This is intended to be a homage to very many musicians I've loved since I started listening to music. My intention is to tell what I know about them, hoping that those people who like them too, will help me fill numerous gaps, which I may have in their careers and discographies. Sorry, but there are no MP3 audio files here at all, just info (and love for the musicians).

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Trombone Players (Index Complete)


  Trombone Players: (431 planned - 5 completed)

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  A   (Top)
Wolfgang Ahlers
James Last Orchestra / George Gruntz Band
Eric Allandale
The Swinging Garcons / The Foundations / The New Orleans Knights / Dillingers
Danny Allmark
Keef Hartley Band
Dave Amis
Jim Amlotte
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Ray Anderson
Charlie Haden Group / Carla Bley Band / Ray Anderson Group / Anthony Braxton Group / Brotherhood of Breath / Slickaphonics / Barry Altschul Group / George Gruntz Band
Randy Andos
Blood Sweat & Tears / Howard Johnson Group / They Might Be Giants
Wayne Andre
Jaco Pastorius Group / Kai Winding Group / Gerry Mulligan Group / Woody Herman Orchestra / Benny Goodman Group
Jackie Armstrong
Ted Heath Orchestra / Kenny Graham´s Afro-Cubists
Bob Ascher
Buddy Rich Orchestra
Jay Ashby
Paul Simon Band / Tania Maria Band
  B   (Top)
Mike Balogh
Jaco Pastorius Group
Clarence Banks
Count Basie Orchestra / George Benson Band
Chris Barber
All Star Band / Van Morrison & Chris Barber & Lonnie Donegan Band / Van Morrison Band
Dave Bargeron
Rabih Abou-Khalil Group / Blood Sweat & Tears / Gil Evans Orchestra / George Gruntz Band / Howard Johnson Group / Jaco Pastorius Group / George Russell Orchestra / Doc Severinsen Group / Clark Terry Group
Ted Barker
Ted Heath Orchestra / Johnny Dankworth Orchestra
Art Baron
Bruce Springsteen Band / The Ellington Legacy Orchestra / Frank Wess Orchestra / Jim Schapperoew Group / George Gruntz Band
Anthony Bartlett
Cliff Richard Band
Dee Barton
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Conrad Bauer
The London Jazz Composers Orchestra / Derek Bailey Group
Johannes Bauer
Peter Brotzmann Group / Globe Unity Orchestra / Udo Lindenberg Band / The London Jazz Composers Orchestra / Roger Turner Group / Fred Van Hove Group
Steve Baxter
Horace Silver Group / The Crusaders / Johnny Guitar Watson Band
Roberto Bazan
Joaquin Sabina Band
Pete Beachill
Mike Gibbs Orchestra / London Metropolitan Orchestra / New York Composers Orchestra / Hermeto Pascoal Group / David Essex Band / Cliff Richard Band / George Russell Orchestra / Sting Band
John Beecham
Satisfaction / Hershey & The Twelve Bars / Zoot Money Band / John Slaughter Blues Band / Mike Cotton Sound / The Kinks / Monty Sunshine Band / Mike Cotton Jazzmen
Hamid Belhocine
Johnny Halliday Band
Pete Beltran
Buddy Rich Orchestra / Ray Charles Band
Chuck Bennett
Cold Blood
John Bennett
Cliff Bennett Band / Hershey & The Twelve Bars
Stan Kenton Orchestra / The Lighthouse All-Stars / Benny Goodman Group / Boyd Raeburn Orchestra / Teddy Powell Orchestra / Milt Bernhart Group
Eddie Bert
Benny Goodman Group / Lionel Hampton Band / Woody Herman Orchestra / Illinois Jacquet Group / Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra / Stan Kenton Orchestra / Charlie Mingus Band / Thelonious Monk Group / Shorty Rogers Group / Bobby Rosengarden Orchestra
Herb Besson
Louie Bellson Group / Barry Manilow Band
Mark Bettcher
Phil Collins Band
Harry Betts
Stan Kenton Orchestra / Earle Spencer Orchestra
Jeb Bishop
Globe Unity Orchestra
Scott Bliege
Phil Collins Band
George Bohanon
Whitney Houston Band / Don Ellis Orchestra / Ry Cooder Band / Buddy Collette Orchestra / Chico Hamilton Group / Ray Draper Group / Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra / Horace Silver Group
Luis Bonilla
Alejandro Sanz Band / Lester Bowie Group / Bernie Williams Band / The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
Richard Boone
Clark Terry Group / Count Basie Orchestra
Jack Botterell
Johnny Dankworth Orchestra
David Boyle
Buddy Rich Orchestra
Harold Branch
Otto Bredl
Rhythm Combination & Brass
Hermann Breuer
Gil Evans Orchestra / Manfred Schoof Orchestra
Chris Bridges
The London Jazz Composers Orchestra
Chet Baker Group / Count Basie Orchestra / Bob Brookmeyer Group / Stan Getz Group / Jimmy Giuffre Group / Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra / Ray McKinley Orchestra / Gerry Mulligan Group / Zoot Sims Group / Claude Thornhill Orchestra
