This is intended to be a homage to very many musicians I've loved since I started listening to music. My intention is to tell what I know about them, hoping that those people who like them too, will help me fill numerous gaps, which I may have in their careers and discographies. Sorry, but there are no MP3 audio files here at all, just info (and love for the musicians).

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Monday, 21 December 2009

Obituaries for musicians in 2010

Last Update: 07/02/2011 - Total (up to now): 167. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
  • Billy Taylor (keyboards) (28/December/2010)
  • Played in: Billy Taylor Group / Ben Webster Group / David Frost Show Band / The Subject Is Jazz House Band
    Shared bands with: Ed Thigpen
    Shared albums with: Hank Jones, James Moody, Mike Zwerin, Larry Bunker, Herb Ellis, Bud Shank
  • Bobby Scott (drums) (27/December/2010)
  • Played in: The Clayton Squares
  • Bill Maddox (drums) (27/December/2010)
  • Played in: Electromagnets / Eric Johnson Band / Aussenhorowitz / Alien Love Child / Edsels / Project Terror / The Signs Of Life
  • Teena Marie (vocals) (26/December/2010)
  • Played in: Teena Marie Band
  • Bernard Wilson (vocals) (26/December/2010)
  • Played in: Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes
  • Dorothy Jones (vocals) (25/December/2010)
  • Played in: The Cookies
  • Myrna Smith (backing vocals) (24/December/2010)
  • Played in: The Sweet Inspirations / Elvis Presley Band
    Shared albums with: Carlos Vega, Nat Adderley, Steve Byrd, Phil Grande, Dan Hickey, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Tim Renwick
  • Jack Tracy (producer) (21/December/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Freddie Hubbard, James Moody, John Guerin, Pete Jolly, Jake Hanna
  • Trudy Pitts (keyboards) (19/December/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Hank Jones
  • Captain Beefheart (vocals) (17/December/2010)
  • Played in: Captain Beefheart Band
    Shared albums with: John Guerin
  • Enrique Morente (vocals) (13/December/2010)
  • Woolly Wolstenholme (keyboards) (13/December/2010)
  • Played in: Barclay James Harvest / Barclay James Harvest Through The Eyes Of John Lees
  • James Moody (sax / flute) (09/December/2010)
  • Monty Sunshine (clarinet) (30/November/2010)
  • Played in: Chris Barber Group
  • Mario Pacheco (producer) (26/November/2010)
  • June Gardner (drums) (19/November/2010)
  • Played in: Sam Cooke Band / Lil Green Band / Edgar Blanchard Band / Roy Brown Band / Dave Bartholomew Band / June Gardner Group
    Shared albums with: Milt Bernhart
  • Harry Whitaker (keyboards) (17/November/2010)
  • Played in: Roy Ayers Group / Ray McKenny Group / Lloyd Price Band / Eddie Jacobs Band / Al Kooper Band / Roberta Flack Band
  • Mimi Perrin (vocals / keyboards) (16/November/2010)
  • Played in: Les Double Six / Les Blue Stars
    Shared albums with: Herb Ellis, James Moody, Larry Bunker
  • Tony West (bass) (10/November/2010)
  • Played in: The Searchers
  • Lee Harper (trumpet) (10/November/2010)
  • Played in: Erich Kleinschuster Group / ORF Big Band / Lee Harper Group
