Greenwich, Arif Mardin, Jerry Wexler)
    • Comments: See all her faces was produced by many different people, but all great producers: Tom Dowd, Arif Mardin, Jerry Wexler, Ellie Greenwich, etc. The orchestra was conducted by Jimmy Horowitz and Derek Wadsworth. CD reissue contains 3 bonus tracks.
  • Here and there - Elton John (1976) (LIVE)

    • Members: Elton John + Ray Cooper, Davey Johnstone, Nigel Olsson (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Dee Murray)
    • Producer: (RIP: Gus Dudgeon)
    • Comments: Recorded live in 2 different concerts at May 74 and November 1974. Lesley Duncan sings a duet with Elton in her own tune ´Love song´. There is an expanded 2CD reissue with up to 25 tracks.
  • Greatest hits - Elton John (November 1974)

    • Members: Elton John + Madeline Bell, Paul Buckmaster, Ray Cooper, Davey Johnstone, Nigel Olsson (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Dee Murray)
    • Guests: Tony Burrows, Jean-Louis Chautemps, Roger Cook, Brian Dee, Colin Green, Tony Hazzard, David Hentschel, Clive Hicks, Billy Hinsche, Bruce Johnston, Ivan Julien, Del Newman, Dave Richmond, Ken Scott, Toni Tennille (RIP: Barry Morgan, Carl Wilson)
    • Producer: (RIP: Gus Dudgeon)
    • Technical: Robin Geoffrey Cable, Darryl Dragon
  • Greatest hits volume II - Elton John (1976)

    • Members: Elton John + Ray Cooper, Kiki Dee, Dave Glover, Davey Johnstone, James Newton Howard, Nigel Olsson, Kenny Passarelli, Caleb Quaye (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Dee Murray, Roger Pope)
    • Guests: Tony Burrows, B J Cole, Roger Cook, Brian Dee, Sue Glover, Bruce Johnston, Clydie King, Sunny Leslie, Shirley Matthews, Brian Odgers, Lenny Pickett, Barry St John, Liza Strike (RIP: Barry Morgan, Gene Page, Dusty Springfield)
    • Producer: (RIP: Gus Dudgeon)
    • Comments: Compilation with some tracks that don´t appear in any other album.
  • To be continued... - Elton John (1990)

    • Members: Elton John + Guy Babylon, Madeline Bell, Stewart Brown, Paul Buckmaster, Alan Carvell, Ray Cooper, Kiki Dee, Ian Duck, Mick Inkpen, Mortonette Jenkins, Marlena Jeter, Davey Johnstone, Shirley Lewis, Jody Linscott, Fred Mandel, Jonathan Moffett, Dave Murphy, Gordon Neville, James Newton Howard, Nigel Olsson, Kenny Passarelli, David Paton, Caleb Quaye (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Dee Murray, Roger Pope)
    • Guests: Rex Bishop + Greg Adams, Sweet Pea Atkinson, Harry Bowens, Tony Burrows, Lenny Castro, Bill Champlin, Jean-Louis Chautemps, Roger Cook, Terry Cox, Paulinho Da Costa, Brian Dee, Deon Estus, Victor Feldman, Chuck Findley, Herbie Flowers, Mel Gaynor, Roger Glover, Sue Glover, Colin Green, Tony Hazzard, David Hentschel, Jerry Hey, Clive Hicks, Steve Holley, Jim Horn, Paul Jackson, Randy Jackson, Ivan Julien, Clydie King, Michael Landau, Diana Lewis, Dennis Lopez, Steve Lukather, Shirley Matthews, Reggie McBride, Brian Odgers, David Paich, Lenny Pickett (RIP: John Lennon + Bob Babbitt, Tony Bell, Gordon Huntley, Barry Morgan, Gene Page, Marty Paich)
    • Producer: (RIP: Michel Berger, Gus Dudgeon)
    • Technical: Ed Cherney, Stuart Epps, Casey Jones, Bill Price
    • Comments: 4CD boxset with some rarities.
  • Doin´ things - Madeline Bell (1968)

    • Members: Madeline Bell + John Paul Jones
    • Guests: Ian Green, Keith Mansfield (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Dusty Springfield + Arthur Greenslade, Derek Wadsworth)
    • Comments: CD reissue from 2004 contains 6 bonus tracks.
  • Sunrise - Mick Softley (1970)

    • Guests: Barry Clarke, Gerry Conway, Lyn Dobson, Jerry Donahue, Pat Donaldson, Sue Glover, Sunny Leslie, Mike Vickers (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Producer: Tony Cox
  • It ain´t easy - Long John Baldry (1971)

