This is intended to be a homage to very many musicians I've loved since I started listening to music. My intention is to tell what I know about them, hoping that those people who like them too, will help me fill numerous gaps, which I may have in their careers and discographies. Sorry, but there are no MP3 audio files here at all, just info (and love for the musicians).

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Monday, 21 December 2009

Obituaries for musicians in 2011

Last Update: 04/02/2012 - Total (up to now): 196. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
December/2011: November/2011:
  • Tom Roady (percussion) (28/November/2011)
  • Shared albums with: Kenny Edwards, Carlos Vega, Kenny Buttrey, Hank Crawford, Cornell Dupree, Bud Shank, Tom T-Bone Wolk
  • Sultan Khan (27/November/2011)
  • Played in: Ravi Shankar Band / Tabla Beat Science
  • Keef Hartley (drums) (26/November/2011)
  • Don DeVito (producer / guitar) (25/November/2011)
  • Played in: Al Kooper Band / The Sabres
    Shared albums with: Roy Markowitz, Tom T-Bone Wolk
  • Bret Douglas (vocals / keyboards) (24/November/2011)
  • Played in: Cairo
  • Art Hillery (keyboards) (23/November/2011)
  • Shared albums with: Jake Hanna
  • Hans Reichel (guitar / violin) (22/November/2011)
  • Kristian Schultze (keyboards) (22/November/2011)
  • Played in: Passport / Niagara / Snowball / The Bridge / Cusco
    Shared albums with: Les Hurdle, Graham Jarvis, Pete York, Tim Renwick, Lesley Duncan, Peter Herbolzheimer, Bob Jenkins, David ´Fathead´ Newman
  • Paul Motian (drums) (22/November/2011)
  • Paul Yandell (guitar) (21/November/2011)
  • Played in: Chet Atkins Band / The Louvin Brothers / George Hamilton IV Band / Jerry Reed Band
    Shared albums with: Tim Renwick
  • Erich Bachtragl (percussion) (20/November/2011)
  • Played in: Erich Kleinschuster Group
  • Russ Garcia (arranger) (20/November/2011)
  • Shared albums with: Milt Bernhart, Herb Ellis, Bob Brookmeyer, Joel DiBartolo, Hank Jones, Bud Shank, Ed Thigpen
  • Joe Gracey (producer / bass) (17/November/2011)
  • Moogy Klingman / Mark Klingman (keyboards) (15/November/2011)
  • Played in: Moogy Klingman Band / Utopia / Vagrants / The Peaceniks / The Living Few / Jimmy James & The Blue Flames / Glitterhouse
    Shared albums with: Roy Markowitz, Delaney Bramlett, John Guerin
  • Jackie Leven (vocals / guitar) (14/November/2011)
  • Played in: Jackie Leven Band / Doll By Doll
  • Doyle Bramhall (vocals / drums) (12/November/2011)
  • Played in: The Nightcrawlers / The Chessmen / Texas Storm / Lightnin´ Hopkins Band
    Shared albums with: Kenny Edwards
  • Michael Garrick (keyboards) (11/November/2011)
  • Played in: Michael Garrick Orchestra / Gabriel Garrick Group / Don Rendell Group
    Shared albums with: Gary Boyle, Harry Beckett, Mark Griffiths, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Binky McKenzie, Roger Swallow
  • Gordon Beck (keyboards) (06/November/2011)
  • Played in: Nucleus / Gordon Beck Group / Didier Lockwood Group / Phil Woods Group / Allan Holdsworth Band / Tubby Hayes Group / Gyroscope / Tony Crombie Group / Vic Ash Group / Mark Murphy Band / Tony Kinsey Group / Annie Ross Band / Piano Conclave / Pete King Group / Johnny Fourie Group
    Shared albums with: Harry Beckett, Madeline Bell, Peter Herbolzheimer, Bob Brookmeyer, Les Davidson, Barry De Souza, Kay Garner, Ric Grech, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Freddie Hubbard, Francis Monkman, Caleb Quaye, Rob Tait, Theodore Thunder
  • Christiane Legrand (vocals) (01/November/2011)
  • Played in: Les Double Six / The Swingle Singers / Les Blue Stars
    Shared albums with: Herb Ellis, Mick Grabham, James Moody, Dave Ball, Larry Bunker, Frank Foster
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Nelly Byl, Benyamin Sonmez, Thomas Martel Brim Jr, J Blackfoot, Kuldeep Manak, Bryan Osper, Judd Woldin, Ken Russell, Thaddeus Lake, Eddie Allshouse, Wayne Scott, Michal Friedman, Coco Robicheaux, Money Clip D, Ross MacManus, Ludwig Hirsch, Horacio Villafane, Barry Llewellyn, Hassan Abdullah, Himie Voxman, Georg Kreisler, Dean Morris, Bob Banks, Gary Garcia, Lee Pockriss, Laura Kennedy, Franz Josef Degenhardt, Diego Rivas, Dixie Fasnacht, Atul Prasanna, Laxman Prasanna, Jonathan Brazell, Dutch Garner, Killa Keise, Daniela D´Ercole, Andy Tielman, Ivan Martin Jirous, Renee Franke, Odette Davione Cauthorne, Bill Wells, Heavy D, Georgy Movsesyan, Joe Frazier, Mito Loeffler, Jesse Morris, Gers Yowell, Kevin Gardels, Bhupen Hazarika, Ana Stefok, Cory Smoot, Papa Bue, Angelos Skordilis, Sickan Carlsson, Tim Henderson, Andre Hodeir.