Reg Brooks
Rick Wakeman Band / Paice Ashton & Lord / Cliff Richard Band
Garnett Brown
Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra / The Crusaders / Lionel Hampton Group / Herbie Hancock Band / Buddy Collette Orchestra / Chico Hamilton Group / Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra
Garry Brown
Johnny Dankworth Orchestra
Greg Brown
The Animals
Lawrence Brown
Duke Ellington Orchestra
Tom Brown
Richard Bullock
Don Ellis Orchestra
Bob Burgess
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Bob Burgess Group / Woody Herman Orchestra / Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra / Stan Kenton Orchestra / Don Menza Orchestra / Rhythm Combination & Brass / Bobby Shew Group / South German Radio Big Band
Sam Burtis
John Tropea Band / Bill Dixon Orchestra / George Gruntz Band
Joseph Burton
B B King Band
Billy Byers
Oliver Nelson Group / Elliot Lawrence Orchestra / Frank Sinatra Band / Urbie Green Group / Fred Karlin Group / Benny Goodman Group
Ed Bynne
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
  C   (Top)
Claude Cailliet
Neil Young & The Bluenotes
Giuseppe Calamosca
Carla Bley Band
Gordon Campbell
BBC Radio Big Band
Bernard Camus
Johnny Halliday Band
Ernie Carlson
Don Ellis Orchestra
Jack Carmen
Buddy Rich Orchestra
Fred Carter
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Henderson Chambers
Frank Sinatra Band / Count Basie Orchestra / Tiny Bradshaw Band / Louis Armstrong Group / Ray Charles Band
Vincent Chancey
Lester Bowie Group / Sun Ra Orchestra / George Gruntz Band
Gus Chappell
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Brian Chester
Sting Band
George Chisholm
Vic Lewis Orchestra / Kenny Graham´s Afro-Cubists / Associated Television Orchestra / Space Case
Ray Chorter
Sting Band
Keith Christie
Tubby Hayes Group / The Downbeat Big Band / Harry South Orchestra / Jimmy Deuchar Orchestra / Ian Hamer Group / Benny Goodman Group / Ted Heath Orchestra / Bobby Lamb Orchestra
Jimmy Cleveland
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Lionel Hampton Group / Quincy Jones Orchestra / Oscar Pettiford Group / The Subject Is Jazz House Band / Monterey Jazz Festival All-Star Band / Gary McFarland Orchestra
Henry Coker
Count Basie Orchestra / Billie Holiday Group / Sarah Vaughan Group
Dick Cole
Ray Conniff
Ray Conniff Orchestra / Alvino Rey Orchestra
Ray Connor
Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra
Chuck Connors
Duke Ellington Orchestra / Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra
Marty Cook
Charlie Haden Group
Barry Cooper
Count Basie Orchestra / Charles Tolliver Orchestra / Chico O´Farrill Orchestra / Duke Ellington Orchestra / Clark Terry Group
Buster Cooper
Jean Costa
Johnny Halliday Band
Raphael Crawford
Marcos Crespo
Jeff Cressman
Que Calor / Santana
Rick Culver
Buddy Rich Orchestra
Bob Curnow
Stan Kenton Orchestra
  D   (Top)
Mario Daone
Buddy Rich Orchestra / Benny Goodman Group
Michael Davis
Ashton & Lord / The LA All Stars / Rolling Stones
Steve Davis
Steve Day
Loose Tubes
Joe De Jesus
Ray Barretto Band / Incognito / Kirsty MacColl Band
Ted Dechter
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Willie Dennis
The Tonight Show Band / Gerry Mulligan Group / Charlie Mingus Band / Benny Goodman Group
Roy Deuvall
Rhythm Combination & Brass / ORF Big Band / WDR Big Band Cologne
Dale Devoe
Stanley Clarke Band
Vic Dickenson
Gerry Mulligan Group / Vic Dickenson Group / Count Basie Orchestra / Sidney Bechet Group / Earl Hines Group / Blanche Calloway Orchestra / The World´s Greatest Jazz Band
Barnaby Dickinson
Guy Barker Group / Tim Garland Group / Laurence Cottle Group
Tony DiMaggio
Buddy Rich Orchestra
Jerry Dorn
Woody Herman Orchestra
Tony Dorsey
Eddie Durham
The Kansas City Five / The Durham Brothers / Walter Page´s Blue Devils / Count Basie Orchestra / Buddy Tate Group / Bennie Moten Orchestra
  E   (Top)
Ed Earley
Elvin Bishop Band
Richard Edwards
New York Composers Orchestra / Carla Bley Band / Hermeto Pascoal Group / Working Week / El Sonido De Londres / Vic Lewis Orchestra / London Trombone Quartet
Graham Ellis
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
Jock Ellis
Don Ellis Orchestra
Bill Elton
Miles Davis Group
Danny Elwood
Johnny Dankworth Orchestra
Bob Enevoldsen
