This is intended to be a homage to very many musicians I've loved since I started listening to music. My intention is to tell what I know about them, hoping that those people who like them too, will help me fill numerous gaps, which I may have in their careers and discographies. Sorry, but there are no MP3 audio files here at all, just info (and love for the musicians).

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Monday, 21 December 2009

Obituaries for musicians in 2012

Last Update: 08/12/2013 - Total (up to now): 219. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
  • Mike Auldridge (vocals / guitar) (29/December/2012)
  • Played in: Lyle Lovett Band / The Seldom Scene / Mike Auldridge Band
    Shared albums with: Kenny Edwards, Levon Helm
  • Lloyd Charmers (vocals / keyboards) (27/December/2012)
  • Shared albums with: Noel Norris
  • Fontella Bass (vocals / keyboards) (26/December/2012)
  • Played in: Little Milton Band / Oliver Sain Band / Fontella Bass Band
    Shared albums with: Chico Hamilton, George Gruntz
  • Richard Rodney Bennett (keyboards / arranger) (24/December/2012)
  • Played in: Claire Martin Group / Richard Rodney Bennett Group
    Shared bands with: Laurence Cottle
    Shared albums with: Harry Beckett, Tommy Eyre, Stan Tracey, Derek Watkins
  • Ray Collins (vocals / guitar) (24/December/2012)
  • Played in: Frank Zappa Band
    Shared albums with: John Guerin
  • Marva Whitney (vocals) (22/December/2012)
  • Played in: James Brown Band / Tommy & The Derbys / JB All Stars / Marva Whitney Band
  • Lee Dorman (bass) (21/December/2012)
  • Played in: Iron Butterfly / Captain Beyond
  • Jimmy McCracklin (vocals / keyboards) (20/December/2012)
  • Played in: Jimmy McCracklin Band
  • Ken Chaney (keyboards) (19/December/2012)
  • Played in: Young-Holt Unlimited
  • Sheila McKinley (vocals) (16/December/2012)
  • Willie Ackerman (drums) (13/December/2012)
  • Played in: Waylon Jennings Band
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Delaney Bramlett, Martin Jenner
  • Eddie ´Guitar´ Burns (vocals / guitar) (12/December/2012)
  • Played in: Eddie ´Guitar´ Burns Band
    Shared albums with: Pete York
  • Ravi Shankar (11/December/2012)
  • Played in: Ravi Shankar Band
    Shared albums with: Ollie Mitchell, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Andrew Love, Bud Shank
  • Hal Schaefer (keyboards) (08/December/2012)
  • Played in: Ina Ray Hutton Orchestra / Boyd Raeburn Orchestra / Harry James Orchestra / Benny Carter Orchestra / Hal Schaefer Group / Peggy Lee Band / Vic Damone Group / Billy Eckstine Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Milt Bernhart, Larry Bunker, Joyce Collins, Jake Hanna, Sonny Igoe, Hank Jones, Hal McKusick, Ollie Mitchell, Ed Thigpen, Snooky Young
    Shared albums with: Larry Bunker
  • Ed Cassidy (drums) (06/December/2012)
  • Played in: Spirit / Rising Sons
    Shared bands with: Cozy Powell
    Shared albums with: Pete Haycock, Alvin Lee, Neil Murray, Bob Welch
  • Huw Lloyd Langton (guitar) (06/December/2012)
  • Played in: Hawkwind / Widowmaker / Amon Din / Winston G And The Wicked / Whip / Nic Potter Band / Magill / Huw Lloyd Langton Band / Leo Sayer Band / Gallery / Aleksander John Band / Batti Mamzelle / Pretty Things / Dr Brown / Conzentration
    Shared bands with: Dave Bronze, Mark Brzezicki, Les Davidson, Barry De Souza, Graham Jarvis, Mac Poole, Ray Russell, Theodore Thunder, Victor Unitt
  • Dave Brubeck (keyboards) (05/December/2012)
  • Played in: Dave Brubeck Group / MBR / Gerry Mulligan Group
    Shared bands with: Bob Brookmeyer, Larry Bunker, Chico Hamilton, Joe Morello, Gerry Niewood, Bud Shank
    Shared albums with: Joe Morello, Cedar Walton, Nat Adderley, Bob Brookmeyer, Cornell Dupree, George Gruntz, Chico Hamilton, Freddie Hubbard
