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Friday 23 September 2016

Hal McKusick (sax / clarinet / flute)


Great jazz sax player (also playing clarinet and flute), Hal McKusick was born on June 1st, 1924 in Medford, Massachusetts, USA.

I haven´t been able to collect enough data for a proper biography... Hal played in great bands and orchestras, such as Charlie Barnet Orchestra, Les Brown Orchestra, Dizzy Gillespie, Bennie Goodman, Woody Herman, Buddy Rich, Claude Thornhill, The CBS Orchestra, etc., as well as fronting his own bands, also releasing several albums on his own.


This was the Urbie Green Group in January 1959:

Urbie Green
Teddy Kotick
John Bunch
Burt Collins
Irwin ´Marky´ Markowitz
John Frosk
Johnny Carisi
Pepper Adams
Rolf Kuhn
Eddie Bert
Billy Byers
Nick Stabulas

Other info on members of Urbie Green Group (I know up to 13 members)
To be covered (9): Pepper Adams, Eddie Bert, John Bunch, Billy Byers, Burt Collins, John Frosk, Urbie Green, Teddy Kotick, Irwin ´Marky´ Markowitz
Not enough info (3): Johnny Carisi, Rolf Kuhn, Nick Stabulas


This was the Hal McKusick Group in September 1979:

Charlie LaChappelle
Tony Zano
Joe Hunt

This was a different lineup for Hal McKusick Group, but don´t know the period:

Barry Galbraith
Milt Hinton
Osie Johnson

Other info on members of Hal McKusick Group (I know up to 9 members)
To be covered (5): Art Farmer, Barry Galbraith, Stan Getz, Milt Hinton, Osie Johnson
Not enough info (3): Joe Hunt, Charlie LaChappelle, Tony Zano

Hal McKusick passed away on April 11th, 2012. Since then, I've wanted to include my tribute page to him, so it has taken me too long, and besides, I'm still missing lots of info. Anyway, this is my tribute to him.


Charlie Barnet Orchestra   
Other info on members of Charlie Barnet Orchestra (I know up to 52 members)
Already covered (4):Chico Hamilton, Al Porcino, Howard Rumsey, Bud Shank
To be covered (33):Chico Alvarez, Danny Bank, Max Bennett, Eddie Bert, Ralph Burns, Conte Candoli, Pete Candoli, Helen Carr, Buddy De Franco, Rolf Ericson, Maynard Ferguson, Dizzy Gillespie, John Howell, Chubby Jackson, Barney Kessel, Bobby Lamb, Willie Maiden, Dick Meldonian, Ollie Mitchell, Dick Nash, Sammy Nestico, Oscar Pettiford, Eddie Safranski, Carl Saunders, Sol Schlinger,... up to 33 musicians.
Not enough info (14):Olin Anderhold, Charlie Barnet, Porky Cohen, Sidney De Paris, Joe Guy, Peanuts Holland, Lena Horne, Jack Jarvis, John Kirby, Dodo Marmarosa, Frankie Newton, Kay Starr, Turk Van Lake, Walt Weidler
Don Bestor Orchestra   
Other info on members of Don Bestor Orchestra (I know up to 2 members)
Not enough info (1):Don Bestor
Les Brown Orchestra   
Other info on members of Les Brown Orchestra (I know up to 21 members)
Already covered (1):Frank Marocco
To be covered (12):Don Bagley, Rolf Ericson, Hal Espinosa, Don Fagerquist, Bob Florence, Glen Garrett, Dave Goldberg, Shelly Manne, Ollie Mitchell, Dick Nash, Ted Nash, Si Zentner
Not enough info (7):Betty Bonney, Les Brown, Hank D´Amico, Doris Day, Butch Stone, Billy Usselton, Ralph Young
The CBS Orchestra   
Other info on members of The CBS Orchestra (I know up to 7 members)
Already covered (2):Sonny Igoe, Hank Jones
To be covered (4):Anton Fig, Will Lee, Paul Shaffer, Chuck Wayne
Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra   
Other info on members of Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra (I know up to 168 members)
Already covered (8):Steve Berrios, Larry Bunker, Frank Foster, Hank Jones, James Moody, Al Porcino, Cedar Walton, Joe Wilder
To be covered (159):Pepper Adams, Monty Alexander, Ray Barretto, Kenny Barron, John Barrows, Richard Berg, Ignacio Berroa, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Ben Brown, Garnett Brown, Ray Brown, Tommy Bryant, James Buffington, John Burden, Billy Butterfield, Don Butterfield, Don Byas, Candido Camero, Tom Campbell, Ed Cherry, Kenny Clarke, Julio Colazo, Rudy Collins, Ray Connor, Chuck Connors,... up to 159 musicians.
Benny Goodman Group   
Other info on members of Benny Goodman Group (I know up to 160 members)
Already covered (11):Milt Bernhart, Monty Budwig, Frank Foster, Herb Geller, Sonny Igoe, Hank Jones, Nat Peck, Ed Shaughnessy, Derek Watkins, Joe Wilder, Jimmy Wyble
To be covered (79):Pepper Adams, Gene Allen, Trigger Alpert, Wayne Andre, Georgie Auld, Danny Bank, Billy Bauer, Eddie Bert, Greg Bowen, John Bunch, Lennie Bush, Billy Butterfield, Billy Byers, Sid Catlett, Doc Cheatham, Keith Christie, Buster Cooper, Bill Crow, Mario Daone, Willie Dennis, Jerry Dodgion, Bob Efford, Al Epstein, Nick Fatool, Ella Fitzgerald,... up to 79 musicians.
Not enough info (69):Elmer Alexander, Mousie Alexander, Peter Appleyard, Ronnie Bedford, Franny Beecher, Bunny Berigan, Bob Burns, Roy Burns, Ernie Caceres, Bob Carter, Joe Casalaro, Charlie Christian, Angelo Cicalese, Cutty Cutshall, Hank D´Amico, Ziggy Elman, Helen Forrest, Harold Gaylor, Mitch Goldberg, Buddy Greco, Bob Hayden, Dick Haymes, Don Honeywell, Peanuts Hucko, Frances Hunt,... up to 69 musicians.
Urbie Green Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • The Persuasive trombone of Urbie Green - Urbie Green (1960)

    • Members: Urbie Green (RIP: Pepper Adams, Eddie Bert, Hal McKusick)
    • Guests: John Bello, Don Ferrara, Doc Severinsen, Eddie Wasserman (RIP: Barry Galbraith, Milt Hinton, Don Lamond, Enoch Light, Dave McKenna, Nat Pierce, Nick Travis)
    Other info on members of Urbie Green Group (I know up to 13 members)
    To be covered (9):Pepper Adams, Eddie Bert, John Bunch, Billy Byers, Burt Collins, John Frosk, Urbie Green, Teddy Kotick, Irwin ´Marky´ Markowitz
    Not enough info (3):Johnny Carisi, Rolf Kuhn, Nick Stabulas
    Woody Herman Orchestra   
    Other info on members of Woody Herman Orchestra (I know up to 253 members)
    Already covered (8):Nat Adderley, Bob Brookmeyer, Monty Budwig, Med Flory, Frank Foster, Jake Hanna, Sonny Igoe, Al Porcino
    To be covered (244):John Adams, Pepper Adams, Tony Aless, Joe Alexander, Trigger Alpert, Gene Ammons, Tom Anastas, Gary Anderson, Wayne Andre, Chuck Andrus, Danny Bank, Billy Bauer, Al Belletto, John Bennett, Sonny Berman, Bill Berry, Eddie Bert, Joe Bishop, James Bolden, Johnny Bothwell, Jean Bowes, Oscar Brashear, Mike Brignola, Gordon Brisker, Alan Broadbent,... up to 244 musicians.
    Dean Hudson Group   
    Other info on members of Dean Hudson Group (I know up to 2 members)
    Not enough info (1):Dean Hudson
    Elliot Lawrence Orchestra  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Swings Cohn and Kahn - The Elliot Lawrence Big Band (January 2001)

