This is intended to be a homage to very many musicians I've loved since I started listening to music. My intention is to tell what I know about them, hoping that those people who like them too, will help me fill numerous gaps, which I may have in their careers and discographies. Sorry, but there are no MP3 audio files here at all, just info (and love for the musicians).

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Backing Vocalists (Index - Complete)


  Backing Vocalists: (820 planned - 12 completed)

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  A   (Top)
Sewuese Abwa
Roxy Music / Lisa Stansfield Band
Catte Adams
Natalie Cole Band / Michael Bolton Band / Tracy Chapman Band / Chaka Khan Band / Yanni Band / Go West / Jermaine Jackson Band / Hot Cole
Oleta Adams
Phil Collins Band / Tears For Fears / Oleta Adams Band
Pearl Aday
Meat Loaf Band
Tawatha Agee
Steely Dan / Roxy Music / Chic / Luther Vandross Band / James Mtume Band
Patrick Alan
Cat Stevens Band
Claudia Alexandre
Johnny Halliday Band
Nadirah Ali
Al Jarreau Band
Bridgette Amofah
Bryan Ferry Band
Beth Anderson
Joe Cocker Band
Jana Anderson
Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks Band
Maxi Anderson
Lena Andersson
Guy Andrisano
David Bowie Band
Angeline Annonier
Johnny Halliday Band
Mark Anthoni
Elizabeth Antwi
Fish / Incognito
Joshie Armstead
The Ikettes
Louise Arthurworrey
Akido / The Warriors / Gonzalez
Sweet Pea Atkinson
Mindi Abair Group / Was Not Was
Rietta Austin
Pete Brown Band
Virginia Ayers
Joe Cocker Band
  B   (Top)
John Bahler
Tom Bahler
Bill Baize
Elvis Presley Band / J D Sumner & The Stamps
Billy Baker
Whitney Houston Band
Luis Miguel Baladron
Alejandro Sanz Band / Estopa / Primital / Antonio Vega Band / Malu Band / Andres Suarez Band / Motown Sound / Jose Barragan Band
Jordan Ballard
The Harlettes / Bette Midler Band
Chris Ballin
Craig David Band / Incognito / Omar Band
Phillip Ballou
Duran Duran / Powerstation
Erick Bamy
Johnny Halliday Band
Pierrette Bargoin
Johnny Halliday Band
Bernie Barlow
Moody Blues
Katreese Barnes
Sting Band
Lorraine Barnes
Sting Band
Billie Barnum
The Apollos / The Blackberries / Humble Pie / Pink Floyd
Perla Batalla
Perla Batalla Band / Leonard Cohen Band
Dee Beale
Coleen Beaton
Bob Seger Band
Victoria Beebee
Steve Harley Band
Crawford Bell
Crawford Bell Singers / Van Morrison Band
George Bell
Van Morrison Band
Bradford Singers / Dusty Springfield Band / Dave Clark And Friends / Blue Mink / Chris Farlowe Band / Elton John Band / Ashton & Lord / Johnny Halliday Band / James Last Orchestra / Space / BBC Radio Big Band / The SAS Band
Rebecca Bell
Johnny Halliday Band
Simon Bell
James Last Orchestra / Simon Bell Band
Sofia Bender
Carla Benson
Evette Benton
Lea Jane Berinati
Elvis Presley Band / Charlie Daniels Band
Jo Billingsley
Alias / Lynyrd Skynyrd
Dyan Birch
Kokomo / Joe Cocker Band / Bryan Ferry Band / Alvin Lee Band / Frankie Miller Band
Mo Birch
Go West
Chris Black
Shakin´ Stevens Band
Tommy Blaize
Serpentine Fire / Al Jarreau Band / Tommy Blaize Band
Caroline Blandin
Johnny Halliday Band
Beverly Bloomfield
Joe Cocker Band
Karen Boddington
Beverley Craven Band
Sue Bogas
Joe Cocker Band
Stephanie Bolton
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Harry Bowens
The Sincere Sincerities / Amalgamated Funk Company / The Ebony Set / Midnight Sky / Was Not Was / Lyle Lovett Band / Detroite Band / Sugaro / Doctor Feelgod And The Interns of Love
Everett Bradley
Chris Botti Band / Richie Sambora Band
Delaney Bramlett Band / Delaney & Bonnie Band
Shirley Brewer
Stevie Wonder Band
Mary Elizabeth Bridget
Bob Dylan Band
Carol Bristow
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Kara Britz
Joe Cocker Band
Ivona Brnelic
Tina Turner Band
Carolyn Brooks
Stevie Nicks Band
Ramona Brooks
Barry Manilow Band
Alex Brown
Elton John Band
Alexandra Brown
Stevie Wonder Band
Estelle Brown
Elvis Presley Band / The Sweet Inspirations
Gina Brown
Roger Chapman & The Shortlist
Jocelyn Brown
Chic / Bette Midler Band / Change / Musique / Kleeer / Disco Tex & The Sex-o-lettes
Judy Brown
Olivia Newton-John Band
Paulette Brown
Ray Kennedy Band / Boz Scaggs Band / Toto
Sam Brown
Spandau Ballet / Barclay James Harvest / David Gilmour Band / Steve Marriott Band / Pink Floyd / Jools Holland Big Band / Homespun
Vicki Brown
The Breakaways / Dusty Springfield Band / Joe Brown Band / Bryan Ferry Band / James Last Orchestra / Steve Marriott Band / Pink Floyd / Rick Wakeman Band
Bridgette Bryant
Margo Buchanan
Gary Brooker Band / Band Du Lac / David Gilmour Band
Cindy Bullens
The Refugees / Cindy Bullens Band / Elton John Band / Elliott Murphy Band
Monica Burruss
Barry Manilow Band
Rosemary Butler
Birtha / Jackson Browne Band / The Ladybugs / Bonnie Raitt Band / The Rapunzels / Linda Ronstadt Band / James Taylor Band
Steve Butler
Monroe / Cliff Richard Band / Barclay James Harvest Featuring Les Holroyd
  C   (Top)
Andy Caine
Beverley Craven Band / Tribute To John Lennon Band / Tommy Blaize Band
Doris Cales
Miguel Rios Band / Larry Martin Band
Cynthia Calhoun
Betty Wright Band / Gloria Estefan Band / Jon Secada Band / Al Jarreau Band / Boz Scaggs Band / Steely Dan
Stu Calver
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel / Steve Harley Band / Cliff Richard Band / Shakin´ Stevens Band / Kiki Dee Band / The In-Sect
Sharon Campbell
Sanctuary / The Secret Policeman Concert Band
Stacy Campbell