  • Dee Harvey (backing vocals) (01/December/2012)
  • Played in: Rod Stewart Band
    Shared bands with: Phil Kenzie
    Shared albums with: Speedy Acquaye, Madeline Bell, Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Ric Grech, Andy Johns, Phil Kenzie
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Yevgeny Guberman, Sohrab Hossain, Rick Cimato, Helen Kardon Moss, Augusto Bracca, JayLoud, Jack Klugman, Capital Steez, Mike Scaccia, Terry Huff, Meredith Israel Thomas, Leah Rule, Franco Ceccarelli, K Gyasi, Kamil Sonmez, Pecker Dunne, Inez Andrews, Lauri Aitonurmi, Keith Deen, Gil Friesen, Erik Moseholm, Alkis Alkaios, Sam Banda, Jenni Rivera, Jeni LeGon, Tony Robertson, Ammar Elsherei, Sammy Arena, Ewan Robertson, Sarah Kirsch, Nito Nunes, Mario Clington, Jeroen Willems.
November/2012: October/2012: September/2012:
  • Eddie Bert (trombone) (28/September/2012)
  • Played in: Stan Kenton Orchestra / Illinois Jacquet Group / Lionel Hampton Group / Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra / Bobby Rosengarden Orchestra / Thelonious Monk Group / Charlie Mingus Band / Benny Goodman Group / Woody Herman Orchestra / Red Norvo Group / Shorty Rogers Group / Elliot Lawrence Orchestra / Charlie Byrd Group / Sam Donahue Orchestra / Charlie Barnet Group / Les Elgart Orchestra / Herbie Fields Orchestra / The American Jazz Orchestra / Urbie Green Group / John Lewis Big Band / Duke Ellington Orchestra / T S Monk Group / Eddie Bert Group / Oscar Pettiford Group
    Shared bands with: Nat Adderley, Harry Beckett, Milt Bernhart, Bob Brookmeyer, Monty Budwig, Larry Bunker, Frank Foster, Chico Hamilton, Jake Hanna, Sonny Igoe, Pete Jolly, Hank Jones, Hal McKusick, Ollie Mitchell, Joe Morello, Paul Motian, Bud Shank, Ed Shaughnessy, Derek Watkins, Jimmy Wyble, Snooky Young
    Shared albums with: Hank Jones, Milt Bernhart, Bud Shank, Hal McKusick, Ed Shaughnessy, Bob Brookmeyer, Frank Foster, Sonny Igoe, Pete Jolly, Snooky Young, Monty Budwig, James Moody, Joe Morello, Herb Ellis, George Gruntz, Martin Drover, John Guerin, Jake Hanna, Bernie Holland, Hugh McCracken, Phil Ramone, Mac Tontoh, Jimmy Wyble
  • Frank Wilson (vocals / producer) (27/September/2012)
  • Billy Barnes (25/September/2012)
  • Shared albums with: Bob Babbitt
  • Andy Williams (vocals) (25/September/2012)
  • Played in: Andy Williams Band / Henry Mancini Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Joe Moretti, Ed Thigpen, Derek Watkins
    Shared albums with: Ray Russell, Bob Jenkins, Felix Krish, Bud Shank
  • Mat Domber (producer) (19/September/2012)
  • Shared albums with: Jake Hanna, Herb Ellis
  • Mariano Garcia (producer) (12/September/2012)
  • John Perez (drums) (11/September/2012)
  • Played in: Sir Douglas Quintet
  • El Reverendo (keyboards) (07/September/2012)
  • Played in: Desmadre 75 / Paracelso
    Shared albums with: Sergio Castillo
  • Joe South (vocals / guitar) (05/September/2012)
  • Played in: Joe South Band
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Levon Helm
  • Mark Abrahamian (guitar) (02/September/2012)
  • Played in: Starship Featuring Mickey Thomas
  • Sean Bergin (sax / flute) (01/September/2012)
  • Played in: MOB / Nansika / The Informal Trio / Trio San Francisco
    Shared albums with: Harry Beckett
  • Hal David (01/September/2012)
  • Shared albums with: Robin Gibb, Hugh McCracken
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Raylene Rankin, Hebe Camargo, Larry Cunningham, Uldis Stabulnieks, Mamborro, R B Greaves, Neset Ertas, Rudy Mata, Brad Parker, Tony Bernabale, Haim Hefer, Luis Goes, Doudou Chancy, James ´Sugar Boy´ Crawford, Rebecca Dorsey, Obo Addy, Homer Joy, Roberto Silva, Dorothy McGuire, Rollin Sullivan, Hakam Sufi, Lillian Lopez, Tomas Garreton, Ryoji Fukui, Jose Carlos Hernandez, Oleg Klimchenko, Maggie Ross, Vance Bockis, Simon Oberender.
