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Monday 14 December 2009

Stevie Lange (vocals)

(Also known as: Stevie Van Kerken / Stevie Vann)
  • Bones
  • Night
  • James Last Orchestra
  • Elton John Band
  • Rick Wakeman Band
  • Contraband
  • The SAS Band
  • Blue


Great vocalist, she appears in countless albums.

(images taken from Night albums)


Born in Zambia, one of her first bands was New Trends, in the late 60s, still using the name Stevie Van Kerken.

Period unknown to me
Stevie Lange
Alan Goodwin
John Edmond
vocals, guitar
The band parted ways in 1969, and Stevie released a solo single, ´Smokey blues away'.


Another band she joined was Hocus. During that period, she married producer Robert John ´Mutt´ Lange, and they together established in England.


Next band by Stevie was Bones, but I don't have more details. Help, please!


For his 1977 tour, Elton John used his friends from the band China, plus additional musicians, to form a magnificent combo:

êKiki Dee Band
Elton John
vocals, keyboards
Davey Johnstone
John ´Cooker´ LoPresti
James Newton Howard
Ray Cooper
Dennis Conway
Kiki Dee
backing vocals
Stevie Lange
backing vocals
Chris Thompson
backing vocals
Gary Osborne
backing vocals
Filthy McNastyê
Filthy McNastyê


Filthy McNasty was a parallel band formed by great singer Chris Thompson (who was lead vocalist in Manfred Mann Earth Band at that time). Some of the members also played in other bands (Geoff Whitehorn was still a member of Crawler).

?-Nov 78
êElton John Band
êElton John Band
Chris Thompson
Stevie Lange
vocals, percussion
Billy Kristian
Mike Walker

In April 1978, they played at The Bridge House, Canning Town, London. It was released a collective live album, Live: a week at the Bridge E16, shared with several more bands: Jackie Lynton's Happy Days, Gerry McAvoy Jam, Salt, Remus Down Boulevard and Roll Ups. Filthy McNasty are featured in 3 tracks.

The band even recorded a live album at The Marquee, which sadly still remains unreleased.

Filthy McNasty evolved quickly into Night in November 1978 (with Chris Thompson, Stevie Lange and Billy Kristian), with Robbie McIntosh instead of Geoff.


This band evolved quickly into Night in November 1978 (with Chris Thompson, Stevie Lange and Billy Kristian), with Robbie McIntosh instead of Geoff Whitehorn. The first lineup included keyboardist Derek Austin, but he soon left.

êFilthy McNasty
êFilthy McNasty
êFilthy McNasty
Chris Thompson
Robbie McIntosh
guitar, vocals
Billy Kristian
Nicky Hopkins
Pete Baron
They released an eponymous album, Night. In November 1979, they change the lineup:

Nov 79-Dec 80
Chris Thompson
Robbie McIntosh
guitar, vocals
Billy Kristian
Bobby Wright
Bobby Guidotti
Chris Thompson Bandê
A 2nd album was released, Long distance. They split due to lack of success in December 1980, when Chris Thompson started his new venture, Chris Thompson & The Islands.


Around 1982, she started singing in James Last Orchestra, along with other great vocalists, such as Vicki Brown.

And then...

I guess that since then, she hasn't belonged to a band, only singing in studio sessions (many of them, produced by Pip Williams). But she also appears from time to time with The SAS Band (the band assembled by keyboardist Spike Edney. Watch my pages on Neil Murray or Cozy Powell for more info on this band).

Steve has only released a solo album, but under the name Stevie Vann.

She also appears in a collective, benefit album called Earthrise. Apart from artists such as U2, Paul McCartney, Julian Lennon, there is a track called 'Yes we can', sang by Artists United for Nature (featuring Stevie Lange along with Chris Thompson, Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Joe Cocker, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Brian May, Michael McDonald, Maggie Reilly, Jennifer Rush, Sandra, and others). Other artists appearing in other tracks: David Gilmour, Sam Brown, Big Country, Andy Fairweather-Low or Pink Floyd.

DISCOGRAPHY: (97 albums known to me - Status: Completed)

OWN ALBUMS (4 credits)
  • Prove it! (SINGLE) - Bryan Adams & Stevie Lange (1979)

    • Members: Bryan Adams, Stevie Lange
    • Comments: This single was a duet with Bryan Adams.
  • Don´t want to cry no more (SINGLE) - Stevie Lange (1979)

  • Remember my name (SINGLE) - Stevie Lange (1981)

    • Members: Stevie Lange
    • Comments: 'Remember My Name' was her single from 1981. It was the song from the Limara advert. It was released in a cartoon picture sleeve featuring the Limara girl.
  • Stevie Vann - Stevie Vann (1995)

    • Members: Stevie Lange
    • Guests: Bryan Adams, Richie Buckley, Bosco D´Oliveira, Malcolm ´Molly´ Duncan, Paul Franklin, Dann Huff, John Jarvis, Steve Nathan, Glenn Worf, Reggie Young
    • Producer: Mutt Lange
  • A Single man - Elton John (1978)