  • Walter Norris (keyboards) (28/October/2011)
  • Played in: Walter Norris Group / Mose Allison Band / The Trio / Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra / Charlie Mingus Band / Dexter Gordon Group / Red Rodney Group
    Shared albums with: Hank Jones, Frank Foster, Pete Jolly, Buddy Montgomery, David ´Fathead´ Newman
  • David Rea (guitar) (27/October/2011)
  • Played in: Fairport Convention / Gordon Lightfoot Band / Ian & Sylvia
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Gary Boyle, Mark Griffiths, Binky McKenzie, Roger Swallow
  • Bill Lee (keyboards) (23/October/2011)
  • Gene Kurtz (bass) (23/October/2011)
  • Shared albums with: Caleb Quaye
  • Edmundo Ros (percussion) (21/October/2011)
  • Bob Brunning (bass) (18/October/2011)
  • Played in: Fleetwood Mac / Brunning Hall Sunflower Blues Band / Savoy Brown / Tramp / The DeLuxe Blues Band / Five´s Company
    Shared bands with: Craig Collinge, Dick Heckstall-Smith
    Shared albums with: Pete York, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Keef Hartley, Chris Mercer
  • Pete Rugolo (arranger) (16/October/2011)
  • Played in: Pete Rugolo Orchestra / Stan Kenton Orchestra / Johnny Richards Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Milt Bernhart, Larry Bunker, Joe Morello, Bud Shank
    Shared albums with: Milt Bernhart, Bud Shank, Larry Bunker, Bob Brookmeyer, Monty Budwig, Pete Jolly, John Guerin, Freddie Hubbard, Hank Jones, Mike Zwerin
  • Chuck Ruff (drums) (14/October/2011)
  • Played in: Edgar Winter Band / Sammy Hagar Band / Sawbuck / Geezerslaw / Chuck Ruff Group / The Max Volume Band
  • Marty Harris (keyboards) (13/October/2011)
  • Played in: Maria Muldaur Band / Diana Ross Band / Tom Jones Band
  • Paul Leka (producer / keyboards) (12/October/2011)
  • Played in: The Chateaus
  • Joel DiGregorio (keyboards) (11/October/2011)
  • Played in: Charlie Daniels Band
    Shared albums with: Byrd Foster
  • Al Vescovo (guitar / steel guitar) (11/October/2011)
  • Played in: Johnny Burnette Band
    Shared albums with: John Guerin
  • George ´Mojo´ Buford (vocals / harmonica) (11/October/2011)
  • Played in: Muddy Waters Band / The Savage Boys / Mojo Buford Band / James Cotton Band
  • Freddie Gruber (drums) (11/October/2011)
  • Played in: Buddy De Franco Group / Charlie Parker Group
  • Piet Noordijk (sax) (09/October/2011)
  • Played in: Misha Mengelberg Group / Metropole Orchestra / Piet Noordijk Group
  • Mikey Welsh (bass) (08/October/2011)
  • Played in: Weezer / Homie / Juliana Hatfield Band / Verbena / The Special Goodness / The Kickovers / Heretix / Jocobono / Left Nut / Slower
  • Bert Jansch (guitar) (05/October/2011)
  • David Bedford (keyboards) (01/October/2011)
  • Played in: Kevin Ayers Band / Mike Oldfield Band / Roy Harper Band / Lol Coxhill Band
    Shared albums with: Morris Pert, Jo Partridge, Victor Unitt, Tom T-Bone Wolk, Jimmy Bain, Harry Beckett, Madeline Bell, Dave Caswell, Barry De Souza, Lyle Jenkins, Rob Tait
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Liz Anderson, Sipho Mkhuhlani, George Rountree, Jimmy Savile, Phil Pollard, Beryl Davis, Reese Palmer, Dave Donnelly, Tommy Doss, John Makin, Henk Pleket, Mark Hibbert, Aaron Beamish, Fred Ferrara, Gilani Taylor, Terry Span, Robert Hunter, Billy Diamond, Barry Feinstein, John-Alex Mason, Mickey Goldsen, Earl Gilliam, Reginald Curry, Tommy Martin, Johnny Dee, Charles Hamm, Theron Brison, Tongai Moyo, Betty Driver, Octavis Berry, Pavlina Nikaj, Buddy Sharpe, Kim Brown, Taku Mafika, Andre Minga, Jyohji Yanagi, Jagjit Singh, David Hess, Roger Williams, Donald Banks, Daisy DeBolt, Kay Armen, Mikko Laine, Steve Harris, Alan Meltzer.