    • Members: Rod Stewart (RIP: Long John Baldry + Ian Armit, Sam Mitchell)
    • Guests: Caleb Quaye + Maggie Bell, Tony Burrows, Ian Duck, Dave Glover, Tony Hazzard, Ray Jackson, Elton John, Alan Skidmore, Liza Strike, Ron Wood (RIP: Lesley Duncan + Kay Garner, Roger Pope, Doris Troy)
    • Producer: Jimmy Horowitz
    • Comments: It ain't easy was co-produced between Elton John & Rod Stewart. It features Maggie Bell (vocals), Ron Wood (guitar), Sam Mitchell (guitar), Ray Jackson (mandolin), Ian Armitt (keyboards), Alan Skidmore (sax). Jimmy Horowitz acts as executive producer. Also appearing the complete lineup of Hookfoot: Caleb Quaye (guitar), Ian Duck (vocals, harmonica), Dave Glover (bass), Roger Pope (drums).
    • My opinion: It includes a song written by Lesley Duncan, ´Mr Rubin´.
  • Gone to my head - Andy Bown (1972)

    • Members: Andy Bown + Chris Belshaw (RIP: Micky Waller)
    • Guests: Peter Frampton + Liza Strike (RIP: Caroline Attard, Lesley Duncan)
    • Producer: Jimmy Horowitz
    • Comments: The album Gone to my head was recorded with Brian Belshaw on bass and Micky Waller on drums. It also includes guest appearances from Peter Frampton (Andy Bown's bandmate in The Herd), Jimmy Horowitz (keyboards, also the producer and arranger) and Lesley Duncan, Caroline Attard, Kay Garner & Liza Strike on vocals.
  • Crazy lady - Joyce Everson (1972)

    • Members: Joyce Everson
    • Guests: Madeline Bell, Andy Bown, Peter Frampton, Martin Quittenton, Liza Strike (RIP: Lesley Duncan + Barry De Souza)
    • Producer: Jimmy Horowitz
    • Comments: Fantastic American vocalist (now acting as Joyce Turnpenny). In her debut album from 1972, recorded in England, we can find Lesley Duncan (vocals), Peter Frampton (guitar), Martin Quittenton (guitar), Andy Bown (bass), Barry De Souza (drums), and vocals by Madeline Bell and Liza Strike. All produced by Jimmy Horowitz, who also played keyboards and flute.
  • Sweet William - Andy Bown (1973)

    • Members: Andy Bown + Chris Belshaw, Glen LeFleur, Nico Ramsden
    • Guests: David Katz + B J Cole, Sue Glover, Skaila Kanga, Sunny Leslie (RIP: Caroline Attard, Lesley Duncan + Barry De Souza, Jack Rothstein)
    • Producer: Jimmy Horowitz
    • Comments: Sweet William features Nico Ramsden (guitar), BJ Cole (pedal steel guitar), Chris Belshaw (bass), Jimmy Horowitz (celeste, arranger and producer), Barry De Souza (drums), Glen LeFleur (drums, percussion), Skaila Kanga (harp), and vocals by Lesley Duncan, Sunny Leslie, Sue Glover and Caroline Attard.
  • Loving & free - Kiki Dee (1973)

    • Members: Kiki Dee + B J Cole, Davey Johnstone, Ronnie Leahy
    • Guests: Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Nigel Olsson + Roger Ball, Gerry Conway, Paul Keogh, Dave Mattacks, Jim Ryan, Liza Strike (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Dee Murray + Kay Garner, Jimmy Hall)
    • Producer: Elton John
    • Technical: Richard Dodd
    • Comments: Loving and free contains collaborations from the Elton John Band: Davey Johnstone (guitar), Dee Murray (bass), Elton John (keyboards), Nigel Olsson (drums), plus Paul Keogh (guitar), Jim Ryan (guitar), B.J. Cole (pedal steel guitar), Ronnie Leahy (keyboards), Roger Ball (sax), Gerry Conway (drums), Dave Mattacks (drums), and a great team of backing vocalists: the superb Chanter Sisters (Doreen Chanter & Irene Chanter), Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner and Lisa Strike.
  • Nine - Tim Hardin (1974)

    • Members: (RIP: Tim Hardin)
    • Guests: Madeline Bell, Andy Bown, Bob Cohen, Peter Frampton, Sue Glover, David Katz, John Mealing, Liza Strike (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Producer: Jimmy Horowitz
    • Comments: This album features Bob Cohen (guitar), Peter Frampton (guitar), Andy Bown (bass), Jimmy Horowitz (keyboards, also producer), John Mealing (keyboards), Mike Driscoll (drums), David Katz (strings), and vocals by Madeline Bell, Sue Glover, Liza Strike. CD reissue from 1992 contains 1 bonus track taken from a single.
  • Good to be alive - Long John Baldry (1976)

    • Members: Denny Ball, Jimmy Horowitz (RIP: Long John Baldry + Dave Ball, Sam Mitchell)
    • Guests: Andy Bown, Terry Cox, Jon Field, Sue Glover, John Mealing, Tony Newman, Liza Strike (RIP: Lesley Duncan + Kay Garner)
    • Comments: The Good to be Alive album was recorded in 1973 with great musicians: Lesley Duncan (vocals), Sue Glover (vocals), Liza Strike (vocals), Kay Garner (vocals), Dave Ball (guitar), Bob Cohen (guitar), Sam Mitchell (guitar), Denny Ball (bass), Andy Bown (keyboards), Jimmy Horowitz (keyboards), John Mealing (keyboards), Terry Cox (drums) Tony Newman (drums), Mike Driscoll (drums), as well as horns by Jon Field, Chris Hughes and Mick French.
  • Welcome to the club - Long John Baldry (1977)