    • Members: Paul Buckmaster, Ray Cooper, Elton John, Davey Johnstone, Stevie Lange, Gary Osborne, Tim Renwick, Chris Thompson
    • Guests: B J Cole, John Crocker, Herbie Flowers, Pat Halcox, Steve Holley, Henry Lowther, Joanne Williams (RIP: Vicki Brown)
    • Comments: CD reissue contains 5 bonus tracks. I love this album, although many people think it's not among Elton best works. When I first heard 'It ain't gonna be easy', I fell in love with the lead guitarist, who turned out to be ... Tim Renwick! Other favourites of mine: 'Part-time love', 'Shine on through' and 'Return to paradise'. Other musicians in the album A single man: Davey Johnstone (one guitar solo), B.J. Cole (pedal steel guitar), Clive Franks (bass), Herbie Flowers (bass), Steve Holly (drums, from Wings), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Ray Cooper (percussion), Chris Thompson (backing vocals), Stevie Lange (backing vocals), Gary Osborne (backing vocals, and lyricist), Paul Buckmaster (arrangements). There aren't any musician credits for the 5 bonus included.
  • Night - Night (12/1979)

    • Members: Derek Austin, Billy Kristian, Stevie Lange, Robbie McIntosh, Chris Thompson (RIP: Nicky Hopkins)
    • Guests: Rick Marotta, Michael McDonald, Vince Melamed, Bill Payne, Steve Porcaro (RIP: Bobby LaKind)
  • Night - Planet 10 (1980)

    • Members: Bobby Guidotti, Billy Kristian, Stevie Lange, Robbie McIntosh, Chris Thompson
    • Guests: Kevin Savigar (RIP: Vicki Brown, Kay Garner, Morris Pert, Graham Todd)
  • Long distance - Night (12/1980)

    • Members: Bobby Guidotti, Billy Kristian, Stevie Lange, Robbie McIntosh, Chris Thompson, Bobby Wright
    • Guests: Kevin Savigar (RIP: Vicki Brown, Kay Garner, Morris Pert, Graham Todd)
  • 1984 - Rick Wakeman (06/1981)

    • Members: Steve Barnacle, Tony Fernandez, Sonia Jones, Stevie Lange, Tim Stone, Rick Wakeman (RIP: Vicki Brown)
    • Guests: Jon Anderson, Gary Barnacle, Steve Harley, Chaka Khan, Frank Ricotti
    • Technical: Mike Bobak
  • SAS Band - SAS Band (1997)

    • Members: Madeline Bell, Andy Bush, Andy Duncan, Spike Edney, Tony Hadley, Steve Hamilton, Stevie Lange, John Marter, Jamie Moses, Neil Murray, Zoe Nicholas, Mark Shaw, Steve Stroud, Chris Thompson, Susie Webb (RIP: Cozy Powell)
    • Guests: Ian Anderson, Roger Chapman, Richard Cottle, Alan Darby, Kiki Dee, Melvyn Duffy, Peter Green, John Lingwood, Charlie Morgan, Jess Roden, Peter Stroud, Roger Taylor
    • Producer: Robin Black
  • All rise - Blue (2001)

  • The Show - SAS Band (08/2001)

    • Members: Arthur Brown, Mark Brzezicki, Andy Bush, Andy Duncan, Spike Edney, Fish, Tony Hadley, Steve Hamilton, Stevie Lange, John Marter, Jamie Moses, Neil Murray, Zoe Nicholas, Tom Robinson, Leo Sayer, Mark Shaw, Roger Taylor, Chris Thompson, Laurie Wisefield, Paul Young (RIP: Paul Young)
    • Guests: Elizabeth Antwi, Dave Bronze, Hugh Burns, Barrie Guard, Josh Phillips, Roy Wood
  • Best of Blue - Blue (12/2004)

    • Members: Stevie Lange
    • Guests: Isobel Griffiths, Simon Hale, Elton John, Yvonne Lewis, John Themis, Stevie Wonder, Gavyn Wright
  • Crawler - Crawler (07/1977)

    • Members: Tony Braunagel, John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, Geoff Whitehorn, Terry Wilson, Terry Wilson-Slesser
    • Guests: Ted Bunting, Tony Carr, Stevie Lange (RIP: Chris Wood)
  • Watch - Manfred Mann (1978)

    • Members: Dave Flett, Pat King, Manfred Mann, Chris Slade, Chris Thompson
    • Guests: Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Stevie Lange, Vicky Silva
  • Angel station - Manfred Mann (1979)

    • Members: Geoff Britton, Pat King, Manfred Mann, Mick Rogers, Chris Thompson (RIP: Steve Waller)
    • Guests: Dyan Birch, Stevie Lange, Graham Preskett
  • Somewhere in Afrika - Manfred Mann (1982)

    • Members: Jim Copley, Matt Irving, Shona Laing, John Lingwood, Manfred Mann, Mick Rogers, Chris Thompson (RIP: Steve Waller)
    • Guests: Stevie Lange, Robbie McIntosh, Trevor Rabin, Geoff Whitehorn (RIP: Vicki Brown)
    • Comments: CD reissue from 1999 contains 5 bonus tracks.
  • High cost of living - Chris Thompson (1986)

