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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Enzo Todesco (drums)

  • Lori Bell Group
  • Randy Crawford Band
  • Frank Gambale Band
  • Giovanna Gattuso Band
  • RogMikEnzo
  • Gino Vannelli Band


Powerful drummer (also a skiller photographer), he was born in Zurich, Switzerland. He attended the Percusion Institute of Technology in 1984.

This was the band for Gino Vannelli tour around 1990:
Gino Vannelli
vocals, guitar
Mike Miller
guitar, bass
Joe Vannelli
Maxayn Lewis
backing vocals
This was the (incomplete) band lineup for Gino Vannelli tour around 1993:
Gino Vannelli
vocals, guitar
Pat Thomi
Victor Bailey
David Goldblatt
Marco Luciani
+ sax player and string players. Help with names, please!
This is the Randy Crawford band as they appeared at the Montreux Festival in July 1995:
Randy Crawford
Allen Hinds
Roberto Vally
Leon Bisquera
Gary Bias
(sax, keyboards)
Enzo Todesco
This is the Lori Bell backing group for some gigs during December 2008 to January 2009:
Lori Bell
Tamir Hendelman
Hussain Jiffry
Enzo Todesco

DISCOGRAPHY: (27 albums known to me - Status: Just starting)

OWN ALBUMS (1 credit) ALBUMS AS PRODUCER (1 credit)
  • Miss Kiss & X-Corners - Miss Kiss & X-Corners (12/2000)

  • Live in Montreal - Gino Vannelli (1991)

    • Members: Richard Beaudet, Maxayn Lewis, Mike Miller, Enzo Todesco, Gino Vannelli, Joe Vannelli
    • Technical: Bernie Grundman
    • Comments: This live album has been reissued under different titles: Live or Gino Vannelli.
  • Randy Crawford live - one day I´ll fly away - Randy Crawford (1993)

    • Members: Gary Bias, Randy Crawford, Enzo Todesco, Roberto Vally
  • Younder tree - Gino Vannelli (1995)

    • Members: Randy Porter, Enzo Todesco, Gino Vannelli, Joe Vannelli
    • Guests: Phil Baker, Chuck Findley, Graham Lear, Tom Scott
  • Coming to your senses - Frank Gambale (02/2000)

    • Members: Frank Gambale, Enzo Todesco
    • Guests: Ray Brinker, Ric Fierabracci, Mark Schulman, Joel Taylor
    • Technical: Joe Gastwirt
  • The Music of Djavan - Lori Bell (10/2008)

  • Remote control - Pat Thomi (2000)

    • Members: Pat Thomi
    • Guests: Lynn Davis, Keith Jones, Tollak Ollestad, Enzo Todesco
SESSIONS (19 credits)
  • Always you - James Ingram (05/1993)

    • Members: James Ingram
    • Guests: Gerald Albright, George Bohanon, Lenny Castro, Larry Corbett, Joel Derouin, David Duke, Bruce Dukov, Lynne Fiddmont, Endre Granat, Gary Grant, Gary Herbig, Jerry Hey, Dan Higgins, Phillip Ingram, Paul Jackson, Alan Kaplan, Suzie Katayama, Larry Kimpel, Gayle LeVant, Charles Loper, Jeremy Lubbock, Mike McKnight, Jerry McPherson, Bill Meyers, Cindy Mizelle, Farrell Morris, Sid Page, Carolyn Perri, Darlene Perri, Lori Perri, Sharon Perri, Phil Perry, Bill Reichenbach, Carlos Rios, Sheldon Sanov, Michael Thompson, Enzo Todesco, Brad Warnaar, Audrey Wheeler, Maurice White, Larry Williams (RIP: Lew McCreary)
    • Technical: Bernie Grundman, Mick Guzauski
  • Devotion - Warren Hill (08/1993)