    Shared albums with: Les Hurdle, Leroy Cooper, Hank Crawford, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Freddie Hubbard
  • Hotep Galeta (keyboards) (03/November/2010)
  • Played in: Dewey Redman Group
  • Jim Clench (bass) (02/November/2010)
  • Played in: April Wine / Bachman Turner Overdrive
  • Jack Brokensha (percussion) (28/October/2010)
  • Played in: The Funk Brothers / Australian Jazz Quartet / Australian Symphony Orchestra
  • Walter Payton (bass) (28/October/2010)
  • Played in: Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  • Gregory Isaacs (vocals) (25/October/2010)
  • Linda Hargrove (guitar) (24/October/2010)
  • Ari Up (drums) (20/October/2010)
  • Played in: The Slits
  • Harvey Phillips (tuba) (20/October/2010)
  • Played in: New York Brass Quintet
    Shared albums with: Freddie Hubbard, James Moody, Nat Adderley, Mike Zwerin, Larry Bunker, Bud Shank
  • Marion Brown (sax) (18/October/2010)
  • Played in: Marion Brown Group / Karl Berger Group / Gunter Hampel Group
    Shared albums with: Freddie Hubbard
  • Kim Davis (guitar) (18/October/2010)
  • Played in: Point Blank
  • Dennis Taylor (sax) (17/October/2010)
  • Played in: Delbert McClinton Band / Gregg Allman Band / Duke Robillard Band
    Shared albums with: Federico Pol
  • Solomon Burke (vocals) (10/October/2010)
  • Played in: Solomon Burke Band
    Shared albums with: Marva Wright
  • Neil Richardson (arranger) (08/October/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Harry Beckett, Les Hurdle
  • Reg King (vocals) (08/October/2010)
  • Played in: The Action / Clat Thyger / B B Blunder
    Shared albums with: Robbie Blunt
  • Reggie Battise (vocals) (08/October/2010)
  • Played in: Sha Na Na / The Bus Boys
  • T Lavitz (keyboards) (07/October/2010)
  • Played in: The Dregs / Jazz Is Dead / Dixie Dregs / Mothers Finest / Billy Cobham Band / Widespread Panic / Bill Bruford Band / The Blues Busters / Paul Barrere Band / Players
  • Steve Lee (vocals) (05/October/2010)
  • Played in: Gotthard
  • Trevor Fleming (guitar) (02/October/2010)
  • Played in: Sweet Savage
  • Buddy Morrow (trombone) (27/September/2010)
  • Played in: Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
    Shared albums with: David ´Fathead´ Newman
  • Don Partridge (vocals / guitar) (21/September/2010)
  • Played in: Accolade
  • Buddy Collette (sax / flute) (19/September/2010)
  • Played in: Chico Hamilton Group / Buddy Collette Orchestra
    Shared albums with: Larry Bunker, Bud Shank, Milt Bernhart, Pete Jolly, John Guerin, Herb Ellis, Monty Budwig, Freddie Hubbard, Nat Adderley, Kenny Edwards, Hank Jones, James Moody
  • Francisco Ribeiro (cello) (14/September/2010)
  • Played in: Madredeus
  • Hadley Caliman (sax / flute) (08/September/2010)
  • Played in: Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles / Don Ellis Orchestra / Freddie Hubbard Group / Gerald Wilson Orchestra / Hadley Caliman Group / Bobby Hutcherson Group / Mongo Santamaria Group / Ray Draper Group
    Shared bands with: Freddie Hubbard, Ed Thigpen
    Shared albums with: Freddie Hubbard
  • Noah Howard (sax) (03/September/2010)
  • Played in: Noah Howard Group