    • Members: John Lingwood, Robbie McIntosh, Chris Thompson
    • Guests: Gary Barnacle, Timmy Cappello, Martin Dobson, Tommy Faragher, Anton Fig, Michael Fisher, Nick Garvey, Stevie Lange, Bobby Messano, Susie O´List, Maggie Ryder, Steve Sidwell, Ira Siegel, John Siegler, Miriam Stockley, Michael Thompson, Pete Thoms, John Van Tongeren, Geoff Whitehorn
    • Comments: Great vocalist Chris Thompson is backed here by Robbie McIntosh (guitar, old bandmate in Night), Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Bob Messano (guitar), Michael Thompson (guitar), John Siegler (bass), John Van Torgeren (keyboards), Michael Fisher (keyboards), Timmy Cappello (sax, from Tina Turner band), Gary Barnacle (sax), Steve Sidwell (sax), Martin Dobson (sax), Peter Thoms (trumpet), Anton Fig (drums), John Lingwood (drums). Backing vocals by Stevie Lange, Miriam Stockley, Robbie Nevil, Tommy Farragher, Suzie O'List and Gill O'Donovan.
  • High stakes and dangerous men - UFO (03/1992)

    • Members: Laurence Archer, Jem Davis, Clive Edwards, Phil Mogg, Pete Way
    • Guests: Don Airey, Stevie Lange, Terry Reid
    • Comments: Don Airey played in the album, produced by Kit Woolven, and recorded in 1991. Other guests: Terry Reid, Stevie Lange and Nic Holland on backing vocals. The Japanese edition contains a bonus track.
  • Soft vengeance - Manfred Mann Earth Band (04/1996)

    • Members: Clive Bunker, Steve Kinch, Manfred Mann, Richard Marcangelo, Noel McCalla, Mick Rogers, Chris Thompson, John Trotter
    • Guests: Dyan Birch, Clem Clempson, Mitch Dalton, Gavin Harrison, Janice Hoyte, Carol Kenyon, Stevie Lange, Andy Pask, Anthony Patler, Maggie Ryder, Gary Sanctuary, Linda Taylor
  • Backtrack - Chris Thompson (1999)

    • Members: Chris Thompson
    • Guests: Stevie Lange, Brian May, Linda Taylor (RIP: Cozy Powell)
  • Carried by the storm - Bronz (01/2010)

    • Members: Clive Edwards (RIP: Lea Readings)
    • Guests: Gary Barnacle, Stevie Lange, Phil Lanzon, Charlie McCracken, Susie O´List, Chris Thompson
  • Springbok hit parade - VVAA (1970)

  • Earthrise - VVAA (06/1992)

    • Guests: Ian Anderson, Sam Brown, Joe Cocker, Andy Fairweather Low, Harold Faltermeyer, David Gilmour, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Stevie Lange, Julian Lennon, Brian May, Paul McCartney, Michael McDonald, Richard Page, Maggie Reilly, Jennifer Rush, Chris Thompson
  • Dear Mr Fantasy - A celebration for Jim Capaldi - VVAA (2007)

    • Guests: Peter Bonas, Dave Bronze, Margo Buchanan, Phil Capaldi, Ray Cooper, Simon Kirke, Stevie Lange, Jon Lord, Andy Newmark, Mark Rivera, Cat Stevens, Pete Townshend, Joe Walsh, Paul ´Wix´ Wickens, Steve Winwood, Bill Wyman (RIP: Gary Moore)
    • Technical: Mick Dolan
    • Comments: A live 2CD where many great musicians played tribute to the late Jim Capaldi and his music.With his mate Steve Winwood, Joe Walsh, Jon Lord, Stevie Lange, Paul Weller, Bill Wyman, Gary Moore, Pete Townshend, Cat Stevens... a long list. All with a superb house band.
  • Live: a week at the Bridge E16 - VVAA ( - )

    • Guests: Ron Berg, Mick Clarke, Rod De´Ath, Clive Edwards, Mick Eve, Billy Kristian, Stevie Lange, Jackie Lynton, Lou Martin, Gerry McAvoy, Stewart McDonald, Jeff Peters, Dennis Stratton, Chris Thompson, Geoff Whitehorn (RIP: Ron Carthy, Steve Waller)
    • Comments: Live album (LP+EP) recorded at The Bridge House, Canning Town, London in April 1978. The album is shared with 5 bands: Jackie Lynton's Happy Days, Gerry McAvoy Jam, Salt, Filthy McNasty (3 tracks), Remus Down Boulevard (2 tracks: 'Only for you' and 'Gunrunner'. But, as I don't have this album, I can't tell if Ron Berg appears there, as Remus Down Boulevard had different drummers).
SOUNDTRACKS (1 credit)
  • 20 great golden gobs - Spitting Image (1990)

    • Guests: John Barclay, Guy Barker, Gary Barnacle, Pete Beachill, Stuart Brooks, Damon Butcher, Jimmy Chambers, Les Davidson, Snake Davis, Rick Driscoll, Martin Drover, Lance Ellington, Malcolm Griffiths, Sonia Jones, Carol Kenyon, Stevie Lange, Julian Littman, Martin Loveday, Richard Marcangelo, Tessa Niles, Kevin Powell, George Robertson, Alan Ross, Maggie Ryder, Jeff Seopardie, Steve Shone, Neil Sidwell, Miriam Stockley, Linda Taylor, John Thirkell, Pete Thoms, Phil Todd, Susie Webb, Chris White, Neal Wilkinson, Gavyn Wright (RIP: Dave Early, Carl Wayne)
    • Comments: Soundtrack from the great humour program Spitting Image. What a list of players appearing here!
SESSIONS (61 credits)
  • Sign of change - Lamb (1970)

  • Dance - Arthur Brown (1974)