  • Marv Tarplin (guitar) (30/September/2011)
  • Played in: The Miracles / The Matadors / The Primettes / Smokey Robinson Band
  • Joel DiBartolo (bass) (27/September/2011)
  • Played in: Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / The Tonight Show Band / Dick Halligan Group / Buddy Rich Orchestra / John Abercrombie Group / Carmen McRae Group / Freddie Hubbard Group / Ernie Watts Group / Joe Williams Group / Denny Zeitlin Group / Sarah Vaughan Group / Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra / Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra / Louie Bellson Group / Bob Florence Orchestra / Bill Holman Orchestra / Kim Richmond Orchestra / Roger Newman Orchestra / Shelly Manne Group
    Shared bands with: Joel DiBartolo, Snooky Young
    Shared albums with: Joel DiBartolo, Snooky Young, Freddie Hubbard, Pete Jolly, Gerry Niewood, Bud Shank
  • Jessy Dixon (vocals) (26/September/2011)
  • Played in: Jessy Dixon Singers
    Shared albums with: Roy Markowitz, Bob Weston
  • Cuby Muskee (vocals) (26/September/2011)
  • Played in: Cuby & The Blizzards
  • Vesta Williams (backing vocals) (22/September/2011)
  • Played in: Wild Honey
    Shared albums with: Carlos Vega
  • Jack Neal (bass) (22/September/2011)
  • Played in: Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps / Garland Abbot´s Band
  • John DuCann / John Cann (guitar) (22/September/2011)
  • Played in: The Attack / Hard Stuff / Demon / Atomic Rooster / Thin Lizzy / Andromeda
    Shared bands with: Jack McCulloch, Gary Moore
  • Willie Smith (dr*hc) (16/September/2011)
  • Played in: Muddy Waters Band / Clarence Gatemouth Brown Band / The Legendary Blues Band / Willie Smith Band / Rocket Four
    Shared albums with: Keef Hartley, Hank Crawford, Martin Drover, Cornell Dupree, Tommy Eyre, Ric Grech, Gary Moore, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Snooky Young
  • Wilma Lee Cooper (vocals) (13/September/2011)
  • Shared albums with: Tim Renwick
  • Don Wayne (vocals / guitar) (12/September/2011)
  • Graham Collier (bass) (09/September/2011)
  • Played in: Graham Collier Group / Tom Robinson Band / Loose Tubes
    Shared bands with: Harry Beckett
    Shared albums with: Harry Beckett
  • Eddie Marshall (drums) (07/September/2011)
  • Played in: Ray Drummond Group / John Klemmer Group / Tony Scott Group / Eddie Harris Group / Bobby Hutcherson Group / Bebop & Beyond / Charlie Mariano Group / Toshiko Akiyoshi Group / Dionne Warwick Band / The Fourth Way / Almanac
    Shared albums with: Tommy Eyre
  • Wardell Quezergue (arranger) (06/September/2011)
  • Played in: Clarence Gatemouth Brown Band
    Shared albums with: Leroy Cooper, Hank Crawford, Cornell Dupree, Tommy Eyre, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Tom T-Bone Wolk, Marva Wright, Snooky Young
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Maxim Soria, Lojze Slak, Sylvia Robinson, Leonard Dillon, Peter Sykes, Country Johnny Mathis, Johnnie Wright, Dolores Hope, Micky Correa, John Larson, Frank Driggs, Robert Whitaker, Johnny Raducanu, Keith Conant, DJ Mehdi, Dinah Kaye, Wade Mainer, Ralph Ameduri, Antonio Rosas Seixas, Tom Illius, Pavel Vrba, Albie Wycherley, Hilde Heltberg, Omoregbe Okpenyen, Kathy Johnston, Brooke Ostrander, Finn Martin, Walter Smith, Kurt Sanderling.