    • Members: Tom Brown (RIP: Long John Baldry + Ian Armit, Sam Mitchell, Alan Murphy)
    • Guests: Andy Bown, David Katz + Madeline Bell, Tony Burrows, George Chisholm, Pete Gavin, John Jarvis, Jim Keltner, Neil Lancaster, Chas Mills, David Snell, Liza Strike, Fred Tackett, Klaus Voormann (RIP: Lesley Duncan + Jesse Ed Davis, Kay Garner)
    • Producer: Jimmy Horowitz
    • Technical: Aaron Chakraverty
    • Comments: Welcome to the club contains appearances by Jesse Ed Davis (guitar), Andy Bown (guitar), Sam Mitchell (guitar), Alan Murphy (guitar), Fred Tackett (guitar), Klaus Voormann (bass), Ian Armitt (keyboards), Jimmy Horowitz (keyboards), John Jarvis (keyboards), Pete Gavin (drums), Jim Keltner (drums), and vocals by Madeline Bell, Tony Burrows, Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Neil Lancaster, Chas Mills, Liza Strike.
  • Boogie woogie: the Warner Bros recordings - Long John Baldry (2005)

    • Members: Jimmy Horowitz (RIP: Long John Baldry + Ian Armit, Sam Mitchell, Micky Waller, Bob Weston)
    • Guests: Ray Cooper, Dave Glover, Davey Johnstone, Nigel Olsson, Caleb Quaye, Ron Wood + Madeline Bell, Maggie Bell, Rick Brown, Tony Burrows, Joyce Everson, Tony Hazzard, Ray Jackson, David Katz, James Litherland, John Porter, Alan Skidmore, Bill Smith, Barry St John, Terry Stannard, Liza Strike, Theodore Thunder, Klaus Voormann (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Roger Pope + Kay Garner, Doris Troy)
    • Producer: Bill Inglot, Elton John, Rod Stewart
    • Technical: Mike Bobak, Dan Hersch
    • Comments: Double CD, including two complete albums, It ain´t easy and Everything stops for tea, plus unreleased tracks.
  • Reading Festival 1973 - VVAA (February 1974) (LIVE)

    • Guests: Andy Bown, Kenny Jones, Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Tetsu Yamauchi (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Rory Gallagher, Tim Hardin, Ian McLagan)
    • Producer: Jimmy Horowitz
    • Comments: Live album obviously taken from the Reading Festival 1973, featuring tracks by: Rory Gallagher, Strider, Greenslade (with Tony Reeves), Status Quo, The Faces, Andy Bown, Lesley Duncan and Tim Hardin. The common point was their management. Jimmy Horowitz co-produced the live album (having worked with most of these acts also in the studio).
  • Flash fearless vs the zorg women - VVAA (1975)

    • Guests: Carmine Appice, Elkie Brooks, Bill Bruford, Howie Casey, Doreen Chanter, Chick Churchill, Alice Cooper, Graham Deacon, Mike Deacon, Kirk Duncan, Jim Frank, Mick Grabham, Justin Hayward, Eddie Jobson, Bob Johnson, Kenny Jones, Frankie Miller, Maddy Prior, John Weider (RIP: Jim Dewar, Lesley Duncan, John Entwistle, Kay Garner, Nicky Hopkins, Keith Moon)
    • Producer: Bob Ezrin
    • Comments: The complete title was Flash Fearless versus the Zorg women, parts 5 & 6. What a title! Of course, there's no parts 1 to 4. Let's see the great members list: vocals: Elkie Brooks, Alice Cooper, Jim Dewar (1 track), Jim Dandy, Frankie Miller. Guitars: Mick Grabham (2 tracks), John Weider, Justin Hayward. Bass: John Entwistle. Keyboards: Nicky Hopkins (6 tracks), Eddie Jobson (2 tracks), Chick Churchill, Kirk Duncan. Sax: Howie Casey. Drums: Carmine Appice, Graham Deakin, Bill Bruford, Kenny Jones, Keith Moon. Backing vocals: Doreen Chanter, Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, etc.
SOUNDTRACKS (1 credit)
  • Margot at the wedding OST - OST (November 2007)

    • Guests: Alice Cooper, Jorma Kaukonen (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Comments: Soundtrack from the film, containing tracks by Steve Forbert, Jorma Kaukonen, Evia Sands, Blondie, Lesley Duncan (´Everything changes´), Blondie, Alice Cooper, Gilbert O´Sullivan, Donovan, Karen Dalton, Stephen Bishop and others.
MUSICALS / CASTS (1 credit)
  • Jesus Christ Superstar - VVAA (October 1970)