Shorty Rogers Group / The Lighthouse All-Stars / Bob Enevoldsen Group / Bill Holman Orchestra / Terry Gibbs Group / Mel Torme Group
Runo Ericson
George Gruntz Band
Robin Eubanks
Don Grolnick Group / Michael Brecker Band / Art Blakey Group / Kevin Eubanks Group / Dave Holland Group / Elvin Jones Group / The Young Lions / The Decoding Society
Nick Evans
Kevin Ayers Band / Soft Machine / Just Us / Brotherhood of Breath / Centipede / Louis Moholo Group / Keith Tippett Group
  F   (Top)
Don Fairley
Sting Band
Paul Faulise
Quincy Jones Orchestra / The Tonight Show Band / Charlie Mingus Band / Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra
Andy Fawbert
The Who
John Fedchock
Gerry Mulligan Group / Woody Herman Orchestra
Maynard Ferguson
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Stan Kenton Orchestra / The Lighthouse All-Stars / Charlie Barnet Group / Russ Garcia Orchestra
Glenn Ferris
Frank Zappa Band / Don Ellis Orchestra / Billy Cobham Band / Palatino / Revival
Gerald Finch
Paul Fisher
Jack Bruce Band
Bob Fitzpatrick
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Harlan Floyd
Count Basie Orchestra
J P Floyd
Bette Midler Band / Jeff Pevar Group
Garfield Fobbs
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
Nelson Foltz
Steely Dan
Carl Fontana
Carl Fontana Group / Lionel Hampton Group / Woody Herman Orchestra / Stan Kenton Orchestra / Supersax / West Coast All Stars / Kai Winding Group / The World´s Greatest Jazz Band
Harry Forbes
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Christian Fourquet
Johnny Halliday Band
Bruce Fowler
Frank Zappa Band / Woody Herman Orchestra / Mike Barone Orchestra / Ladd McIntosh Orchestra
Curtis Fowlkes
Charlie Haden Group / Lounge Lizards / Bill Frisell Band / Elliott Sharp Band / Charlie Hunter Group
Russ Freeland
Jaco Pastorius Group
Vern Friley
Terry Gibbs Group / Woody Herman Orchestra
Chris Fry
Big Chief
Luis Fuentes
Johnny Halliday Band
Rudi Fuesers
Gil Evans Orchestra / Rhythm Combination & Brass / Dusko Gojkovic Group / Louie Bellson Group
Hiroshi Fukumura
Hiroshi Fukumura Group
Curtis Fuller
Art Blakey Group / Giant Bones / Lionel Hampton Group / Quincy Jones Orchestra / The Timeless AllStars / Yusef Lateef Group / Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra / Art Farmer Group
Bob Funk
Bazuka / Albert Collins Band / J Geils Band / Mozart Opera Orchestra / Rolling Stones / The Uptown Horns
  G   (Top)
John Gale
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
Joe Gallardo
Bob Burgess Group / NDR Big Band / George Gruntz Band
Antonio Garcia
Phil Collins Band
Tom Garling
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
Harold Garrett
Woody Herman Orchestra / Return To Forever
Clark Gayton
Sting Band / Bruce Springsteen Band / Levon Helm Band / George Gruntz Band / The Skatalites
Matthew Gee
Bill Geldard
Ted Heath Orchestra / Don Lusher Orchestra / The New Wavendonians AllStar Big Band / Johnny Dankworth Orchestra / CCS / George Evans Group / Bert Kaempfert Orchestra / Tubby Hayes Group
Mike Gibbs
Berklee School Orchestra / Graham Collier Group / Peter Erskine Group / Mike Gibbs Orchestra / The London Jazz Composers Orchestra / New Jazz Orchestra
Mic Gillette
Tower Of Power / Sons of Champlin / The Motowns / Terry & The Pirates
Dave Glenn
Gerry Mulligan Group
Tyree Glenn
Louis Armstrong Group / Benny Carter Orchestra / Cab Calloway Orchestra / Don Redman Orchestra / Duke Ellington Orchestra / Howard Biggs Orchestra / Tyree Glenn Group / Eddie Barefield Group
Pierre Goasguen
Johnny Halliday Band
Marc Godfroid
Tony Bauwens Group / The Brussels Jazz Orchestra / Eurojazz / Joe Haider Group / Rhythm Combination & Brass
Charlie Gordon
Blood Sweat & Tears / Ed Palermo Orchestra
Vin Gordon
Incognito / The Skatalites / The Revolutionaries
Dan Gottshall
Rhythm Combination & Brass / NDR Big Band
Chris Gower
Unity Stompers / Iguana / Jess Roden Band / Graham Parker & The Rumour / Randy Crawford Band / Shakin´ Stevens Band / Andy Ross Orchestra / Hershey & The Twelve Bars / Digby Fairweather´s Half-Dozen
Billy Graham
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
Luigi Grata
Carla Bley Band
Peter Graves
Boneroo Horns / Bee Gees / Jaco Pastorius Group / Peter Graves Orchestra / Buddy Rich Orchestra
Mickey Gravine
Quincy Jones Orchestra
Barry Green
Larry Carlton Band / Danny Gottlieb Group
Jackie Green
Woody Herman Orchestra
Urbie Green
Bobby Hackett Group / Woody Herman Orchestra / Urbie Green Group / Elliot Lawrence Orchestra / Benny Goodman Group / The Tonight Show Band / Gene Krupa Group