    • Members: Urbie Green, Johnny Mandel (RIP: Eddie Bert, Billy Byers, Al Cohn, Bernie Glow, Tiny Kahn, Hal McKusick, Gerry Mulligan, Ernie Royal, Zoot Sims)
    • Guests: Sol Gubin, Sam Marowitz, Eddie Wasserman, Chauncey Welsch (RIP: Walter Levinsky, Frank Socolow, Nick Travis)
    • Technical: Joe Tarantino
    • Comments: Compilation comprising the whole album Swinging at the Steel Pier plus additional tracks.
    Other info on members of Elliot Lawrence Orchestra (I know up to 31 members)
    Already covered (1):Al Porcino
    To be covered (12):Eddie Bert, Billy Byers, Al Cohn, Bernie Glow, Urbie Green, Tiny Kahn, Don Lamond, Johnny Mandel, Gerry Mulligan, Ernie Royal, Zoot Sims, Earl Swope
    Not enough info (17):Ernie Angelucci, Ernie Cantonucci, Herb Collins, Paul Cope, John Dee, Mike Donio, Buddy Gentiles, Jack Hunter, Elliot Lawrence, Charlie O´Kane, Andy Riccardi, Red Rodney, Frank Rodowitz, Pete Sansoni, Max Spector, Joe Verrechico, Fred Zito
    Hal McKusick Group  8 RECORDINGS:
  • Hal McKusick plays - Betty St Clair sings - Hal McKusick (1955)

  • Hal McKusick Quartet - Hal McKusick (1955)

  • Jazz at the academy - Hal McKusick Quartette (1956)

  • In a twentieth-century drawing room - Hal McKusick Octet (1956)

  • Hal McKusick Quintet - Hal McKusick (1957)

  • The Jazz workshop - Hal McKusick (1957)

    • Members: (RIP: Hal McKusick + Art Farmer, Barry Galbraith, Milt Hinton, Osie Johnson)
    • Guests: Jimmy Raney (RIP: Jimmy Cleveland, Teddy Kotick)
  • Triple exposure - Hal McKusick (1957)

    • Members: (RIP: Hal McKusick)
    • Guests: Charlie Persip (RIP: Billy Byers, Paul Chambers, Eddie Costa)
    • Producer: (RIP: Bob Weinstock)
    • Technical: Phil DeLancie (RIP: Rudy Van Gelder)
  • Cross section - saxes - Hal McKusick (1959)

    • Members: (RIP: Hal McKusick + Art Farmer, Barry Galbraith, Milt Hinton)
    • Guests: Dick Hafer, Charlie Persip (RIP: Paul Chambers, Bill Evans, Jimmy Giuffre, Connie Kay, Frank Socolow, Ernie Wilkins)
    Other info on members of Hal McKusick Group (I know up to 9 members)
    To be covered (5):Art Farmer, Barry Galbraith, Stan Getz, Milt Hinton, Osie Johnson
    Not enough info (3):Joe Hunt, Charlie LaChappelle, Tony Zano
    Johnny Otis Band   
    Other info on members of Johnny Otis Band (I know up to 20 members)
    To be covered (5):Fred Clark, Jackie Kelso, Preston Love, Barbara Morrison, Clifford Solomon
    Not enough info (14):Pony Abrams, Ernestine Anderson, Clora Bryant, James Clark, Delmar Evans, John Ewing, Bob Frazier, Lena Horne, Bullmoose Jackson, Johnny Otis, Nicky Otis, Shuggie Otis, Mike Turre, Donny Walker
    Boyd Raeburn Orchestra  2 RECORDINGS:
  • More 1944-1945 - Boyd Raeburn And His Orchestra (1994) (LIVE)

    • Members: (RIP: Boyd Raeburn + Johnny Bothwell, Don Lamond, Hal McKusick, Tommy Pederson, Earl Swope)
    • Guests: (RIP: Dennis Sandole)
  • 1944 - Boyd Raeburn And His Orchestra (August 1994) (LIVE)

    • Members: (RIP: Boyd Raeburn + Johnny Bothwell, Ike Carpenter, Serge Chaloff, Al Cohn, Eddie Finckel, Dizzy Gillespie, Don Lamond, Shelly Manne, Hal McKusick, Tommy Pederson, Oscar Pettiford, Earl Swope, Trummy Young)
    • Guests: Tommy Allison, Bob Swift (RIP: Dennis Sandole, Juan Tizol)
    • Producer: (RIP: George H Buck Jr)
    Other info on members of Boyd Raeburn Orchestra (I know up to 41 members)
    Already covered (1):Milt Bernhart
    To be covered (25):Sonny Berman, Johnny Bothwell, Serge Chaloff, June Christy, Al Cohn, Tadd Dameron, Buddy De Franco, Dizzy Gillespie, Bernie Glow, Conrad Gozzo, Don Lamond, Lou Levy, Johnny Mandel, Shelly Manne, Irwin ´Marky´ Markowitz, Sam Most, Boots Mussulli, Tommy Pederson, Oscar Pettiford, Boyd Raeburn, Johnny Richards, Frank Socolow, Earl Swope, Lucky Thompson, Trummy Young
    Not enough info (14):David Allyn, Emmett Carls, Ike Carpenter, Don Darcy, Johnny Darcy, Sonny Dunham, Eddie Finckel, Ralph Flanagan, George Handy, Benny Harris, Irv Kluger, Dodo Marmarosa, Ginnie Powell, Hal Schaefer
    Alvino Rey Orchestra  1 RECORDINGS:
  • By request - Alvino Rey And His Orchestra ( - )

    • Members: Johnny Mandel (RIP: Alvino Rey + Al Cohn, Don Lamond, Hal McKusick, Zoot Sims, Herbie Steward, Dave Tough)
    • Guests: Bob Swift (RIP: Yvonne King + Billy May, Joe Mondragon, Chuck Peterson)
  • King of the guitar - a tribute - Alvino Rey & His Orchestra (January 2005)

    • Members: Johnny Mandel (RIP: Alvino Rey + Al Cohn, Skeets Herfurt, Don Lamond, Hal McKusick, Herbie Steward)
    • Guests: Jimmy Pratt, Bob Swift (RIP: Bob Graettinger, Joe Mondragon, Chuck Peterson, Earl Swope)
    Other info on members of Alvino Rey Orchestra (I know up to 29 members)
    To be covered (18):Trigger Alpert, Al Cohn, Ray Conniff, Irv Cottler, Blossom Dearie, Nick Fatool, Neal Hefti, Skeets Herfurt, Don Lamond, Mel Lewis, Joe Maini, Johnny Mandel, Charles Mingus, Ollie Mitchell, Zoot Sims, Herbie Steward, Dave Tough, Kai Winding
    Not enough info (10):Alfred Burt, Dick Cathcart, Buddy Cole, Frank De Vol, Paul Fredricks, George Handy, Rafael Mendez, Dick Morgan, Alvino Rey, Andy Russell
    Buddy Rich Orchestra   
    Other info on members of Buddy Rich Orchestra (I know up to 146 members)
    Already covered (5):Joel DiBartolo, Frank Foster, Wayne Pedzwater, Al Porcino, Derek Watkins
    To be covered (140):Pepper Adams, Tommy Allison, Trigger Alpert, Bob Ascher, Joe Azarello, Kenny Barron, Frank Basile, Pete Beltran, Lin Biviano, Betty Bleigh, David Boyle, John Bunch, John Burr, Joe Calo, Candido Camero, Jack Carmen, Dave Carpenter, Al Cassigrandi, Bob Coassin, Al Cohn, Ritchie Cole, Paul Congella, Jay Corre, Sonny Criss, Dave Culp,... up to 140 musicians.
    Tom Talbert Group   
    Other info on members of Tom Talbert Group (I know up to 6 members)
    To be covered (3):Art Pepper, Gene Roland, Tom Talbert
    Not enough info (2):Wes Hensel, Dodo Marmarosa
    Claude Thornhill Orchestra  1 RECORDINGS:
  • 1949-1953 performances - Claude Thornhill And His Orchestra ( - ) (LIVE)