    • Guests: P P Arnold, Madeline Bell, Brian Bennett, Annette Brox, Victor Brox, Keith Christie, Les Condon, Mike D´Abo, Yvonne Elliman, Ian Gillan, Sue Glover, Ian Herbert, Clive Hicks, Neil Hubbard, Karl Jenkins, Brian Keith, Neil Lancaster, Sunny Leslie, John Marshall, Henry McCullough, Chris Mercer, Peter Morgan, Peter Robinson, Chris Spedding, Chris Taylor, Mike Vickers, Mick Weaver, Alan Weighall (RIP: Tony Ashton, Harry Beckett, Jeff Clyne, Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, John Gustafson, Ian Hamer, Bill Le Sage, Bruce Rowland, Alan Spenner, Kenny Wheeler)
    • Technical: (RIP: Martin Rushent)
    • Comments: Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice wrote this magnificent and world-wide famous score. There has been many different versions (including a Spanish one), but to me, the best is the original version. The list of participants is really impressive: Ian Gillan (vocals, from Deep Purple), Chris Spedding (guitar), Madeline Bell (vocals), Lesley Duncan (vocals), Yvonne Elliman (vocals), John Gustafson (vocals), Murray Head (vocals), Tony Ashton (vocals), Victor Brox (bass, from Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation), Neil Hubbard (guitar), Chris Mercer (sax), Paul Raven (vocals), Bruce Rowland (drums), Alan Spenner (bass), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Mike D'Abo (vocals, from Manfred Mann), Henry McCullough (guitar), etc.
SESSIONS (32 credits)
  • The Same thing happened to me / Mr Porter (SINGLE) - Brian Connell And The Roundsound (1967)

  • Angel of the morning (SINGLE) - Billie Davis (November 1967)

  • Nero´s soul party - Paul Nero Sounds (1968)

    • Members: Klaus Doldinger
    • Guests: Sue Glover, Dusko Gojkovic, Olaf Kubler, Sunny Leslie, Lothar Meid, Siegfried Sigi Schwab, Leo Wright (RIP: Benny Bailey, Lesley Duncan)
    • Comments: Paul Nero is a pseudonym for Klaus Doldinger. With his alter ego, he recorded some albums in the style of commercial orchestras.
  • Barabajagal - Donovan (November 1969)

    • Members: Tony Carr, Danny Thompson (RIP: Harold McNair)
    • Guests: Jeff Beck, Madeline Bell, Aynsley Dunbar, Jim Gordon, Alan Hawkshaw, Graham Nash, Tony Newman, Rod Stewart, Ron Wood (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Nicky Hopkins)
    • Producer: (RIP: Mickie Most)
    • Comments: CD reissue contains 13 bonus tracks!
  • First album - Peter Collins (1970)

    • Guests: Brian Brocklehurst, Harvey Burns, Lyn Cornell, Alan Parker (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Ike Isaacs, Harold McNair, Big Jim Sullivan)
    • Producer: Mel Collins
  • Jonathan Kelly - Jonathan Kelly (1970)

    • Members: Jonathan Kelly
    • Guests: Madeline Bell, Roy Dyke, Sue Glover, Sunny Leslie (RIP: Tony Ashton, Lesley Duncan, Kim Gardner)
    • Comments: First solo album by Jonathan Kelly.
  • Dedicated to Markos III - Nirvana (1970)

  • Am I - Matthew Ellis (1971)

    • Guests: Toni Campo, Sunny Leslie, Rex Morris, Chris Spedding, Chris Walker (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Barry Morgan, Tommy Reilly)
  • Loudwater house - Tony Hazzard (1971)

    • Members: Tony Hazzard
    • Guests: Mike Batt, Toni Campo, Clem Clempson, B J Cole, Ray Cooper, Sue Glover, Dave Greenslade, Caleb Quaye, Chris Slade, Chris Spedding, Russell Stone (RIP: Loughty Amao, Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Roy O´Temro)
    • Producer: (RIP: Gerry Bron)
    • Comments: He was a singer and writer (wrote 'You won't be leaving' for Herman's Hermits, and 'Fox on the run' for Manfred Mann). He used to collaborate in several Elton John albums (Elton John, Tumbleweed Connection and Honky Chateau), so many of Elton musicians backed him on some of his solo albums.
      This was his 2nd solo album, where he was backed by Clem Clempson (then, labelmate in Colosseum), Caleb Quaye and Ray Cooper (guitar and percussion, both from Elton John Band), Chris Spedding (guitar), Mike Batt (piano), Dave Greenslade (keyboards), B.J. Cole (steel guitar), Chris Slade (later in Uriah Heep, The Firm, AC/DC, etc.), and featuring vocals by Lesley Duncan and Sue Glover.
  • Meanwhile back at the world - Roger Cook (1972)

