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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Horn Players (Index Complete)


  Other Horn & Wind Players: (137 planned - 0 completed)

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  A   (Top)
Bimbo Acock
Gordon Giltrap Band / Roy Hill Band / Strawbs
Ray Alonge
Randy Andos
Blood Sweat & Tears / Howard Johnson Group
Pierre Andre
Cyndi Lauper Band
Richard Aplanalp
Buddy Miles Band
Alain Athot
Johnny Halliday Band
Bill Atwood
Van Morrison Band
Phil Ayling
Jaco Pastorius Group
  B   (Top)
Gene Barge
Rolling Stones
Andy Beer
UK Busters
Jacques Bessot
Johnny Halliday Band
Kako Bessot
Johnny Halliday Band
Neal Bonsanti
Bee Gees / Jaco Pastorius Group
Reg Brooks
Rick Wakeman Band
Mark Byerly
Bob Seger Band
  C   (Top)
Ron Caines
East of Eden / Research
Dwight Carver
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Gunter Christmann
Globe Unity Orchestra / Peter Kowald Group
Michael Cichowicz
Rod Stewart Band / Tower Of Power
Andrew Clark
Mike Gibbs Orchestra
John Clark
Carla Bley Band / Gil Evans Orchestra / Mike Gibbs Orchestra / George Gruntz Band / Paul McCandless Band / Jaco Pastorius Group / McCoy Tyner Group
Lindsay Cooper
Spontaneous Music Ensemble / Strawbs
Sonny Corbett
Manfred Mann Chapter Three
Lorne Cousin
Madonna Band
John Crocker
Chris Barber Group / Pat Halcox Group
Bob Crull
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Mario Cruz
Bruce Springsteen Band / Jaco Pastorius Group
  D   (Top)
Gordon Davidson
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Vincent DeRosa
Troy Donockley
Maddy Prior Band / Barbara Dickson Band / Iona
Gerald Drewett
Manfred Mann Chapter Three
Barry Duggan
Eoin Duigan
Trevor Watts Group
David Duke
  E   (Top)
Bobby Eldridge
Jaco Pastorius Group
Randy Emerick
Jaco Pastorius Group
Robin Eubanks
Don Grolnick Group / Art Blakey Group / Michael Brecker Band / Kevin Eubanks Group / Dave Holland Group / Elvin Jones Jazz Machine / The Young Lions
Richard Exall
Chris Barber Group
  F   (Top)
Snooky Flowers / Cornelius Flowers
Janis Joplin & Kozmic Blues Band / John Cipollina Band
Sharon Freeman
Gil Evans Orchestra / Charlie Haden Group
  G   (Top)
Gus Galbraith
Johnny Dankworth Orchestra
Bunk Gardner
Frank Zappa Band / The Grandmothers / Menage A Trois
Al Garth
Loggins & Messina / Poco / Chris Hillman Band
Lou Gasca
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Gary Gazaway
Joe Cocker Band
Rich Gazda
Bruce Springsteen Band
Keith Gemmell
Audience / Sammy / Roy Young Band / Stackridge / The Pasadena Roof Orchestra
Eric Giausserand
Johnny Halliday Band
Virgil Gonsalves
Electric Flag / Buddy Miles Band
John Graas
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Carl Griffith
Manfred Mann Chapter Three
Oskar Gudjonsson
Mats Gustafsson
The London Jazz Composers Orchestra
  H   (Top)
John Hackett
Steve Hackett Band
Steve Hadjopoulos
Rufus Harley
Sonny Rollins Group
John Anthony Helliwell
Alan Bown Band / Supertramp
Jacques Hendrix
Johnny Halliday Band
Mike Henry
Chris Barber Group
Terry Hensley
Janis Joplin & Kozmic Blues Band
Bill Horan
Stan Kenton Orchestra
David Horton
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Dave Howard
Graham Bond Band / Graham Bond Initiation
Jerry Hyman
Blood Sweat & Tears / The O´Jays
  J   (Top)
Space Jenner
Boomtown Rats / Graham Parker Band
Bob Jensen
Bob Seger Band
Ed Joffe
Barry Manilow Band