    • Members: Bill Barber, Junior Collins (RIP: Claude Thornhill + Joe Derise, Med Flory, Hal McKusick, Gene Quill)
    • Guests: Gene Allen, Al Epstein, Dick Hafer, Lee Katzman, Sandy Siegelstein (RIP: Barry Galbraith)
    • Technical: (RIP: John R T Davies)
    Other info on members of Claude Thornhill Orchestra (I know up to 29 members)
    Already covered (4):Bob Brookmeyer, Med Flory, Herb Geller, Mike Zwerin
    To be covered (15):Danny Bank, Bill Barber, Junior Collins, Gil Evans, Mickey Folus, Conrad Gozzo, Red Kelly, Lee Konitz, Joe Maini, Gerry Mulligan, Gene Quill, Sam Rivers, Tony Scott, Don Sebesky, Ray Starling
    Not enough info (9):Johnny Andrews, Joe Cabot, Joe Derise, Billy Exiner, Ace Lane, Allan Langstaff, Danny Polo, Red Rodney, Claude Thornhill


  • Jazz-club big band - VVAA (1989)

    • Guests: Gene Allen, Ray Alonge, Greg Bowen, James Buffington, Eddie Caine, Roy Caton, Keith Christie, Buddy Clark, Chuck Connors, Bill Crow, Richard Davis, Walter Davis, Willie Dennis, Vincent DeRosa, Jerry Dodgion, Jerry Dorn, Jack Dulong, Bob Efford, Graham Ellis, Bob Enevoldsen, Paul Faulise, Don Ferrara, Vern Friley, Chuck Gentry, Terry Gibbs, Urbie Green, Herbie Harper, Bill Holman, Bill Hughes, Quincy Jones, Bill King, Harry Klee, Rod Levitt, Ray Linn, Sam Marowitz, Doug Mettome, Louis Mucci, Bob Northern, Bobby Orr, Ermit V Perry, Charlie Persip, Kenny Pinson, Bill Pitman, Bucky Pizzarelli, Jimmy Powell, Jimmy Raney, Frank Rehak, Jim Reider, Tony Scodwell, Doc Severinsen, Les Spann, Sam Staff, Alvin Stoller, Tony Studd, Bob Tricarico, Ray Triscari, Carl Warwick, Sam Woodyard, Red Wooten (RIP: Cat Anderson, Georgie Auld, Benny Bailey, Harold ´Shorty´ Baker, Danny Bank, Count Basie, Aaron Bell, Gil Bernal, Milt Bernhart, Bill Berry, Johnny Board, Patti Bown, Bob Brookmeyer, Lawrence Brown, Ray Brown, Milt Buckner, Larry Bunker, Lennie Bush, Billy Byers, Conte Candoli, Pete Candoli, Harry Carney, Buddy Catlett, Paul Chambers, Buddy Childers, Jimmy Cleveland, Al Cohn, Henry Coker, Johnny Coles, Buddy Collette, Bob Cooper, Wendell Culley, Eric Dolphy, George Duvivier, Harry ´Sweets´ Edison, Roy Eldridge, Gil Evans, Don Fagerquist, Art Farmer, Maynard Ferguson, Marty Flax, Frank Foster, Charlie Fowlkes, Russ Freeman, Barry Galbraith, Herb Geller, Lorraine Geller, Dizzy Gillespie, Bernie Glow, Paul Gonsalves, Benny Goodman, Joe Gordon, Conrad Gozzo, Freddie Green, Al Grey, Jim Hall, Jimmy Hamilton, Lionel Hampton, Woody Herman, Milt Hinton, Johnny Hodges, Don Honeywell, Sonny Igoe, Quentin Jackson, Harry James, Budd Johnson, Gus Johnson, J J Johnson, Osie Johnson, Eddie Jones, Jimmy Jones, Reunald Jones, Thad Jones, Richie Kamuca, Charlie Kennedy, Porter Kilbert, Gene Krupa, Ben Kynard, Steve Lacy, Don Lamond, Mel Lewis, Melba Liston, Shelly Manne, Jimmy Maxwell, Gary McFarland, Howard McGhee, Dave McKenna, Hal McKusick, Billy Mitchell, Joe Mondragon, Lee Morgan, Gerry Mulligan, Oliver Nelson, Joe Newman, Jack Nimitz, Sonny Payne, Nat Peck, Bill Perkins, Bobby Plater, Al Porcino, Benny Powell, Russell Procope, Gene Quill, Buddy Rich, Jerome Richardson, George Roberts, Howard Roberts, Frank Rosolino, Jimmy Rowles, Ernie Royal, Marshal Royal, Pete Rugolo, Aaron Sachs, Bud Shank, Ed Shaughnessy, Sahib Shihab, Eddie Shu, Louis Stewart, Billy Strayhorn, Clark Terry, Nick Travis, Derek Watkins, Julius Watkins, Frank Wess, Ernie Wilkins, Stu Williamson, Kai Winding, Phil Woods, Snooky Young)
    • Producer: Creed Taylor (RIP: Norman Granz, Jack Tracy)
    • Comments: Jazz compilation, featuring tracks by Benny Goodman And His Orchestra (featuring Derek Watkins), Woody Herman And His Orchestra (featuring Sonny Igoe), Gene Krupa And His Orchestra (with Hal McCusick), Harry James And His Orchestra, Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra (with Milt Buckner), Count Basie And His Orchestra (with Frank Foster), Buddy Rich And His Orchestra, Johnny Hodges with Billy Strayhorn And The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra, Maynard Ferguson (with Bud Shank), Terry Gibbs Big Band, Pete Rugolo And His Orchestra (with Milt Bernhart and Larry Bunker), Quincy Jones And His Orchestra (with Buddy Catlett), Gerry Mulligan And The Concert Band (with Bob Brookmeyer), Gil Evans And His Orchestra and Oliver Nelson Orchestra (with Snooky Young).
  • The Many faces of the blues - VVAA ( - )

    • Guests: Gene Allen, Ronnell Bright, Kenny Burrell, Curtis Fuller, Louis Hayes, Bill Hughes, Bobby Jaspar, Seldon Powell, Clyde Reasinger, Frank Rehak (RIP: Don Abney, Cannonball Adderley, Nat Adderley, Harold ´Shorty´ Baker, Billy Bauer, Larry Bunker, Donald Byrd, Paul Chambers, Kenny Clarke, Jimmy Cleveland, Henry Coker, Eddie Costa, Miles Davis, Bobby Donaldson, George Duvivier, Art Farmer, Dizzy Gillespie, Freddie Green, Bill Harris, Hampton Hawes, Percy Heath, Andre Hodeir, Milt Jackson, J J Johnson, Eddie Jones, Hank Jones, Yusef Lateef, John Lewis, Herbie Mann, Wendell Marshall, Hal McKusick, Charles Mingus, Joe Mondragon, Frank Morgan, Joe Newman, Charlie Parker, Art Pepper, Benny Powell, Jerome Richardson, Max Roach, Curley Russell, Charlie Shavers, Horace Silver, Idrees Sulieman, Ed Thigpen, Lucky Thompson, Billy VerPlanck, Frank Wess, Gerald Wiggins, Joe Wilder, Ernie Wilkins, Kai Winding, Phil Woods)
    • Comments: Jazz sampler.

       37 SESSIONS (FOR 27 ARTISTS):

    Manny Albam Orchestra  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Jazz workshop - Manny Albam ( - )

    • Members: (RIP: Manny Albam)
    • Guests: Sol Schlinger (RIP: Bob Brookmeyer, Billy Byers, Milt Hinton, Hal McKusick, Joe Newman, Jimmy Nottingham, Nick Travis)
    • Comments: Recorded in December 1955.
    Other info on members of Manny Albam Orchestra (I know up to 1 members)
    To be covered (1):Manny Albam
    Harry Belafonte Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • An Evening with Belafonte - Harry Belafonte (1957)

    • Guests: Alfred Brown, Urbie Green, Sol Schlinger, Eddie Wasserman (RIP: Israel Baker, Pete Candoli, Jimmy Cleveland, Cozy Cole, Ray Conniff, Gigi Gryce, Osie Johnson, Hal McKusick, Jimmy Nottingham, Wilbur Schwartz, Marshall Sosson, Si Zentner)
    • Producer: (RIP: Henri Rene, Hugo Winterhalter)
  • Island in the sun - Harry Belafonte (1991)