    • Members: Arthur Brown, Andy Dalby, George Khan, Pete Solley, Steve York (RIP: Charley Charles, Drachen Theaker)
    • Guests: Ken Elliott, Stuart Gordon, Mutt Lange, Stevie Lange, James Morgan, Keith Tippett (RIP: Lee Robinson)
    • Comments: It was also reissued on CD with Chisholm in my bosom under the stamp ´2 albums on one CD´.
  • Pleasures of the street - Michael Chapman (1975)

    • Members: Michael Chapman, Keef Hartley, Rick Kemp, Paul Sutton (RIP: Johnny Van Derrick)
    • Guests: Mutt Lange, Stevie Lange, Steffi Stephan
    • Technical: Dave Garland
  • Savage amusement - Michael Chapman (1976)

    • Members: Michael Chapman, Keef Hartley, Rick Kemp
    • Guests: Mutt Lange, Stevie Lange, Andy Latimer, Tim Renwick (RIP: Peter Wood)
    • Comments: Very interesting folk-rock artist. In his first albums, we can find superb, famous musicians. Savage amusement was recorded with Tim Renwick (guitar), Andy Latimer (guitar, from Camel), Rick Kemp (bass), Peter Wood (keyboards), and Keef Hartley (drums). The backing vocals are credited to Mutt and Stevie, so my guess is that he's referring to Mutt Lange and Stevie Lange.
  • Nothing to do with us - The Goodies (1976)

    • Members: Brian Odgers, Alan Parker, Graham Preskett, Chris Rae, Jacqui Sullivan, Joy Yates (RIP: Ron Aspery)
    • Guests: Tony Burrows, Tony Carr, Paul Cosh, Jeff Daly, Ray Flacke, Bernie Holland, John Huckridge, David Katz, Billy Kristian, Stevie Lange, Henry Lowther, Dave MacRae, Chas Mills, Chris Pyne, Jeff Seopardie, Derek Watkins, Geoff Wright
  • Graham Bonnet - Graham Bonnet (09/1977)

    • Members: Graham Bonnet
    • Guests: Colin Gibson, Mike Giles, Catherine Howe, Tony Hymas, Stevie Lange, Dave Markee, Micky Moody, Terry Popple, Graham Preskett, Frank Ricotti, Jacqui Sullivan, Pip Williams, Joy Yates, Pete Zorn (RIP: Kenny Craddock)
  • Minute by minute - Doobie Brothers (1978)

    • Members: Jeff ´Skunk´ Baxter, John Hartman, Tom Johnston, Michael McDonald, Bill Payne, Tiran Porter, Patrick Simmons (RIP: Keith Knudsen, Bobby LaKind)
    • Guests: Byron Berline, Rosemary Butler, Ben Cauley, Stevie Lange, Andrew Love, Herb Pedersen (RIP: Norton Buffalo, Nicolette Larson)
    • Producer: Ted Templeman
  • Sailing down the years - Kevin Lamb (1978)

    • Guests: B J Cole, Ray Cooper, Jeff Daly, Dave Dowle, Mickey Feat, Steve Gould, Stevie Lange, Billy Livsey, Junior Marvin, Andy Summers, Chris Thompson, Fiachra Trench
    • Producer: Gary Lyons
    • Technical: Mick Glossop
  • If you can´t stand the heat - Status Quo (1978)

    • Members: Andy Bown, John Coghlan
    • Guests: David Katz, Stevie Lange, Frank Ricotti, Jacqui Sullivan, Joy Yates
    • Producer: Pip Williams
  • I wanna make it on my own - Evelyn Thomas (1978)

    • Guests: Leon Calvert, Clem Cattini, Jimmy Chambers, George Chandler, Alan Hawkshaw, Jimmy Helms, John Huckridge, Les Hurdle, David Katz, Stevie Lange, Henry Lowther, Mike Moran, Chris Rae, Frank Ricotti, Jacqui Sullivan, Stan Sulzmann, Fiachra Trench, Kenny Wheeler, Pip Williams, Roy Willox, Joy Yates (RIP: Ron Aspery)
  • Love explosion - Tina Turner (1978)

    • Members: Tina Turner
    • Guests: Wayne Andre, Randy Brecker, Andre Ceccarelli, Lew Delgatto, Jon Faddis, Lawrence Feldman, Stevie Lange, Tom Malone, George Marge, Barry Rogers, Alan Rubin, David Taylor, George Young (RIP: Michael Brecker, Vicki Brown)
  • Level headed - Sweet (01/1978)

    • Members: Steve Priest, Andy Scott, Geoff Westley (RIP: Brian Connolly, Mick Tucker)
    • Guests: Stevie Lange (RIP: Ron Aspery)
  • Late nights in Soho - Colin Blunstone (1979)

    • Members: Colin Blunstone
    • Guests: Jimmy Chambers, Clem Clempson, John Giblin, Paul Keogh, Katie Kissoon, Stevie Lange, Mike Moran, Simon Phillips, John Verity, Gavyn Wright (RIP: Simon Jeffes, Morris Pert)
    • Producer: Rod Argent
    • Comments: Colin Blunstone was the lead singer in The Zombies. Exquisite vocalist, he started his solo career using the pseudonym Neil MacArthur under a short period, but he used his real name at once. He used to collaborate in albums by The Alan Parsons Project. Here we can find Rod Argent, Clem Clempson (guitar), Paul Keogh (guitar), John Giblin (bass, from Brand X), Mike Moran (keyboards), Simon Phillips (drums), Katie Kisoon (vocals), Stevie Lange (vocals), Morris Pert (percussion).
  • Night time emotion - Noel McCalla (1979)

