This is intended to be a homage to very many musicians I've loved since I started listening to music. My intention is to tell what I know about them, hoping that those people who like them too, will help me fill numerous gaps, which I may have in their careers and discographies. Sorry, but there are no MP3 audio files here at all, just info (and love for the musicians).

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Monday, 21 December 2009

Obituaries for musicians in 2004

Last Update: 22/02/2010 - Total (up to now): 168. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
  • Artie Shaw (clarinet) (30/December/2004)
  • Hank Garland (guitar) (27/December/2004)
  • Son Seals (guitar) (20/December/2004)
  • Dick Heckstall-Smith (sax) (17/December/2004)
  • Freddie Perren (producer) (16/December/2004)
  • Herbert Dreilich (vocals) (12/December/2004)
  • Frank Isola (drums) (12/December/2004)
  • Danny Hayes (trumpet) (10/December/2004)
  • Bill Maybray (drums) (05/December/2004)
  • Kevin Coyne (vocals) (02/December/2004)
  • Norman Newell (producer) (01/December/2004)
  • Ron Aspery (sax) (December/2004)
  • Dennis McCarten (bass) (December/2004)
  • J J Belle (guitar) (26/November/2004)
  • Bob Maize (bass) (20/November/2004)
  • Terry Melcher (producer) (19/November/2004)
  • Michel Colombier (keyboards / arranger) (14/November/2004)
  • Larry Logan (harmonica) (10/November/2004)
  • Pete Jolly (keyboards / accordion) (06/November/2004)
  • Joe Bushkin (keyboards) (03/November/2004)
  • Terry Knight (vocals / producer) (01/November/2004)
  • Daryl Pediford (guitar) (30/October/2004)
  • John Peel (producer) (25/October/2004)
  • Ron Koss (guitar) (16/October/2004)
  • Bill Eyden (drums) (15/October/2004)
  • Calvin Jones (bass) (10/October/2004)
  • Bruce Palmer (bass) (04/October/2004)
  • Sammy Hopkins (sax) (03/October/2004)
  • Robert Grundner (drums) (02/October/2004)
  • Kevin Westlake (drums / guitar) (30/September/2004)
  • Louis Satterfield (trombone / bass) (27/September/2004)
  • Jim Hurt (bass) (26/September/2004)
  • Gary Strater (bass) (19/September/2004)
  • Skeeter Davis (vocals) (19/September/2004)
  • Lalomie Washburn (vocals) (18/September/2004)
  • Izora Armstead (vocals) (16/September/2004)
  • Johnny Ramone (guitar) (15/September/2004)
  • Gordon Brisker (sax) (12/September/2004)
  • Kenny Buttrey (drums) (12/September/2004)
  • Dinky Diamond (drums) (10/September/2004)
  • Ernie Ball (bass) (09/September/2004)
  • Joel Bishop O´Brien (drums) (09/September/2004)
  • Al Tercek (drums) (09/September/2004)
  • Arthur Butch Dixon (keyboards) (06/September/2004)
  • Robert Nicholas Cotoia (keyboards) (03/September/2004)
  • Michael Connor (keyboards) (02/September/2004)
  • Dave Thompson (keyboards) (September/2004)
  • Carl Wayne (vocals) (31/August/2004)
  • Clement Barone (horn) (28/August/2004)
  • Laura Branigan (vocals) (26/August/2004)
  • Noble Watts (sax) (24/August/2004)
  • Martin Banks (trumpet) (20/August/2004)
  • Elmer Bernstein (keyboards) (18/August/2004)
  • Sam Blackshaw (keyboards) (18/August/2004)
  • Charlie Waller (guitar) (18/August/2004)
  • D-Roc (guitar) (17/August/2004)
  • Bertrand Odom (bass) (17/August/2004)
  • Tony Sena (guitar) (17/August/2004)
  • Melvin Endsley (vocals) (16/August/2004)
  • Lum York (bass) (15/August/2004)
  • Brian Ogilvie (sax / clarinet) (14/August/2004)
  • Pete Strange (trombone) (14/August/2004)
  • Andy Rodgers (guitar) (14/August/2004)
  • Mickey Larson (keyboards) (12/August/2004)
  • Tony Mottola (guitar) (09/August/2004)
  • Granville Edwards (sax) (07/August/2004)
  • Rick James (vocals) (06/August/2004)
  • Pat Horine (vocals) (04/August/2004)
  • Hubert Heard (keyboards) (29/July/2004)
  • George Williams (vocals) (28/July/2004)
  • Carlos Paredes (guitar) (23/July/2004)
  • Arthur Crier (vocals) (22/July/2004)
  • Illinois Jacquet (sax) (22/July/2004)
  • Jerry Goldsmith (arranger) (21/July/2004)
  • James Williams (keyboards) (20/July/2004)