Al Grey
Count Basie Orchestra / Benny Carter Orchestra / Lionel Hampton Group / Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra / Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra / Frank Sinatra Band / Frank Wess Orchestra
Malcolm Griffiths
Gonzalez / Brotherhood of Breath / Peter Brotzmann Group / Gil Evans Orchestra / Bryan Ferry Band / Globe Unity Orchestra / Iskra 1912 / Keith Tippett Group / Stan Tracey Orchestra / Mike Westbrook Band
Jimmy Guinn
Woody Herman Orchestra
Christian Guizien
Johnny Halliday Band
  H   (Top)
Jack Hale
King Curtis Band / Aretha Franklin Band / Memphis Horns / Doobie Brothers
Pat Hallaran
Blood Sweat & Tears
Dick Halligan
Blood Sweat & Tears / Dick Halligan Quartet
Ade Hallowell
Laurence Cottle Group
Slide Hampton
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / United Nations Orchestra / New York All Stars / Paris Reunion Band / Rhythm Combination & Brass / Nicholas Payton Group / Slide Hampton Group / Johnny Griffin Group / Louis Hayes Group
Ola Hanson
Kai Winding Group / Buddy Rich Orchestra
John Harborne
Loose Tubes
Cliff Hardie
KPM Allstars / Bert Kaempfert Orchestra / Bobby Lamb Orchestra / Tubby Hayes Group
Herbie Harper
Russ Garcia Orchestra / Shorty Rogers Group
Bill Harris
Woody Herman Orchestra / Benny Goodman Group / Chubby Jackson Orchestra / Billy VerPlanck Group / Bill Harris Group
Raymond Harris
BB King Band
Eddie Harvey
Johnny Dankworth Orchestra / Don Rendell Group / Ronnie Ross Group
Randy Hawes
Woody Herman Orchestra
Steve Hayes
Roy Young Band
James Henry
Chico Hamilton Group
Richard Henry
Carla Bley Band / Hermeto Pascoal Group / Django Bates Group / Mark Lockheart Group / George Russell Orchestra
BuJazzO / Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra / George Gruntz Band / Bert Kaempfert Orchestra / Udo Lindenberg Band / Rhythm Combination & Brass
Conrad Herwig
Eddie Palmieri Group / United Nations Orchestra / The Mingus Dinasty Band / Conrad Herwig Group / Clark Terry Group / Peter Weniger Group / Bill O´Connell Group
J C Higginbotham
Richard Hixson
Miles Davis Group
Norman Hogue
Alejandro Sanz Band
Ned Holder
Blues Brothers Band
Per Ake Holmlander
The London Jazz Composers Orchestra / Peter Brotzmann Group
Steven Holtman
James Last Orchestra / Emil Richards Group
Roger Homefield
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
Frank Hooks
Count Basie Orchestra
David Horler
WDR Big Band Cologne / Tubby Hayes Group / Bobby Lamb Orchestra / Manhattan Transfer / Stan Tracey Orchestra
Mike Hough
Charlie Watts Orchestra
Mike Hugh
Rocket 88
Bill Hughes
Count Basie Orchestra / George Benson Band / Frank Sinatra Band / Grover Mitchell Group / Billie Holiday Group / Sarah Vaughan Group
Dana Hughes
Don Ellis Orchestra
Bob Hunt
Chris Barber Group
George Hunt
Dick ´Slyde´ Hyde
James Last Orchestra / Jaco Pastorius Group
  I   (Top)
Alexander Iles
Richard Iles
Mike Gibbs Orchestra / Peter Erskine Group / Julius Hemphill Project / Tim Garland Group / Emanon
Matt Ingman
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Ed Palermo Orchestra
Charlie Irvis
Duke Ellington Orchestra
  J   (Top)
Colin Jacas
The Bureau / Gonzalez / Sade
Quentin Jackson
Quincy Jones Orchestra / Duke Ellington Orchestra / Billy Strayhorn Orchestra / Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra / Count Basie Orchestra / Bill Evans Trio / Charlie Mingus Band / Cab Calloway Orchestra / McKinney´s Cotton Pickers
Carol Jarvis
Michael Bolton Band
Robert Jarvis
London Improvisers Orchestra
Bob Jenkins
Woody Herman Orchestra
Birch Johnson
Blues Brothers Band / Saturday Night Live Band
J J Johnson
Snookum Russell Band / Benny Carter Band / Count Basie Band / Chubby Jackson Big Band / Miles Davis Group / J J Johnson Quintet / Illinois Jacquet Band / Oscar Pettiford Band / Kai Winding - J J Johnson Quintet
Keg Johnson
Clarke-Boland Big Band / Cab Calloway Orchestra / Ray Charles Band
  K   (Top)
Alan Kaplan
Don Ellis Orchestra
Mike Katz
Jaco Pastorius Group
Mike Kearsey
SAS Band / Amy Winehouse Band
David Keim
Count Basie Orchestra / Stan Kenton Orchestra
Brian Keith
Circles / The Congregation / Chris Lamb & The Universals / Plastic Penny / Screaming Lord Sutch Band
Don Kelly
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Wendell Kelly
The Rippingtons
Dick Kenney
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Dale Kirkland