    • Members: (RIP: Norman Keenan, Tony Scott)
    • Guests: Ray Alonge, Urbie Green, Harry Klee, Mundell Lowe, Romeo Penque, Sol Schlinger, Carlos Vidal, Eddie Wasserman, Eugene Wright (RIP: Trigger Alpert, Israel Baker, Bobby Bloom, Conte Candoli, Ray Charles, Buddy Childers, Jimmy Cleveland, Cozy Cole, Buddy Collette, Maynard Ferguson, Arnold Fishkin, Jimmy Giuffre, Gigi Gryce, Osie Johnson, Lou McGarity, Hal McKusick, Jimmy Nottingham, Jack Pleis, Bobby Rosengarden, Pete Rugolo, Eddie Sauter, Wilbur Schwartz, Bud Shank, Marshall Sosson, William Stewart, Joe Wilder, Rudy Williams, Si Zentner, Norma Zimmer)
    • Producer: (RIP: Monte Kay, Joe Reisman, Henri Rene, Jack Rollins, Hugo Winterhalter)
    • Technical: (RIP: Dennis Ferrante, Bob Jones)
    • Comments: 5CD boxset compilation.
    Other info on members of Harry Belafonte Band (I know up to 12 members)
    To be covered (8):Keith Carlock, La Tanya Hall, Jeff Haynes, Arthur Jenkins, Norman Keenan, Ralph MacDonald, Jose Neto, Tony Scott
    Not enough info (4):Harry Belafonte, Sipho Kunene, Portinho, Dianne Reeves
    Johnny Bothwell Orchestra  1 COMPILATIONS:
  • Street of dreams 1946 - Johnny Bothwell And His Orchestra (1997)

    • Members: (RIP: Johnny Bothwell + Allen Eager)
    • Guests: Tommy Allison, Jack Carmen, Dick Kenney, Johnny Mandel, Dale Pierce (RIP: Harry Carney, Ike Carpenter, Eddie Finckel, Chubby Jackson, Shelly Manne, Hal McKusick, Ray Nance, Boyd Raeburn, Frank Socolow, Dave Tough, Trummy Young)
    Other info on members of Johnny Bothwell Orchestra (I know up to 3 members)
    To be covered (3):Johnny Bothwell, Allen Eager, Joe Maini
    Ralph Burns Orchestra  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Perpetual motion - Ralph Burns And His Orchestra ( - )

    • Members: (RIP: Ralph Burns)
    • Guests: Bill Barber, James Buffington, Sam Marowitz (RIP: Danny Bank, Louie Bellson, Ray Brown, Billy Byers, Al Cohn, Roy Eldridge, Bernie Glow, Bill Harris, Milt Hinton, Osie Johnson, Herbie Mann, Hal McKusick, Joe Newman, Oscar Peterson, Flip Phillips, Al Porcino, Dave Schildkraut)
    • Comments: Recorded in two different sessions in February 1955 and October 1955.
    Other info on members of Ralph Burns Orchestra (I know up to 1 members)
    To be covered (1):Ralph Burns
    Al Cohn Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • East coast - west coast scene - Al Cohn ( - )

    • Members: (RIP: Al Cohn)
    • Guests: Bob Enevoldsen, Lennie Niehaus, Sol Schlinger (RIP: Billy Bauer, Milt Bernhart, Eddie Bert, Billy Byers, Curtis Counce, Jimmy Giuffre, Milt Hinton, Osie Johnson, Pete Jolly, Barney Kessel, Shelly Manne, Hal McKusick, Joe Newman, Gene Quill, Shorty Rogers, Bud Shank, Zoot Sims)
    Other info on members of Al Cohn Group (I know up to 5 members)
    To be covered (4):John Bunch, Al Cohn, Roger Kellaway, Frank Tusa
    Not enough info (1):Vince Lateano
    Bill Evans Trio  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Play the arrangements of Jimmy Giuffre - Bill Evans & Lee Konitz (1959)

    • Members: Lee Konitz (RIP: Bill Evans)
    • Guests: Buddy Clark (RIP: Warne Marsh + Jimmy Giuffre, Hal McKusick)
    Other info on members of Bill Evans Trio (I know up to 30 members)
    Already covered (3):Bob Brookmeyer, Larry Bunker, Paul Motian
    To be covered (25):Bill Berry, Al Cohn, Eddie Daniels, Jack DeJohnette, Jerry Dodgion, Bill Evans, Eddie Gomez, Marvin Holladay, Chuck Israels, Quentin Jackson, Marc Johnson, Philly Joe Jones, Joe LaBarbera, Scott LaFaro, George Marge, Michael Moore, Marty Morell, Bob Northern, Tony Oxley, Gary Peacock, Ernie Royal, Ed Soph, Grady Tate, Clark Terry, Bill Watrous
    Not enough info (2):Frank Petrovsky, Elliott Zigmund
    Terry Gibbs Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Swingin´ with Terry Gibbs and his Orchestra - Terry Gibbs And His Orchestra (1956)

    • Members: Terry Gibbs (RIP: Bob Brookmeyer)
    • Guests: Al Epstein, Urbie Green, Sam Marowitz, Thomas Mitchell, Chauncey Welsch (RIP: Manny Albam, Al Cohn, Bernie Glow, Osie Johnson, Hal McKusick, Ernie Royal, Frank Socolow, Nick Travis, Turk Van Lake, Ernie Wilkins)
    • Comments: Recorded in October 1956.
    Other info on members of Terry Gibbs Group (I know up to 40 members)
    Already covered (6):Bob Brookmeyer, Herb Ellis, Med Flory, Pete Jolly, Al Porcino, Bud Shank
    To be covered (27):Benny Aronov, John Audino, Max Bennett, Bob Burgess, Conte Candoli, Buddy Clark, Alice Coltrane, Bob Enevoldsen, Vern Friley, Terry Gibbs, Bill Holman, Richie Kamuca, Lee Katzman, Charlie Kennedy, Stan Levey, Lou Levy, Mel Lewis, Joe Maini, Jack Nimitz, Bill Perkins, Chuck Redd, Jerome Richardson, Frank Rosolino, Bobby Shew, Bill Smiley,... up to 27 musicians.
    Not enough info (7):Don Abney, Joe Cadena, Bob Edmonson, Frank Higgins, Pat Moran, Terry Pollard, Jack Schwartz
    Benny Golson Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Take a number from 1 to 10 - Benny Golson (1961)

    • Members: Benny Golson + Curtis Fuller (RIP: Art Farmer, Cedar Walton)
    • Guests: Bill Elton, Tootie Heath, Willie Ruff, Sol Schlinger (RIP: Bernie Glow, Freddie Hubbard, Hal McKusick, Sahib Shihab, Nick Travis)
    • Producer: (RIP: Jack Tracy)
    • Comments: Recorded during November 1960 and April 1961.
    Other info on members of Benny Golson Group (I know up to 20 members)
    Already covered (2):Dwayne Burno, Cedar Walton
    To be covered (11):Carl Allen, Jimmy Cobb, Art Farmer, Curtis Fuller, Benny Golson, Ian Hamer, Philip Harper, Kevin Hays, Kirk Lightsey, Mulgrew Miller, Buster Williams
    Not enough info (7):Ignasi Gonzalez, Jo Krause, Joan Monne, Gilles Naturel, Doug Sides, David Williams, Tommy Williams
    Andre Hodeir Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Essais - Andre Hodeir (1957)

    • Members: (RIP: Andre Hodeir)
    • Guests: Bobby Jaspar, Frank Rehak (RIP: Donald Byrd, Eddie Costa, Bobby Donaldson, George Duvivier, Hal McKusick, Idrees Sulieman)
    • Comments: Recorded in December 1954.
    Other info on members of Andre Hodeir Group (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Andre Hodeir
    Jazz At The Philharmonic  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Ralph Burns among the JATPs - Ralph Burns (1957)