  • Mike Edwards (cello) (03/September/2010)
  • Played in: ELO
  • Michael Been (guitar / bass) (19/August/2010)
  • Played in: The Call / Motion Pictures / Michael Been Band
    Shared albums with: John Guerin
  • Kenny Edwards (ba*gu*lv) (18/August/2010)
  • Mac Tontoh (trumpet) (17/August/2010)
  • Steve Fowler (sax / flute) (17/August/2010)
  • Played in: Fowler Brothers
    Shared albums with: Larry Bunker, Mike Zwerin
  • Robert Wilson (bass) (15/August/2010)
  • Played in: Gap Band / Bonnie Bramlett Band
    Shared albums with: Delaney Bramlett, Chris Mercer, David ´Fathead´ Newman
  • Ahmad Alaadeen (sax / flute) (15/August/2010)
  • Played in: Jay McShann Group / Deans Of Swing
  • Abbey Lincoln (vocals) (14/August/2010)
  • Played in: Abbey Lincoln Group
    Shared albums with: Hank Jones
  • Richie Hayward (drums) (12/August/2010)
  • Played in: Eric Clapton Band / Little Feat / Bob Dylan Band / Joan Armatrading Band / Robert Plant Band / Fraternity Of Man / The Factory
    Shared bands with: Robbie Blunt, Dave Bronze, Kenny Buttrey
    Shared albums with: Kenny Edwards, Robbie Blunt, Irene Chanter, Bud Shank, Jimmy Bain, Dave Bronze, Doreen Chanter, John Guerin, Morris Pert, Carlos Vega
  • Betty MacDonald (vi*lv) (09/August/2010)
  • Played in: Betty MacDonald Group
  • Jack Parnell (drums) (08/August/2010)
  • Played in: The Best Of British Jazz / Jack Parnell Orchestra / Ted Heath Orchestra / Vic Lewis Orchestra
  • Clyde Kerr (trumpet) (06/August/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Leroy Cooper, Hank Crawford, David ´Fathead´ Newman
  • Catfish Collins (guitar) (06/August/2010)
  • Played in: James Brown Band
  • Chris Dedrick (vocals) (06/August/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Roy Markowitz, Gerry Niewood
  • Derek Boulton (arranger) (05/August/2010)
  • Bobby Hebb (vocals) (03/August/2010)
  • Mitch Jayne (bass) (02/August/2010)
  • Played in: The Dillards
  • Mitch Miller (co*pr) (31/July/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Milt Bernhart, Pete Jolly, Bud Shank
  • Martin Drew (drums) (29/July/2010)
  • Played in: Oscar Peterson Group / Martin Drew Group / Ronnie Scott Group / Our Band / Morrissey-Mullen / Gene Harris Group / Pete Atkin Band / LCD / Simon Spillett Group
    Shared albums with: Jake Hanna
  • Chris Dagley (drums) (28/July/2010)
  • Played in: Sax Appeal / Paul Carmichael Band / BBC Radio Big Band / Mornington Lockett Group / Paz / National Youth Jazz Orchestra / James Pearson Group / Marti Pellow Band / Mike Outram Group
    Shared bands with: Dick Heckstall-Smith
  • Ben Keith (steel guitar) (27/July/2010)
  • My short comment: Magnificent steel guitar player, he has spent decades playing with Neil Young, but he also appears in albums by The Band, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Paul Butterfield, Ringo Starr, etc. He also produced the successful debut album for Jewel. I first heard him in Neil Young´s ´Harvest´, and his sound amazed me. Many years have passed, and I still get the same feeling with Ben. Other bands where he played: Tompall Glaser Band / The Great Speckled Bird / Hungry Chuck / Crosby Stills Nash & Young.