  • Richie Puente (percussion) (18/July/2004)
  • David Baker (engineer) (14/July/2004)
  • Arthur Kane (bass) (13/July/2004)
  • Hal Carter (producer) (13/July/2004)
  • Syreeta Wright (vocals) (06/July/2004)
  • Don Rader (trumpet) (05/July/2004)
  • Cal Green (guitar) (04/July/2004)
  • Clifford Solomon (sax) (21/June/2004)
  • Jackie Paris (vocals) (17/June/2004)
  • Ben Shabalala (vocals) (16/June/2004)
  • Lennie Bush (bass) (15/June/2004)
  • Ray Charles (vocals) (10/June/2004)
  • Graeme Kelling (guitar) (10/June/2004)
  • Red Kelly (bass) (09/June/2004)
  • Kiki Gyan (keyboards) (06/June/2004)
  • Robert Quine (guitar) (05/June/2004)
  • Steve Lacy (sax) (04/June/2004)
  • Derek Frigo (guitar) (28/May/2004)
  • John R T Davies (sax / trombone) (25/May/2004)
  • Rick Henderson (sax) (21/May/2004)
  • Marty Garner (bass) (19/May/2004)
  • Elvin Jones (drums) (18/May/2004)
  • Clint Warwick (bass) (15/May/2004)
  • Peter Nelson (sax) (15/May/2004)
  • Lloyd Ulyate (trombone) (13/May/2004)
  • Herbie Rich (sax) (12/May/2004)
  • John Whitehead (vocals) (11/May/2004)
  • James Durham (11/May/2004)
  • Brenda Fassie (vocals) (09/May/2004)
  • Barney Kessel (guitar) (06/May/2004)
  • Robert Plunkett (vocals / drums) (03/May/2004)
  • Curtis Gordon (vocals) (02/May/2004)
  • Felix Haug (drums) (01/May/2004)
  • Claude Williams (guitar / violin) (30/April/2004)
  • Dave Kirby (guitar) (17/April/2004)
  • Jack Toney (vocals) (14/April/2004)
  • Porky Cohen (trombone) (14/April/2004)
  • Ritchie Cordell (producer) (13/April/2004)
  • Chief Bey (drums) (08/April/2004)
  • Jeff Newman (steel guitar) (07/April/2004)
  • Niki Sullivan (guitar) (06/April/2004)
  • Thomas Kini (bass) (05/April/2004)
  • Gito Baloi (bass) (04/April/2004)
  • Paul Atkinson (guitar) (01/April/2004)
  • Timi Yuro (vocals) (30/March/2004)
  • Jan Berry (vocals) (26/March/2004)
  • Fred Karlin (26/March/2004)
  • Johnny Bristol (vocals / producer) (21/March/2004)
  • Hank Marr (keyboards) (16/March/2004)
  • Tony Meilandt (producer) (16/March/2004)
  • Cliff Aungier (guitar) (12/March/2004)
  • John Mayer (violin) (09/March/2004)
  • Kyle Tullis (bass) (09/March/2004)
  • Priscilla Paris (vocals) (05/March/2004)
  • John McGeoch (guitar) (05/March/2004)
  • Tony Lee (keyboards) (02/March/2004)
  • Steve Duboff (vocals) (28/February/2004)
  • Jack Sperling (drums) (26/February/2004)
  • A C Reed (sax) (25/February/2004)
  • Alvino Rey (steel guitar) (24/February/2004)
  • Carl Anderson (vocals) (23/February/2004)
  • Bob Mayo (keyboards) (23/February/2004)
  • Neil Ardley (keyboards) (23/February/2004)
  • Les Gray (vocals) (21/February/2004)
  • Doris Troy (vocals) (16/February/2004)
  • Ella Johnson (vocals) (16/February/2004)
  • Bob Greenlee (producer / bass) (13/February/2004)
  • Preston Love (sax) (12/February/2004)
  • Melvin Welch (08/February/2004)
  • Cornelius Bumpus (sax) (04/February/2004)
  • Buzz Gardner (trumpet) (01/February/2004)
  • John Joyce (guitar) (February/2004)
  • Malachi Favors (bass) (30/January/2004)
  • Richard L Tate Sr (bass) (29/January/2004)
  • Mel Pritchard (drums) (28/January/2004)
  • Dino Dines / Peter Dines (keyboards) (28/January/2004)
  • Sam Furnace (sax / flute) (26/January/2004)
  • Milt Bernhart (trombone) (23/January/2004)
  • Horace E Smith (sax) (22/January/2004)
  • Billy May (arranger) (21/January/2004)
  • Ray Jardine (18/January/2004)
  • Mike Ramsden (guitar) (17/January/2004)
  • Czeslaw Niemen (keyboards) (17/January/2004)
  • John Siomos (drums) (16/January/2004)
  • Randy Colville (sax) (15/January/2004)
  • Randy VanWarmer (vocals) (12/January/2004)
  • Fred Holstein (vocals) (12/January/2004)
  • Max D Barnes (vocals) (11/January/2004)
  • Eddy Ottenstein (guitar) (11/January/2004)
  • John Guerin (drums) (07/January/2004)
  • Jake Hess (vocals) (04/January/2004)
  • Alex MacNicol (drums) (2004)
  • Marcus Doubleday (trumpet) (2004)

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