Joe Cocker Band / Al Jarreau Band / Marcus Miller Band / Tina Turner Band
Bill Cantos
Phil Collins Band / Jay Graydon Band / Arnold McCuller Band / Herb Alpert Band
Lynn Carey
Mama Lion / C K Strong / Lynn Carey Band / Ollie Mitchell Group
Kimberley Carlson
Cat Stevens Band
Carl Carlwell
Earth Wind & Fire
Valerie Carter
James Taylor Band / Jackson Browne Band / Valerie Carter Band
Alan Carvell
Hit Squad / Elton John Band / Sheena Easton Band
Carl Carwell
Victoria Cave
Steely Dan
Sharon Celani
Fleetwood Mac / Mick Jagger Band / Stevie Nicks Band
Kenny Cetera
Jackie Challoner
Blodwyn Pig
Charles Chalmers
Jimmy Chambers
Dada / Elkie Brooks Band / James Last Orchestra / Paul Young Band / Batti Mamzelle / Londonbeat / The Four Kents
Peter Chambers
Renee Geyer Band
Tamara Champlin
Bill Champlin Band
George Chandler
Gonzalez / James Last Orchestra / Paul Young Band / The International Pop Proms / The Four Kents / George Chandler Band
Jackie Chanellor
Pete Townshend Band
The Chanter Sisters / Long John Baldry Band / Chris Farlowe Band / John Miles Band / Roger Waters Band / Van Morrison Band / Meat Loaf Band / Joe Cocker Band
The Chanter Sisters / Long John Baldry Band / Chris Farlowe Band / John Miles Band / Average White Band / Elton John Band
Marshall Chapman
Jimmy Buffett Band
Helen Chappelle
Barclay James Harvest / Bryan Ferry Band
Amanda Charles-Vincent
Carol Chase
Lynyrd Skynyrd / Carol Chase Band
Judy Cheeks
Judy Cheeks Band
Joe Chemay
The Bleeding Hearts Band / Beach Boys / Pink Floyd / Roger Waters Band
Ava Cherry
David Bowie Band
Vivian Cherry
Quincy Jones Orchestra
Michel Chevalier
Johnny Halliday Band
Julie Christensen
Leonard Cohen Band
Eric Clapton Band / Pete Townshend Band / The Who / Incognito
Gia Ciambotti
Bruce Springsteen Band
Kacey Cisyk
Carly Simon Band
Kacee Clanton
Joe Cocker Band / Big Brother & The Holding Company / Beth Hart Band
Elaine Clark
Long John Baldry Band
Robin Clark
David Bowie Band / Chic / Simple Minds
Mick Clarke
Shakin´ Stevens Band / Rubettes / The Symbols
Judy Clay
The Drinkard Singers
Merry Clayton
Paul Butterfield Band / Tommy (cast) / Merry Clayton Band
Ginny Clee
Galadriel / The Bowles Brothers / Red Box / Mike Oldfield Band / Murray Head Band / Brian Kennedy Band / The Dear Janes
Michelle Cobbs
Chic / The Police / Roxy Music / Bryan Ferry Band
Beth Cohen
Bee Gees
Dennis Collins
Frank Collins
Kokomo / Joe Cocker Band / Bryan Ferry Band / Terence Trent D´Arby Band / Tom Robinson & Crew / Ian Dury & The Magic Students / Alvin Lee Band
Julie Collins
Johnny Halliday Band
Lyn Collins
Fred Wesley Band
Tracy Collins
Johnny Halliday Band
Renee Cologne
Meat Loaf Band
Bill Combes
Van Morrison Band
Liz Constantine
Mick Jagger Band
Betsy Cook
Priscilla Coolidge
Calico Cooper
Alice Cooper Band
Myra Cooper
Long John Baldry Band
Lyn Cornell
James Last Orchestra / Vernon Girls / The Pearls
Alain Couture
Johnny Halliday Band
Robin Cowlard
Shakin´ Stevens Band
Laura Creamer / Laura Creamer-Dunville
Eve / Bob Seger Band / Thomas Dolby Band / Eric Clapton Band / Bruce Hornsby Band / Glenn Frey Band
Jenn Cristy
John Mellencamp Band
Melodie Crittenden
Neil Diamond Band / Amy Grant Band / Billy Joel Band
Charlotte Crossley
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Andrae Crouch
Andrae Crouch Band / Church Of God In Christ / The Disciples
Sandra Crouch
Gabor Szabo Group / The Disciples
Nawasa Crowder
Pink Floyd / Black Grass
Yoio Cuesta
Larry Martin Band / Miguel Bose Band
  D   (Top)
Kyra Da Costa
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Janeen Daly
Van Morrison Band
Francine Daniels
Bruce Springsteen Band
Sian Daniels
Kokomo / Hotlines / Poison Girls / Halcyon / Ralph McTell Band / Carol Grimes Band
Joniece Danison
Johnny Halliday Band
Sarah Dash
Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos / Labelle
Russ David
Sting Band
Donna Davidson
Cynthia Davila
Tina Turner Band
Cydney Davis
Joe Cocker Band / Marvin Gaye Band / Harmony
Debbie Davis
Johnny Halliday Band / Al Jarreau Band / Lynyrd Skynyrd
Liliane Davis
Johnny Halliday Band
Lynn Davis
George Duke Band
Carmen Daye
Beverley Craven Band
Helen De Quiroga
Miguel Bose Band / Alejandro Sanz Band
Julie Delgado
Rod Stewart Band / Diana Ross Band / Natalie Cole Band / Michel Polnareff Band
Donna DeLory
Madonna Band
Carol Dennis
Bruce Springsteen Band
Carolyn Dennis
Bob Dylan Band / Stevie Wonder Band
Eileena Dennis
Zucchero Band
Stephanie DeSykes
Limey / Birds Of Paris / Love And Kisses
Sara Devine
Alejandro Sanz Band
Karla DeVito
Meat Loaf Band / Karla DeVito Band
Mavi Diaz
M-Clan / Viuda E Hijas De Roque Enroll / Los Twist
Erin Dickins
Leonard Cohen Band / Manhattan Transfer / Andy Pratt Band
Joey Diggs
Rod Stewart Band
Barbara Dinkins
Bruce Springsteen Band
Kevin DiSimone
Barry Manilow Band
Debra Dobkin
Perla Batalla Band / Jessie Baylin Band / Shawn Colvin Band / Allen Hinds Band / Teresa James Band / Al Jarreau Band / Amanda McBroom Band / Orchestra Superstring / Bonnie Raitt Band / Katey Sagal Band / Richard Thompson Band
Margaret Dorn
Boz Scaggs Band
Kevin Dorsey
Michael Jackson Band / The Jacksons
Debi Doss
Reign / The Kinks / Hot Chocolate / Love Force
Jenny Douglas
Mick Jagger Band / Toto / John Mellencamp Band
Sarah Douglas
Meat Loaf Band
Sally-Ann Downs
Al Stewart Band
Lindsay Dracass
Paul Carrack Band
Oma Drake
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Lesley Duncan Band / Elton John Band / The Jokers / Dusty Springfield Band
