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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cello Players (Index Complete)


  Cello Players: (74 planned - 1 completed)

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  A   (Top)
Teressa ´Terry´ Adams
Van Morrison Band / Nob Hill String Ensemble
Chris Allan
Mike Westbrook Band / Westbrook & Company
  B   (Top)
Peggy Baldwin
Seymour Barab
Georgie Born
Mike Westbrook Band / Henry Cow / Derek Bailey Group / Penguin Cafe Orchestra / Flying Lizards / Michael Nyman Group / Feminist Improvising Group / National Health
Paul Buckmaster
Sounds Nice / Elton John Band / Bryan Ferry Band / Veronique Sanson Band
  C   (Top)
Kent Carter
Spontaneous Music Ensemble
Caroline Collins
Brotherhood of Breath
Larry Corbett
Andy Craig
  D   (Top)
David Daniels
London Metropolitan Orchestra / The London String Trio / The Lyric String Quartet
Claire Deniz
  E   (Top)
David Edggar
Michael Brecker Band
Mike Edwards
Jesse Ehrlich
Stephen Erdody
Christine Ermacoff
Don Ellis Orchestra
  F   (Top)
Laura Fairhurst
Joan Armatrading Band
Catherine Finnis
  G   (Top)
Melvyn Gale
Nathan Gershman
Chico Hamilton Group
  H   (Top)
Stjepan Hauser
Elton John Band
Phillip Hirschi
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Paula Hochhalter
Don Ellis Orchestra
Tristan Honsinger
Company / Globe Unity Orchestra
Igor Horoshevsky
Beach Boys
Michael Hurwitz
  I   (Top)
Lisa Ivers
Hall & Oates
  J   (Top)
Ed Jefferies
Gary Brooker Band
  K   (Top)
Armand Kaproff
The Kaproff Trio
Dennis Karmazyn
Suzie Katayama
Chico Hamilton Group / Lena Horne Group / Fred Katz Group / Vic Damone Group / Ken Nordine Group / Frankie Laine Band
Paul Kegg
London Session Orchestra
Ray Kelley
Jerome Kessler
Frank Zappa Band
Terry King
Don Ellis Orchestra
Timothy Kramer
Armen Ksadjikian
  L   (Top)
Jesse Levy
Helen Liebmann
Penguin Cafe Orchestra / Bryan Ferry Band
Fred Lonberg-Holm
Peter Brotzmann Group
Martin Loveday
London Session Orchestra
Edgar Lustgarten
NBC Symphony Orchestra
  M   (Top)
Marcio Mattos
Elton Dean Group / Free Base / Full Monte / London Improvisers Orchestra / Roland Ramanan Group / Roswell Rudd Group / Spontaneous Music Ensemble
Hugh McDowell
ELO Part II / ELO / Wizzard
Barbara Meyer
London Improvisers Orchestra
Kermit Moore
  N   (Top)
Mark Noreyko
  P   (Top)
Anthony Pleeth
London Session Orchestra
  R   (Top)
John Rees-Jones
Centipede / The Best of British Jazz
George Ricci
Steve Richards
Jane Robertson
Spontaneous Music Ensemble
Martin Robinson
Bryan Ferry Band
William Routledge
Gary Brooker Band
  S   (Top)
Jane Scarpantoni
Lounge Lizards / 10000 Maniacs / Lou Reed Band
Vincent Segal
Marianne Faithfull Band
Frederick Seykora
Philip Sheppard
Keith Tippett Group
Alan Shulman
The New Friends of Rhythm / The Philharmonia Trio / The Haydn Quartet
Alan Silva
Globe Unity Orchestra / Roger Turner Group / Alan Silva Orchestra / Bill Dixon Group / Noah Howard Group / Karl Berger Group
Eleanor Slatkin
Hollywood String Quartet
Daniel Smith
Nancy Stein
Luka Sulic
Elton John Band
  T   (Top)
Katherine Thulborn
Kathy Thulborn
Bryan Ferry Band
Suki Towb
Cecilia Tsan
  W   (Top)
Colin Walker
Nigel Warren-Green
Colin Wood
Spontaneous Music Ensemble
  Y   (Top)
Owen Young
James Taylor Band

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