    • Members: Noel McCalla
    • Guests: Tony Beard, Graham Broad, Mel Collins, Preston Heyman, Stevie Lange, John McKenzie, Nick Payn, Trevor Rabin, Chris Thompson (RIP: Vicki Brown)
  • Wolf - Trevor Rabin (1980)

    • Members: Trevor Rabin
    • Guests: Jack Bruce, John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, Mo Foster, Stevie Lange, Manfred Mann, Noel McCalla, Simon Phillips, Chris Thompson
    • Producer: Ray Davies
  • Warmer - Randy VanWarmer (1980)

    • Members: (RIP: Randy VanWarmer)
    • Guests: Mick Barakan, Warren Bernhardt, John Christopher, Ray Cooper, Artie Funaro, Steve Gibson, Mick Hodgkinson, Steve Jordan, John Shane Keister, Katie Kissoon, Stevie Lange, Tony Levin, Kenny Malone, Billy Mundi, Gary Osborne, John Sebastian, Stan Sulzmann, Chris Thompson, John Tropea, Jack Williams
    • Producer: Del Newman
  • In roads - Jon English (1981)

    • Guests: John ´Rabbit´ Bundrick, Martin Ditcham, Preston Heyman, Billy Kristian, Stevie Lange, Robbie McIntosh, Ted McKenna, Kevin Savigar, Chris Thompson, Pete Zorn (RIP: Vicki Brown)
  • Perfect timing - Kiki Dee (07/1981)

    • Members: Bias Boshell, Kiki Dee, Steve Holley
    • Guests: Bob Jenkins, Elton John, Stevie Lange, Patrick Moraz, Frank Ricotti, Gary Twigg, Pip Williams, Joy Yates
  • Happy families - Blancmange (1982)

    • Guests: Madeline Bell, Pandit Dinesh, Jamie Lane, Stevie Lange, David Rhodes, Joy Yates
  • Heart skips beat - Jona Lewie (1982)

    • Guests: Bob Andrews, Lol Creme, Kevin Godley, Rupert Hine, Stevie Lange, Davey Payne, Don Snow
  • Well kept secret - John Martyn (1982)

    • Members: Jeff Allen, Danny Cummings, Alan Thomson (RIP: John Martyn)
    • Guests: Mel Collins, Martin Drover, Andy Duncan, Stevie Lange, Jim Prime, Ronnie Scott, Geraint Watkins, Pete Wingfield
  • Message from the 5th stone - John Mizarolli (1982)

    • Members: John Mizarolli
    • Guests: Don Airey, Richard Bailey, Ginger Baker, Sam Brown, John Elstar, Stevie Lange, Noel McCalla, John McKenzie, Chris Parren, Henry Thomas, Joy Yates (RIP: Vicki Brown)
  • Ride blue divide - Sniff´n´The Tears (1982)

    • Members: Les Davidson, Jamie Lane, Paul Roberts, Nick South, Mike Taylor
    • Guests: Julian Diggle, Martin Drover, Martin Jay, Stevie Lange, Lew Lewis (RIP: Dick Morrissey, Derek Wadsworth)
  • Songs of the free - Gang of Four (05/1982)

  • Let her dance / Suck it and see (SINGLE) - Andy Scott (1983)

  • Retrospective - Sniff´n´The Tears (1983)

    • Members: Chris Birkin, Les Davidson, Mick Dyche, Alan Fealdman, Jamie Lane, Loz Netto, Paul Roberts, Paul Robinson, Luigi Salvoni, Nick South, Mike Taylor (RIP: Keith Miller)
    • Guests: Richard Bailey, Julian Diggle, Rick Fenn, Martin Jay, Stevie Lange, Lew Lewis, Mo McCafferty, Annie McCaig, Noel McCalla, Mark Williamson
  • Fantastic! - Wham! (1983)

    • Members: Raul D´Oliveira, Deon Estus, D C Lee, George Michael, Trevor Murrell, Andrew Ridgeley (RIP: Tommy Eyre)
    • Guests: Robert Ahwai, Dino Baptiste, Guy Barker, Graham Broad, Jimmy Chambers, George Chandler, Paul Cox, Jeff Daly, Martin Drover, Anne Dudley, Andy Duncan, Colin Graham, Chris Hunter, Tony Jackson, Josie James, Luis Jardim, Katie Kissoon, Brad Lang, Stevie Lange, Roddy Lorimer, Andrew MackIntosh, Sylvia Mason-James, John McKenzie, Ian Ritchie
  • Fierce heart - Jim Capaldi (05/1983)

    • Members: Ray Allen, Peter Bonas, Chris Parren (RIP: Jim Capaldi)
    • Guests: Simon Bell, Mel Collins, Geoff Driscoll, Martin Drover, Brent Forbes, Stevie Lange, Jim Leverton, John Mizarolli, Van Morrison, Nicole Winwood, Steve Winwood (RIP: Bryson Graham)
  • Suddenly - Billy Ocean (1984)

