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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Obituaries for musicians in 2008

Last Update: 28/01/2010 - Total (up to now): 174. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
  • Freddie Hubbard (trumpet) (29/December/2008)
  • Bob Boatright (violin) (29/December/2008)
  • Delaney Bramlett (vocals) (27/December/2008)
  • Lars Hollmer (keyboards) (27/December/2008)
  • Robert Ward (guitar) (25/December/2008)
  • Bud Prager (producer) (22/December/2008)
  • John Byrne (vocals / guitar) (17/December/2008)
  • Pete Mayes (vocals / guitar) (16/December/2008)
  • Neil Gauntlett (guitar / steel guitar) (16/December/2008)
  • Davy Graham (guitar) (15/December/2008)
  • Pete Carter (08/December/2008)
  • Dennis Yost (vocals / drums) (07/December/2008)
  • Chico Banks (vocals / guitar) (04/December/2008)
  • Derek Wadsworth (trombone) (03/December/2008)
  • Odetta (vocals) (02/December/2008)
  • Joan Baptista Humet (vocals) (01/December/2008)
  • Munetaka Higuchi (drums) (30/November/2008)
  • Pekka Pohjola (bass) (27/November/2008)
  • Alan Gordon (keyboards) (26/November/2008)
  • Joe Romano (sax / flute) (26/November/2008)
  • Michael Lee (drums) (24/November/2008)
  • Robert Lucas (guitar) (23/November/2008)
  • Richey James Edwards (guitar) (23/November/2008)
  • Johnny Baker (vocals) (23/November/2008)
  • Joe Ellis (trumpet) (14/November/2008)
  • Mitch Mitchell (drums) (12/November/2008)
  • Miriam Makeba (vocals) (09/November/2008)
  • Mel Graves (bass) (08/November/2008)
  • Olivia McClurkin (backing vocals) (04/November/2008)
  • Jimmy Carl Black (drums) (01/November/2008)
  • Micky Keene (guitar) (November/2008)
  • Mike Baker (vocals) (29/October/2008)
  • Ray Ellis (arranger) (27/October/2008)
  • Steve Hoard (vocals) (27/October/2008)
  • Merl Saunders (keyboards) (24/October/2008)
  • Boris Anastasoff (bass) (19/October/2008)
  • Dave McKenna (keyboards) (18/October/2008)
  • Dee Dee Warwick (vocals) (18/October/2008)
  • Levi Stubbs (vocals) (17/October/2008)
  • Bob Fields (keyboards) (13/October/2008)
  • Neal Hefti (trumpet / arranger) (11/October/2008)
  • Dave Wright (vocals / guitar) (10/October/2008)
  • Nick Reynolds (vocals) (01/October/2008)
  • Norman Hedman (percussion) (29/September/2008)
  • Glyn Davies (bass) (29/September/2008)
  • Jamene Miller (vocals) (27/September/2008)
  • John Fisher (drums) (27/September/2008)
  • Marc Moulin (keyboards) (26/September/2008)
  • Connie Haines (vocals) (22/September/2008)
  • Nappy Brown (vocals) (20/September/2008)
  • Earl Palmer (drums) (19/September/2008)
  • Benny Thomas (vocals) (18/September/2008)
  • Norman Whitfield (producer) (16/September/2008)
  • Rick Wright (keyboards) (15/September/2008)
  • Bheki Mseleku (keyboards) (08/September/2008)
  • Hector Zazou (08/September/2008)
  • Pierre Van Dormael (guitar) (03/September/2008)
  • Arne Domnerus (sax / clarinet) (02/September/2008)
  • Jerry Reed (vocals / guitar) (01/September/2008)
  • Jez Bird (vocals / guitar) (27/August/2008)
  • Jimmy Cleveland (trombone) (23/August/2008)
  • Buddy Harman (drums) (21/August/2008)
  • Phil Guy (guitar) (20/August/2008)
  • LeRoi Moore (sax) (19/August/2008)
  • Wayne Wadhams (vocals / producer) (19/August/2008)
  • Pervis Jackson (vocals) (18/August/2008)
  • Dori Caymmi (guitar) (16/August/2008)
  • Ronnie Drew (vocals / guitar) (16/August/2008)
  • Jerry Wexler (producer) (15/August/2008)
  • Terry Wallace (guitar) (14/August/2008)
  • Don Helms (steel guitar) (11/August/2008)
  • Isaac Hayes (vocals) (10/August/2008)
  • Dale Warren (vocals) (09/August/2008)
  • Nathan Kaproff (violin) (06/August/2008)
  • Roger Dean (guitar) (03/August/2008)
  • Erik Darling (guitar / banjo) (02/August/2008)
  • Steve Foley (drums) (August/2008)
  • Lee Young (drums) (31/July/2008)
  • Graeme Crallan (drums) (27/July/2008)
  • Hiram Bullock (guitar) (25/July/2008)
  • Johnny Griffin (sax) (25/July/2008)