Sally Dworsky
Don Henley Band
Debbie Dye
Bob Dylan Band
  E   (Top)
Liza Jane Edwards
John Farnham Band / Olivia Newton-John Band / Stevie Nicks Band / Linda Ronstadt Band
Gilbert Einaudi
Johnny Halliday Band
Franny Eisenberg
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Lance Ellington
Lance Ellington Band
Ed Enoch
Elvis Presley Band / J D Sumner & The Stamps
Joe Esposito
Brooklyn Dreams
Yanick Etienne
Roxy Music
Gwen Evans
Bob Dylan Band
Jenni Evans
Terry Evans
The Knights / Ry Cooder Band / The Coasters / Terry Evans Band
Michael Bolton Band
  F   (Top)
Voncielle Faggett
Gino Vannelli Band
Christine Faith
Cyndi Lauper Band / Lou Reed Band / Robert Plant Band
Gary Falcone
Stan Farber
The Bleeding Hearts Band / Pink Floyd
Pat Farrar
Pat and Olivia / Olivia Newton-John Band
Donna Fein
Olivia Newton-John Band
Mimi Felixine
Johnny Halliday Band
Johana Ferdinard
Johnny Halliday Band
Marcela Ferrari
Ana Belen Band / Be Water / Cristina Narea Band / Miguel Rios Band / Joaquin Sabina Band
Lynne Fiddmont
Phil Collins Band / Patti Austin Band
Lindsay Field
John Farnham Band / Olivia Newton-John Band
Venetta Fields
Ike & Tina Turner / Humble Pie / Pink Floyd / Boz Scaggs Band / Venetta Fields Band / John Farnham Band / The Blackberries / Bonnie Bramlett Band / Paul Butterfield Band / Richard Clapton Band / Renee Geyer Band / Ray Kennedy Band / Steve Marriott Band
Jeanie Fineberg
David Bowie Band / Laura Nyro Band / Montclair Women´s Big Band / Deuce / Isis
Lisa Fischer
Tina Turner Band / Rolling Stones / Mick Jagger Band / G E Smith Band
Sara Fleetwood
Stevie Nicks Band
Babi Floyd
Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos
Frank Floyd
Ellen Foley
Ellen Foley Band / Ian Hunter Band
Claudia Fontaine
Pink Floyd / Afrodiziak / Elvis Costello Band
Penny Ford
Chaka Khan Band
Gina Foster
Eric Clapton Band / George Duke Band / Pete Townshend Band / Band Of Sisters / The Deep Mo / Gina Foster Band
Gerard Fournier
Johnny Halliday Band
Aileen Fowler
Leonard Cohen Band
Juanita Franklin
Johnny Halliday Band / Moby Grape / Al Stewart Band / Thunderthighs
Lisa Frazier
Boz Scaggs Band
Carole Fredericks
Fredericks Goldman Jones / Carole Fredericks Band / Mireille Matthieu Band / Jean-Jacques Goldman Band / Mylene Farmer Band
Dee Fredericks
Swing Out Sister
Paul Fredericks
Linda Lewis Band
Roberta Freeman
Guns´n´Roses / Pink Floyd
Deborah French
Janie Fricke
Janie Fricke Band / Elvis Presley Band
Karen Friedman
Long John Baldry Band / Thunderthighs
Barbara Frye
Long John Baldry Band
Andy Fuller
Al Stewart Band
Tommy Funderburk
Jay Graydon Band / Airplay / The Front / What If / King Of Hearts / Funderburk Miner
Rachel Fury
Pink Floyd
  G   (Top)
Cassie Gaines
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Roy Galloway
Lena-Maria Gardenas
Donna Gardier
Sting Band
Beverley Gardner
Joe Cocker Band
Diane Garisto
Steely Dan
Gary Garland
Whitney Houston Band
James Last Orchestra / Elton John Band / Dusty Springfield Band / The Ladybirds / Birds Of Paris / The International Pop Proms
Siedah Garrett
Blues Brothers Band / George Duke Band / Michael Jackson Band / Madonna Band
Frederique Gengenbach
Johnny Halliday Band
Steve George
Mr Mister / Pages / Al Jarreau Band
Donny Gerrard
Mavis Staples Band
Solange Geunier
Tina Turner Band
Renee Geyer
Joe Cocker Band / Renee Geyer Band / Easy Pieces / Men At Work
John Gibbons
Cat Stevens Band
Sharlotte Gibson
Whitney Houston Band
Paul Gifford
Danny Gillan
Jim Gilstrap
The Cultures / Doodletwon Pipers / The Reason Why / Stevie Wonder Band
James Glazer
Elvis Presley Band
Venette Gloud
Sue Glover
Sue & Sunny / James Last Orchestra / Brotherhood Of Man / Currant Craze / Original Cast / The International Pop Proms
Anne Marie Godard
Johnny Halliday Band
Estaire Godinez
George Benson Band
Amy Goff
Meat Loaf Band
Elaine Goff
Meat Loaf Band
Sherry Goffin
Carole King Band
Ken Gold
Cliff Richard Band / Elton John Band / Denne & Gold
Lilly Gonzales
Steve Harley Band
Esther Gonzalez
Miguel Bose Band / Alejandro Sanz Band
Aleysha Gordon
Roxy Music
Bobbie Gordon
Bryan Ferry Band
Tracy Graham
Blodwyn Pig / Moody Blues
Gloria Granola
Steely Dan
Angie Grant
Tony Hadley Band / Robbie Williams Band
Diva Gray
Chic / Change / Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Michele Gray
Todd Rundgren Band
Robin Grean
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Derek Green
Swing Out Sister / Serpentine Fire / Amy Winehouse Band
Maxine Green
Leo Sayer Band / Martha Reeves Band / Joe Cocker Band / Boz Scaggs Band / The Ikettes / Mohegan Sun All-Stars
Jeannie Greene
Southern Comfort / Elvis Presley Band / The Concert For Bangla Desh Band / Alabama State Troupers
Susaye Greene
Stevie Wonder Band / The Supremes / Ray Charles Band / Scherrie & Susaye
Willie Greene
Ry Cooder Band
Portia Griffin
The Sweet Inspirations
Sandy Griffith
Huey Lewis & The News / Boz Scaggs Band
Marcia Griffiths
The Wailers
Carmen Grillo
The Motowns / Tower Of Power
Carol Grimes
The Race / Babylon / Delivery / Uncle Dog / Dick & The Firemen / Carf All-Stars / Carol Grimes Band / The Shout / New Coats / Vortex Foundation Big Band
Gordon Grody
Max Gronenthal
Tommy Bolin Band
Lani Groves
Carly Simon Band / Stevie Wonder Band / The Reason Why / Paul Simon Band
Emm Gryner
David Bowie Band
Jason Guess
David Bowie Band
Jerrika Jacques Gustave
Johnny Halliday Band
Gwen Guthrie