    • Guests: Alex Acuna, Robbie Buchanan, Peter Bunetta, Lenny Castro, Rick Chudacoff, Paulinho Da Costa, Kai Eckhardt, Sheila E Escovedo, Gary Grant, Ellis Hall, Jerry Hey, Phillip Ingram, Paul Jackson, Abraham Laboriel, Maxayn Lewis, Rick Marotta, Joe Porcaro, Neil Stubenhaus, Enzo Todesco (RIP: Carlos Vega, Syreeta Wright)
    • Technical: Humberto Gatica, Mick Guzauski, Ted Jensen, Tom Lord-Alge, George Marino
  • Live at The Roxy - Michel Polnareff (1996)

    • Guests: Brian BecVar, Doug Livingston, Stephanie Spruill, Enzo Todesco, Terry Wood (RIP: Dee Dee Bellson)
    • Technical: Stephen Marcussen
  • Flames of Spain - Nocy (08/1997)

  • Esperanto - Kabah (07/1998)

  • Chocolate city groovin´ - Marcus Johnson (09/1998)

    • Guests: Enzo Todesco, Eric Valentine, Chris Walker
    • Producer: Phil Ramone
    • Technical: Greg Calbi
  • The McCauley sessions - Gerald McCauley (05/1999)

    • Guests: Gerald Albright, George Benson, Craig T Cooper, Paul Jackson, Bobby Lyle, Eric Marienthal, Phil Perry, Jerry Peters, Valerie Pinkston-Mayo, Kevin Ricard, Brenda Russell, Enzo Todesco, Phil Upchurch (RIP: Carl Anderson)
    • Technical: Steve Hall
  • Mallet hands - Ray Armando And His Playground Quintet (09/2000)

  • Inter alia (amongst other things) - The Marcus Johnson Project (10/2000)

  • A Guy with an accent - Robbie Angelucci (2002)

    • Guests: Matt Bissonette, Oscar Cartaya, Rafael Padilla, Toss Panos, Enzo Todesco
  • One single rose - Michael Dees (01/2002)

    • Guests: Lenny Castro, Oscar Castro-Neves, Jim Hughart, Hubert Laws, Sal Marquez, Enzo Todesco (RIP: Dave Carpenter, George Gaffney)
    • Producer: Stix Hooper
  • Duboc - Carol Duboc (07/2002)

    • Guests: Gerald Albright, Oscar Brashear, Luis Conte, Tony Dumas, Wayne Johnson, Hubert Laws, Jeff Lorber, Paul Pesco, Land Richards, Patrice Rushen, Darrell Smith, Enzo Todesco (RIP: Patrick Moten)
    • Technical: Bernie Grundman
  • Eliana - Eliana (2004)

  • Journey to Eden - Dov (12/2004)

    • Guests: Gerald Albright, Paulinho Da Costa, Chuck Findley, Joey Heredia, Vann Johnson, Abe Laboriel Jr, Ricky Lawson, Freddie Ravel, Enzo Todesco (RIP: Billy Preston)
    • Technical: Steve Hall
  • Pacific Coast highway - Nils (01/2005)

    • Guests: Alex Acuna, Gerald Albright, Steve Ferrone, Ronnie Foster, Joey Heredia, Paul Jackson, Abraham Laboriel, Steve Reid, Kevin Ricard, Enzo Todesco, Chris Trujillo, Joe Wolfe
    • Technical: Steve Hall
  • Bittersweet - Gene Diamond (06/2005)

    • Guests: John Chiodini, Pete Christlieb, Jim Hughart, Clarence McDonald, Carl Saunders, Enzo Todesco (RIP: George Gaffney)
    • Technical: Mark Creamer
  • The Love project - Yevette Stewart (06/2005)

    • Guests: Cheryl Barnes, John Chiodini, Jim Hughart, Carl Saunders, Michael Shapiro, Mark Stevens, Enzo Todesco (RIP: Dori Caymmi, George Gaffney)
    • Technical: Mark Creamer
  • Ms Behavin´ - Liz Kinnon (2007)

  • Friends and family - Ray Brown Jr (09/2008)


Enzo Todesco mostly worked with these musicians: (name + number of credits)
Gerald Albright (5)
Jim Hughart (4)
Paul Jackson (4)
Gerald McCauley (4)
Han Zermuehlen (4)
Lenny Castro (3)
George Gaffney (3)
Bernie Grundman (3)
Steve Hall (3)
Marcus Johnson (3)

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