  • Honeyboy Edwards (vocals / guitar) (29/August/2011)
  • Laurie McAllister (bass) (25/August/2011)
  • Played in: The Runaways
  • Jack Hayes (trumpet / arranger) (24/August/2011)
  • Jerry Leiber (producer) (22/August/2011)
  • Shared albums with: Dave Ball, Milt Bernhart, Dave Bronze, Herb Ellis, Frank Foster, Mick Grabham, John Guerin, Pete Jolly, Hank Jones, Roy Markowitz, Morris Pert, Geoff Whitehorn, Steve York, Snooky Young
  • Nickolas Ashford (vocals) (22/August/2011)
  • Played in: Ashford & Simpson
    Shared albums with: Cornell Dupree, Nat Adderley, Larry Bunker, Frank Foster, Freddie Hubbard, James Moody, Bud Shank, Carlos Vega, Snooky Young
  • Ross Barbour (vocals) (20/August/2011)
  • Played in: The Four Freshmen
    Shared albums with: Milt Bernhart, Larry Bunker, Herb Ellis
  • Betty Thatcher (15/August/2011)
  • Jani Lane (vocals) (11/August/2011)
  • Played in: Warrant / Jani Lane Band
    Shared albums with: Ronnie James Dio
  • Joe Yamanaka (vocals) (07/August/2011)
  • Played in: The Wailers
  • Marshall Grant (bass) (06/August/2011)
  • Played in: Johnny Cash Band / The Tennessee Two
    Shared bands with: Kenny Buttrey
  • Henk Alkema (keyboards) (04/August/2011)
  • Played in: Chris Hinze Group
  • Conrad Schnitzler (flute) (04/August/2011)
  • Played in: Tangerine Dream / Cluster
  • Jimmy Evans (bass) (03/August/2011)
  • Played in: The Hawks
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Mildred Cotton Rogers, Revo Jogisalu, Pearl Thuston Brown, George Green, Nicolas Sagar, Johnny Giosa, Dan Sicko, Lorenzo Morales, B Jeff Stone, Country Thomas, Pekelo Cosma, Chango Farias Gomez, Frank DiLeo, Esther Gordy Edwards, Cephas Mashakada, Tony Ruffino, Johnson, Giovanni Chi, Kampane, Joel Chin, Akiko Futaba, Joe Cooper, Talaat Zein, Topi Sorsakoski, Richard Turner, Billy Grammer, Eric Stevenson, Jeanne Carroll, Rick Blaze, David Pratt, Hassan El-Asmar, Leo Mattioli, Jiri Traxler, Fred Imus, Leon Vaughn, Dale Beacock, Harold Armstrong, Jorge Neri, Mac McDermott, DeLois Barrett Campbell, Darren Grainger.