Blood Sweat & Tears / Buddy Rich Orchestra / Woody Herman Orchestra / Ed Palermo Orchestra
Erich Kleinschuster
Rhythm Combination & Brass / George Gruntz Band / Erich Kleinschuster Group / The International Youth Band / Clarke-Boland Big Band / ORF Big Band
Jimmy Knepper
Miles Davis Group / George Gruntz Band / Gil Evans Orchestra / The Mingus Dinasty Band / Stan Kenton Orchestra / Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra / The American Jazz Orchestra / Jimmy Knepper Group
Bob Knight
Steve Kohlbacher
Woody Herman Orchestra
Sumio Kuda
George Gruntz Band
  L   (Top)
Frank Lacy
Lester Bowie Group / McCoy Tyner Group / D´Angelo / Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra
Bobby Lamb
Harry South Orchestra / Bobby Lamb Orchestra / Les Reed Orchestra / Woody Herman Orchestra / Ted Heath Orchestra / Stan Kenton Orchestra / BBC Radio Big Band / Frank Sinatra Band / Ella Fitzgerald Group / Peggy Lee Band / Buddy Rich Orchestra
Nils Landgren
The Crusaders / Nils Landgren Group / George Gruntz Band
Nick Lane
Rod Stewart Band / Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Alias Smith & Lane / Veronique Sanson Band / Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / Chicago / Jeff Golub Band
Kent Larsen
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Skip Layton
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Archie LeCoque
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Jon Lee
Roy Young Band / Dada / Steve York & Jon Lee
Avi Leibovich
Rod Levitt
Miles Davis Group
Fred Lewis
Woody Herman Orchestra
George Lewis
Gil Evans Orchestra / Randy Weston Group / Globe Unity Orchestra / Derek Bailey Group / Barry Altschul Group / Muhal Richard Abrams Group / George Lewis Group
John Leys
Buddy Rich Orchestra / Bruce Lofgren Orchestra
Melba Liston
Quincy Jones Orchestra / Gerald Wilson Orchestra / Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra / Charlie Mingus Band / Dinah Washington Band
Charles Loper
Jaco Pastorius Group / Mike Barone Orchestra
Don Lusher
Ted Heath Big Band / Joe Daniels & His Shots / Lou Praeger Orchestra / Jack Parnell Group / The Best Of British Jazz
  M   (Top)
Radu Malfatti
Brotherhood of Breath / The London Jazz Composers Orchestra / Nick Evans Group / MLA / Louis Moholo Group / Elton Dean Group / The Dedication Orchestra
Tom Malone
Blues Brothers Band / Frank Zappa Band / Blood Sweat & Tears / Booker T & The MG´s / Billy Cobham Band / Gil Evans Orchestra / Late Night Show Band / Levon Helm Band
Albert Mangelsdorff
Elvin Jones Jazz Machine / Hessian Radio Jazz Orchestra / United Jazz And Rock Ensemble / Rhythm Combination & Brass / Mangelsdorff-Dauner Quintet
Joe Marguez
Woody Herman Orchestra
Delfeayo Marsalis
Elvin Jones Group / Marsalis Family / Delfeayo Marsalis Group / Max Roach Group
John Marshall
Georgie Fame Band / The Sidewinders / Alexis Korner Band / CCS / Harry South Orchestra / Tubby Hayes Group / The Kirchin Band / Bobby Lamb Orchestra
Andy Martin
Bill Holman Orchestra / Emil Richards Group / Big Band Tribute To West Coast Jazz / Jazz Adoption Agency / Big Phat Band
Carlos Martin
Alejandro Sanz Band / David Bisbal Band / Perico Sambeat Group / David Bustamante Band / Manu Carrasco Band
Elliot Mason
Wynton Marsalis Group / George Gruntz Band
George Matthews
Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra
Lew McCreary
The Concert For Bangla Desh Band
Kent McGarity
Woody Herman Orchestra
Tom McIntosh
Art Farmer Group / Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra / The Jazztet
Earl McIntyre
The Band / Carla Bley Band / George Gruntz Band / Howard Johnson Group / Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra / Mel Lewis Orchestra / Taj Mahal Band
Dan Minor
Count Basie Orchestra
Trevor Mires
Grover Mitchell
Frank Sinatra Band / Count Basie Orchestra / Frank Wess Orchestra / Grover Mitchell Group
Thomas Mitchell
Laurie Monk
Laurie Monk Group / Johnny Dankworth Orchestra
Julio Montalvo
David Bisbal Band / M-Clan / Sintrans / Giron / Manguare / Pacho Alonso Orchestra / Paulo Y La Elite / Cuban All Star / Sedajazz Big Band / Cafe Quijano / Manzanita Band / Lucas Jimenez Band / Sargento Garcia / Jazzeandofunk / Julio Montalvo Group
Keith Moon
Sarah Morrow
Dr John Band
Benny Morton
Count Basie Orchestra
Rene Mosele
George Gruntz Band
Teddy Mulet
Blood Sweat & Tears / Gloria Estefan Band
John Mumford