    • Members: (RIP: Ralph Burns + Louie Bellson, Ray Brown, Roy Eldridge, Oscar Peterson, Flip Phillips)
    • Guests: Sam Marowitz (RIP: Danny Bank, Al Cohn, Bernie Glow, Jimmy Hamilton, Bill Harris, Hal McKusick, Al Porcino)
    Other info on members of Jazz At The Philharmonic (I know up to 37 members)
    Already covered (4):Herb Ellis, Jim Hall, Hank Jones, James Moody
    To be covered (31):Cannonball Adderley, Irving Ashby, Louie Bellson, Max Bennett, Ray Brown, Don Byas, Benny Carter, Bob Cranshaw, Art Davis, Harry ´Sweets´ Edison, Roy Eldridge, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie, Coleman Hawkins, Gus Johnson, J J Johnson, Jo Jones, Chuck Lampkin, Lou Levy, Shelly Manne, Oscar Peterson, Flip Phillips, Buddy Rich, Max Roach, Lalo Schifrin,... up to 31 musicians.
    Not enough info (2):Charles Thompson, T-Bone Walker
    Quincy Jones Orchestra  1 COMPILATIONS:
  • Q: the musical biography of Quincy Jones - Quincy Jones (October 2001)

    • Members: Quincy Jones + Patti Austin, John Bello, Michael Boddicker, Oscar Brashear, Vivian Cherry, Pete Christlieb, Art Davis, Nathan East, Paul Faulise, Curtis Fuller, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, James Ingram, Leonard Johnson, Joe Lopes, Stu Martin, Charles May, Paulette McWilliams, Greg Phillinganes, Bill Reichenbach, John Robinson, Les Spann, Grady Tate, Rod Temperton, Bill Watrous, Ernie Watts, Larry Williams (RIP: Benny Bailey, Patti Bown, Buddy Catlett, Jimmy Cleveland, Eric Dixon, Freddie Hubbard, Quentin Jackson, Budd Johnson, Louis Johnson, Porter Kilbert, Melba Liston, Jimmy Maxwell, Oliver Nelson, Joe Newman, Jimmy Nottingham, Ake Persson, Jerome Richardson, Frank Rosolino, Sahib Shihab, Floyd Standifer, Clark Terry, Toots Thielemans, Julius Watkins, Britt Woodman, Phil Woods)
    • Guests: Arthur Adams, Gloria Agostini, Gerald Albright, Monty Alexander, Ray Alonge, Michael Anthony, John Audino, Tom Bahler, Marilyn Baker, Dave Bargeron, John Barnes, Arnold Belnick, Joe Benjamin, Max Bennett, George Benson, Jerry Bergonzi, Harry Bluestone, George Bohanon, Ronnell Bright, Delmar Brown, Garnett Brown, Bobby Bruce, Bobby Bryant, Robbie Buchanan, Lindsey Buckingham, Dennis Budimir, James Buffington, Bill Champlin, Leon Ndugu Chancler, Earl Chapin, Gene Cipriano, John Clark, Rudy Collins, Chuck Connors, Bob Cranshaw, Sandra Crouch, John D´Earth, Paulinho Da Costa, Richard Davis, Vincent DeRosa, George Devens, George Doering, David Duke, Bob Dylan, Jesse Ehrlich, Don Elliot, Sheila E Escovedo, Anita Evans, Miles Evans, Jon Faddis, Voncielle Faggett, Victor Feldman, Chuck Findley, Alex Foster, David Foster, Simon Franglen, Aretha Franklin, Steve Gadd, James Gadson, Alexander Gafa, Kenny Garrett, Siedah Garrett, Grant Geissman, James Getzoff, Astrud Gilberto, Jim Gilstrap, Sal Giorgianni, Gene Goe, Gil Goldstein, Carlos Gomez, Diva Gray, Urbie Green, William Green, Lani Groves, Dave Grusin, Bobbye Hall, Daryl Hall, Herbie Hancock, Terry Harrington, Hilda Harris, Ernie Hayes, Roy Haynes, Marlo Henderson, Conrad Herwig, Richard Hixson, Bill Hughes, Paul Humphrey, Dick Hyman, Anthony Jackson, Paul Jackson, Tito Jackson, Al Jarreau, Mortonette Jenkins, Billy Joel, Howard Johnson, Virgil Jones, Carol Kaye, Joel Kaye, Roger Kellaway, Randy Kerber, Chaka Khan, Steve Khan, Abraham Laboriel, Cyndi Lauper, Hubert Laws, Huey Lewis, Kenny Loggins, Charles Loper, Steve Lukather, Edgar Lustgarten, Arthur Maebe, Tony Maiden, Bob Malach, Tom Malone, Johnny Mandel, Sam Marowitz, Harvey Mason, Greg Mathieson, George Matthews, Myrna Matthews, Lincoln Mayorga, Howard McCrary, Ullanda McCullough, Michael McDonald, Earl McIntyre, Bette Midler, Thomas Mitchell, Tommy Morgan, Sidney Muldrow, Dick Nash, Willie Nelson, Erno Neufeld, John Oates, Michael Omartian, Anthony Ortega, Richard Page, David Paich, Chris Parker, Leon Pendarvis, Steve Porcaro, Seldon Powell, Bernard Purdie, Chuck Rainey, Alan Raph, Emil Richards, Mike Richmond, Wallace Roney, Roger Rosenberg, Diana Ross, Brenda Russell, Zachary Sanders, Sheldon Sanov, Lalo Schifrin, Larry Schneider, Manfred Schoof, Don Sebesky, Doc Severinsen, Ken Shroyer, Paul Shure, Alfie Silas, Paul Simon, Valerie Simpson, Maurice Spears, David Spinozza, Bruce Springsteen, Stephanie Spruill, Marvin Stamm, Maeretha Stewart, Neil Stubenhaus, Tony Studd, Bill Summers, David Tofani, Ray Triscari, Tina Turner, Ian Underwood, Ack Van Rooyen, Tom Varner, Harold Vick, Gerald Vinci, David T Walker, Jack Walrath, Oren Waters, Bobby Watson, Wah Wah Watson, Chauncey Welsch, Chris White, Carolyn Willis, Stevie Wonder, Sam Woodyard, George Young (RIP: Miles Davis, Michael Jackson + Albert Aarons, George Adams, Cannonball Adderley, Nat Adderley, Cat Anderson, Wayne Andre, Louis Armstrong, Nickolas Ashford, Mickey Baker, Danny Bank, Danny Barcelona, Everett Barksdale, Count Basie, Paul Beaver, Louie Bellson, Gil Bernal, Johnny Board, Michael Brecker, Clifford Brown, Lawrence Brown, Ray Brown, Milt Buckner, Larry Bunker, Roy Burrowes, Jaki Byard, Billy Byers, Harry Carney, Benny Carter, Henderson Chambers, Paul Chambers, Ray Charles, Buddy Childers, Kenny Clarke, Reverend James Cleveland, Sonny Cohn, Henry Coker, Buddy Collette, John Collins, Buster Cooper, Andrae Crouch, Pierre Cullaz, Joe Darensbourg, Wallace Davenport, George Duke, Cornell Dupree, Billy Eckstine, Harry ´Sweets´ Edison, Roy Eldridge, Duke Ellington, Gene Estes, Gil Evans, Art Farmer, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Foster, Charlie Fowlkes, Barry Galbraith, Eric Gale, Bernie Glow, Paul Gonsalves, Lesley Gore, Freddie Green, Al Grey, Paul Griffin, George Gruntz, Gwen Guthrie, Jim Hall, Bengt Hallberg, Jimmy Hamilton, Lionel Hampton, Donny Hathaway, Haywood Henry, Milt Hinton, Johnny Hodges, Shirley Horn, Milt Jackson, Eddie Jefferson, Waylon Jennings, J J Johnson, Keg Johnson, Osie Johnson, Jimmy Jones, Thad Jones, Armand Kaproff, Nathan Kaproff, Barney Kessel, B B King, Roland Kirk, Gene Krupa, Billy Kyle, Ben Kynard, Lou Levy, Harry Lookofsky, Herb Lovell, Ralph MacDonald, Shelly Manne, Big Maybelle, Lew McCreary, Dave McKenna, Hal McKusick, Carmen McRae, Mike Melvoin, Pierre Michelot, Grover Mitchell, James Moody, Gerry Mulligan, Ray Nance, Jack Nimitz, Anita O´Day, Cecil Payne, Sonny Payne, Bill Perkins, Oscar Pettiford, Flip Phillips, Harvey Phillips, Bobby Plater, Al Porcino, Benny Powell, Chano Pozo, Billy Preston, Vincent Price, Russell Procope, Don Rader, Flip Ricard, Howard Roberts, Ernie Royal, Marshal Royal, Aaron Sachs, Joe Sample, Dave Schildkraut, Bobby Scott, Bud Shank, Charlie Shavers, Arvell Shaw, Eddie Shu, Frank Sinatra, Eleanor Slatkin, Felix Slatkin, Lew Soloff, Marshall Sosson, Donna Summer, Tommy Tedesco, Richard Tee, Sonny Terry, Lucky Thompson, Nick Travis, Luther Vandross, Sarah Vaughan, Donald Waldrop, Earle Warren, Dinah Washington, Frank Wess, Barry White, Joe Wilder, Cootie Williams, Kai Winding, Snooky Young, Joe Zawinul)
    • Producer: Creed Taylor (RIP: Norman Granz, Claude Nobs, Bob Shad, Bob Thiele, Bob Weinstock)
    • Technical: Humberto Gatica, Bernie Grundman, Val Valentin (RIP: Tom Dowd, Phil Ramone, David Richards, Rudy Van Gelder)
    Other info on members of Quincy Jones Orchestra (I know up to 76 members)
    Already covered (2):Buddy Catlett, Freddie Hubbard
    To be covered (74):Pepper Adams, Patti Austin, Benny Bailey, John Bello, Michael Boddicker, Patti Bown, Oscar Brashear, Ollie E Brown, Vivian Cherry, Pete Christlieb, Jimmy Cleveland, Paul Cohen, Johnny Coles, Art Davis, Eric Dixon, Nathan East, Rolf Ericson, Maffy Falay, Paul Faulise, Curtis Fuller, Gary Grant, Mickey Gravine, Don Grusin, Roger Guerin, Joe Harris,... up to 74 musicians.
    Gene Krupa Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Drummer man - Gene Krupa Big Band ( - )

