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Saturday 30 September 2017

Mick Softley (vocals / guitar)


Great singer and songwriter, Mick Softley was born Michael Softley on September 26th, 1939, in South Woodford, Essex, England.

His songs were admired by some of his mates, such as Donovan, who made covers of some of Softley´s songs. His first album (Songs for swingin´ survivors) is mostly folk, but he also used (great) rock musicians to back him in his later albums.

Mick Softley formed briefly a band, Soft Cloud, but he preferred performing alone.

He sadly passed away on September 1st, 2017, in Ireland.


Soft Cloud   
Other info on members of Soft Cloud (I know up to 2 members)
Not enough info (1):Mac MacLeod
Mick Softley Band  5 RECORDINGS:
  • Songs for swingin´ survivors - Mick Softley (1965)

  • Sunrise - Mick Softley (1970)

    • Members: (RIP: Mick Softley)
    • Guests: Barry Clarke, Gerry Conway, Lyn Dobson, Jerry Donahue, Pat Donaldson, Sue Glover, Chris Laurence, Sunny Leslie, Mike Vickers (RIP: Lesley Duncan)
    • Producer: Tony Cox
    • Technical: Jerry Boys
  • Street singer - Mick Softley (1971)

    • Members: (RIP: Mick Softley + Steve Hayton)
    • Guests: Tony Carr, Gerry Conway, Lyn Dobson, Jerry Donahue, Pat Donaldson, David Horowitz, Karl Jenkins, Frank Ricotti, Liza Strike, Jimmy Thomas, Richard Thompson (RIP: Dudu Pukwana, Doris Troy)
    • Producer: Tony Cox
  • Any mother doesn´t grumble - Mick Softley (1972)

  • Capital - Michael Softley (August 1976)

  • Other info on members of Mick Softley Band (I know up to 2 members)
    Not enough info (1):Steve Hayton


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    Mick Softley mostly worked with these musicians: (name + number of credits)
    Gerry Conway (3)
    Tony Cox (3)
    Lyn Dobson (3)
    Jerry Donahue (3)
    Pat Donaldson (3)

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