    • Members: Roger Cook
    • Guests: Alan Branscombe, Tony Burrows, Mike Egan, Jimmy Horowitz, Les Hurdle, Neil Lancaster, Alan Parker, Caleb Quaye, Chris Spedding, Liza Strike (RIP: Vicki Brown, Barry De Souza, Lesley Duncan, Rosetta Hightower)
    • Comments: Roger Cook collaborated on vocals on some Elton John albums (Elton John and Madman across the water). This was his 2nd album, and it includes collaborations from Chris Spedding (guitar), Caleb Quaye (guitar), Alan Parker (guitar), Mike Egan (guitar), Les Hurdle (bass), Jimmy Horowitz (keyboards), Alan Branscombe (sax), Barry DeSouza (drums), and vocals by Lesley Duncan, Tony Burrows, Vicki Brown, Rosetta Hightower, Liza Strike, Neil Lancaster, Johnny Goodwin.
  • Bill Quateman - Bill Quateman (1972)

    • Members: Caleb Quaye
    • Guests: Ray Cooper, Davey Johnstone, Skaila Kanga, Paul Keogh, Denny Seiwell, Liza Strike (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Producer: Ken Ascher, Robin Geoffrey Cable
    • Comments: He was one of those one-hit wonders of classic rock. On his first, self-titled album, the songs ´Only Love´ and ´Get It Right On Out There´ made some charts in the USA. Folk-rock crossover.
      In Bill Quateman, Caleb appears with another Elton bandmates, like Davey Johnstone or Ray Cooper, plus Denny Seiwell (from Wings), Paul Keogh (guitar), with the voices of Lesley Duncan and Liza Strike.
  • I´ve got a thing about you baby / On your side (SINGLE) - Swampfox (1972)

    • Members: David Bowker
    • Guests: Allan Clarke (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
  • American gothic - David Ackles (July 1972)

  • Dark side of the moon - Pink Floyd (1973)

    • Members: David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Dick Parry, Liza Strike, Claire Torry, Roger Waters (RIP: Rick Wright)
    • Guests: Barry St John (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Doris Troy)
  • Plays classical American music: the blues - Memphis Slim (1973)

  • Cosmic wheels - Donovan (March 1973)

    • Members: Tony Carr
    • Guests: Denny Ball, John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, Clive Chaman, Phil Chen, Jack Emblow, Jim Horn, Chris Spedding, Alan White (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Bobby Keys, Cozy Powell)
    • Comments: Cosmic wheels was next album by Donovan after a long time without recording. Backed by the cream of British musicians, he released a great album. With: Chris Spedding (guitar), Clive Chaman (bass), Phil Chen (bass), Denny Ball (bass), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Lesley Duncan (vocals), Bobby Keys (sax), Alan White (drums, soon to join Yes), Cozy Powell (drums).
      Cozy Powell and Denny Ball recorded some other tracks with him at the time of Cosmic Wheels. There is a film/video from some of the sessions which were taken by Don.
  • Kick off your muddy boots - Graeme Edge (1974)

    • Members: Graeme Edge + Mickey Gallagher, Adrian Gurvitz, Paul Gurvitz
    • Guests: Ginger Baker, Brian Parrish, Ray Thomas + Martyn Ford, Ruby James, Sunny Leslie, Barry St John (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Nicky James, Joanne Williams)
    • Technical: John Burns, Derek Varnals
    • Comments: Their first album was Kick off your muddy boots, also including Ray Thomas (vocals, from Moody Blues), Ginger Baker (drums), and vocals by the magnificent ones Lesley Duncan, Sunny Leslie, Barry St. John, Joanne Williams, Brian Parrish, Ruby James and Nicky James. A magnificent album, with great songs. Paul Gurvitz co-wrote the song ´The tunnel´. The CD reissue has 1 bonus track, ´We like to do it´.
  • Goodnight Vienna - Ringo Starr (November 1974)

    • Members: Ringo Starr + Dr John, Jim Keltner, Gary Wright (RIP: Billy Preston)
    • Guests: Elton John, Paul McCartney, Robbie Robertson + Madeline Bell, Richard Bennett, Dennis Coffey, Steve Cropper, Chuck Findley, David Foster, Jim Gilstrap, Tom Hensley, Clydie King, Lynda Laurence, Trevor Lawrence, Steve Madaio, Lincoln Mayorga, James Newton Howard, Klaus Voormann (RIP: George Harrison, John Lennon, Linda McCartney + Jesse Ed Davis, Lesley Duncan, Nicky Hopkins, Bobby Keys, Lew McCreary, Harry Nilsson)
    • Producer: Richard Perry
    • Technical: Bill Schnee (RIP: Doug Sax)
  • Souvenirs - Demis Roussos (1975)

  • Panic - Zzebra (1975)

    • Members: Steve Byrd, Liam Genockey, Alan Marshall, John McCoy, Dave Quincy (RIP: Loughty Amao, Tommy Eyre)
    • Guests: Jeff Beck (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Producer: Ken Burgess
    • Technical: Tony Taverner (RIP: Martin Rushent)
  • Squire - Alan Hull (May 1975)

    • Members: Colin Gibson (RIP: Alan Hull + Kenny Craddock)
    • Guests: Ray Jackson, Ray Laidlaw + Brian Chatton, Albert Lee, Micky Moody, Terry Popple, Jean Roussel (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Technical: Mike Bobak
    • Comments: These are some of the musicians featured on Squire: Albert Lee (vocals), Kenny Craddock (keyboards, guitar), Ray Jackson (harp, mandolin, vocals), Jean Roussel (keyboards), Ray Laidlaw (drums), Jo Newman (backing vocals), and the almost complete Snafu lineup: Micky Moody (guitar), Colin Gibson (bass), Brian Chatton (keyboards), Terry Popple (drums).
  • Hazzard and Barnes - Hazzard and Barnes (1977)