    Played in: Neil Young Band / The Trans Band / Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Neil Young & Friends And Relatives Band / Neil Young & Ten Men Workin´ / Neil Young & The Bluenotes / Neil Young & The International Harvesters &CH / Neil Young & The International Harvesters / Neil_ Young & The International Harvesters / Neil Young & The Lost Dogs / Neil Young & The Restless / Neil Young & The Santa Monica Flyers / Neil Young & The Silver And Gold Band / Neil Young & The Stray Gators / Neil & The Shocking Pinks Young / Young_Neil / Hungry Chuck / The Great Speckled Bird / Tompall Glaser Band / Crosby Stills Nash & Young
    Shared bands with: Kenny Buttrey
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Lesley Duncan, Kenny Edwards, John Guerin, Roy Markowitz, Gerry Rafferty, Bud Shank
  • Willem Breuker (sax / clarinet) (23/July/2010)
  • Played in: Peter Brotzmann Group / Globe Unity Orchestra / Gunter Hampel Group / Willem Breuker Orchestra / Instant Composers Pool
    Shared albums with: Peter Herbolzheimer, Ed Thigpen
  • Harry Beckett (trumpet) (22/July/2010)
  • Phillip Walker (guitar) (22/July/2010)
  • Played in: Phillip Walker Band / Clifton Chenier Band
    Shared albums with: Noel Norris
  • Andy Hummel (bass) (19/July/2010)
  • Played in: Big Star
  • Fred Carter Jr (guitar) (17/July/2010)
  • Played in: The Hawks / Simon & Garfunkel / Levon Helm Band / Roy Orbison Band / Dale Hawkins Band / Conway Twitty Band
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Delaney Bramlett, Kenny Edwards, John Guerin, Martin Jenner, Bud Shank, Tom T-Bone Wolk
  • Hank Cochran (vocals / guitar) (15/July/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey
  • Gene Ludwig (keyboards) (14/July/2010)
  • Played in: Gene Ludwig Group / Sonny Stitt Group / Arthur Prysock Group
  • Roosevelt Brodie (vocals) (13/July/2010)
  • Played in: Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes
  • Paulo Moura (sax) (12/July/2010)
  • Shared albums with: David ´Fathead´ Newman
  • Tuli Kupferberg (vocals) (12/July/2010)
  • Played in: The Fugs
  • Walter Hawkins (vocals) (11/July/2010)
  • Played in: Edwin Hawkins Singers / Love Center Choir
    Shared albums with: Tom T-Bone Wolk
  • Bill Porter (engineer) (07/July/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Milt Bernhart, Monty Budwig, Bud Shank
  • Harvey Fuqua (vocals / producer) (06/July/2010)
  • Played in: The Moonglows
  • David Chapman (sax) (03/July/2010)
  • Joya Sherrill (vocals) (28/June/2010)
  • Played in: Benny Goodman Group / Duke Ellington Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Milt Bernhart, Monty Budwig, Jake Hanna, Hank Jones
  • Harold Cowart (bass) (27/June/2010)
  • Played in: Bee Gees / John Fred And His Playboy Band
    Shared albums with: Tim Renwick, Larry Bunker, Carlos Vega
  • Benny Powell (trombone) (26/June/2010)
  • Played in: Randy Weston Group / Count Basie Orchestra / Dameronia
    Shared albums with: Freddie Hubbard, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Hank Crawford, Leroy Cooper, Bud Shank, Larry Bunker, Gary Moore, Nat Adderley, John Guerin, Jake Hanna, Pete Jolly, James Moody, Carlos Vega
  • Fred Anderson (sax) (24/June/2010)
  • Francis Dreyfus (producer) (24/June/2010)
  • Tommy Hoehn (guitar / keyboards) (24/June/2010)
  • Pete Quaife (bass) (23/June/2010)
  • Played in: The Kinks / MapleOak
  • Tam White (vocals / guitar) (21/June/2010)
  • Played in: Tam White Band
    Shared bands with: Jeff Seopardie
    Shared albums with: Jeff Seopardie