Ashton & Lord / Graham Collier Group / Gallagher & Lyle / New Jazz Orchestra / Alan Price Band
Ron Myers
Don Ellis Orchestra
  N   (Top)
Sam Nanton
Duke Ellington Orchestra
Dick Nash
Marsalis Family / Henry Mancini Orchestra / Big Band Tribute To West Coast Jazz / Tex Beneke Orchestra / Billy May Orchestra / Les Brown Orchestra / Charlie Barnet Orchestra / Sam Donahue Orchestra / Glen Gray Orchestra
Sammy Nestico
Sammy Nestico Orchestra
Jurgen Neudert
Rhythm Combination & Brass
Paul Nieman
Centipede / The London Jazz Composers Orchestra / National Youth Jazz Orchestra / Gallagher & Lyle / Elephant / Cayenne / Nois / Elton Dean Group / Iskra 1912
Mark Nightingale
Graham Harvey Group / National Youth Jazz Orchestra / The New Wavendonians AllStar Big Band / Dave O´Higgins Group / Clark Tracy Group / Charlie Watts Group
  O   (Top)
Pat O´Hara
Loading Zone / Boz Scaggs Band
Keith O´Quinn
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra / Barry Manilow Band / Westchester Jazz Orchestra / Maria Schneider Orchestra / Aretha Franklin Band / Wayne Andre Group
Bob Olson
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Charles Orieux
George Gruntz Band
Dennis Orlock
Miami Horns / Bruce Springsteen Band
John Osborne
Diana Ross Band
Kevin Osborne
Billy Joel Band / The Monkees
Keith Oshino
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
  P   (Top)
Dave Panicki
Blood Sweat & Tears
James Pankow
Louis Parente
Bruce Springsteen Band
Bud Parker
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Jimmy Paterson
The Bureau / Elvis Costello Band / Dexys Midnight Runners / The Neighbourhood / Q-Tips / Kevin Rowland Band / TKO Horns
Bruce Paulson
Buddy Rich Orchestra / The Tonight Show Band / Ed Shaughnessy Group
Clarke-Boland Big Band / Tubby Hayes Group / Benny Goodman Group / Radio Free Berlin Orchestra
Geoff Perkins
Bryan Ferry Band / Stan Tracey Orchestra / Iskra 1912 / Tubby Hayes Group / Manhattan Transfer
Brian Perrin
CCS / Jack Parnell Orchestra
Dave Perrottet
Ake Persson
Clarke-Boland Big Band / Duke Ellington Orchestra / Quincy Jones Orchestra / Rhythm Combination & Brass
Teddy Plato
George Gruntz Band
Pierre Ploquin
Johnny Halliday Band
Benny Powell
Randy Weston Group / Count Basie Orchestra / Frank Wess Orchestra / Spirit Of Life Ensemble / The American Jazz Orchestra / Billie Holiday Group / Sarah Vaughan Group / Lionel Hampton Group / Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra / Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra
Ray Premru
Harry South Orchestra / Bobby Lamb Orchestra / Kenny Baker Group / Duncan Lamont Group / Philharmonia Orchestra / The Eurojazz Orchestra
Julian Priester
Herbie Hancock Band / Eddie Henderson Group / Sun Ra Orchestra / Charlie Haden Group / Reggie Workman Group / Art Blakey Group / Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra / George Gruntz Band
Vince Prudente
Woody Herman Orchestra
Jim Pugh
Steely Dan / Jaco Pastorius Group / Chick Corea Group / New York Trombone Quartet / Return To Forever / Woody Herman Orchestra / George Gruntz Band / Wayne Andre Group
Randy Purcell
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Glenn Miller Orchestra / Fred Waring Orchestra / Si Zentner Orchestra
Douglas Purviance
Chris Pyne
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames / Blues Incorporated / Mike Gibbs Orchestra / Charlie Watts Orchestra / Stan Tracey Orchestra / Alexis Korner Band
Richard Pywell
Loose Tubes
  R   (Top)
Joe Randazzo
Gerry Mulligan Group
Herb Randel
Woody Herman Orchestra
Alan Raph
Gerry Mulligan Group
Don Reed
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Frank Rehak
Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra / Quincy Jones Orchestra
Bill Reichenbach
Paulinho Da Costa Group / Jaco Pastorius Group / Buddy Rich Orchestra
Tim Riggins
George Roberts
Stan Kenton Orchestra / Stan Kenton Alumni Band / Big Band Tribute To West Coast Jazz / Gene Krupa Group
Herb Robertson
Tim Berne Group / Charlie Haden Group / Bobby Previte Group / Andy Laster Group / The London Jazz Composers Orchestra / Pierre Doerge Group / George Gruntz Band
Malcolm Robertson
Quincy Jones Orchestra
Eli Robinson
Count Basie Orchestra
Janice Robinson
Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra / George Gruntz Band
Jose Rodriguez
Woody Herman Orchestra / Eddie Palmieri Group / Mac Gollehon Group
Rico Rodriguez
Barry Rogers
James Taylor Band / Mike Mainieri Band / Mac Gollehon Group