    • Members: Tony Hazzard
    • Guests: John Altman, Jack Emblow, Herbie Flowers, Tony Hymas, Dave Lawson, Roger McKew, Frank Ricotti, Liza Strike (RIP: Tony Ashton, Barry De Souza, Lesley Duncan, Johnny Van Derrick)
    • Technical: Jerry Boys, Nigel Walker
  • Life on the ceiling - Michael Chapman (1979)

    • Members: Michael Chapman + Rick Kemp
    • Guests: Dave Mattacks, Phil Palmer, Andy Richards, Pete Wingfield (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Al Hodge)
    • Producer: Tom Allom
    • Technical: Jerry Boys
  • Phantoms - Alan Hull (1979)

    • Members: Rab Noakes + Colin Gibson (RIP: Alan Hull + Kenny Craddock)
    • Guests: Ray Laidlaw + Bud Beadle, Steve Gregory, Pete Kirtley, Liza Strike (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
  • Eve - The Alan Parsons Project (August 1979)

    • Members: Ian Bairnson, Stuart Elliott, Alan Parsons, David Paton, Lenny Zakatek (RIP: Eric Woolfson)
    • Guests: B J Cole, Duncan Mackay, Claire Torry, Stuart Tosh (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Chris Rainbow)
    • Technical: Chris Blair, Wally Traugott
    • Comments: Recorded from February to December 1978. CD reissue from 2007 contains bonus tracks.
    • My opinion: Fantastic album, with great songs. The vocal contributions are fantastic, with the lovely Lesley Duncan singing lead on the haunting song ´If I could change your mind´.
  • Great detective - Bunk Dogger (1980)

    • Guests: Alun Eden, Barrie Guard, Billy Livsey, Dave Quinn, Andy Roberts, Geoff Westley (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Al Hodge)
  • Here I love you - Shusha (1980)

  • Exiled - Mitchell / Coe Mysteries (August 1980)

    • Guests: Colin Blunstone, Mitch Dalton, Stuart Elliott, John Ford, Bernie Frost, John Giblin, DeLisle Harper, Paul Hart, Rick Hudson, Joe Jammer, Luis Jardim, Laurence Juber, David Katz, Paul Keogh, Dave Lawson, Robin Lumley, Dan McCafferty, Richard Niles, Chris Parren, Andy Pask, Craig Pruess, Ray Russell, Bobby Tench, Paul Thompson, Godfrey Wang (RIP: Lesley Duncan, John ´Irish´ Earle, Tommy Eyre)
    • Technical: Tony Taverner
    • Comments: A project led by Bob Mitchell and Steve Coe, with many famous guests: people from Status Quo, Nazareth, Zombies, and great players such as Tommy Eyre or Ray Russell, among others. The lineup is amazing: Colin Blunstone (vocals), Dan McCafferty (vocals, from Nazareth), Francis Rossi (vocals, from Status Quo), Lesley Duncan (vocals), Terry Cassidy (vocals), Joe Jammer (guitar), Laurence Juber (guitar, from Wings), Paul Keogh (guitar), Ray Russell (guitar), Mitch Dalton (guitar), John Giblin (bass), Delisle Harper (bass), Andy Pask (bass), Sonny LeMaire (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Dave Lawson (keyboards, from Greenslade), Robin Lumley (keyboards), Chris Parren (keyboards), Steve Coe (keyboards), Marlon Hargis (keyboards), Craig Pruess (keyboards), John Earle (sax), Lee Greenwood (sax), the great Ricky Skaggs (mandolin, violin), Louis Jardim (percussion), Terry McMillan (percussion), Stuart Elliott (drums), Paul Thompson (drums), Steve Goetzman (drums), Nigel Martinez (drums).
  • Home from home (the missing album) - Heads Hands & Feet (1995)

    • Members: Pete Gavin, Albert Lee, Ray Smith (RIP: Mike O´Neill)
    • Guests: Jerry Donahue, Pat Donaldson + Madeline Bell, B J Cole, Linda Lewis, Zoot Money, Andy Summers (RIP: Speedy Acquaye, Tony Ashton, Lesley Duncan)
    • Technical: Eddie Offord
    • Comments: This album was recorded in 1968, originally to be the 2nd album by Poet & The One Man Band, but it remained unreleased until 1995, now credited as Heads Hands & Feet. The Bond Street Midnight Choir that appears contains, uncredited, none other than Zoot Money, Lesley Duncan, Madeline Bell, Andy Summers, John Anderson, Linda Lewis, B J Cole, David Foster, Ray Osborne, Jamba and Tony Ashton.
  • Time bomb - Special Patrol (January 2001)

  • Everlasting love (SINGLE) - Love Affair ( - )