The Ebonettes / Gwen Guthrie Band
  H   (Top)
Jim Haas
The Bleeding Hearts Band / Pink Floyd / Roger Waters Band
Wendy Haas
Kiki Dee Band / Kenny Rankin Band / Loading Zone
Caroline Rainey Haines
Johnny Halliday Band
Andricka Hall
Joe Cocker Band / Anastacia Band / Annie Lennox Band / J Geils Band / Chaka Khan Band / Taylor Dayne Band / Toshi Kubota Band / Freddie Jackson Band
Carl Hall
La Tanya Hall
Bobby McFerrin Group / La Tanya Hall Band / Rob Thomas Band / Diana Ross Band / Aretha Franklin Band / Catherine Russell Band / Steely Dan / Harry Belafonte Band
Janey Hallett
Karen Hamill
Van Morrison Band
Babe Hamilton
Zucchero Band
Lyndsay Hammond
Cheetah / Renee Geyer Band / Stevie Wright Band
Helen Hampton
SAS Band
Vicki Hampton
Dolly Parton Band
Tony Harding
Tony Rivers & The Castaways / Harmony Grass / Shakin´ Stevens Band
Roger Chapman & The Shortlist / Pete Brown Band / Arthur Louis Band / Bernie Marsden Band / Gilbert O´Sullivan Band
Linda Harmon
Bee Gees
Julie Harrington
David Gilmour Band
Hilda Harris
Jo Ann Harris
Bob Dylan Band / Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Nikki Harris
Madonna Band
Ian Harrison
David Gilmour Band / Tom Jones Band
Erica Harrold
Swing Out Sister
Melanie Harrold
The Albion Band / Irma & The Squirmers / Natural Acoustic Band / Hank Wangford Band
Linda Hart
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Nicolette Hart
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Dee Harvey
Rod Stewart Band
Delores Harvin
Stevie Wonder Band
Carol Hatchett
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Kenya Hathaway
George Benson Band
Alain Hattat
Johnny Halliday Band
Regina Havis
Bob Dylan Band
Pat Hawk
Michael Bolton Band
Jean Hawker / Jean Ryder
Vernon Girls / The Breakaways / Dusty Springfield Band / James Last Orchestra / Birds Of Paris
Leslie Hawkins
Lynyrd Skynyrd / Molly Hatchet
Bryn Haworth
The Chocolate Frog / Les Fleur de Lys / Joan Armatrading Band / Gallagher & Lyle / Bryn Haworth Band / Bryn Haworth BigBand / Aleksander John Band / Jackie Lomax Band / Cliff Richard Band / Wolfgang
Tony Hazzard
Tony Hazzard Band
Ula Hedwig
Bette Midler Band / Rosie / The New York Rock And Soul Revue / Robert Plant Band
Jimmy Helms
Ashton & Lord / James Last Orchestra
Terri Hendricks
The Third Generation / Stevie Wonder Band
Muffy Hendrix
Barry Manilow Band / Olivia Newton-John Band
Diane Hershey
Daniel Amos / The Road Home
Pete Hewlett
Billy Joel Band / Novo Combo
Marva Hicks
Michael Jackson Band / Stevie Wonder Band
Rosetta Hightower
Orlons / Charge / Rosetta Hightower Band
Carroll Sue Hill
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Ed Hill
The Masters V / Elvis Presley Band / J D Sumner & The Stamps
Judith Hill
Michael Jackson Band / Michel Polnareff Band
Charlean Hines
Eric Clapton Band
Anthony Hinton
David Bowie Band
Ginger Holladay
Southern Comfort / Elvis Presley Band / Linda Ronstadt Band
Mary Holladay
Southern Comfort / Linda Ronstadt Band
Dorian Holley
Rod Stewart Band / Michael Jackson Band / Don Henley Band / James Taylor Band / The Tonight Show Band
Patrice Holloway
The Ikettes
Nayanna Holly
Johnny Halliday Band
Delores Holmes
Bruce Springsteen Band
Ednah Holt
Bryan Ferry Band / Talking Heads
Maritza Horn
Cissy Houston
The Sweet Inspirations / The Drinkard Singers / Elvis Presley Band / Cissy Houston Band
Gary Houston
Whitney Houston Band
Angela Howard
Lou Reed Band
Brie Howard
Carole King Band / Fanny
Patti Howard
Whitney Houston Band
Peter Howarth
Cliff Richard Band / The Hollies / Sahara / Cliff Richard & The Shadows
Brea Howe
Kiki Dee Band
Angela Howell
Cat Stevens Band
Janice Hoyte
Bill Wyman Band / The Boogie Brothers / Incognito / Gonzalez
Bunny Hull
Katie Humble
Go West / Art Of Noise / Darwinswish / A La Carte
Brooks Hunnicutt
Stephen Stills Band
Lisa Hunt
Jimmy Barnes Band / Zucchero Band
Buddy Hyatt
  I   (Top)
Barbara Ingram
Phillip Ingram
Quincy Jones Orchestra
Dena Iverson
Jimmy Buffett Band
  J   (Top)
Carolyn Jablonski
Meat Loaf Band / CC&Crew
Clydene Jackson
Paul Korda Band
Elaine Jackson
Zucchero Band
Natalie Jackson
Elton John Band
Tony Jackson
Paul Young Band / Elkie Brooks Band
Connie Jackson-Comegys
Phil Collins Band
Fanita James
The Blossoms / Elvis Presley Band
John James
Josie James
Whitney Houston Band
Ruby James
James Last Orchestra / Ruby James Band / Aztec Camera / Spandau Ballet / Elkie Brooks Band / Junior Campbell Band
Tom Jans
Tom Jans Band
Martin Jay
Enigma / Steve Harley Band
Kia Jeffries
Chaka Khan Band
Mortonette Jenkins
Elton John Band
Shauna Jensen
Renee Geyer Band
Marlena Jeter
Elton John Band
Skyler Jett
Sly & Family Stone / Commodores
Keith John
Stevie Wonder Band
Michelle John
Eric Clapton Band / Roxy Music
Lorenza Johnson
Pete Townshend Band / Joe Leader Group
Lyndon B Johnson
Madonna Band
Panzie Johnson
Stevie Wonder Band
Vann Johnson
Michael Bolton Band
James Jolis
Barry Manilow Band
Brenda Jones
Diana Ross Band / The Jones Girls
Carolyn Jones
Johnny Halliday Band
Gloria Jones
Joe Cocker Band / Jerry Garcia Band / T Rex / Gloria Jones Band
Royce Jones
Steely Dan / Ambrosia
Shirley Jones
The Jones Girls / Diana Ross Band
Sonia Jones
James Last Orchestra / The Who / Rick Wakeman Band / Time (cast)
Sophia Jones
Rolling Stones
Valorie Jones
Diana Ross Band / The Jones Girls
Yvonne Jones
Johnny Halliday Band
Cori Josias
Rick Wakeman Band
Jon Joyce
The Bleeding Hearts Band / Pink Floyd / Roger Waters Band
  K   (Top)