Brian Jones
Undertakers / Gary Glitter Band
Clive Jones
Pesky Gee / Black Widow
  K   (Top)
Keith Kaminski
Bob Seger Band
Mike Kearsey
SAS Band
Jim King
Family / Ring Of Truth
  L   (Top)
Oliver Leicht
Rhythm Combination & Brass
Jeff Leigh
Mike Oldfield Band
Robert Leonard
Woody Herman Orchestra
John Longo
Duke Ellington Orchestra
  M   (Top)
Arthur Maebe
Bob Malaca
Bruce Springsteen Band
Barry Martin
Long John Baldry & The Hoochie Coochie Men
Dick Martinez
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Paul McCandless
Paul McCandless Band / Oregon / Jaco Pastorius Group / Paul Winter Group
Ian McDonald
Powerhouse / King Crimson / Centipede / McDonald & Giles / Foreigner / Steve Hackett Band / 21st Century Schizoid Band
Steve McDonnell
Tanita Tikaram Band
Pete McPhail
The London Jazz Composers Orchestra / Alex Maguire Group / Trevor Watts Group
Bobby Militello
Dave Brubeck Group / Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
Michael Morreale
Joe Jackson Band
Sidney Muldrow
Don Ellis Orchestra
Brett Murphey
Jaco Pastorius Group
  N   (Top)
Kenneth Nelson
Don Ellis Orchestra
  O   (Top)
Ruan O´Lochlainn
Bees Make Honey / Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance / Kevin Coyne Band / Ronnie Lane Band / St James Gate
Terry Oldfield
Mike Oldfield Band
  P   (Top)
Bill Page
Barry Manilow Band
Walter Parazaider
Louis Parente
Bruce Springsteen Band
Jerry Peel
Jaco Pastorius Group
Alex Perdigon
Johnny Halliday Band
Tex Philpotts
The Greatest Show On Earth
John Picard
Rocket 88 / Charlie Watts Orchestra
Phil Pickett
Albion Dance Band / Albion Band
Lisa Pike
Barry Manilow Band
Michel Pilz
Globe Unity Orchestra / Manfred Schoof Orchestra
John Pugh
Mickey Jupp Band
Bill Purse
Bee Gees
  R   (Top)
Jim Rattigan
Mike Gibbs Orchestra / Mark Lockheart Group
Ralph Rickette
Boz Scaggs Band
Steve Roitstein
Jaco Pastorius Group
John Rooke
Mike Gibbs Orchestra
Richie Rosenberg
Bruce Springsteen Band
Willie Ruff
John Rutherford
Bob Seger Band
  S   (Top)
Jerry Salisbury
Neil Sanders
Carl Saunders
Bill Holman Orchestra / Stan Kenton Orchestra
Tony Scodwell
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Martyn Shields
Rick Wakeman Band
John Smith
Mike Spengler
Bruce Springsteen Band
Jan Steel
Bobby Strickland
Todd Rundgren Band
  T   (Top)
Claude Thirifays
Johnny Halliday Band
John Turi
Cyndi Lauper Band
Nik Turner
Group X / Hawkwind Zoo / Hawkwind / Mobile Freakout / Sphynx
  W   (Top)
Brad Warnaar
Jaco Pastorius Group
Julius Watkins
Quincy Jones Orchestra
Earl Watson / Watson, Al
Earl Watson & The Fabulous Twisters / Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames / Shirley Bassey Band
Rick Waychesko
Tower Of Power
Kate Westbrook
The Dance Band / The New Westbrook Orchestra / Westbrook & Company / Mike Westbrook Band / Mike Westbrook Brass Band / Mike Westbrook Trio / Mike & Kate & Jazz Ensemble Westbrook
Ian Wheeler
Chris Barber Group
Trevor Whiting
Chris Barber Group
Bob Whittaker
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Dan Willis
Michael Brecker Band / Barry Manilow Band
John Winder
Barry Manilow Band
Tom Wirtel
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Phil Wood
Sons of Champlin
Dave Woodward
Janis Joplin & Kozmic Blues Band
  Y   (Top)
Bob Young
Status Quo / Young & Moody / Minhinnett Young & Moody
  Z   (Top)
Bill Zacagni
Bruce Springsteen Band

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