  • Max Bygraves (vocals) (31/August/2012)
  • Played in: Max Bygraves Band
  • Bernardo Bonezzi (vocals) (30/August/2012)
  • George Gallacher (vocals) (25/August/2012)
  • Played in: The Poets / Alex Harvey Band / Dead Loss Band
    Shared bands with: Tommy Eyre, Billy Law, Joe Moretti
  • Byard Lancaster (sax / flute) (23/August/2012)
  • Played in: Barry Altschul Group / Byard Lancaster Group / Sunny Murray Group / Sounds Of Liberation / The Decoding Society
    Shared albums with: Ronald Shannon Jackson
  • Charles Flores (bass) (22/August/2012)
  • Played in: Michel Camilo Group
    Shared albums with: Pete Jolly, Big Jim Sullivan
  • Scott McKenzie (vocals) (18/August/2012)
  • Played in: Mamas & The Papas / The Singing Strings / The Abstracts / The Smoothies / The Journeymen / Scott McKenzie Band
    Shared bands with: Eddie Hoh
    Shared albums with: Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Andrew Love
  • Lou Martin (keyboards) (17/August/2012)
  • Played in: Krayon Angels / Killing Floor / Rory Gallagher Band / Mick Clarke Band / Ramrod / Gwyn Ashton Band / Blues´n´Trouble / Nicole Barclay Band / Chris Glen Band / Gerry McAvoy Band
    Shared bands with: Dave Ball, Chris Glen, Chris Sharley
    Shared albums with: Chris Sharley, John ´Irish´ Earle, Dick Hanson, Miller Anderson, Les Davidson, Clive Edwards, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Bert Jansch, Bob Jenkins, Stevie Lange, Mac Poole, Big Jim Sullivan, Geoff Whitehorn
  • John Stockfish (bass) (17/August/2012)
  • Played in: Gordon Lightfoot Band
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Hugh McCracken
  • Bill Tillman (sax) (15/August/2012)
  • Played in: Blood Sweat & Tears / Duke Ellington Orchestra / Bill Tillman Band
    Shared bands with: Miller Anderson, Jake Hanna, Tommy Igoe, Wayne Pedzwater
    Shared albums with: Pete Jolly, Hugh McCracken
  • Bob Birch (bass) (15/August/2012)
  • Played in: Edgar Winter All Star Project / Elton John Band / Edgar Winter Band / War Pipes / Mark Ashton Band / Jose Feliciano Band / Marc Bonilla Band
    Shared bands with: Caroline Attard, Madeline Bell, Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Stevie Lange, Jo Partridge, Federico Pol, Roger Pope, Caleb Quaye, Tim Renwick
    Shared albums with: Tom T-Bone Wolk
  • Gary Cox (vocals / guitar) (12/August/2012)
  • Played in: Artful Dodger
  • Von Freeman (sax) (11/August/2012)
  • Played in: Jimmy Reed Band / Sunnyland Slim Band / Von Freeman Group / Johnny Griffin Group / Horace Henderson Orchestra
    Shared albums with: George Gruntz
  • Carl Davis (producer) (09/August/2012)
  • Ranking Trevor (07/August/2012)
  • Marvin Hamlisch (keyboards / arranger) (06/August/2012)
  • Played in: Marvin Hamlisch Band