Elly K
Joe Cocker Band
Courtney Kaiser
John Mellencamp Band
Joanne Kamorin
Lou Reed Band
Ali Kane
Judie Tzuke Band
Gail Kantor
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes / Barry Manilow Band
Joyce Kaye
Dr John Band
Howard Kaylan
The Crossfires / Flo & Eddie / Al Stewart Band / T Rex / The Turtles / Frank Zappa Band
Ellen Kearney
Maria Muldaur Band
Tom Kelly
Toto / I-Ten
Hannah Kemoh
Bryan Ferry Band
Brian Kennedy
Brian Kennedy Band / Van Morrison Band
Cleopatra Kennedy
Bruce Springsteen Band
Mary Ann Kennedy
Emmylou Harris Band
Louise Kenny
Carol Kenyon
Roger Waters Band / Pink Floyd / Van Morrison Band / Mick Jagger Band / Go West / Incognito / Morrissey-Mullen / Band Du Lac
Kim Keyes
Billy Joel Band
Amy Keys
Johnny Halliday Band / Joe Cocker Band / Phil Collins Band
Billy Kidd
Barry Manilow Band
Bobby King
Bruce Springsteen Band / Ry Cooder Band
Clydie King
Humble Pie / Bob Dylan Band / The Blackberries / The Nightengales / Paul Butterfield Band / Bonnie Bramlett Band / Pink Floyd
Curtis King
Chic / Duran Duran / Powerstation / Carly Simon Band / Bruce Springsteen Band
Jean King
The Blossoms / Elvis Presley Band
Marva King
Stevie Wonder Band
Millie Kirkham
Elvis Presley Band
Chuck Kirkpatrick
Sandra Kirkwood
Gino Vannelli Band
Katie Kissoon
Mac & Katie Kissoon / George Duke Band / Pete Townshend Band / Roger Waters Band / George Harrison Band / Eric Clapton Band / The Bleeding Hearts Band / Van Morrison Band / Robbie Williams Band
Holly Knight
Krysia Kristianne
Al Stewart Band / Natural Acoustic Band
  L   (Top)
Jocelyne Lacaille
Johnny Halliday Band
Paige Lackey Martin
Kathy Lamb
Bob Seger Band
Pam Landrum
Boz Scaggs Band
Robin Lane
Neil Young Band
Ann Lang
Joe Cocker Band
Bones / Night / James Last Orchestra / Elton John Band / Rick Wakeman Band / Contraband / The SAS Band / Blue / Filthy McNasty / New Trends / Hocus
David Lasley
James Taylor Band / Chic / Rosie / Spoonspell / David Lasley Band
Jim Lauderdale
Lucinda Williams Band / Jim Lauderdale Band
Lynda Laurence
The Third Generation / The Supremes / Stevie Wonder Band / Joe Cocker Band
Jo Lawry
Sting Band
Mandy LeCointe
Sting Band
Tomas Ledin
Larry Lee
Jimmy Buffett Band / Ozark Mountain Daredevils / Vinyl Kings
John Lehman
Edie Lehmann
Patti Austin Band / Quincy Jones Orchestra
Rebecca Leigh White
Johnny Halliday Band
Kipp Lennon
Crosby & Nash / David Crosby Band / Venice / Roger Waters Band
Mark Lennon
Venice / Roger Waters Band
Carolyn Leonhart
Steely Dan / Donald Fagen Band / Swiss Percussion Ensemble / Lyn Leon / Carolyn Leonhart Group / Al Jarreau Band / Catherine Russell Band
Kim Lesley
National Youth Jazz Orchestra / Paul Young Band / Kim Lesley Band
Sunny Leslie
Sue & Sunny / James Last Orchestra / Brotherhood Of Man / Currant Craze / Original Cast / Birds Of Paris / The International Pop Proms
Marcy Levy / Marcella Detroit
Bob Seger Band / Eric Clapton Band / Shakespear´s Sister / The Bad Luck and Troubles Blues Band / Chicago Blues Reunion / Carlos Guitarlos Band / Julia / Marcy Levy Band / Leon Russell Band
Anne Lewis
Van Morrison Band
Becky Lewis
Boz Scaggs Band
Dee Lewis
Jennifer Lewis
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Linda Lewis
Herbie Goins & The Night Timers / Rod Stewart Band / White Rabbit / Ferris Wheel / Manfred Mann Chapter Three / Manfred Mann Band / Roger Waters Band / Linda Lewis Band / Soul Britannia All Stars
Maxayn Lewis
Gino Vannelli Band / Steve Marriott Band / Maxayn / The Ikettes
Shirley Lewis
Jennifer Rush Band / Elton John Band / George Michael Band / Spandau Ballet
Yvonne Lewis
Janis Liebhart
Michael Bolton Band / Moody Blues
Liza Jane Likins
Fleetwood Mac
Peter Lincoln
Cliff Richard Band / Sailor / Shakin´ Stevens Band / The Sweet
Marianne Lindsey
Joe Cocker Band
Mary Ann Lindsey
Black Grass / Pink Floyd
Phyllis Lindsey
Joe Cocker & His Band / Joe Cocker Band / Pink Floyd / Black Grass / Leon Russell Band
Kitty Litter
Jimmy Buffett Band
Becky Lopez
Barry Manilow Band
Darlene Love
The Blossoms / British Rock Symphony / The Crystals / Elvis Presley Band
Lisa Lowell
Bruce Springsteen Band / Trickster
Pauline Lozano
Van Morrison Band
Mila Lumbroso
Johnny Halliday Band
Suzanne Lynch
Cat Stevens Band / Neil Sedaka Band / Bones / Val Doonican Band / The Goodies / Charles Aznavour Band / Leo Sayer Band / The Chicks / The Ladykillers
Cheryl Lynn
Cheryl Lynn Band
  M   (Top)
Lynn Mabry
Mick Jagger Band / Stevie Nicks Band / Fleetwood Mac / Talking Heads
Kati Mac
Meat Loaf Band
Melissa Mackay
Wendy Mackenzie
Moody Blues
Lee Maiden
Chaka Khan Band
John Maion
Elton John Band
Johanna Manchec
Johnny Halliday Band
Marc Mann
Kate Markowitz
James Taylor Band / George Benson Band
Rita Marley
Bob Marley & The Wailers
Queen Esther Marrow
Bob Dylan Band
Louise Marshall
Bryan Ferry Band
Melanie Marshall
Leo Sayer Band
Susan Marshall
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Kamilah Martin
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Luci Martin
Marilyn Martin
Don Henley Band / Stevie Nicks Band
Sylvia Mason-James
James Last Orchestra / Swing Out Sister / Go West / Aztec Camera / Pet Shop Boys / Roger Waters Band / Tribute To John Lennon Band / The Allstars Collective / Voyage
Barbara Massey
Zeeteah Massiah
Zeeteah Massiah Band
Michel Mathieu
Johnny Halliday Band
Louise Mathoon
Bob Dylan Band
Myrna Matthews
Boz Scaggs Band
Shirley Matthews
Bonnie Bramlett Band / Richard Clapton Band / Venetta Fields Band / The Nightengales