    • Members: (RIP: Gene Krupa + Don Fagerquist, Charlie Kennedy, Anita O´Day, Al Porcino, Red Rodney, Eddie Shu, Charlie Ventura)
    • Guests: Bob Ascher, Quincy Jones, Sam Marowitz, Ray Triscari (RIP: Manny Albam, Danny Bank, Billy Byers, Jimmy Cleveland, Roy Eldridge, Barry Galbraith, Bernie Glow, J J Johnson, Dave McKenna, Hal McKusick, Teddy Napoleon, Tommy Pederson, Nat Pierce, Aaron Sachs, Nick Travis, Kai Winding)
    • Producer: (RIP: Norman Granz)
    • Technical: Val Valentin
  • The Essential Gene Krupa - Gene Krupa (1963)

    • Members: (RIP: Gene Krupa + Trigger Alpert, John Bunch, Gerry Mulligan, Anita O´Day, Eddie Shu, Charlie Ventura)
    • Guests: Quincy Jones, Sam Marowitz, Frank Rehak, Eddie Wasserman (RIP: Danny Bank, George Barnes, Ray Brown, Red Callender, Jimmy Cleveland, Roy Eldridge, Herb Ellis, Barry Galbraith, Dizzy Gillespie, Bernie Glow, Don Goldie, Lionel Hampton, Illinois Jacquet, J J Johnson, Dave McKenna, Hal McKusick, Teddy Napoleon, Oscar Peterson, Flip Phillips, Buddy Rich, Aaron Sachs, Nick Travis, Joe Wilder, Teddy Wilson, Kai Winding)
    • Producer: (RIP: Norman Granz)
    • Technical: Val Valentin
    Other info on members of Gene Krupa Group (I know up to 22 members)
    Already covered (1):Al Porcino
    To be covered (12):Trigger Alpert, Johnny Bothwell, John Bunch, Buddy De Franco, Don Fagerquist, Urbie Green, Charlie Kennedy, Gene Krupa, Gerry Mulligan, Anita O´Day, George Roberts, Frank Rosolino
    Not enough info (9):Joe Cabot, Eddie Finckel, Dodo Marmarosa, Marty Napoleon, Red Rodney, Dennis Sandole, Eddie Shu, Charlie Ventura, Buddy Wise
    Johnny Mathis Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Johnny Mathis - Johnny Mathis (1956)

    • Guests: Bill Barber, Joe Harris, Thomas Mitchell, Janet Putnam, Sol Schlinger (RIP: Manny Albam, Danny Bank, George Barrow, Eddie Bert, Ray Brown, Don Butterfield, Buck Clayton, Eddie Costa, Herb Ellis, Gil Evans, Art Farmer, Barry Galbraith, Bernie Glow, Milt Hinton, J J Johnson, Osie Johnson, Hank Jones, Connie Kay, Teddy Kotick, John LaPorta, John Lewis, Teo Macero, Jimmy Maxwell, Hal McKusick, Gunther Schuller, Ed Shaughnessy, Nick Travis, Phil Woods)
    Other info on members of Johnny Mathis Band (I know up to 3 members)
    To be covered (1):Bill Pusey
    Not enough info (2):Ray Davies, Johnny Mathis
    Gil Melle Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Gil´s guests - Gil Melle Quartet (1956)

    • Members: (RIP: Gil Melle + Ed Thigpen)
    • Guests: (RIP: Don Butterfield, Donald Byrd, Kenny Dorham, Art Farmer, Hal McKusick, Julius Watkins, Phil Woods)
    • Producer: (RIP: Bob Weinstock)
    • Technical: (RIP: Rudy Van Gelder)
    • Comments: Recorded in August 1956.
    Other info on members of Gil Melle Group (I know up to 6 members)
    Already covered (1):Joe Morello
    To be covered (1):Ed Thigpen
    Not enough info (4):Vinnie Burke, Joe Cinderella, Gil Melle, Bill Phipps
    Helen Merrill Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • The Artistry of Helen Merrill - Helen Merrill (1965)

    • Guests: Dave Bailey, Jimmy Raney (RIP: Keter Betts, Charlie Byrd, Betty Carter, Jimmy Giuffre, Lionel Hampton, Osie Johnson, Teddy Kotick, Hal McKusick)
    Other info on members of Helen Merrill Group (I know up to 16 members)
    To be covered (4):Steve Lacy, Brian Lynch, George Mraz, Ted Rosenthal
    Not enough info (12):Jean-Pierre Arnaud, Terry Clarke, Eric-Maria Couturier, Francoise De Maubus, Goran Kacurov, Steve LaSpina, Helen Merrill, Daniel Mille, Sean Smith, Stjepan Veckovic, Eliot Zigmond, Torrie Zito
    Charlie Mingus Band  2 RECORDINGS:
  • East coasting - Charles Mingus (1957)

    • Members: Horace Parlan (RIP: Charles Mingus + Teddy Charles, Art Farmer, John LaPorta, Teo Macero, Danny Richmond, Gunther Schuller)
    • Guests: James Buffington, Louis Mucci, Margaret Ross (RIP: Bill Evans, Barry Galbraith, Jimmy Knepper, Hal McKusick, George Russell)
  • Let my children hear music - Charles Mingus (1972)

    • Members: Howard Johnson, Bobby Jones, Romeo Penque (RIP: Charles Mingus + Danny Bank, Eddie Bert, Jaki Byard, Roland Hanna, Milt Hinton, Danny Richmond, Ernie Royal, Joe Wilder, Snooky Young)
    • Guests: James Buffington, Ron Carter, Richard Davis, Paul Ingraham, Hubert Laws, George Marge, Bucky Pizzarelli, Alan Raph, Marvin Stamm, Bob Stewart, Brooks Tillotson (RIP: Patti Bown, Jimmy Knepper, Phil Kraus, Hal McKusick, James Moody, Jimmy Nottingham, Joe Temperley, Julius Watkins)
    • Producer: John Snyder (RIP: Teo Macero)
    • Technical: Vic Anesini
    Other info on members of Charlie Mingus Band (I know up to 114 members)
    Already covered (4):Harry Beckett, Lew Soloff, Joe Wilder, Snooky Young
    To be covered (75):John Abercrombie, George Adams, Pepper Adams, Danny Bank, Karl Berger, Eddie Bert, Hamiet Bluiett, Phil Bodner, Randy Brecker, Roy Brooks, Sam Burtis, Don Butterfield, Jaki Byard, Jimmy Cleveland, Johnny Coles, Buddy Collette, Ronnie Cuber, Willie Dennis, Eric Dolphy, Rolf Ericson, Jon Faddis, Art Farmer, Paul Faulise, Alex Foster, John Gilmore,... up to 75 musicians.
    Not enough info (35):Toshiko Akiyoshi, Ed Armour, Dave Ballou, Mark Belair, George Berg, Jonathan Blake, Abraham Burton, Teddy Charles, George Colligan, Ted Curson, Kenny Drew Jr, Daniel Druckman, Booker Ervin, Wayne Escoffery, Ricky Ford, John Foster, Joe Gardner, Kathy Halvorson, Bob Hammer, John Handy, Andre Hayward, Lonnie Hillyer, Dale Kleps, John LaPorta, Charles McPherson,... up to 35 musicians.
    Gerry Mulligan Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Mullenium - Gerry Mulligan (August 1998)

