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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Steel Guitar Players (Index - Complete)


  Steel Guitar Players: (63 planned - 4 completed)

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  B   (Top)
Bucky Baxter
Bob Dylan Band / Steve Earle Band
Ed Black
Linda Ronstadt Band / Dwight Yoakam Band / Karla Bonoff Band / Goose Creek Symphony
Bruce Bouton
Ricky Skaggs Band
Marc Bozonnet
Johnny Halliday Band
Wayne Bridge
The Flying Burrito Brothers
Rick Nelson Band / Buck Owens Band / Desert Rose Band / Tom Brumley Band
  C   (Top)
Buddy Cage
The Great Speckled Bird / New Riders of The Purple Sage / Bad Dog / John Cipollina Band / Terry & The Pirates / The Band
Larry Campbell
Cyndi Lauper Band / Bob Dylan Band / Levon Helm Band / Ollabelle / Sir Douglas Quintet
Cindy Cashdollar
Rod Stewart Band / Asleep At The Wheel / Van Morrison Band
B J Cole
Cochise / Michael Chapman Band / Billy Connolly Band / Andy Fairweather Low Band / Gorky´s Zygotic Mynci / Shakin´ Stevens Band / Sting Band / The Tex Maniacs / Hank Wangford Band
Vic Collins
Kursaal Flyers
  D   (Top)
Jimmy Day
Mother Earth
Pete Drake
Bob Dylan Band / Pete Drake Band
Melvyn Duffy
Los Pacaminos / Robbie McIntosh Band / Brothernature / Robbie Williams Band / Adam Phillips Band / Elkie Brooks Band
Dan Dugmore
Linda Ronstadt Band / James Taylor Band / John Stewart Band / Ronin / David Crosby Band / Andrew Gold Band
  E   (Top)
Rick Nelson Band / Linda Ronstadt Band / Everly Brothers / Ernest Tubb Band / Cherokee Cowboys
  F   (Top)
Neil Flanz
Gram Parsons Band
Bob Foster
Paul Franklin
Dire Straits / Notting Hillbillies
  G   (Top)
Sonny Garrish
Vern Gosdin Band
Neil Gauntlett
Mike Sheridan & The Nightriders / Joe Brown & The Bruvvers / Screaming Lord Sutch Band
Joe Goldmark
Terry & The Pirates
Neil Good
The Flying Burrito Brothers
Lloyd Green
Doyle Grisham
Jimmy Buffett Band
  H   (Top)
Donnie Herron
Bob Dylan Band
Eric Heywood
Pretenders / Ray LaMontagne Band
Gerry Hogan
Hogan´s Heroes / Fatso / Country Fever / Jon Derek Band
John Hughey
Conway Twitty Band / Vince Gill Band / Dickey Betts Band / John Hughey Band
Gordon Huntley
Matthews Southern Comfort / Southern Comfort / Ian Matthews Band / Wheels / Old Crow / Barbara Dickson Band / Ray Stevens Band / Andy Williams Band
  J   (Top)
Cliff Richard Band / Everly Brothers / Deep Feeling / Barbara Dickson Band / The Guy Darrell Syndicate / No City Limits / The Javelins / Count Downe & The Zeros / Geoff Reynolds Band / Peter & The Headlines / Shelby / The Slobs
Sarah Jory
Van Morrison Band
  K   (Top)
Karl Kaplin
Manhattan Transfer
Ben Keith
Tompall Glaser Band / The Great Speckled Bird / Hungry Chuck / Neil Young Band / Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Bill Keith
Geoff & Maria Muldaur / Keith & Rooney / The Great Speckled Bird
Richard Kelly
Van Morrison Band
Sneaky Pete Kleinow
The Byrds / The Flying Burrito Brothers / Cold Steel / Linda Ronstadt Band / Rick Nelson Band / New Riders of The Purple Sage / American Country Rock All Stars / Skip Battin Band / Jo El Sonnier Band / Spencer Davis Band
  L   (Top)
Greg Leisz
Joe Cocker Band / Joni Mitchell Band / K D Lang Band / The Funky Kings / Boz Scaggs Band / Ray LaMontagne Band / Bill Frisell Band
Fred Lunt
Taj Mahal Band
  M   (Top)
Jay Dee Maness
Desert Rose Band
Larry Marvel
The Flying Burrito Brothers
Stephen McCarthy
The Jayhawks / Long Ryders
Leonard Cohen Band / Spencer Davis Band / Spencer Davis Group / Ian Matthews & The Insults / Ian Matthews Band / Don McLean Band / Raining Horseshoes
Weldon Myrick
Area Code 615 / Loretta Lynn Band
  N   (Top)
Richard Nelson
Van Morrison Band
  O   (Top)
Gene O´Neill
The Flying Burrito Brothers
  P   (Top)
Danny Pendleton
Emmylou Harris Band
Penn Pennington
Dexys Midnight Runners
Al Perkins
Shiloh / The Flying Burrito Brothers / Emmylou Harris Band / Chris Hillman Band / McGuinn Clark & Hillman / Michael Nesmith´s Second National Band / Dolly Parton Band / Souther Hillman Furay Band / Stephen Stills Band / Manassas
Michael Perlowin
Canned Heat / Southwest Wind
  R   (Top)
Roger Rettig
Hogan´s Heroes / The Black Diamonds / Fatso / Eden Kane Band / Peter Sarstedt Band / Compass / Sonny Curtis Band / Slim Whitman Band
Orville ´Red´ Rhodes
Michael Nesmith´s Second National Band / Linda Ronstadt Band / Terry & The Pirates
Marty Rifkin
Bruce Springsteen Band
Percy Robinson
Henry McCullough Band
Robin Ruddy
Rod Stewart Band
Hal Rugg
George Jones Band / Earl Mock & The Mockingbirds
  S   (Top)
Darrell Scott
Jamie Hartford Band / Robert Plant Band / Darrell Scott Band / Steve Earle Band
Barry Sless
Cowboy Jazz / Dead Ringers / The Flying Other Brothers / Kingfish / Phil Lesh Band / David Nelson Band
Chris Smith
Jackson Browne Band
Herb Steiner
Linda Ronstadt Band
  W   (Top)
Speedy West
Pete Willsher
Chuck Farley / Sandy Denny Band / Hemlock / Pete Willsher Band
  Y   (Top)
Rusty Young
Poco / Vince Gill Band / Four Wheel Drive

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