  • Suburban serenade - Partridge Green Esq ( - )

  • Donovan´s greatest hits - Donovan (1969)

    • Members: John Cameron, Tony Carr, Spike Heatley, Danny Thompson (RIP: Harold McNair)
    • Guests: Jeff Beck, Madeline Bell, Mike Carr, Clem Cattini, Jim Gordon, Allan Holdsworth, John Paul Jones, Eric Leese, Licorice Locking, Tony Newman, Bobby Orr, Jimmy Page, Ron Wood (RIP: Cliff Barton, John Bonham, Lesley Duncan, Eric Ford, Nicky Hopkins, Danny Moss, Keith Webb)
    • Producer: (RIP: Mickie Most)
    • Technical: Vic Anesini
    • Comments: The CD reissue from 1999 contains bonus tracks as well as different content in some other tracks.
  • Blast from your past - Ringo Starr (November 1975)

    • Members: Ringo Starr + Jim Keltner, Gary Wright (RIP: Pete Drake, Billy Preston)
    • Guests: Paul McCartney + Madeline Bell, Merry Clayton, Steve Cropper, Charlie Daniels, D J Fontana, Jim Horn, Jerry Kennedy, Trevor Lawrence, Charlie McCoy, Tom Scott, Jerry Shook, Klaus Voormann (RIP: George Harrison, John Lennon + Jesse Ed Davis, Lesley Duncan, Buddy Harman, Nicky Hopkins, Roy M ´Junior´ Husky, Ben Keith, Bobby Keys, Dave Kirby, Harry Nilsson, Jack Nitzsche, Jerry Reed)
    • Producer: Richard Perry
  • Greatest hits and more - Donovan (1989)

  • Troubadour - the definitive collection 1964-1976 - Donovan (August 1992)

    • Members: John Cameron, Tony Carr, Spike Heatley, Jim Keltner, Danny Thompson (RIP: Harold McNair)
    • Guests: Jeff Beck, Madeline Bell, Lea Jane Berinati, David Briggs, John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, Mike Carr, Clem Cattini, Clive Chaman, Ronnie Eades, Jack Emblow, David Foster, Jim Gordon, Jay Graydon, Patrick Halling, Allan Holdsworth, Ginger Holladay, Mary Holladay, David Hungate, John Paul Jones, Sheldon Kurland, Eric Leese, Licorice Locking, Henry McCullough, Graham Nash, Tony Newman, Bobby Orr, Jimmy Page, Shawn Phillips, Charles Rose, Jean Roussel, Tom Scott, Denny Seiwell, Chris Spedding, Harvey Thompson, Ron Wood, Reggie Young (RIP: Cliff Barton, John Bonham, Kenny Buttrey, Harrison Calloway, Ben Cauley, Lesley Duncan, Eric Ford, Eddie Hoh, Nicky Hopkins, Danny Moss, Mike O´Neill, Cozy Powell, Ronnie Ross, Alan Spenner, Keith Webb)
    • Producer: Norbert Putnam (RIP: Mickie Most)
    • Comments: Compilation with some unreleased rarities.
  • The Definitive collection - The Alan Parsons Project (July 1997)

    • Members: Ian Bairnson, Richard Cottle, Stuart Elliott, Alan Parsons, David Paton, Chris Thompson, Lenny Zakatek (RIP: Eric Woolfson)
    • Guests: Colin Blunstone, Allan Clarke, Mel Collins, Elmer Gantry, John Miles, Christopher Warren-Green (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Chris Rainbow)
    • Technical: Simon Heyworth
  • Works & passion 1956-2000 - Klaus Doldinger (October 2001)

    • Members: Klaus Doldinger + Brian Auger, Philip Catherine, Curt Cress, Dave Crigger, Roberto Di Gioia, Keith Forsey, Buddy Guy, Wolfgang Haffner, Jimmy Jackson, Willy Ketzer, Olaf Kubler, Udo Lindenberg, Elmer Louis, Roy Louis, Lothar Meid, Kevin Mulligan, Peter O´Mara, Hendrik Schaper, Wolfgang Schmid, Jochen Schmidt, Ernst Stroer, Hermann Weindorf, Klaus Weiss (RIP: Johnny Griffin, Volker Kriegel, Kristian Schultze)
    • Guests: Roy Ayers, Jeff Berlin, Peter Bernstein, Ira Coleman, Rafael Cruz, Wolfgang Dauner, Jon Eardley, Dusko Gojkovic, Tony Inzalaco, Victor Lewis, Charnett Moffett, Alphonse Mouzon, Siegfried Sigi Schwab, Peter Trunk, Paul Vincent, Klaus Voormann, Eberhard Weber, Leo Wright (RIP: Don Alias, Benny Bailey, Donald Byrd, Lesley Duncan, Tommy Flanagan, Hans Koller, Albert Mangelsdorff, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Nat Peck, Ake Persson, Fats Sadi, Sahib Shihab, Idrees Sulieman, Richard Tee, Eje Thelin, Attila Zoller)
    • Comments: 4CD boxset.
  • Echoes - the best of Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd (November 2001)