  • Aaron Dodd (tu*ke) (17/June/2010)
  • Played in: 8 Bold Souls
  • Garry Shider (guitar) (16/June/2010)
  • Played in: Funkadelic / P-Funk All-Stars / United Soul
  • Bill Dixon (trumpet) (16/June/2010)
  • Played in: Bill Dixon Group
  • Vicky Busiswe Mhlongo (vocals) (15/June/2010)
  • Ken Brown (guitar) (14/June/2010)
  • Played in: The Blackjacks / The Quarrymen
  • Ella Avery (backing vocals) (11/June/2010)
  • Played in: Wet Willie
  • Johnny Parker (keyboards) (11/June/2010)
  • Played in: Long John Baldry Band / Gerry Lockran Blues Band / Blues Incorporated / Long John Baldry & The Hoochie Coochie Men / Cyril Davies R&B All Stars / Alexis Korner Band / Pat Halcox Group
    Shared bands with: Aliki Ashman, Cliff Barton, Cal Batchelor, Davy Graham, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Gordon Hunte, Felix Krish, Billy Law, Binky McKenzie, Harry Reynolds, Nick South, Bob Wackett, Mike Zwerin
    Shared albums with: Dick Heckstall-Smith, Harry Beckett, Cliff Barton, Gary Moore
  • Phil Petty (bass) (08/June/2010)
  • Played in: Point Blank
  • Crispian St Peters (vocals) (08/June/2010)
  • Played in: Wheels / The Hard Travellers / The Two Tones / The Country Gentlemen / Peter & The Wolves / The Puppets / Candy Choir / Old Crow / Runaways
  • Walt Woodward III (drums) (08/June/2010)
  • Played in: Twisted Sister
  • Stuart Cable (drums) (07/June/2010)
  • Played in: Stereophonics / Tragic Love Company / Stone Gods / Killing For Company
  • Dana Key (guitar) (06/June/2010)
  • Played in: De Garmo & Key
  • Marvin Isley (bass) (06/June/2010)
  • Played in: The Isley Brothers
  • Tony Peluso (guitar) (05/June/2010)
  • Played in: Carpenters / Mark Lindsay Band
    Shared albums with: Pete Jolly, Carlos Vega
  • Jo Billingsley (backing vocals) (June/2010)
  • Played in: Lynyrd Skynyrd / Alias / Oil Can Harry
  • Ali Woodson (vocals) (30/May/2010)
  • Played in: The Temptations / The Emperors Of Soul
  • Steve New (guitar) (24/May/2010)
  • Played in: Rick Kids
  • Billy Francis (keyboards) (23/May/2010)
  • Played in: Dr Hook
  • Hank Jones (keyboards) (16/May/2010)
  • Ronnie James Dio (vocals) (16/May/2010)
  • Lena Horne (vocals) (09/May/2010)
  • Played in: Lena Horne Group / Johnny Otis Band / Charlie Barnet Group
    Shared bands with: Bud Shank
  • Francisco Aguabella (percussion) (07/May/2010)
  • Played in: Santana / Malo / Katherine Dunham Band / Peggy Lee Band / Rosemary Clooney Band / Weather Report / Cal Tjader Group / Frank Sinatra Band / Eddie Palmieri Group
    Shared bands with: Larry Bunker, Ed Thigpen, Jimmy Wyble
    Shared albums with: Larry Bunker, James Moody, Milt Bernhart, Herb Ellis, Pete Jolly, Bud Shank
  • Leif Roden (bass / vocals) (03/May/2010)
  • Played in: Alrune Rod
  • Rob McConnell (arranger) (01/May/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Pete Jolly, Peter Herbolzheimer
  • Will Owsley (vocals / guitar) (30/April/2010)
  • Played in: The Semantics / Judson Spence Band / Amy Grant Band
  • Morris Pert (percussion) (27/April/2010)
  • Bo Hansson (keyboards) (24/April/2010)
  • Norman Wright (vocals) (23/April/2010)
  • Played in: The Del Vikings
  • Guru (vocals) (19/April/2010)
  • My short comment: I don´t like rap, but this is an exception. Guru (real name, Keith Elam) was a founder of Gang Starr and the father of Jazzmatazz project, with several great jazz musicians (I have his first 2 albums, and they´re very nice). Guru went into cardiac arrest in February 2010, passing away on April 19th, 2010, from cancer.