  • Tom Garvin (keyboards) (31/July/2011)
  • Played in: Don Ellis Orchestra
    Shared albums with: Larry Bunker, Carlos Vega, Joel DiBartolo, Keef Hartley, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Snooky Young
  • Charles Greetham (sax) (31/July/2011)
  • Played in: Blue Whale
    Shared bands with: Tommy Eyre, Ivan Zagni
    Shared albums with: Tommy Eyre, Ivan Zagni
  • Gene McDaniels (vocals) (29/July/2011)
  • Shared albums with: Gary Boyle
  • Frank Foster (sax) (26/July/2011)
  • Dan Peek (vocals) (24/July/2011)
  • Played in: America / Dan Peek Band / Peace
    Shared albums with: John Guerin
  • Amy Winehouse (vocals) (23/July/2011)
  • Played in: Strat Pack Benefit Concert / Amy Winehouse Band
    Shared bands with: Gary Moore
    Shared albums with: Gary Moore
  • Lil Greenwood (vocals) (19/July/2011)
  • Played in: Duke Ellington Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Jake Hanna
    Shared albums with: Nat Adderley
  • Pat Rosalia (backing vocals) (19/July/2011)
  • Played in: Manhattan Transfer / Andy Pratt Band / Gregg Allman Band
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey
  • Sid Cooper (flute / clarinet) (18/July/2011)
  • Played in: The Tonight Show Band / Henry Jerome Group
  • Joe Lee Wilson (vocals) (17/July/2011)
  • Taiji Sawada (bass) (17/July/2011)
  • Played in: Loudness / Trash / Dementia / Prowler / X / Dead Wire / DTR / Kings / Cloud Nine / Otozake / Taiji With Heavens
  • Gil Bernal (sax) (17/July/2011)
  • Played in: Lionel Hampton Group / Spike Jones Group / Gil Bernal Group
    Shared bands with: Nat Adderley, Frank Foster, Snooky Young
    Shared albums with: Snooky Young, Nat Adderley, Larry Bunker, Cornell Dupree, Frank Foster, Freddie Hubbard, Les Hurdle, James Moody, Bud Shank
  • Eric Delaney (drums) (15/July/2011)
  • Played in: Eric Delaney Showband / Bert Ambrose Group / Geraldo Orchestra
  • Jerry Ragovoy (producer / keyboards) (13/July/2011)
  • Rob Grill (bass / vocals) (11/July/2011)
  • Played in: The Grass Roots / The 13th Floor
    Shared bands with: Virgil Weber
    Shared albums with: Virgil Weber
  • Wurzel (guitar) (09/July/2011)
  • Played in: Motorhead / Leader Of Down
  • Raymond Jones (keyboards) (01/July/2011)
  • Played in: Chic / Jeffrey Osborne Band / State Of Art / DMX Band
    Shared albums with: Carlos Vega, Felix Krish
  • Fonce Mizell (producer / trumpet) (July/2011)
  • Played in: Nikons / The Vanlords
  • David Carr (keyboards) (July/2011)
  • Shared albums with: Sal Maida
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Ljubisa Stojanovic, Habel Kifoto, Gene Hughes, Richard Snyder, Jack Barlow, Nella Martinetti, Bernd Cluver, Rei Harakami, George Hartlett, David Kemish, Tim Smooth, Alaba Padro, Gennadij Berkow, Dave Shaw, Alaba Pedro, Joe Arroyo, Mike Reaves, Danny Bobbis, David Blair, Bill Morrissey, Johnny Hoes, Rukma Bai, Milly Del Rubio, Jesse E Cooley Jr, Kante Manfila, Mike Brassil, Antonio Prieto, Cornel Fugaru, Adam Chisvo, Todd St Clair, Bishop F C Barnes, Chadd Thomas, Facundo Cabral, George McAnthony, Aaron Carrillo, Jon Cervoni, Billy Blanco, Kenny Baker, Yuri Kukin, Manuel Galban, Jane Scott, Michel Terstegen, Ali Bahar, Alvin Mitchell, Vikk Real, John Kuzma, Bebe Manga, Lyle Harris, Charlie Craig, Ruth Roberts, Margaret Woodward, Bob Trendler.