Durga McBroom
Pink Floyd / Blue Pearl
Lorelei McBroom
Pink Floyd
Mo McCafferty
Network 3 / Nutshell
Annie McCaig
Level 42 / Nutshell / Network 3 / Cliff Richard Band
Marti McCall
Jean McClain
Hugh Laurie Band
Olivia McClurkin
Whitney Houston Band
Deborah McColl
Jimmy Buffett Band
Geoffrey McCormack
David Bowie Band
Arnold McCuller
James Taylor Band / Phil Collins Band / Spoonspell / Ry Cooder Band / Lyle Lovett Band / Arnold McCuller Band / Linda Ronstadt Band / Revelation
Ullanda McCullough
Chic / Ashford & Simpson
Donna McDaniels
Dolette McDonald
Chic / Gang Of Four / Don Henley Band / The Police / Sting Band / Steve Winwood Band
Kathi McDonald
Long John Baldry Band / Big Brother & The Holding Company / Terry & The Pirates / Mickey Hart Band / Leon Russell Band / Ike & Tina Turner Band / Kathi McDonald Band
Paul McGee
Mike + The Mechanics
Jackie McGhee
Aileen McGouchlin
Johnny Halliday Band
Paddy McHugh
Kokomo / Arrival / Bryan Ferry Band / Alvin Lee Band
Val McKenna
Judith Durham Band / Cliff Richard Band / Time (cast) / Val McKenna Band
Candy McKenzie
Gary Moore Band
Les Humphries Singers / The Barrelhouse Blues Orchestra / The Slobs / The McKinleys / Paice Ashton & Lord / Sheila McKinley Band / Howie Casey Band
Vivienne McKone
Paulette McWilliams
Bette Midler Band / Steely Dan / Quincy Jones Orchestra / Rufus / The Harlettes / Marvin Gaye Band / Paulette McWilliams Band / Luther Vandross Band
Devon Meade
Alice Cooper Band
Michael Mellett
Billy Joel Band
Jacques Mercier
Johnny Halliday Band
Gene Merlino
Supersax / The Mello Men
Kathy Merrick
Boz Scaggs Band
Beverly Michael
Joe Cocker Band
Cassie Miller
Merle Miller
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes / Barry Manilow Band
Chas Mills
First Class
Michael Mishaw
Natalie Cole Band / Don Henley Band
Cindy Mizelle
Steely Dan / Rolling Stones / Luther Vandross Band / Donald Fagen Band / Bruce Springsteen Band / Whitney Houston Band
Robbie Montgomery
Dr John Band
Kenny Moore
Tina Turner Band / Aretha Franklin Band
Pamela Moore
Bob Seger Band
Linda Moran
Mick Jagger Band
Gene Morford
Felicia Moss
Whitney Houston Band
Judy Mowatt
The Wailers
Annie Muggleton
Judie Tzuke Band
Jamie Muggleton
Judie Tzuke Band
Jenni Muldaur
Todd Rundgren Band
Mick Mullins
Cliff Richard Band / Cliff Richard & The Shadows / Time (cast)
Shaun Murphy / Stoney
Stoney & Meat Loaf / Bob Seger Band / Eric Clapton Band / Little Feat / Moody Blues / Shaun Murphy Band / Rockets
Suzanne Murphy
Steve Harley Band
Tampa Murphy
Bee Gees
Keith Murrell
Airrace / Lionheart / Mama´s Boys / Cliff Richard Band / The Who
  N   (Top)
Cristina Narea
Nacha Pop / Cristina Narea Band / Pecata Minuta / Luis Eduardo Aute Band / Paloma San Basilio Band / Joaquin Sabina Band / Miguel Rios Band
Paula Narea
Nacha Pop / Miguel Bose Band
Dan Navarro
Severin Browne Band / Bon Mot / Lowen & Navarro / 20 Times
Pauline Neill
Jo Ann Kelly Band
B J Nelson
Duran Duran / Robert Palmer Band
Gordon Neville
Elton John Band / Rick Wakeman Band
Karen Newman
Bob Seger Band
Phil Nichol
Cliff Richard Band / Time (cast)
Zoe Nicholas
Bjorn Again / Fabba Girls / Brian May Band / SAS Band
Billy Nicholls
Roger Daltrey Band / David Gilmour Band / Pete Townshend Band / The Who
Esther Nicholson
Rod Stewart Band
Candice Night
Tessa Niles
Eric Clapton Band / George Harrison Band / The Police / Robbie Williams Band / Incognito / Morrissey-Mullen / David Bowie Band / Duran Duran / Bandzilla / Band Of Sisters
Lee Noble
Elkie Brooks Band
Louis Nunley
Jordanaires / Anita Kerr Singers
Judy Nylon
John Cale Band
  O   (Top)
Kenny O´Brien
Alejandro Sanz Band
Siobhan O´Carroll
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Kathi O´Donoghue
Roger Chapman & The Shortlist
Susie O´List
Sharon O´Neill
Jimmy Barnes Band / Leo Sayer Band
Liza Ohman
Pamela Olivia
Rod Stewart Band
Leroy Osbourne
Abbie Osmon
Cliff Richard Band
Amy Osmon
Mike + The Mechanics
Conesha Owens
Huey Lewis & The News / Boz Scaggs Band
Karen Owens
Tina Turner Band
Monet Owens
Faith Hill Band / Boz Scaggs Band
Sharon Owens
Tina Turner Band
  P   (Top)
June Page
The Nashville Edition / Elvis Presley Band
Richard Page
Pages / Mr. Mister
Kate Paice
Steve Harley Band
Glen Palmer
Blues Brothers Band
Holly Palmer
David Bowie Band
Debra Parson
Madonna Band / Sheila E Escovedo Band
Deena Payne
Alan Price Band
Jody Payne
Willie Nelson Band / Merle Haggard Band
Anna Peacock
Cat Stevens Band / Van Morrison Band
Natasha Pearce
Rod Stewart Band
Shannon Pearson
George Duke Band
Regina Peeples
Bob Dylan Band
Janice Pendarvis
Sting Band
Michael Perea
Madonna Band
Carolyn Perri
Perri / Pat Metheny Band
Darlene Perri
Pat Metheny Group / Perri
Lori Perri
Fleetwood Mac / Pat Metheny Group / George Michael Band / Stevie Nicks Band / Perri
Sharon Perri
Pat Metheny Group / George Michael Band / Perri
Sophia Perrot
Johnny Halliday Band
John Perry
Kiki Dee Band / Grapefruit / Steve Harley Band / Cliff Richard Band / Shakin´ Stevens Band
Phil Perry
The Montclairs / Perry & Sanlin / George Duke Band / Lee Ritenour Band / David Foster Band
Pat Peterson
John Mellencamp Band / Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Mackenzie Phillips
New Barbarians
Darryl Phinnessee
Rod Stewart Band / Michael Jackson Band
Valerie Pinkston-Mayo
Whitney Houston Band / Diana Ross Band / The Clique / Patti Austin Band
Mayte Pizarro
Ketama / Rosario Flores Band