    Played in: Jazzmatazz / Gang Starr
    Shared albums with: Freddie Hubbard
  • Pete Steele (vocals / bass) (14/April/2010)
  • Played in: Type O Negative
  • Malcolm McLaren (producer) (08/April/2010)
  • Mike Zwerin (trumpet / trombone) (02/April/2010)
  • John Bunch (keyboards) (30/March/2010)
  • Played in: Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Tony Bennett Group / Buddy Rich Orchestra / Harry Allen Group / Benny Goodman Group / New York Swing / Woody Herman Orchestra / Gene Krupa Group / John Bunch Group / Georgie Auld Group / Al Cohn Group / Zoot Sims Group / Warren Vache Jr Group / Scott Hamilton Group
    Shared bands with: Nat Adderley, Milt Bernhart, Monty Budwig, Larry Bunker, Jake Hanna, Hank Jones, Mike Zwerin
    Shared albums with: Jake Hanna, Hank Jones, Monty Budwig, Pete Jolly, Jimmy Wyble, Milt Bernhart, Herb Ellis, Bud Shank
  • Elliot Willensky (keyboards) (29/March/2010)
  • Herb Ellis (guitar) (28/March/2010)
  • Peter Herbolzheimer (trombone / arranger) (27/March/2010)
  • John Ciambotti (bass) (24/March/2010)
  • Played in: Clover / Lucinda Williams Band
    Shared albums with: Duane Jarvis, Bob Metzger
  • Marva Wright (vocals) (23/March/2010)
  • Diz Disley (guitar) (22/March/2010)
  • Played in: Stephane Grappelli Band / Vernon Street Ramblers / Yorkshire Jazz Band / Ken Colyer Skiffle Group / Diz Disley Group / Mick Mulligan Group / Bireli Lagrene Group / Nigel Kennedy Group / Soho String Quintette
    Shared bands with: Ian Cruickshank
    Shared albums with: Ian Cruickshank, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Pete Jolly, Tim Renwick, Bud Shank, Nick South
  • Bernard ´Bunchy´ Johnson (drums) (21/March/2010)
  • Played in: Dave Bartholomew Band / Jeremy Davenport Band / Deacon John Band
    Shared albums with: Kenny Edwards, Marva Wright
  • Alex Chilton (vocals) (17/March/2010)
  • My short comment: Great singer, his first famous bands were The Box Tops and later Big Star. Owner of a wonderful voice, he was the inspiration for many modern bands.
    Played in: Box Tops / Alex Chilton Band / Big Star / Panther Burns / The Iguanas / Ice Water / The Devilles
  • Nick Taylor (guitar) (14/March/2010)
  • Played in: Bloodrock
  • Lesley Duncan (vocals) (12/March/2010)
  • Micky Jones (guitar) (10/March/2010)
  • My short comment: Fantastic guitarist, a founder member of Man, although he also played in many other bands, such as The Attack, The Flying Pigs, or his own bands. I´m writing right now my tribute page to him.
    Played in: Man / The Rebels / The Bystanders / Micky Jones Band / The Attack / Manipulator / The Acidtones / The Flying Pigs / Mary Whitehouse Experience / The Penetrators / Contraband / The Valves / The Silverbirds / The Amoebas / Peter Singh Band / Clodagh Rogers Band
    Shared bands with: Micky Jones
    Shared albums with: Micky Jones, Mickey Gee, Chris Mercer
  • Tony Campise (sax) (07/March/2010)
  • Played in: Stan Kenton Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Milt Bernhart, Larry Bunker, Bud Shank
    Shared albums with: Tom Brumley, Duane Jarvis
  • Mark Linkous (producer / guitar) (06/March/2010)
  • Played in: Sparklehorse / Dancing Hoods / A Camp
  • Tato Luzardo (drums) (05/March/2010)
  • Played in: Canarios / Los Idolos
  • Etta Cameron (vocals) (04/March/2010)
  • Johnny Alf (vocals / keyboards) (04/March/2010)
  • Lolly Vegas (guitar) (04/March/2010)
  • Played in: Redbone / Avantis
  • Andy Johnson (guitar) (March/2010)
  • Played in: Fast Exit / Sam Apple Pie
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Kenny Edwards
  • Tom T-Bone Wolk (guitar / bass) (27/February/2010)
  • Art Van Damme (accordion) (15/February/2010)