June/2011: May/2011:
  • Jeff Conaway (vocals) (27/May/2011)
  • Gil Scott Heron (vocals) (27/May/2011)
  • Played in: Gil Scott Heron Band
  • Donnie Allison (vocals) (24/May/2011)
  • Martin Jenkins (vi*ma) (17/May/2011)
  • Played in: Whippersnapper / Dando Shaft / Hedgehog Pie / Bert Jansch Band / One Day Thomas
    Shared bands with: Bert Jansch
    Shared albums with: Bert Jansch, Mark Griffiths, Gary Boyle, Doreen Chanter, Davy Graham, Binky McKenzie, Tim Renwick, Roger Swallow, Geoff Whitehorn
  • Jim Rothermel (sax / clarinet) (16/May/2011)
  • Bob Flanigan (vocals) (15/May/2011)
  • Played in: The Four Freshmen
    Shared albums with: Milt Bernhart, Larry Bunker, Herb Ellis, James Moody, Snooky Young
  • Jack Richardson (producer) (12/May/2011)
  • Snooky Young (trumpet) (11/May/2011)
  • John Carter (producer) (10/May/2011)
  • Cornell Dupree (guitar) (08/May/2011)
  • John Maus (vocals / guitar) (07/May/2011)
  • Played in: The Walker Brothers / John Walker Band / John And Judy / John Judy And The Newports / Judy And The Gents / The Surfaris
    Shared albums with: Les Davidson, Chris Mercer, Morris Pert
  • Big George Webley (bass) (07/May/2011)
  • Played in: The Enforcers / Chris Farlowe Band / Blodwyn Pig / Larry Wallis Band / Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich / The Blitz / Big George Webley Band
    Shared bands with: Dave Bronze, John ´Irish´ Earle
    Shared albums with: Dave Bronze, John ´Irish´ Earle, Dick Hanson, Graham Bell, Jerry Stevenson, Geoff Whitehorn
  • Nigel Pickering (vocals / bass) (05/May/2011)
  • Shared albums with: Bud Shank
  • Ernest Mothle (bass) (02/May/2011)
  • Played in: Brotherhood of Breath / Spirit Level / Azania / Trevor Watts Group / Jimmy Witherspoon Band / Courtney Pine Group
    Shared bands with: Harry Beckett
    Shared albums with: Harry Beckett, Morris Pert, Richard Brunton, Francis Monkman
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Mark Smith, Rudy Williams, Alexander Pomaraew, Ernestine Mercer, Juliette Koka, Paul Filben, Alys Robi, Peter Boom, Mikey Wild, Larry Kinley, Roger Franklin, Pilu Momtaz, Joseph Brooks, Faye Treadwell, Martin Winch, Kenn Taylor, Twan Fleuren, Corina Carrera, Joe Mogotsi, Gary Dreyfuss, Kathy Kirby, Frank L Lacy, Sean Dunphy, M-Bone, Bernard Greenhouse, Piotr Zyzelewicz, Lloyd Knibb, Stanley Wright, Zim Ngqawana, Norma Zimmer, Dolores Fuller, Ivo Pesak, Lionel Rose, Andy Marshall, Jesus Adolfo Rayos Otanos, Joey Knight, Michael Meldrum, Velzoe Brown, Speedy West, Sigidi Abdullah, Greg Clarke.
  • Hume Paton (guitar) (30/April/2011)
  • Played in: The Poets
  • David Mason (trumpet) (29/April/2011)
  • Dag Stokke (keyboards) (27/April/2011)
  • Played in: TNT / Vagabond
  • Phoebe Snow (vocals) (26/April/2011)
  • Played in: The New York Rock And Soul Revue / Phoebe Snow Band
    Shared albums with: Jim Rothermel, Hank Crawford, Cornell Dupree, Phil Grande, Gerry Niewood, Carlos Vega
  • Poly Styrene (vocals) (25/April/2011)
  • Played in: X-Ray Spex
    Shared albums with: Tommy Eyre
  • Tom King (guitar) (23/April/2011)
  • Played in: The Outsiders / Tom King And The Starfires
  • Huey P Meaux (producer) (23/April/2011)
  • Matt LaPorte (guitar) (20/April/2011)
  • Roy Edward Burris (drums) (19/April/2011)
  • Kent Morrill (vocals / keyboards) (15/April/2011)
  • Played in: The Fabulous Wailers
  • Don Mayberry (bass) (12/April/2011)
  • Lacy Gibson (guitar) (11/April/2011)
  • Played in: Son Seals Band
    Shared albums with: Dick Heckstall-Smith
  • Billy Bang (violin) (11/April/2011)
  • Played in: Material / Billy Bang Group / Sun Ra Orchestra / String Trio Of New York / Marion Brown Group / Ahmed Abdullah Group
  • Roger Nichols (engineer) (09/April/2011)
  • Shared albums with: Virgil Weber, Snooky Young
  • Orrin Tucker (sax) (09/April/2011)
  • Played in: Orrin Tucker Orchestra
  • Tal Herzberg (engineer) (07/April/2011)
  • Francois Chassagnite (trumpet) (07/April/2011)
  • Played in: Francois Chassagnite Group / Orchestre National De Jazz / Andy Emler Group / Euro-Jazz Big Band / Jean-Loup Longnon Orchestra / Antoine Herve Orchestra / Denis Badault Orchestra / Big Band Lumiere / Gerard Badini Orchestra / Sorgho
    Shared albums with: Harry Beckett
  • Bill Pitcock IV (guitar) (07/April/2011)
  • Played in: Dwight Twilley Band / Mystery Band
  • Scott Columbus (drums) (04/April/2011)
  • Played in: Manowar
  • Calvin Russell (vocals / guitar) (03/April/2011)
  • Played in: Calvin Russell Band / The Cavemen
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Deacon Anderson, Alf Hind, Tanya Rose, Norio Ohga, Hazel Dickens, Yoshiko Tanaka, Joe Pennell, Gerard Smith.