Gene Roland
Stan Kenton Orchestra / Gene Roland Group / Tom Talbert Group
Winston Rollins
Aswad / Denys Baptiste Group / Jazz Jamaica / 125th Street (cast) / Jack Bruce Band
Claude Romano
Johnny Halliday Band
Charles Rose
Muscle Shoals Band / Kiyoshiro Imawano Band
Richie Rosenberg
Bruce Springsteen Band / Southside Johnny Band / Miami Horns / Max Weimberg Seven / Mark Pender Band
Frank Rosolino
Georgie Auld Group / Benny Carter Orchestra / Terry Gibbs Group / Quincy Jones Orchestra / Stan Kenton Orchestra / Gene Krupa Group / The Lighthouse All-Stars / Rhythm Combination & Brass / Frank Rosolino Group / Supersax
Jules Rowell
Woody Herman Orchestra
Roswell Rudd
Carla Bley Band / Elton Dean Group / Roswell Rudd Group / Archie Shepp Group / Steve Lacy Group / New York Art Quartet / Globe Unity Orchestra
Bob Rudolph
Woody Herman Orchestra
Kenny Rupp
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
Tony Russell
Johnny Dankworth Orchestra
Bill Russo
The Chicago Jazz Ensemble / Stan Kenton Orchestra / The London Jazz Orchestra / Bill Russo Orchestra
Paul Rutherford
Peter Brotzmann Group / Centipede / Charlie Watts Orchestra / The London Jazz Composers Orchestra / McGuinness-Flint / Spontaneous Music Ensemble / Iskra 1903 / London Improvisers Orchestra / Peter Kowald Group
  S   (Top)
Dave Sanchez
Don Ellis Orchestra
John Sanders
Duke Ellington Orchestra / Billy Strayhorn Orchestra
Louis Satterfield
The Jazzmen / The Pharaohs / The Phenix Horns / Phil Collins Band
Steve Saunders
Ken Sawhill
Don Ellis Orchestra
Jim Sawyer
Don Ellis Orchestra
Christophe Schweizer
George Gruntz Band
Robert Scott
Count Basie Orchestra
Don Sebesky
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Stan Kenton Orchestra / Kai Winding Group / Gerry Mulligan Group / Claude Thornhill Orchestra / Don Sebesky Orchestra
Clinton Sharman
Buddy Rich Orchestra
Dick Shearer
Stan Kenton Orchestra / Stan Kenton Alumni Band
Thomas Shepard
Steve Sherard
BB King Band
Ken Shroyer
Frank Zappa Band / Stan Kenton Orchestra / Stan Kenton Alumni Band
Larry Shunk
Woody Herman Orchestra
Neil Sidwell
Kick Horns / The Who / National Youth Jazz Orchestra / Robbie Williams Band / Pete Townshend Band / Vic Lewis Orchestra / Russell Stone Band / Tom Jones Band / Koji Tamaki Band
Ashley Slater
Loose Tubes / George Russell Orchestra / Hershey & The Twelve Bars / Microgroove / Freak Power / Fried Funk Food / Ashley Slater´s Big Lounge
Bill Smiley
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Gene Smith
Woody Herman Orchestra
Malcolm Earle Smith
Bryan Ferry Band / Mingus Moves
Sam Smith
Mike Westbrook Band
Henry Southall
Woody Herman Orchestra
Arnett Sparrow
Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra
Maurice Spears
Buddy Collette Orchestra / Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
Lloyd Spoon
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Marc Steckar
Johnny Halliday Band
Rick Stepton
Buddy Rich Orchestra
Dave Stewart
Mike Gibbs Orchestra / Hermeto Pascoal Group / London Metropolitan Orchestra / London Philharmonic Orchestra / KPM Allstars
Frank Strong
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
Tony Studd
Kai Winding Group
Mike Suter
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Bob Swift
Woody Herman Orchestra
Don Switzer
Don Ellis Orchestra
Earl Swope
Buddy Rich Orchestra / Woody Herman Orchestra / Boyd Raeburn Orchestra / Sonny Dunham Orchestra / Georgie Auld Group / Elliot Lawrence Orchestra / Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra / Louie Bellson Group
Rob Swope
Buddy Rich Orchestra
  T   (Top)
Ernie Tack
Mike Barone Orchestra / Oliver Nelson Group / The Tonight Show Band / Louie Bellson Group
Bill Tamper
Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra
Nathan Tanouye
Bette Midler Band
David Taylor
Gil Evans Orchestra / George Gruntz Band / Jaco Pastorius Group / Manhattan Brass / Charlie Mingus Band
Paul Taylor
Basehart / The Bureau / Dexys Midnight Runners / Snowboy Band
Rick Taylor
Gil Evans Orchestra / Elton John Band / George Russell Orchestra / Full Circle
Phil Teele
Mike Barone Orchestra
Danilo Terenzi
Chris Biscoe Group
Eje Thelin
George Gruntz Band
Alex Thomas
Earth Wind & Fire
Nichol Thompson
Brand New Heavies / Incognito / The Sound Stylistics
Pete Thoms
Pete Townshend Band / Boomtown Rats
Juan Tizol
Duke Ellington Orchestra
Alan Tomlinson