  • Mike Berniker (producer) (25/July/2008)
  • Joe Beck (guitar) (22/July/2008)
  • Artie Traum (guitar) (20/July/2008)
  • Jo Stafford (vocals) (16/July/2008)
  • Samuel Boghossian (viola) (13/July/2008)
  • Gerald Wiggins (keyboards) (13/July/2008)
  • Chris Holzhaus (guitar) (11/July/2008)
  • Cynthia Owen (vocals) (06/July/2008)
  • Bobby Durham (drums) (06/July/2008)
  • Colin Cooper (sax) (03/July/2008)
  • Oliver Schroer (violin) (03/July/2008)
  • Clive Hornby (drums) (03/July/2008)
  • Paul Varley (drums) (02/July/2008)
  • Natasha Shneider (vocals) (02/July/2008)
  • Mel Galley (guitar) (01/July/2008)
  • Ronnie Mathews (keyboards) (28/June/2008)
  • Dave Carpenter (bass) (24/June/2008)
  • Ira Tucker (vocals) (24/June/2008)
  • Esbjorn Svensson (keyboards) (14/June/2008)
  • Danny Davis (producer / trumpet) (12/June/2008)
  • Red Shea (guitar) (10/June/2008)
  • Richard Mikuls (guitar) (09/June/2008)
  • Bill Finegan (keyboards / arranger) (04/June/2008)
  • Bo Diddley (guitar) (02/June/2008)
  • Hugh Jarrett (vocals) (31/May/2008)
  • Campbell Burnap (trombone) (30/May/2008)
  • Baz Dunnery (guitar) (29/May/2008)
  • Jerry Cole (guitar) (28/May/2008)
  • Danny Moss (sax) (28/May/2008)
  • Jimmy McGriff (keyboards) (24/May/2008)
  • Danny Rhodes (guitar) (23/May/2008)
  • William Reichenbach (drums) (16/May/2008)
  • Bob Florence (keyboards) (15/May/2008)
  • John Rutsey (drums) (11/May/2008)
  • Mario Schiano (keyboards / sax) (10/May/2008)
  • Larry Levine (engineer) (08/May/2008)
  • Eddy Arnold (vocals) (08/May/2008)
  • John ´Irish´ Earle (sax) (07/May/2008)
  • Micky Waller (drums) (06/May/2008)
  • Franz Jackson (sax) (06/May/2008)
  • Jerry Wallace (vocals) (05/May/2008)
  • Tom Boggs (drums) (05/May/2008)
  • Leo Jackson (guitar) (04/May/2008)
  • Graham Bell (vocals) (02/May/2008)
  • Jim Hager (vocals) (01/May/2008)
  • Humphrey Lyttelton (trumpet) (25/April/2008)
  • Jimmy Giuffre (sax) (24/April/2008)
  • Paul Davis (vocals) (22/April/2008)
  • Monna Bell (vocals) (21/April/2008)
  • Peter Howard (arranger) (18/April/2008)
  • Danny Federici (keyboards) (17/April/2008)
  • Chris Gaffney (17/April/2008)
  • Brian Davison / Blinky (drums) (15/April/2008)
  • Cliff Davies (drums) (15/April/2008)
  • George Butler (producer) (09/April/2008)
  • Ozzie Cadena (producer) (09/April/2008)
  • Phil Urso (sax) (07/April/2008)
  • Allan Ganley (drums) (29/March/2008)
  • Gene Puerling (vocals / arranger) (26/March/2008)
  • Spanky Alford (guitar) (24/March/2008)
  • Grahame White (vocals / guitar) (22/March/2008)
  • Daniel MacMaster (vocals) (16/March/2008)
  • Patti Bown (keyboards) (16/March/2008)
  • Ola Brunkert (drums) (16/March/2008)
  • Mikey Dread (producer) (15/March/2008)
  • Martin Fierro (sax) (13/March/2008)
  • Byrd Burton (guitar) (10/March/2008)
  • Chuck Day (guitar) (10/March/2008)
  • Norman Smith (producer) (03/March/2008)
  • Jeff Healey (guitar) (02/March/2008)
  • Jimmy Faulkner (guitar) (March/2008)
  • Mike Smith (vocals) (28/February/2008)
  • Buddy Miles (drums) (26/February/2008)
  • Phil Bodner (sax / flute) (24/February/2008)
  • Larry Norman (vocals) (24/February/2008)
  • Israel Cachao Lopez (bass) (22/February/2008)
  • Calvin Owens (trumpet) (21/February/2008)
  • Teo Macero (producer) (19/February/2008)
  • Jackie Street (bass) (17/February/2008)
  • Chris Townson (drums) (10/February/2008)
  • Chris Anderson (keyboards) (04/February/2008)
  • Tata Guines (percussion) (04/February/2008)
  • Dee Robb (engineer) (February/2008)
  • Big Joe Turner (trombone / bass) (31/January/2008)
  • Francis Clay (drums) (21/January/2008)
  • Tommy McQuater (trumpet) (20/January/2008)
  • John Stewart (vocals) (19/January/2008)
  • Bob Enos (trumpet) (11/January/2008)
  • Pete Candoli (trumpet) (11/January/2008)
  • Rod Allen (vocals) (10/January/2008)
  • Clyde Otis (producer) (08/January/2008)
  • Ken Nelson (producer) (06/January/2008)
  • Earl May (bass) (04/January/2008)

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