    • Members: Gene Allen, Dave Bailey, Joe Benjamin, Don Ferrara, Lee Konitz, Phil Sunkel (RIP: Gene Krupa, Gerry Mulligan + Bob Brookmeyer, Zoot Sims)
    • Guests: Frank Rehak, Ray Triscari (RIP: Don Fagerquist, Charlie Kennedy, Hal McKusick, Teddy Napoleon, Al Porcino, Red Rodney, Charlie Rouse, Phil Urso, Charlie Ventura)
    • Producer: Michael Cuscuna
    • Technical: Mark Wilder
    • Comments: It contains the complete album The arranger, plus additional unreleased tracks by Gene Krupa and Elliot Lawrence orchestras.
    Other info on members of Gerry Mulligan Group (I know up to 128 members)
    Already covered (9):Donald Bailey, Bob Brookmeyer, Larry Bunker, Jim Hall, Chico Hamilton, Hank Jones, Gerry Niewood, Bud Shank, Cedar Walton
    To be covered (119):Gene Allen, Wayne Andre, Bill Anthony, Dave Aronov, Dave Bailey, Chet Baker, Joe Benjamin, Warren Bernhardt, Pete Bertocini, Tom Boras, Ray Brown, Sam Brown, Dave Brubeck, James Buffington, Kenny Burrell, Bud Burridge, Red Callender, Candido Camero, Conte Candoli, Mike Canubia, Dick Carey, Ron Carter, Rick Chamberlain, Bill Charlap, Buddy Clark,... up to 119 musicians.
    Jackie Paris Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • The Song is Paris - Jackie Paris (1962)

    • Members: (RIP: Jackie Paris)
    • Guests: Gloria Agostini, Ray Alonge, Paul Faulise, Paul Gershman, Sol Gubin, Roy Haynes, Gene Orloff, Romeo Penque, Janet Putnam, Clyde Reasinger (RIP: Phil Bodner, George Duvivier, Barry Galbraith, Hank Jones, Harry Lookofsky, Hal McKusick)
    • Producer: (RIP: Bob Thiele)
    • Technical: (RIP: Rudy Van Gelder)
    Other info on members of Jackie Paris Group (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Jackie Paris
    Charlie Parker Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Charlie Parker Big Band - Charlie Parker ( - )

    • Members: Tony Aless (RIP: Charlie Parker + Al Porcino)
    • Guests: (RIP: Danny Bank, Will Bradley, Gil Evans, Freddie Green, Bob Haggart, Bill Harris, Hal McKusick, Oscar Peterson, Flip Phillips, Bernie Privin, Buddy Rich, Lou Stein)
    • Comments: CD reissue contains 10 bonus tracks.
    Other info on members of Charlie Parker Group (I know up to 35 members)
    Already covered (2):Hank Jones, Al Porcino
    To be covered (24):Tony Aless, Walter Bishop Jr, Art Blakey, Al Cohn, Miles Davis, Kenny Dorham, George Duvivier, Leonard Gaskin, Dizzy Gillespie, Al Haig, Roy Haynes, Major Quincey Holley, Teddy Kotick, Stan Levey, Mundell Lowe, Shelly Manne, Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Frank Rosolino, Curley Russell, Tony Scott, Zoot Sims, Art Taylor, Toots Thielemans
    Not enough info (9):Will Davis, Freddie Gruber, Duke Jordan, Sal Mosca, Jackie Paris, Tommy Potter, Bud Powell, Red Rodney, Charles Thompson
    George Russell Orchestra  4 RECORDINGS:
  • N Y New York - George Russell (1958)

    • Members: (RIP: George Russell)
    • Guests: Gene Allen, Al Epstein, Benny Golson, Jon Hendricks, Thomas Mitchell, Charlie Persip, Frank Rehak, Sol Schlinger, Doc Severinsen (RIP: Bob Brookmeyer, Jimmy Cleveland, Al Cohn, John Coltrane, George Duvivier, Bill Evans, Art Farmer, Barry Galbraith, Milt Hinton, Don Lamond, Hal McKusick, Max Roach, Ernie Royal, Joe Wilder, Phil Woods)
  • Jazz in the space age - George Russell (1960)

    • Members: (RIP: George Russell + Dave Baker)
    • Guests: James Buffington, Charlie Persip, Frank Rehak, Sol Schlinger (RIP: Bill Evans + Paul Bley, Bob Brookmeyer, Barry Galbraith, Milt Hinton, Don Lamond, Walter Levinsky, Irwin ´Marky´ Markowitz, Hal McKusick, Ernie Royal)
    • Comments: Recorded in May and August 1960.
  • The Jazz workshop - George Russell And His Smalltet ( - )

    • Members: (RIP: George Russell + Paul Motian)
    • Guests: Joe Harris (RIP: Bill Evans + Art Farmer, Barry Galbraith, Milt Hinton, Osie Johnson, Teddy Kotick, Hal McKusick)
  • The RCA Victor Jazz Workshop 1956 - George Russell & His Smalltet ( - )

  • The Complete Bluebird recordings - George Russell (February 2005)

    • Members: (RIP: George Russell + Paul Motian)
    • Guests: Gene Allen, Joe Harris (RIP: Bill Evans + Jimmy Cleveland, Art Farmer, Barry Galbraith, Milt Hinton, Osie Johnson, Teddy Kotick, Hal McKusick)
    Other info on members of George Russell Orchestra (I know up to 43 members)
    Already covered (1):Paul Motian
    To be covered (28):Dave Bargeron, Django Bates, Pete Beachill, Chris Biscoe, Stuart Brooks, Don Cherry, Keith Copeland, Stanton Davis, Eric Dolphy, Don Ellis, John Gilmore, Tootie Heath, Richard Henry, Pete Hurt, Chuck Israels, Steve Lodder, Palle Mikkelborg, Richie Morales, Tiger Okoshi, Courtney Pine, Andy Sheppard, Ashley Slater, Bo Stief, Steve Swallow, Rick Taylor,... up to 28 musicians.
    Not enough info (14):Dave Adams, Dave Baker, Brad Hatfield, Pat Hollenbeck, Hiro Honshuku, Joe Hunt, Al Kiger, Pete La Roca, John Pierce, Paul Plummer, George Russell, Bill Urmson, Chris Watson, Dave Young
    Neil Sedaka Band  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Oh Carol - the complete recordings 1956-1966 - Neil Sedaka (November 2003)