    • Members: Sam Brown, Jon Carin, Venetta Fields, David Gilmour, Carol Kenyon, Nick Mason, Durga McBroom, Dick Parry, Guy Pratt, Liza Strike, Claire Torry, Gary Wallis, Roger Waters, Carlena Williams (RIP: Syd Barrett, Michael Kamen, Rick Wright)
    • Guests: Steve Forman, Donny Gerrard, Tony Levin, Phyllis St James, Barry St John, Carmen Twillie (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Doris Troy)
    • Producer: Joe Boyd, Bob Ezrin (RIP: Norman Smith)
    • Technical: Robert Hadley (RIP: Doug Sax)
  • Tell him - the Decca years - Billie Davis (2005)

  • The Essential - Alan Parsons Project (January 2007)

    • Members: Alan Parsons, David Paton, Andrew Powell, Lenny Zakatek (RIP: Eric Woolfson)
    • Guests: Colin Blunstone, Gary Brooker, Arthur Brown, Elmer Gantry, John Miles, Terry Sylvester (RIP: Lesley Duncan, Chris Rainbow)
    • Comments: 3CD compilation with some unreleased track.
  • Photograph - the very best of Ringo - Ringo Starr (August 2007)

    • Members: Ringo Starr + Gary Burr, Dr John, Steve Dudas, Peter Frampton, Mark Hudson, Jim Keltner, Gary Wright (RIP: Billy Preston)
    • Guests: Eric Clapton, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Robbie Robertson + Madeline Bell, Randy Brecker, Merry Clayton, Ray Cooper, Jim Cox, Steve Cropper, Lew Delgatto, Chuck Findley, Herbie Flowers, Mark Goldenberg, Gary Grant, Dan Higgins, Jim Horn, Hutch Hutchinson, John Jarvis, Clydie King, Al Kooper, Danny Kortchmar, Lynda Laurence, Trevor Lawrence, Steve Madaio, Melissa Manchester, Jim McCarty, James Newton Howard, Graham Preskett, Tom Scott, Stephen Stills, Benmont Tench, Klaus Voormann, Reggie Young (RIP: John Lennon + Michael Brecker, Jesse Ed Davis, Lesley Duncan, Pete Ham, Bobby Keys, John ´Cooker´ LoPresti, Harry Nilsson, Jack Nitzsche, Buck Owens, Alan Rubin)
    • Producer: Jeff Lynne, Richard Perry, Don Was (RIP: Pete Drake, Arif Mardin)
    • Comments: There is a deluxe edition with a DVD containing videos.
  • The Complete Blue Horizon sessions - Top Topham (September 2008)

    • Members: Top Topham
    • Guests: Colin Allen, Greg Bowen, Nigel Carter, Tony Coe, Danny Elwood, Herbie Flowers, Steve Gray, John Marshall, Terry Noonan, Brian Odgers, Annette Peacock, Chris Pyne, Alan Skidmore, Lloyd Watson, Pete Wingfield (RIP: Duster Bennett, Dave Bidwell, Kenny Clarke, Lesley Duncan, Don Honeywell, Danny Moss)
    • Producer: Mike Vernon
    • Comments: It includes his solo album Ascension heights, plus 7 additional tracks: a single, one live track with Pete Wingfield, and 4 unreleased tracks with Lloyd Watson.


Official site(s) - tell them you saw the link here:

From the always interesting Alex's Picks (by Alex Gitlin), we have:

From the superb site Knights in Blue Denim: The British Blues Scene '68 - '70 (by Christer Fridhammar & Vanja), we have:

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Disclaimer: I don´t own or upload any of the videos linked here. I just include links to live videos that are already available, in order to show the work of this musician. Anyway, if someone feels that some link shouldn't be included, please write me at the email address shown below. And if you know of more videos featuring Lesley Duncan, please, also write me with the link.
  • Elton John - Border Song (1970)
  • Elton John live at BBC in May 1970. (Resolution: 240)
    Featuring: Madeline Bell, Paul Buckmaster, Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Elton John, David Katz. Orchestra unknown to me.

  • Elton John - Take Me to The Pilot (1970)
  • Elton John live at BBC in May 1970. Fantastic! (Resolution: 360)
    Featuring: Madeline Bell, Paul Buckmaster, Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Elton John, David Katz. Orchestra unknown to me.


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    Liza Strike (19)
    Jimmy Horowitz (16)
    Sue Glover (14)
    Elton John (14)
    Chris Spedding (12)
    Sunny Leslie (11)
    Caleb Quaye (11)
    Andy Bown (10)

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    1. Hi Miguel, great site.
      Lesley Duncan featured in a 3 part TV musical series called " Sounds like....." circa 1974/5 and produced for BBC North East(Newcastle) by Brian Strachan. The other 2 shows showcased Hedgehog Pie and I think Pentangle. I have contacted BBC archives but they have no trace. It was a great show with Earth Mother playing to scenes of environmental damage etc. Do you have any knowledge of its existence?
      Paul Lynch


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