    • Guests: Christine Faith, Lisa Fischer, Curtis King, Katie Kissoon, Stevie Lange, Tony Maronie, Eddie Martinez, Cindy Mizelle, Geoff Whitehorn
    • Producer: (RIP: Keith Diamond)
    • Comments: This famous singer released this album in 1984, including a rendition of ´The long and winding road´. This was one year before he had a great hit with the song theme from The jewel of the Nile soundtrack (´When the going gets though´). Also with Eddie Martinez (guitar), and very good vocalists: Katie Kissoon, Stevie Lange, Cyndi Myzelle, Lisa Fischer, Curtis King, etc.
  • Take this - Mick Ralphs (1984)

    • Members: Mickey Feat, Mick Ralphs
    • Guests: Sam Brown, B J Cole, Simon Kirke, Stevie Lange (RIP: Vicki Brown)
  • Victims of circumstance - Barclay James Harvest (04/1984)

    • Members: Bias Boshell, Les Holroyd, John Lees (RIP: Mel Pritchard)
    • Guests: Stevie Lange, Frank Ricotti, Joy Yates (RIP: Vicki Brown)
  • Believe you me - Blancmange (1985)

    • Guests: Dick Cuthell, Pandit Dinesh, Justin Hildreth, Katie Kissoon, Stevie Lange, Lynton Naiff, Anthony Pleeth, David Rhodes, Nigel Warren-Green (RIP: Ronnie Ross)
    • Producer: Stewart Levine
  • 7 day weekend - Comsat Angels (1985)

  • Songs from the big chair - Tears For Fears (1985)

    • Members: Andy Davis, Manny Elias, Neil Taylor
    • Guests: Mel Collins, Stevie Lange, Jerry Marotta, Annie McCaig
  • One man mission - Jim Capaldi (01/1985)

    • Members: Ray Allen, Peter Bonas, Chris Parren (RIP: Jim Capaldi, Alan Spenner)
    • Guests: Simon Bell, Tom Coster, John Giblin, Neil Hubbard, Simon Kirke, Stevie Lange, Jim Leverton, Colin Pincott, Carlos Santana, Orestes Vilato, Godfrey Wang, Snowy White (RIP: Bryson Graham, Steve Marriott)
    • Producer: Stewart Levine
  • No more the fool - Elkie Brooks (1986)

    • Members: Elkie Brooks, Zal Cleminson, Gary Hutchins, Duncan Mackay, Mike Richardson
    • Guests: Gary Barnacle, Tony Beard, Clem Clempson, Martin Dobson, Mo Foster, Nick Glennie-Smith, Felix Krish, Brad Lang, Stevie Lange, Mickey Simmonds (RIP: Morris Pert)
    • Producer: Russ Ballard, Garry Bell, Trevor Jordan
    • Comments: This superb vocalist belonged to the band Vinegar Joe. After that, she has been releasing lovely solo albums, where she usually is backed by great musicians. In this album, plenty of Russ Ballard songs, we can find Russ Ballard himself playing guitar, keyboards and vocals), plus Zal Cleminson (guitar in a cover of Alice Cooper's ´Only women bleed´), Clem Clempson (guitar on two songs, ´No secrets (call of the wild)´ and ´Hold the dream´), Ian Crighton (guitar), Mo Foster (bass), Brad Lang (bass), Graham Edwards (bass), Felix Krish (bass), Micky Simmonds (keyboards), Duncan Mackay (keyboards), Nick Glennie-Smith (keyboards), Martin Dobson (sax), Gary Barnacle (sax), Morris Pert (percussion) and Tony Beard (drums).
  • I´dolator - Ole I´dole (1986)

    • Guests: Stevie Lange, Mal McNulty, Susie O´List, Andy Scott, Pete Wingfield (RIP: Mick Tucker)
  • Robbie Nevil - Robbie Nevil (07/1986)

    • Guests: Tommy Faragher, Stevie Lange, Frank Ricotti, Chris Thompson, John Van Tongeren, Boris Williams (RIP: Alex Sadkin)
  • Bookbinder´s kid - Elkie Brooks (1987)

    • Members: Elkie Brooks, David Leverton, Duncan Mackay, Mike Richardson
    • Guests: Tony Beard, Graham Broad, Clem Clempson, Stevie Lange, Charlie Morgan, Bob Noble, Mickey Simmonds
    • Producer: Russ Ballard, Nick Graham, Trevor Jordan
  • Classic - Dr Feelgood (1987)

    • Members: Kevin Morris, Gordon Russell (RIP: Lee Brilleaux)
    • Guests: Katie Kissoon, Stevie Lange, Kevin McAlea, Frank Ricotti, Steve Sidwell, Paul Spong (RIP: Vicki Brown)
    • Producer: Dave Edmunds, Pip Williams
    • Technical: Barry Hammond
  • This ole town - Ole I´dole (1987)

    • Guests: Stevie Lange, Mal McNulty, Susie O´List, Andy Scott
  • Turn back the clock - Johnny Hates Jazz (1987)

    • Guests: Martin Drover, Malcolm ´Molly´ Duncan, Neil Hubbard, Stevie Lange, Frank Ricotti, Neil Sidwell, Miriam Stockley, Peter John Vettesse (RIP: J J Belle)
  • Kettle drum blues - Paul Roberts (1987)

    • Members: Paul Roberts
    • Guests: Clem Clempson, Pat Crumly, Simon Edwards, Jack Emblow, Stevie Lange, Robin Langridge, Jody Linscott, Ian Maidman, Noel McCalla, Morris Michael, Andy Pask, Tim Renwick, Chris Wyles
    • Producer: Phill Brown
  • Radio KAOS - Roger Waters (1987)