Joe Pizzulo
Janet Planet
Van Morrison Band
Jessica Plessel
Johnny Halliday Band
Sandy Posey
Elvis Presley Band
Judith Powell
Long John Baldry Band / Judith Powell Band
Petsye Powell
Linda Press
Neil Diamond Band
Shelley Preston
Brian May Band / Beverley Craven Band / Bucks Fizz / Tony Hadley Band / Jason Donovan Band / Fret Monkey / Hard Candy / Cloudfish / Belinda Carlisle Band / Inxs
Greg Prestopino
Robert Price
Renee Geyer Band
  Q   (Top)
Madelyn Quebec
Bob Dylan Band
  R   (Top)
Jeff Ramsey
Al Jarreau Band / Marcus Miller Band
Jackie Rawe
Sheena Easton Band
Carmen Rawls
Whitney Houston Band
Tiawana Rawls
Whitney Houston Band
Vonchita Rawls
Whitney Houston Band
Sharon Redd
Bette Midler Band / Sharon Redd Band / The Harlettes
Melanie Redmond
Bill Wyman Band / The The
Di Reed
Rod Stewart Band
Maggie Reilly
Cado Belle / Mike Oldfield Band / Maggie Reilly Band
Barry Manilow Band
Patti Revell
Van Morrison Band
Suzanne Rhatigan
Beverley Craven Band
Leesa Richards
Bee Gees
Nikki Richards
Madonna Band
Claytoven Richardson
Tony Rivers
Tony Rivers & The Castaways / Harmony Grass / Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel / Cliff Richard Band / Shakin´ Stevens Band
Juliet Roberts
Working Week / Jazz Jamaica All Stars / Jazz Jamaica / Denys Baptiste Group / Tribute To John Lennon Band
Andrea Robinson
Lin Robinson
Sharon Robinson
Long John Baldry Band / Leonard Cohen Band
Shirlie Roden
Reign / The Kinks / Gordon Giltrap Band / Shirlie Roden & Suzi Quatro
Angel Rogers
Bruce Springsteen Band
Laura Rogers
Elvis Costello Band
Lydia Rogers
Elvis Costello Band
Olga Roman
Joaquin Sabina Band / Luis Eduardo Aute Band / Olga Roman Band
Susie Ronson
Ian Hunter Band
Pat Rosalia
Manhattan Transfer / Andy Pratt Band / Gregg Allman Band
Joy Rose
Incognito / Sting Band
Pamela Rose
Emmylou Harris Band / Montclair Women´s Big Band / Merl Saunders Band
Gloria Ruben
Tina Turner Band
Moira Ruskin
Johnny Halliday Band
Brenda Russell
Brian And Brenda Russell / Dave Koz Group / Brenda Russell Band
Catherine Russell
David Bowie Band / Cyndi Lauper Band / Steely Dan / Vonda Shepard Band / The New York Rock And Soul Revue / Levon Helm Band / J Geils Band / Catherine Russell Band
Patti Russo
Meat Loaf
Maggie Ryder
Brian May Band / Eric Clapton Band / Eurythmics / Willie & The PoorBoys
  S   (Top)
Chuck Sabatino
Michael McDonald Band
Katey Sagal
Bette Midler Band / Katey Sagal Band / The Harlettes
Edith Salazar
Miguel Bose Band
Paqui Sanchez
Joaquin Sabina Band
Zachary Sanders
Grover Washington Jr Band
Lea Santos
Long John Baldry Band
Jodie Scantlebury
Bryan Ferry Band
Jason Scheff
Chicago / Robert Lamm Band
Ellen Schroer
Van Morrison Band
Patti Scialfa
Bruce Springsteen Band / Trickster / Tone / Patti Scialfa Band
Sybil Scoby
Mick Jagger Band
Cindy Scott
Stevie Wonder Band
Marilyn Scott
Valerie Scott
Mick Jagger Band
Mary Serpass
Boz Scaggs Band
Debbie Sharp
Roger Chapman & The Shortlist
Maxine Sharp
Joe Cocker Band
Sue Shattock
Moody Blues
Sylvia Shemwell
Elvis Presley Band / The Sweet Inspirations
Vonda Shepard
Jackson Browne Band / Al Jarreau Band / Vonda Shepard Band / Rickie Lee Jones Band
Anita Sherman
Joe Cocker Band
Alfie Silas
Whitney Houston Band / Gino Vannelli Band
Vicky Silva
Lucie Silvas
Judie Tzuke Band
Lisa Silver
Lisa Silver Band
Mia Silverman
Judie Tzuke Band
Ann Simmons
The Ladybirds / Vernon Girls / The Pearls
Frank Simms
David Bowie Band / Carly Simon Band
George Simms
David Bowie Band / Billy Joel Band
Voneva Simms
Whitney Houston Band
Ray Simpson
Raymond Simpson
Janice Singleton
Joe Cocker Band / Leo Sayer Band / Martha Reeves Band / Boz Scaggs Band / The Ikettes / Mohegan Sun All-Stars
Shandi Sinnamon
Johnny Halliday Band / Todd Rundgren Band
Yitzhak Sinwani
Madonna Band
Beverley Skeete
Bill Wyman Band / Gary Brooker Band / Incognito / Carmel
Sarah-Jane Skeete
Cliff Richard Band
Reni Slais
Elvin Bishop Band
Francine Smith
Michael McDonald Band
Jessie Smith
Dr John Band / The Mirettes / The Ikettes
Leslie Smith
Carl Anderson Band
Myrna Smith
The Sweet Inspirations / Elvis Presley Band
Patty Smith
John Mayall Band
Sy Smith
Whitney Houston Band
Jenny Soule
Steely Dan
Beverly Spaulding
Van Morrison Band
Barbara Spitz
Dana Gillespie Band
Helena Springs
Bob Dylan Band / Bette Midler Band / David Bowie Band / Elton John Band / The Harlettes
Phyllis St James
Bee Gees / Boz Scaggs Band
Barry St John
Manfred Mann Band / Johnny Halliday Band / Les Humphries Singers / Clodagh Rodgers Band / Manfred Mann Earth Band
Ken Stacey
Michael Jackson Band
Naomi Starr
Moody Blues
Shayna Steele
Bette Midler Band / Funkasaurus Rex
Mindy Stein
Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks Band
Mindy Sterling
Johnny Halliday Band
Sally Stevens
Maeretha Stewart
Annie Stocking
Van Morrison Band / Neil Young with Booker T. & The MG's
Miriam Stockley
Brian May Band / Toyah Band / Miriam Stockley Band / Band Of Sisters
Rose Stone
Sly & Family Stone / Elton John Band
Larry Strickland
Elvis Presley Band / J D Sumner & The Stamps
Liza Strike
Liza & The Jet Sets / The Soul Mates / Manfred Mann Chapter Three / Dusty Springfield Band / Pink Floyd
Jacqui Sullivan
Bryan Ferry Band / Roxy Music / Neil Sedaka Band / The Goodies / Birds Of Paris
G Diane Sumler
David Bowie Band / Luther Vandross Band
Meritxell Sust
Alejandro Sanz Band
Samantha Swambi
Sting Band
  T   (Top)
Crystal Taliefero