  • Carl Bunch (drums) (26/March/2011)
  • Played in: Buddy Holly Band
  • Pinetop Perkins (keyboards) (21/March/2011)
  • Played in: Muddy Waters Band / Buddy Guy Band / Bonnie Raitt Band / The Legendary Blues Band / Earl Hooker Band
    Shared albums with: Ric Grech
  • Loleatta Holloway (vocals) (21/March/2011)
  • Played in: The Zawinul Syndicate
    Shared albums with: Cornell Dupree
  • Johnny Pearson (keyboards / arranger) (20/March/2011)
  • Played in: Malcolm Mitchell Trio / Sounds Orchestral / Top Of The Pops Orchestra / Romance In Rhythm Orchestra / Johnny Pearson Orchestra
    Shared albums with: Francis Monkman, Les Hurdle, Madeline Bell, Jimmy Horowitz
  • Ralph Mooney (steel guitar) (20/March/2011)
  • Played in: Waylon Jennings Band / Skeets McDonald Band / Wynn Stewart Band / Merle Haggard Band
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Tom Brumley, John Guerin, Donna Washburn
  • Jet Harris (bass) (18/March/2011)
  • Played in: Cliff Richard & The Shadows / Meehan & Harris / Jeff Beck Group / Cliff Richard & The Drifters / The Vipers / Tony Crombie Group / Terry Dene Band / Don Lang Band / Wee Willie Harris Band / The Most Brothers / The Shadows / Jet Harris & The Jet Blacks / Jet Harris Band / Harris-Meehan
    Shared bands with: Bob Jenkins
    Shared albums with: Bob Jenkins
  • Ferlin Husky (guitar) (17/March/2011)
  • Melvin Sparks (guitar) (15/March/2011)
  • Played in: Melvin Sparks Group
    Shared albums with: Hank Crawford, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Cornell Dupree, Leroy Cooper, Tommy Eyre, Snooky Young
  • Ronnie Hammond (vocals) (14/March/2011)
  • Played in: Atlanta Rhythm Section / The Voices Of Classic Rock
  • Joe Morello (drums) (12/March/2011)
  • Mike Starr (bass) (08/March/2011)
  • Played in: Sun Red Sun / Alice In Chains
  • Herman Ernest (drums) (06/March/2011)
  • Played in: Dr John Band / Richie Havens Band
    Shared albums with: Leroy Cooper, Hank Crawford, Cornell Dupree, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Tim Renwick, Marva Wright, Snooky Young
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Harley Allen, Todd Cerney, Jack Hardy, St Clair Lee, Carl Rainge, Bobby Phillips, Cato Walker, Erling Kroner.