    • Guests: Vinnie Bell, Richard Berg, Kenny Burrell, Artie Butler, Burt Collins, GEorge Devens, Paul Gershman, Al Gorgoni, Emanuel Green, Urbie Green, Sol Gubin, Ernie Hayes, Richard Hixson, Carole King, Harold Kohon, Charles Libove, Mundell Lowe, Barbara Massey, David Nadien, Gene Orloff, Frank Owens, Romeo Penque, Charlie Persip, Bucky Pizzarelli, Max Pollikoff, Carl Pruitt, Frank Rehak, George Ricci, Billy Slapin (RIP: Don Abney, Wayne Andre, Mickey Baker, Seymour Barab, Everett Barksdale, Eugene ´Gene´ Bianco, Phil Bodner, Harry Breuer, George Duvivier, Panama Francis, Eric Gale, Bernie Glow, Paul Griffin, Haywood Henry, Milt Hinton, Dorothy Jones, Jack Keller, Bernie Leighton, Harry Lookofsky, Irwin ´Marky´ Markowitz, Hal McKusick, Hank Medress, Whitey Mitchell, Jimmy Nottingham, Jerome Richardson, Bobby Rosengarden, Ernie Royal, Joe Wilder)
    • Producer: (RIP: Don Kirshner)
    • Technical: Bill Inglot
    • Comments: 8CD boxset.
    Other info on members of Neil Sedaka Band (I know up to 18 members)
    Old pages (1):Henry Spinetti
    To be covered (12):Jim Fielder, Mike Giles, Suzanne Lynch, Dave MacRae, Dick Palombi, Andrew Steele, Jacqui Sullivan, Andy Summers, Pete Thomas, Dave Wintour, Joy Yates, Richie Zito
    Not enough info (5):Eric Bikales, Pat Perez, Neil Sedaka, Jim Varley, Kelly Zieminski
    Larry Sonn Orchestra  1 RECORDINGS:
  • It´s Sonn again - Larry Sonn And His Orchestra ( - )

    • Guests: Urbie Green, Dick Hafer, Joe Lopes, Sam Marowitz, Anthony Ortega (RIP: Manny Albam, Al Cohn, Barry Galbraith, Bernie Glow, Freddie Green, Milt Hinton, Gus Johnson, Hank Jones, Jimmy Maxwell, Hal McKusick, Nat Pierce, Spencer Sinatra, Frank Socolow, Nick Travis)
    Other info on members of Larry Sonn Orchestra (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Larry Sonn
    Jim Timmens Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Gilbert and Sullivan revisited - Jim Timmens And His Jazz All-Stars (1959)

    • Guests: Tony Aless, Gene Allen, Kenny Burrell, Mundell Lowe, Joe Venuto (RIP: Donald Byrd, Jimmy Cleveland, George Duvivier, Tyree Glenn, Al Klink, Don Lamond, Walter Levinsky, Wendell Marshall, Hal McKusick, Nick Travis, Joe Wilder)
    • Producer: (RIP: George T Simon)
    • Comments: Recorded in December 1958.
    Other info on members of Jim Timmens Group (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):Jim Timmens
    Billy VerPlanck Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Dancing jazz - Billy VerPlanck (1957)

    • Members: (RIP: Billy VerPlanck + George Duvivier, Joe Wilder)
    • Guests: Gene Allen, Bobby Jaspar, Frank Rehak (RIP: Eddie Costa, Bobby Donaldson, Bernie Glow, Wendell Marshall, Hal McKusick, Idrees Sulieman, Phil Woods)
    • Producer: (RIP: Ozzie Cadena)
    • Technical: (RIP: Rudy Van Gelder)
    Other info on members of Billy VerPlanck Group (I know up to 5 members)
    Already covered (1):Joe Wilder
    To be covered (3):Pepper Adams, George Duvivier, Bill Harris
    Not enough info (1):Billy VerPlanck
    Dinah Washington Band  3 RECORDINGS:
  • The Swingin´ Miss D - Dinah Washington (1956)

    • Members: (RIP: Dinah Washington)
    • Guests: Don Elliot, Urbie Green, Quincy Jones, Thomas Mitchell, Anthony Ortega, Doc Severinsen (RIP: Danny Bank, Jimmy Cleveland, Barry Galbraith, Bernie Glow, Milt Hinton, Quentin Jackson, Osie Johnson, Jimmy Maxwell, Hal McKusick, Jerome Richardson, Ernie Royal, Charlie Shavers, Clark Terry, Lucky Thompson, Nick Travis, Joe Wilder)
    • Comments: CD reissue contains 7 bonus tracks.
  • Dinah Washington sings Fats Waller - Dinah Washington (1957)

    • Members: (RIP: Dinah Washington + Patti Bown, Melba Liston, Sahib Shihab)
    • Guests: Benny Golson, Rod Levitt, Charlie Persip, Julian Priester, Doc Severinsen, Chauncey Welsch (RIP: Jimmy Cleveland, Johnny Coles, Freddie Green, Reunald Jones, Hal McKusick, Joe Newman, Jerome Richardson, Ernie Royal, Charlie Shavers, Clark Terry, Frank Wess, Ernie Wilkins)
  • Blue gardenia - songs of love - Dinah Washington (1995)

    • Members: Jimmy Cobb (RIP: Dinah Washington + Wynton Kelly, Max Roach)
    • Guests: Gus Chappell, Chuck Gentry, Benny Golson, Urbie Green, Quincy Jones, Ray Linn, Junior Mance, Anthony Ortega, Doc Severinsen (RIP: Georgie Auld, Danny Bank, Clifford Brown, Jimmy Cleveland, Maynard Ferguson, Barry Galbraith, Herb Geller, Bernie Glow, Conrad Gozzo, Al Hendrickson, Skeets Herfurt, Quentin Jackson, Osie Johnson, Barney Kessel, Jimmy Maxwell, Hal McKusick, Cecil Payne, Paul Quinichette, Jerome Richardson, Frank Rosolino, Babe Russin, Charlie Shavers, Clark Terry, Lucky Thompson, Nick Travis, Ernie Wilkins, Si Zentner)
    • Comments: Recorded between August 1954 and September 1961.
  • Jazz ´round midnight - Dinah Washington (1993)

    • Members: (RIP: Dinah Washington + Patti Bown)
    • Guests: Don Elliot, Urbie Green, Quincy Jones, Thomas Mitchell, Anthony Ortega, Doc Severinsen (RIP: Danny Bank, George Barnes, Billy Byers, Jimmy Cleveland, Al Cohn, Barry Galbraith, Milt Hinton, Quentin Jackson, Jimmy Maxwell, Hal McKusick, Joe Newman, Jerome Richardson, Ernie Royal, Charlie Shavers, Clark Terry, Lucky Thompson, Ernie Wilkins, Kai Winding)
    Other info on members of Dinah Washington Band (I know up to 21 members)
    Already covered (2):Al Harewood, Ed Shaughnessy
    To be covered (13):Art Blakey, Patti Bown, Sonny Clark, Jimmy Cobb, Johnny Griffith, Percy Heath, Wynton Kelly, Melba Liston, Blue Mitchell, Max Roach, Sahib Shihab, Ed Thigpen, Paul West
    Not enough info (6):Keeter Betts, Al Jones, Harold Ousley, Dinah Washington, Larry Wildrice, Fats Wright
    George Williams Orchestra  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Beautiful rhyhtm - George Williams Orchestra ( - )

    • Guests: Urbie Green, Seldon Powell, Eddie Wasserman (RIP: Eddie Bert, Billy Byers, Conte Candoli, Al Cohn, Milt Hinton, Osie Johnson, Hank Jones, Hal McKusick, Ernie Royal, Charlie Shavers, Nick Travis, Joe Williams)
    Other info on members of George Williams Orchestra (I know up to 1 members)
    Not enough info (1):George Williams
    Phil Woods Group  1 RECORDINGS:
  • Bird feathers - Phil Woods (1957)

    • Members: (RIP: Phil Woods)
    • Guests: Charlie Persip, Doug Watkins (RIP: Billy Byers, Paul Chambers, Eddie Costa, Teddy Kotick, Hal McKusick, Jackie McLean, Gene Quill, Art Taylor)
    • Producer: (RIP: Bob Weinstock)
    • Technical: (RIP: Rudy Van Gelder)
    Other info on members of Phil Woods Group (I know up to 13 members)
    Already covered (1):George Gruntz
    To be covered (10):Gordon Beck, Maffy Falay, Hal Galper, Bill Goodwin, Tom Harrell, Daniel Humair, Brian Lynch, Ron Matthewson, Henri Texier, Phil Woods
    Not enough info (2):Steve Gilmore, Jim McNeely


    Hal McKusick mostly worked with these musicians: (name + number of credits)
    Barry Galbraith (19)
    Milt Hinton (19)
    Jimmy Cleveland (15)
    Bernie Glow (15)
    Osie Johnson (15)
    Nick Travis (15)
    Al Cohn (13)
    Art Farmer (13)
    Urbie Green (13)
    Danny Bank (12)
    Ernie Royal (12)
    Billy Byers (11)

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