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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Engineers (Index Complete)


  Engineers: (175 planned - 6 completed)

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  A   (Top)
Chuck Ainlay
Larry Alexander
Ken Allardyce
Chris De Burgh Band
Jim Anderson
Vic Anesini
Tom Arnold
Tony Arnold
Miles Ashton
  B   (Top)
David Baker
Mat Bartram
Chris Bellman
Haydn Bendall
Dennis Blackham
Chris Blair
Tchad Blake
Mike Bobak
Jerry Boys
Michael Brauer
Phill Brown
John Burns
Paschal Byrne
  C   (Top)
Robin Geoffrey Cable
Greg Calbi
Gennaro Carone
Fred Catero
Aaron Chakraverty
Steve Chase
Ed Cherney
Steve Cherry
Bernie Marsden´s SOS
Joe Chiccarelli
George Chkiantz
The Beatles / The Rolling Stones / Small Faces / Blind Faith / Ginger Baker´s Airforce / Family / Chicken Shack / Focus / King Crimson / Led Zeppelin / Hawkwind / Savoy Brown / Slade / Soft Machine / Stone The Crows
David Cole
Mariah Carey Band
Bill Cooper
Ian Cooper
Jim Czak
  D   (Top)
John David
Dave Edmunds Band / Andy Fairweather Low Band / Love Sculpture
Phil DeLancie
Richard Dodd
Peter Doell
Mick Dolan
Johnny Coppin Band / Jim Capaldi Band / Michael D´Abo Band
Alan Douglas
Jimmy Douglass
Aretha Franklin / Derek & The Dominos / Allman Brothers Band / Eric Clapton / James Gang / Rod Stewart / Lynyrd Skynyrd
  E   (Top)
Phil Edwards
Geoff Emerick
Stuart Epps
  F   (Top)
James Farber
Ken Felton
Black Cat Bones
Joe Ferla
Frank Filipetti
Geoff Foster
Greg Fulginiti
  G   (Top)
Dan Garcia
Brian Gardner
Joe Gastwirt
Humberto Gatica
Steve Genewick
Dave Glover
Hookfoot / Elton John Band / Solid Gold / BC Sweet / The Sweet / The Soul Agents / Men Friday / The Loot
John Golden
Keith Grant
Doug Graves
Fleetwood Mac
David Grinsted
Bernie Grundman
Suha Gur
Mick Guzauski
  H   (Top)
Robert Hadley
Lewis Hahn
Steve Hall
Bill Halverson
Barry Hammond
Keith Harwood
The Rolling Stones
Dan Healy
Terry & The Pirates
T J Helmerich
Garsed-Helmerich / Planet X / Autograph
Dan Hersch
Lee Herschberg
Simon Heyworth
George Horn
Scott Hull
  I   (Top)
Austin Ince
Bill Inglot
  J   (Top)
Ted Jensen
Free / Rolling Stones / Rod Stewart / Humble Pie / Joe Satriani / Van Halen / Eric Clapton / Gary Moore
  K   (Top)
Chuck Kirkpatrick
Juergen Koppers
Damian Korner
Nathaniel Kunkel
John Kurlander
  L   (Top)
Erick Labson
Ken Laws
David Leonard
Mark Linett
Chris Lord-Alge
Tom Lord-Alge
Bob Ludwig
Gavin Lurssen
  M   (Top)
Steve MacMillan
Phil Magnotti
Vic Maile
Calum Malcolm
Brian Malouf
Stephen Marcussen
Randy Mason
Gwyn Mathias
Ron McMaster
Vlado Meller
James Mooney
Don Murray
  N   (Top)
Justin Niebank
Steve Nye
Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  O   (Top)
Michael O´Reilly
Eddie Offord
  P   (Top)
Charles Paakkari
Paul Page
John Cale Band / Ian Hunter Band
Joseph M Palmaccio
Gene Paul
Rik Pekkonen
Ken Perry
Csaba Petocz
Tony Platt
Tristan Powell
Georgie Fame Band
Bill Price
Steve Price
Jack Joseph Puig
John Punter
Arrival / Caravan / Sensational Alex Harvey Band / Nazareth / Procol Harum / Trapeze / Mick Abrahams / Roxy Music / Savoy Brown / Slade / UK
Denny Purcell
  Q   (Top)
Roger Quested
  R   (Top)
Simon & Garfunkel / The Band / James Taylor / Paul Simon / Billy Joel / Chicago / Alice Cooper / Gilbert O´Sullivan / Bob Dylan / Elton John / Paul McCartney / Frank Sinatra
Brian Reeves
Kevin Reeves
David Richards
John Richards
David Rideau
Marnie Riley
Jean Ristori
Mainhorse / Mainhorse Airline
Nick Robbins
Jose Rodriguez
Woody Herman Orchestra
Mike Ross
  S   (Top)
Stuart Sawney
Doug Sax
Elliot Scheiner
Brian Scheuble
Al Schmitt
Eddy Schreyer
Jim Scott
Toby Scott
Allen Sides
Mike Stone
Whitesnake / Queen / Journey / Asia
Ren Swan
Bruce Swedien
Robin Sylvester
Paul Korda Band / Ratdog / Byzantium / Dana Gillespie Band
  T   (Top)
Joe Tarantino
Tony Taverner
Stephen W Tayler
Chris De Burgh Band
Brian Tench
David Thoener
John Timperley
Jeff Titmus
Wally Traugott
  U   (Top)
Leanne Ungar
  V   (Top)
Val Valentin
Derek Varnals
David Vaught
Association / The Flying Burrito Brothers / Roger McGuinn Band
Tommy Vicari
Robert Vosgien
  W   (Top)
Roger Wake
Nigel Walker
Howie Weinberg
Mark Wilder
Frank Wolf
  Y   (Top)
Shelly Yakus
Tim Young
  Z   (Top)
Erik Zobler

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