Billy Joel Band / Bob Seger Band / Enrique Iglesias Band / Joe Cocker Band / Richie Sambora Band / Bruce Springsteen Band
Barry Tashian
Emmylou Harris Band
Kim Taylor
James Taylor Band
Mike Oldfield Band / Gonzalez / Chris Rea Band / Art Of Noise / The Secret Policeman Concert Band / Epo Band / Shakatak / Linda Taylor Band / Go West / Julien Clerc Band / Jocelyn Brown Band
Machan Taylor
Sting Band
Melanie Taylor
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes / Bardeux
Michel Taymont
Johnny Halliday Band
Helen Terry
Culture Club / Helen Terry Band
Rhae Ann Theriault
Bette Midler Band / The Harlettes
Sophie Thiam
Johnny Halliday Band
Alison Thomas
Alan Price Band
Ingrid Thomas
Keef Hartley Band
Tasha Thomas
Vaneese Thomas
Nitesprite / Vaneese Thomas Band
Anthony Thompson
Shakin´ Stevens Band / Mike Batt Band
Carol Thompson
Gary Moore Band
Chris Thompson
Night / Chris Thompson & The Islands / Manfred Mann Earth Band / Manfred Mann Band / Brian May Band / SAS Band / Alan Parsons Band / Elton John Band / Siggi Schwarz Band / Chris Thompson Band
Marc Anthony Thompson
Bruce Springsteen Band
Ingeburg Thomsen
Eric Burdon Band
Bianca Thornton
Van Morrison Band
Fonzi Thornton
Bryan Ferry Band / Roxy Music / Chic
Cindy Thrall
Meat Loaf Band
Diane Tidwell
Julia Tillman Waters / Julia Tillman / Julia Waters
Paul Simon Band / Neil Diamond Band / John Fogerty Band / Boz Scaggs Band / The Waters
Nichelle Tillman
Joe Cocker Band
June Tilton
Bob Seger Band
Darryl Tookes
Sting Band
Claire Torry
Pink Floyd / Roger Waters Band
Pamela Travis
The Kinks
Doris Troy
Johnny Halliday Band / Doris Troy Band / The Sweet Inspirations / Clodagh Rodgers Band
Eric Troyer
ELO Part II / Meat Loaf Band / The Orchestra
Billy Trudell
Elton John Band
Sundray Tucker
The Third Generation / Stevie Wonder Band
Joe Turano
Al Jarreau Band
Ruby Turner
Culture Club / UB40 / Bryan Ferry Band / Jools Holland Band / Rocket 88 / Ruby Turner Band
Claire Louise Turton
Tina Turner Band
Carmen Twillie
Mike Tyler
Screaming Lord Sutch Band
Bailey Tzuke
Judie Tzuke Band
  U   (Top)
George Underwood
David Bowie Band / The Kon-Rads / The Hooker Brothers / The King-Bees
  V   (Top)
Carla Vallet
Miguel Bose Band
Lamont Van Hook
Phil Collins Band / Rod Stewart Band / Patti Austin Band
Luther Vandross
David Bowie Band / Chic / Luther Vandross Band / Change / Bette Midler Band
Lisa Vaughn
The Wings Of Prayer / Try Christ Chorale / Michael Jackson Singers / Richard Jackson Chorale / Another Peace / Jermaine Jackson Band / Rufus / Chaka Khan Band / Diana Ross Band
Tata Vega
Elton John Band / Pollution
Rosie Vela
Kiko Velazquez
Miguel Bose Band
Mino Vergnaghi
Zucchero Band
Francesco Verrecchia
Johnny Halliday Band
Maria Vidal
Desmond Child & Rouge
Mili Vizcaino
Miguel Bose Band
Mark Volman
Mothers Of Invention / Flo & Eddie / The Crossfires / Al Stewart Band / T Rex / The Turtles / Frank Zappa Band
  W   (Top)
Janine Wallace
Van Morrison Band
Luther Waters
The Waters
Oren Waters
Paul Simon Band / John Fogerty Band / The Waters
Pepper Watkins
John Mayall Band
Sharon Watson
Blodwyn Pig
Alena Watters
The Harlettes / Bette Midler Band
Charley Webb
Leonard Cohen Band / The Webb Sisters
Hattie Webb
Leonard Cohen Band / The Webb Sisters
Susie Webb
The Who / Bjorn Again / Brian May Band / Fabba Girls / SAS Band
Mike West
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
Kathy Westmoreland
Elvis Presley Band
Audrey Wheeler
Chaka Khan Band / Diana Ross Band
Caron Wheeler
Afrodiziak / Elvis Costello Band
Brenda White King
Chic / The Ebonettes / Steely Dan
Fred White
Rod Stewart Band / The Clique / Michael Jackson Band / Arnold McCuller Band / Diana Ross Band / Toto
Sharon White
Eric Clapton Band / Bryan Ferry Band / Roxy Music
Trevor White
Renee Geyer Band
Millie Whiteside
Robert Plant Band
Emma Whittle
Steve Winwood Band
B David Whitworth
Whitney Houston Band
Hurshel Wiginton
The Nashville Edition
Michelle Wiley
Steely Dan
Bonnie Wilkinson
Frankie Miller Band / FBI
Maxine Willard Waters / Maxine Willard / Maxine Waters
Paul Simon Band / John Fogerty Band / Neil Diamond Band / The Waters
Lorna Willard
Boz Scaggs Band
Ann Williams
The Sweet Inspirations / Elvis Presley Band
Annabel Williams
Alison Moyet Band / Dark Blues / Al Jarreau Band / Annabel Williams Band
Carlena Williams
The Blackberries / Steve Marriott Band / Pink Floyd / Sunshine
Deniece Williams
Stevie Wonder Band / Deniece Williams Band / Mike Batt Band
Jessica Williams
Ashton & Lord / Chris Farlowe Band / Bookham and Riskett / James Last Orchestra / Birds Of Paris
Paul ´Tubbs´ Williams
Beverley Craven Band / Incognito / The Team / Light Of The World / The Warriors
Vesta Williams
Wild Honey / The Crusaders / Vesta Williams Band
Mark Williamson
Roger Daltrey Band / Steeleye Span
Carolyn Willis
Boz Scaggs Band
Joe Cocker Band / Barry White Band / Viola Wills Band
Barbara Wilson
Boz Scaggs Band
Liz Wilson
Angela Winbush
Rene & Angela / Stevie Wonder Band
Jean Witherspoon
Elton John Band
Birgitta Wollgard
Terry Wood
Moody Blues
Nanette Workman
Johnny Halliday Band / Nanette Workman Band
Elisecia Wright
Bob Dylan Band / Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks Band
Norma Jean Wright
Chic / State Of Art / Topettes / The Spinners
Dani Wylie
Michael Bolton Band
  Y   (Top)
Mona Lisa Young
Bob Dylan Band / Marcia Hines Band
Pegi Young
Neil Young Band
Sharon Young
Al Jarreau Band / Marcus Miller Band

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