The London Jazz Composers Orchestra / London Improvisers Orchestra / Alex Maguire Group / Alan Tomlinson Group / Willie Garnett Group
Jim Trimble
Bob Trowers
George Benson Band / Count Basie Orchestra
Dave Tucker
Gil Evans Orchestra
Steve Turre
Lester Bowie Group / Charles Fambrough Group / Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra / Salsa Legends / Pharoah Sanders Group / Saturday Night Live Band / Saturday Night Live Horns / Woody Shaw Group / Steve Turre Group / McCoy Tyner Group / United Nations Orchestra
Joe Tziky
Duke Ellington Orchestra
  U   (Top)
Lloyd Ulyate
Jeff Uusitalo
Stan Kenton Orchestra
  V   (Top)
Gary Valente
Don Byron Group / Carla Bley Band / Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Andy Sheppard Group / George Gruntz Band
Bart Van Lier
Rhythm Combination & Brass / Metropole Orchestra
Erik Van Lier
Rhythm Combination & Brass / Clarke-Boland Big Band / The Hague Trombone Quintet
Willem Van Manen
Peter Brotzmann Group
Bart Varsalona
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Arturo Velasco
Johnny Halliday Band / Phil Collins Band / Neil Diamond Band / Tom Jones Band / Chicago
Fayyaz Virji
Basia Band / Carla Bley Band / Brotherhood of Breath / Don Byron Group / Cayenne / Dexys Midnight Runners / Incognito / Jazz Warriors / Vic Lewis Orchestra
  W   (Top)
Derek Wadsworth
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Georgie Fame Band / Keef Hartley Band / Nucleus / Alan Price Band
Alvin Walker
Count Basie Orchestra
Gib Wallace
Harry South Orchestra
Jimmy Wallace
Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra
Mel Wanzo
Count Basie Orchestra / George Benson Band / Woody Herman Orchestra
Reggie Watkins
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Jason Mraz Band / Sauce / Grooveline Horns / Reggie Watkins Group
Bill Watrous
Kai Winding Group / Carl Fontana Group / Bill Evans Trio / Jennifer Leitham Group / Bill Watrous Group
Dave Wells
Don Ellis Orchestra / Baja Marimba Band
Dickie Wells
Earl Hines Group / Count Basie Orchestra / The Countsmen / Lloyd Scott Orchestra
Chauncey Welsch
Linda Ronstadt Band
Jens Wendelboe
Blood Sweat & Tears
Kenny Wenzel
Woody Herman Orchestra
Fred Wesley
Van Morrison Band / James Brown Band / Fred Wesley Band / JB Horns / Maceo Parker Band / Count Basie Orchestra / Hiram Bullock Band / JB All Stars / Bootsy Collins Band / Parliament
Dave Wheeler
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Jiggs Whigham
George Gruntz Band / Gil Evans Orchestra / Rhythm Combination & Brass / Stan Kenton Orchestra / Globe Unity Orchestra / Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra / Bert Kaempfert Orchestra / Jiggs Whigham Group / Glenn Miller Orchestra / BBC Radio Big Band
Annie Whitehead
Joe Jackson Band / Penguin Cafe Orchestra / Charlie Watts Orchestra / New Coats / Vortex Foundation Big Band / Rude / Annie Whitehead Experience
Roy Wiegand
Steve Wiest
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
Jimmy Wilkins
Clark Terry Group / Count Basie Orchestra
Mark Williams
Count Basie Orchestra
Dennis Wilson
Count Basie Orchestra / Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra
Phil Wilson
Woody Herman Orchestra
Bill Wimberly
Buddy Rich Orchestra
Kai Winding
Sonny Durham Orchestra / Alvino Rey Orchestra / Woody Herman Orchestra / Benny Goodman Band / Stan Kenton Group / Chubby Jackson Big Band / Kai´s Krazy Kats / Raymond Scott Orchestra / Kai Winding Septet / Kai Winding - J J Johnson Quintet
Andy Wood
Charlie Watts Group / Alan Barnes Group / Laurence Cottle Group
Booty Wood
Earl Hines Group / Duke Ellington Orchestra
Britt Woodman
Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra / Quincy Jones Orchestra / Duke Ellington Orchestra / Billy Strayhorn Orchestra / The Ellington Legacy Orchestra / Lionel Hampton Group / Monterey Jazz Festival All-Star Band
Terry Woodson
Don Ellis Orchestra
Geoff Wright
Maynard Ferguson Orchestra
  Y   (Top)
Reggie Young
Earth Wind & Fire
Reginald Young
Whitney Houston Band
  Z   (Top)
Si Zentner
Si Zentner Orchestra / Les Brown Orchestra / Abe Lyman Orchestra / Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra
Conrad Zulauf
The Dalton Gang
Miles Davis Group / Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Earl Hines Group / Alexis Korner Band / Billy May Orchestra / Not Much Noise / Orchestra USA / Bill Russo Orchestra / Claude Thornhill Orchestra / Upper Bohemia Six / Mike Zwerin Group

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