    • Members: Graham Broad, Paul Carrack, Doreen Chanter, Mel Collins, Andy Fairweather Low, Katie Kissoon, Jim Ladd, Ian Ritchie, Jay Stapley, Claire Torry, Roger Waters
    • Guests: Madeline Bell, Matt Irving, Stevie Lange, John Lingwood, Suzanne Rhatigan, Pete Thoms (RIP: Vicki Brown)
  • The Sea of love - Adventures (1988)

    • Guests: Paul Crowder, Andrew Findon, Nick Glennie-Smith, Brian Kennedy, Katie Kissoon, Stevie Lange, Andy Pask, Miriam Stockley, Peter John Vettesse (RIP: Morris Pert)
  • Radio musicola - Nik Kershaw (1988)

    • Members: Mark Price
    • Guests: Mark Brzezicki, Steve Brzezicki, Simon Clarke, Larry Dunn, Kuma Harada, Carol Kenyon, Felix Krish, Stevie Lange, Roddy Lorimer, Simon Phillips, Andy Richards, Tim Sanders, Steve Sidwell, Miriam Stockley, Pete Thoms, Paul ´Wix´ Wickens
    • Technical: Ian Cooper
  • Blast - Holly Johnson (1989)

    • Guests: John Barclay, Guy Barker, Stuart Brooks, Steve Byrd, Guy Chambers, Chyna, Danny Cummings, Lance Ellington, Luis Jardim, Stevie Lange, Brian May, Richard Niles, Don Snow, Neil Taylor, John Thirkell, Phil Todd, Chris Whitten, Mark Williamson (RIP: Vicki Brown)
    • Producer: Stephen Hague, Andy Richards (RIP: Dan Hartman)
    • Technical: Chris Lord-Alge
  • Gatecrashing - Living In A Box (1989)

    • Guests: Pete Beachill, Hugh Burns, Tim Cansfield, Danny Cummings, Lance Ellington, Stevie Lange, Tom Lord-Alge, Brian May, Mae McKenna, Tessa Niles, Nick Plytas, Maggie Ryder, Miriam Stockley, John Thirkell, Paul ´Wix´ Wickens
  • Laughter - Mighty Lemon Drops (1989)

  • Read my lips - Jimmy Somerville (1989)

  • Powerhouse - Kinsey Report (1990)

    • Members: Donald Kinsey (RIP: Lester ´Big Daddy´ Kinsey)
    • Guests: Annabel Lamb, Stevie Lange
  • Dancing for victory - Moti Special (1990)

    • Guests: Julian Dawson, Stevie Lange, Mae McKenna, Maggie Ryder
  • Ripe - Banderas (1991)

    • Guests: Simon Bishop, Gary Butcher, Stevie Lange, Johnny Marr, Guy Pratt
    • Producer: Stephen Hague
  • The Prodigal stranger - Procol Harum (1991)

    • Members: Dave Bronze, Gary Brooker, Mark Brzezicki, Matthew Fisher, Keith Reid, Henry Spinetti, Robin Trower
    • Guests: Stevie Lange, Maggie Ryder, Jerry Stevenson, Miriam Stockley
    • Technical: Ted Jensen
    • Comments: Probably Tim Renwick also appears here, uncredited.
  • Donna DeLory - Donna DeLory (1992)

    • Members: Donna DeLory
    • Guests: Brad Cole, Andy Duncan, Deon Estus, Denny Fongheiser, Bruce Gaitsch, Nikki Harris, Dann Huff, Stevie Lange, Patrick Leonard, Madonna, Morris Michael, Tim Pierce, Guy Pratt, John Robinson
    • Producer: Stephen Hague
  • The Earth vs The Wildhearts - The Wildhearts (1994)

  • Strong love affair - Ray Charles (01/1996)

    • Members: (RIP: Ray Charles)
    • Guests: Greg Adams, Kjetil Bjerkestrand, Tim Cansfield, Emilio Castillo, Andre Ceccarelli, Marc Chantereau, Malcolm ´Molly´ Duncan, Roger Garland, Sid Gauld, Wilf Gibson, Nigel Hitchcock, Luis Jardim, Paul Kegg, Boguslav Kostecki, Stephen ´Doc´ Kupka, Peter Lale, Brad Lang, Stevie Lange, David Mann, Sylvia Mason-James, Richard Niles, Dave O´Higgins, Phil Palmer, Anthony Pleeth, Gerard Presencer, Neil Sidwell, Don Snow, Phil Spalding, Paul Spong, Mark Sullivan, Ian Thomas, Chris Thompson, Lee R Thornburg, Neal Wilkinson
  • Shapes and patterns - Swing Out Sister (06/1997)

    • Members: Andy Connell, Snake Davis, Corinne Drewery, Derek Green, Sylvia Mason-James, Andrew Small
    • Guests: George Chandler, Lance Ellington, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Stevie Lange, Bill Reichenbach, Steve Sidwell, Beverley Skeete, Miriam Stockley, Fayyaz Virji, Larry Williams, Gavyn Wright
  • Soulstream - Holly Johnson (11/1999)