  • John Pickering (vocals) (28/February/2011)
  • Played in: The Picks
  • Eddie Kirkland (guitar) (27/February/2011)
  • Played in: John Lee Hooker Band / Otis Redding Band / Ruth Brown Band / Little Richard Band / Eddie Kirkland Band
  • Mark Tulin (bass) (26/February/2011)
  • Played in: Electric Prunes
  • Jens Winther (trumpet) (24/February/2011)
  • Played in: Danish Radio Big Band / Jens Winther Group / George Gruntz Band
    Shared bands with: Harry Beckett
    Shared albums with: Bob Brookmeyer
  • Terry Clements (guitar) (20/February/2011)
  • Played in: Gordon Lightfoot Band / Johnny Tillotson Band / Golden Sunflower
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey
  • Johnny Nitro (guitar) (19/February/2011)
  • George Shearing (keyboards) (14/February/2011)
  • Played in: George Shearing Group / Vic Lewis Orchestra / Mel Torme Group / Harry Parry Group / George Evans Group / Oscar Pettiford Group / Bert Ambrose Group
    Shared bands with: Joyce Collins
    Shared albums with: Buddy Montgomery, Hank Jones, Pete Jolly, Nat Adderley, Jake Hanna, Snooky Young
  • Gary Moore (guitar) (06/February/2011)
  • Alex Napier (bass) (03/February/2011)
  • Played in: The Cobras / Southern Feeling / The LeRoi Brothers
  • Tony Levin (drums) (03/February/2011)
  • Played in: Nucleus / John Surman Group / Keith Tippett Group / Elton Dean Group / Alan Skidmore Group / Tenor Tonic / Tubby Hayes Group / Humphrey Lyttelton Band / John Taylor Group / Stan Sulzmann Group / Gordon Beck Group / European Jazz Ensemble / Third Eye / Rob Van Den Broeck Group / Philip Catherine Group / Sophia Domancich Group / Philippe Aerts Group / Paul Dunmall Group / Tony Levin Group / Gyroscope
    Shared albums with: Gary Boyle
  • Allen Smith (trumpet) (03/February/2011)
  • Played in: Jim Rothermel Group
    Shared albums with: Monty Budwig, Pete Jolly, Hank Jones, Jim Rothermel, Jimmy Wyble
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Eddie Serrato, Buddy Jones, Don Fowler, James Phillips.
  • John Barry (arranger) (30/January/2011)
  • Played in: John Barry Seven / Marty Wilde & The Wild Cats
  • Emanuel Vardi (va*vi) (29/January/2011)
  • Shared albums with: Hank Crawford, Cornell Dupree, Snooky Young, Milt Bernhart, Martin Drover, Freddie Hubbard, Hank Jones, Gerry Niewood, Wayne Pedzwater, Bud Shank, Carlos Vega
  • Charlie Louvin (vocals) (26/January/2011)
  • Played in: The Louvin Brothers
  • Gladys Horton (vocals) (26/January/2011)
  • Played in: The Marvelettes / The Casinyets
  • Barry Lee Hall Jr (trumpet) (25/January/2011)
  • Played in: Duke Ellington Orchestra / The Ellington Legacy Orchestra
  • Robert Rozelle (bass) (22/January/2011)
  • Eugenio Arango (vocals / percussion) (21/January/2011)
  • Greg Johnson (keyboards) (20/January/2011)
  • Played in: Stan Middleton Band
    Shared albums with: Phil Grande
  • Don Kirshner (producer) (17/January/2011)
  • Steven Prestwich (drums) (16/January/2011)
  • Played in: Little River Band / Cold Chisel / Sandy / Ice / Orange / Steven Prestwich Band
  • Harvey James (guitar) (15/January/2011)
  • Played in: Richard Clapton Band / Mississippi / Ariel / Sherbet / The Party Boys
  • Alex Kirst (drums) (13/January/2011)
  • Played in: Iggy Pop Band / The Nymphs
  • Pat Williams (trumpet) (12/January/2011)
  • Played in: B B King Band
    Shared albums with: Madeline Bell, Hank Crawford, Martin Drover, Lesley Duncan, Cornell Dupree, Tommy Eyre, Gary Moore, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Carlos Vega, Snooky Young
  • Tom Crain (guitar) (12/January/2011)
  • Played in: Charlie Daniels Band / Flat Creek Band / Buckeye / The Crosstown Allstars
  • Margaret Whiting (vocals) (10/January/2011)
  • Bosko Petrovic (vb) (10/January/2011)
  • Played in: Zagreb Jazz Quartet
    Shared albums with: Harry Beckett
  • Phil Kennemore (bass) (07/January/2011)
  • Played in: Y&T
  • Gerry Rafferty (vocals) (04/January/2011)
  • Grady Chapman (vocals) (04/January/2011)
  • Mick Karn (bass) (04/January/2011)
  • Played in: David Torn Band / Mark Isham Band / Japan / Rain Tree Crow / Dali´s Car
    Shared albums with: Jimmy Bain, Andy Brown, Barry De Souza, Francis Monkman, Morris Pert
  • Charles Fambrough (bass) (01/January/2011)
  • Played in: Art Blakey Group / Bill Connors Group / Charles Fambrough Group / Pharoah Sanders Group / Grover Washington Jr Band / Airto Moreira Group / McCoy Tyner Group
    Shared albums with: Freddie Hubbard
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Henrik Ostergaard, Augusto Alguero.

  • Please, note than you can check the indexes (musicians, bands, obituaries) at the top of this page.

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