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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Obituaries for musicians in 2007

Last Update: 20/01/2010 - Total (up to now): 122. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
  • Joe Dolan (vocals) (26/December/2007)
  • Oscar Peterson (keyboards) (23/December/2007)
  • Rex Gorin (drums) (21/December/2007)
  • Joel Dorn (producer) (17/December/2007)
  • Dan Fogelberg (vocals) (16/December/2007)
  • Richard Seidel (producer) (15/December/2007)
  • Frank Morgan (sax) (14/December/2007)
  • Ike Turner (guitar) (12/December/2007)
  • Patato Valdes (percussion) (04/December/2007)
  • Ralph Ezell (bass) (30/November/2007)
  • Fred Chichin (guitar) (28/November/2007)
  • Cecil Payne (sax) (27/November/2007)
  • Rocky Sullivan (vocals) (25/November/2007)
  • Kevin Dubrow (vocals) (25/November/2007)
  • John Hughey (steel guitar) (18/November/2007)
  • Rainer Baumann (guitar) (14/November/2007)
  • Porter Wagoner (vocals) (28/October/2007)
  • Ricky Parent (drums) (27/October/2007)
  • Al Eastwood (vocals / drums) (25/October/2007)
  • Ian Edwards (guitar) (23/October/2007)
  • Paul Fox (guitar) (21/October/2007)
  • Paul Raven (bass) (20/October/2007)
  • Teresa Brewer (vocals) (17/October/2007)
  • Nicky James (vocals) (15/October/2007)
  • Winston Ford (backing vocals) (13/October/2007)
  • Tom Dawes (bass) (October/2007)
  • Barry Morgan (drums) (October/2007)
  • Gary Primich (harmonica) (23/September/2007)
  • Mahlon Clark (clarinet) (20/September/2007)
  • Mike Osborne (sax) (19/September/2007)
  • Specs Powell (drums) (15/September/2007)
  • Bobby Byrd (vocals / keyboards) (12/September/2007)
  • Joe Zawinul (keyboards) (11/September/2007)
  • Hughie Thomasson (guitar) (09/September/2007)
  • Luciano Pavarotti (vocals) (06/September/2007)
  • Fritz Fryer (vocals / producer) (02/September/2007)
  • Doug Riley (keyboards) (27/August/2007)
  • Masahiko Togashi (drums) (22/August/2007)
  • Jon Lucien (vocals) (18/August/2007)
  • Max Roach (drums) (16/August/2007)
  • Herb Pomeroy (arranger) (11/August/2007)
  • Mario Rivera (sax) (10/August/2007)
  • Paul Rutherford (trombone) (06/August/2007)
  • Lee Hazlewood (vocals / producer) (04/August/2007)
  • Earl Turbinton (sax) (03/August/2007)
  • Peter Thorup (guitar) (03/August/2007)
  • Mercy Murciano (vocals) (01/August/2007)
  • Bill LaVorgna (drums) (31/July/2007)
  • Sal Mosca (keyboards) (28/July/2007)
  • Uncle John Turner (drums) (26/July/2007)
  • Don Arden (21/July/2007)
  • Tony Dangerfield (bass) (21/July/2007)
  • Al Hendrickson (guitar) (19/July/2007)
  • Kelly Johnson (guitar) (15/July/2007)
  • George Melly (vocals) (05/July/2007)
  • Bill Pinkney (vocals) (04/July/2007)
  • Boots Randolph (sax) (03/July/2007)
  • Johnny Frigo (violin) (02/July/2007)
  • George McCorkle (guitar) (29/June/2007)
  • Peter Panka (drums) (28/June/2007)
  • Johnny Average (guitar / keyboards) (19/June/2007)
  • Hank Medress (producer) (19/June/2007)
  • Kush Griffith (trumpet) (18/June/2007)
  • Richard Bell (keyboards) (15/June/2007)
  • Hugh Attwool (drums) (12/June/2007)
  • Nellie Lutcher (vocals) (08/June/2007)
  • Charles Cochran (keyboards) (07/June/2007)
  • Sean Jenkins (drums) (29/May/2007)
  • Buddy Childers (trumpet) (25/May/2007)
  • Herbie Lewis (bass) (17/May/2007)
  • Topper Price (harmonica) (16/May/2007)
  • Rod Poole (guitar) (13/May/2007)
  • Carson Whitsett (keyboards) (08/May/2007)
  • Ron Jefferson (drums) (07/May/2007)
  • Carol Johnson (vocals) (07/May/2007)
  • Big Joe Duskin (keyboards) (06/May/2007)
  • Alvin Batiste (clarinet) (06/May/2007)
  • Carey Bell (harmonica) (06/May/2007)
  • Paul Brook (drums) (03/May/2007)
  • Jimmy Henshaw (guitar) (01/May/2007)
  • Tommy Newsom (sax / flute) (28/April/2007)
  • Lobby Loyde (bass) (21/April/2007)
  • Andrew Hill (keyboards) (20/April/2007)
  • James B Davis (vocals) (17/April/2007)
  • Dakota Staton (vocals) (10/April/2007)
  • Mark St John (guitar) (05/April/2007)
  • Danny Barcelona (drums) (01/April/2007)
  • Bruce Malament (keyboards) (April/2007)
  • Keith Webb (drums) (31/March/2007)
  • Tony Scott (clarinet) (28/March/2007)
  • Johnny Booker (guitar) (19/March/2007)
  • Luther Ingram (vocals) (19/March/2007)
  • Tupper Saussy (keyboards) (16/March/2007)
  • Ron Chesterman (bass) (16/March/2007)
  • Carol MacDonald (vocals / guitar) (12/March/2007)
  • Brad Delp (vocals) (09/March/2007)
  • Ulpio Minucci (keyboards) (09/March/2007)
  • Paul De Lay (harmonica) (07/March/2007)
  • Bill Chinnock (vocals) (March/2007)
  • Ken Laws (drums / engineer) (March/2007)
  • Billy Thorpe (vocals) (28/February/2007)
  • Bobby Rosengarden (drums / percussion) (27/February/2007)
  • Leroy Jenkins (violin) (23/February/2007)
  • Ian Wallace (drums) (22/February/2007)
  • Al Viola (guitar) (21/February/2007)
  • John O´Banion (vocals) (14/February/2007)
  • Eldee Young (bass) (12/February/2007)
  • Frankie Laine (vocals) (06/February/2007)
  • Joe Hunter (keyboards) (02/February/2007)
  • Terry McMillan (harmonica / percussion) (02/February/2007)
  • Tom Morrell (steel guitar) (29/January/2007)
  • Floyd Standifer (sax / trumpet) (22/January/2007)
  • Denny Doherty (vocals) (19/January/2007)
  • Gary Phillips (guitar / keyboards) (17/January/2007)
  • Doyle Holly (bass) (13/January/2007)
  • Michael Brecker (sax) (13/January/2007)
  • Alice Coltrane (keyboards) (12/January/2007)
  • Paul ´Tubbs´ Williams (backing vocals) (11/January/2007)
  • Sneaky Pete Kleinow (steel guitar) (06/January/2007)
  • Colin Thurston (producer / engineer) (January/2007)
  • Chris Aylmer (bass) (January/2007)
  • Les Humphries (vocals) (2007)

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