    • Guests: Dave Bishop, Guy Chambers, David Daniels, Liz Edwards, Claudia Fontaine, Roger Garland, Wilf Gibson, Derek Green, Richard Henry, Nick Ingman, Luis Jardim, Paul Kegg, Boguslav Kostecki, Peter Lale, Stevie Lange, Martin Loveday, Kate Musker, Peter Oxendale, Anthony Pleeth, Beverley Skeete, Paul Spong, Helen Terry, Steve Waterman, Gavyn Wright
  • Poor boy blue - Jim Capaldi (11/2004)

    • Members: Peter Bonas, Phil Capaldi, Mick Dolan, Steve Kinch, Trevor Morais, Chris Parren (RIP: Jim Capaldi)
    • Guests: Brent Forbes, Stevie Lange, Sam Mitchell, John Mizarolli, Steve Winwood (RIP: Bryson Graham, Gary Moore)
    • Technical: Phill Brown
  • Keep it simple - Van Morrison (03/2008)

    • Members: John Allair, Crawford Bell, Liam Bradley, Cindy Cashdollar, Karen Hamill, David Hayes, Sarah Jory, Katie Kissoon, Paul Moore, Van Morrison, John Platania, Jerome Rimson, Geraint Watkins, Neal Wilkinson (RIP: Mick Green)
    • Guests: Margo Buchanan, Stevie Lange
    • Technical: Tim Young
  • Brief history of the 20th century - Gang of Four (12/1990)

    • Guests: Stevie Lange
    • Comments: Compilation with rare tracks.
  • Thirty years - the Andy Scott solo singles - Andy Scott (1993)

  • Julian Dawson collection 84-94 - Julian Dawson (1994)

    • Members: Julian Dawson, Rosko Gee, Rory McFarlane
    • Guests: P P Arnold, Ken Blevins, Larry Campbell, Gerry Conway, Mark Griffiths, Michael Haynes, Jim Horn, Zev Katz, Stevie Lange, Mike Lawler, Jaki Liebezeit, Bill Payne, Dan Penn, Charles Rose, Stuart Smith, Jay Stapley, Garry Tallent, Toots Thielemans
  • Looks like love is here to stay - The best of Tyrone Ashley - Tyrone Ashley (1995)

    • Guests: Clem Cattini, Jimmy Chambers, George Chandler, Alan Hawkshaw, Jimmy Helms, Les Hurdle, Stevie Lange, Mike Moran, Graham Preskett, Chris Rae, Frank Ricotti, Fiachra Trench, Pip Williams, Joy Yates
  • No way out - the best of Doris Jones - Doris Jones (09/1995)

    • Guests: Clem Cattini, Jimmy Chambers, George Chandler, Colin Green, Alan Hawkshaw, Jimmy Helms, Les Hurdle, Paul Keogh, Stevie Lange, Mike Moran, Chris Rae, Frank Ricotti, Jacqui Sullivan, Pip Williams, Pete Wingfield, Joy Yates
  • A 100 flowers boom - Gang of Four (11/1998)

    • Members: Steve Goulding, Steven Monti
    • Guests: Alfa Anderson, Gail Ann Dorsey, Martyn Ford, Chuck Kirkpatrick, Stevie Lange, John Sambataro, Frank Tontoh, Brenda White King, Joy Yates
    • Producer: Howard Albert, Ron Albert
    • Comments: Boxset with 2 CDs including quite unreleased material.
  • Spark - Julian Dawson (1999)

    • Members: Julian Dawson, Rosko Gee, Steuart Smith
    • Guests: P P Arnold, Ken Blevins, Larry Campbell, Gerry Conway, Mark Griffiths, Mike Henderson, Zev Katz, Stevie Lange, Mike Lawler, Jaki Liebezeit, Dan Penn, Jay Stapley, Richard Thompson (RIP: Barry Beckett)
    • Producer: Garry Tallent
  • Driver´s seat - The best of Sniff´n´The Tears - Sniff´n´The Tears (01/2000)

    • Members: Chris Birkin, Les Davidson, Mick Dyche, Alan Fealdman, Jamie Lane, Loz Netto, Paul Roberts, Paul Robinson, Luigi Salvoni, Nick South, Mike Taylor (RIP: Keith Miller)
    • Guests: Richard Bailey, Julian Diggle, Martin Jay, Stevie Lange, Ron Lawrence, Lew Lewis, Mo McCafferty, Annie McCaig, Noel McCalla, Mark Williamson
    • Producer: Steve Lipson
  • Finely tuned - Dr Feelgood (11/2002)

    • Members: The Big Figure, Dave Bronze, Ian Gibbons, Wilko Johnson, Gypie Mayo, Phil Mitchell, Kevin Morris, Gordon Russell, Steve Walwyn (RIP: Lee Brilleaux, Johnny Guitar)
    • Guests: Bob Andrews, Roger Cotton, Katie Kissoon, Stevie Lange, Kevin McAlea, Nick Payn, Neil Sidwell, Steve Sidwell, Paul Spong (RIP: Vicki Brown)
    • Producer: Will Birch, Dave Charles, Nick Lowe, Mike Vernon, Pip Williams (RIP: Vic Maile)


From the superb site Knights in Blue Denim: The British Blues Scene '68 - '70 (by Christer Fridhammar & Vanja), we have:

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    Frank Ricotti (11)
    Katie Kissoon (10)
    Miriam Stockley (8)
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    Noel McCalla (7)
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