  • Gloria Coleman (keyboards) (15/February/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Hank Crawford
  • Doug Fieger (bass) (14/February/2010)
  • Played in: The Knack / Triumvirat / The Sky
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Tom T-Bone Wolk
  • Lee Freeman (vocals / guitar) (14/February/2010)
  • Played in: Strawberry Alarm Clock
  • Sylvia Shemwell (backing vocals) (13/February/2010)
  • Played in: The Sweet Inspirations / Elvis Presley Band
    Shared albums with: David ´Fathead´ Newman, Larry Bunker, John Guerin, Carlos Vega
  • Jamil Nasser (bass) (13/February/2010)
  • Played in: Randy Weston Group / Pharoah Sanders Group
  • Jake Hanna (drums) (13/February/2010)
  • Dale Hawkins (vocals / guitar) (13/February/2010)
  • Played in: Dale Hawkins Band
  • Richard Delvy (producer / drums) (06/February/2010)
  • Played in: Bel-Airs / Challengers
  • Johnny Dankworth (sax / clarinet) (06/February/2010)
  • Played in: Johnny Dankworth Orchestra / Sidney Bechet Group / Laurie Monk Group / Dickie Hawdon Group
    Shared albums with: Pete Jolly, Morris Pert
  • Barry Reeves (drums) (06/February/2010)
  • Played in: Blossom Toes / James Last Orchestra / Ferris Wheel / Checkmates
    Shared bands with: Stevie Lange
  • Warren King (guitar) (29/January/2010)
  • Kate McGarrigle (vocals) (18/January/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Gerry Rafferty, Kenny Buttrey, Kenny Edwards, Bud Shank
  • Bruno De Filippi (guitar) (16/January/2010)
  • Jimmy Wyble (guitar) (16/January/2010)
  • Bobby Charles (vocals) (14/January/2010)
  • Bill Raffensperger (bass) (13/January/2010)
  • Played in: The Zigs / J J Cale Band / Tommy Crook Band
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey
  • Ed Thigpen (drums) (13/January/2010)
  • Played in: Ella Fitzgerald Group / Tommy Flanagan Group / Monty Alexander Group / Billy Taylor Group / Oscar Peterson Group / Oliver Nelson Group / Rieber Hovde Group / Dinah Washington Band / Cootie Williams Group / Lennie Tristano Group / Johnny Hodges Group / Bud Powell Group / Jutta Hipp Group / Gil Melle Group / Peggy Lee Band / Gerald Wilson Orchestra / Andy Williams Band / Action Re Action / Junior Mance Group / The Subject Is Jazz House Band
    Shared bands with: Monty Budwig, Larry Bunker, Ed Thigpen
    Shared albums with: Ed Thigpen, Herb Ellis, Nat Adderley, Monty Budwig, Barry De Souza, Hank Jones, James Moody
  • Teddy Pendergrass (vocals) (13/January/2010)
  • Played in: Teddy Pendergrass Band / Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes
    Shared albums with: Carlos Vega
  • Mick Green (guitar) (11/January/2010)
  • Played in: The Pirates / Shanghai / Van Morrison Band / Paul McCartney Band / Billy Kramer & The Dakotas / Engelbert Humperdinck Band / Bryan Ferry Band / Johnny Kidd & The Pirates / Steve Marriott Band / Cliff Bennett Band / Fresh Meat / Dave Kelly Band
    Shared bands with: Doreen Chanter
    Shared albums with: Cal Batchelor, Robbie Blunt, Stevie Lange
  • Dick Johnson (sax / flute) (10/January/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Jake Hanna
  • Eric Shark (vocals) (07/January/2010)
  • Played in: Deaf School
  • Gigi Campi (producer) (06/January/2010)
  • Willie Mitchell (producer / trumpet) (05/January/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter
  • Calvin Shields (drums) (05/January/2010)
  • Tony Clarke (producer) (04/January/2010)
  • Shared albums with: Robbie Blunt, Jo Partridge, Aliki Ashman, Gordon Hunte, Chris Mercer, Harry Reynolds, Bobby Stignac
  • Neil Christian (vocals) (04/January/2010)
  • Played in: The Crusaders
  • Joyce Collins (vocals / keyboards) (03/January/2010)

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