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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Backing Vocalists (Index - Already Done)


  Backing Vocalists: (12 completed)

Bradford Singers / Dusty Springfield Band / Dave Clark And Friends / Blue Mink / Chris Farlowe Band / Elton John Band / Ashton & Lord / Johnny Halliday Band / James Last Orchestra / Space / BBC Radio Big Band / The SAS Band
Delaney Bramlett Band / Delaney & Bonnie Band
The Chanter Sisters / Long John Baldry Band / Chris Farlowe Band / John Miles Band / Roger Waters Band / Van Morrison Band / Meat Loaf Band / Joe Cocker Band
The Chanter Sisters / Long John Baldry Band / Chris Farlowe Band / John Miles Band / Average White Band / Elton John Band
Lesley Duncan Band / Elton John Band / The Jokers / Dusty Springfield Band
James Last Orchestra / Elton John Band / Dusty Springfield Band / The Ladybirds / Birds Of Paris / The International Pop Proms
Roger Chapman & The Shortlist / Pete Brown Band / Arthur Louis Band / Bernie Marsden Band / Gilbert O´Sullivan Band
Bones / Night / James Last Orchestra / Elton John Band / Rick Wakeman Band / Contraband / The SAS Band / Blue / Filthy McNasty / New Trends / Hocus
Les Humphries Singers / The Barrelhouse Blues Orchestra / The Slobs / The McKinleys / Paice Ashton & Lord / Sheila McKinley Band / Howie Casey Band
Mike Oldfield Band / Gonzalez / Chris Rea Band / Art Of Noise / The Secret Policeman Concert Band / Epo Band / Shakatak / Linda Taylor Band / Go West / Julien Clerc Band / Jocelyn Brown Band
Ashton & Lord / Chris Farlowe Band / Bookham and Riskett / James Last Orchestra / Birds Of Paris
Joe Cocker Band / Barry White Band / Viola Wills Band

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