    Shared albums with: Barry De Souza, Bruce Lynch, Hugh McCracken, Gerry Niewood, Cornell Dupree, John Guerin, Pete Jolly, Roy Markowitz, Wayne Pedzwater, Phil Ramone, Ray Russell, Derek Watkins, Tom T-Bone Wolk
  • Chavela Vargas (vocals) (05/August/2012)
  • Played in: Chavela Vargas Band
    Shared albums with: Laurence Cottle
  • Stephen Hill (vocals / guitar) (05/August/2012)
  • Shared albums with: Derek Watkins
  • Johnnie Bassett (vocals / guitar) (04/August/2012)
  • Stuart Swanlund (guitar) (04/August/2012)
  • Played in: The Marshall Tucker Band
  • Tomasz Szukalski (sax) (02/August/2012)
  • Jerry Bromley (bass) (August/2012)
  • Played in: The Lonely Ones / The Stallions / Tapestry
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Terez Hepburn, Marianne Challis, Tomas O Suilleabhain, Yachiyo Kasugano, Eric Cook, Michalis Menidiatis, Phyllis Diller, T G Kamala Devi, Altamiro Carrilho, Joan Roberts, Tom Hofwander, Patrick Cochrun, Magro Waghabi, Jairo Varela, Mike Kelly, Mark O´Donnell, James McLaren, Polys Kermanidis, Celso Blues Boy, Michael Bartee, Jason Noble, Severino Araujo, Gaspero C Trainito, Jimmy Jones, Mark Erickson.
July/2012: June/2012:
  • Yomo Toro (guitar) (30/June/2012)
  • Played in: Yomo Toro Band
    Shared albums with: Bernie Holland
  • Gerry Bron (producer) (19/June/2012)
  • Shared albums with: Trevor Bolder, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Chris Mercer, Mac Tontoh, Harry Beckett, Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Caleb Quaye, Derek Watkins, Pip Williams
  • Brian Hibbard (vocals) (18/June/2012)
  • Played in: The Official Tribute To The Blues Brothers / The Flying Pickets
    Shared bands with: Doreen Chanter
  • Victor Spinetti (18/June/2012)
  • Gabriel Hardeman (backing vocals) (16/June/2012)
  • Shared albums with: Gary Moore, Carlos Vega
  • Rune Gustafsson (guitar) (15/June/2012)
  • Played in: Rune Gustafsson Band
    Shared albums with: Ed Thigpen, Stan Tracey
  • Marjorie Hyams (vb) (14/June/2012)
  • Played in: George Shearing Group / Woody Herman Orchestra / Hip Chicks / Mary Lou Williams Group / Charlie Ventura Group / Marjorie Hyams Group
    Shared bands with: Nat Adderley, Bob Brookmeyer, Monty Budwig, Frank Foster, John Guerin, Jake Hanna, Sonny Igoe, Hal McKusick, Ed Shaughnessy
    Shared albums with: Sonny Igoe, Hank Jones, Buddy Montgomery
  • Graeme Bell (keyboards) (13/June/2012)
  • Played in: Dixieland Jazz Band / Australian Jazz Band / Graeme Bell Group
  • Abram Wilson (trumpet) (09/June/2012)
  • Played in: Jazz Jamaica All Stars / Jazz Jamaica / Ruth Brown Band / Roy Hargrove Group / Julian Joseph Group / Abram Wilson Group
    Shared bands with: Derek Watkins
  • Bob Welch (guitar) (07/June/2012)
  • Lou Pride (vocals) (05/June/2012)
  • Played in: Lou Pride Band
    Shared albums with: Byrd Foster, Warren King
  • Dennis St John (drums) (05/June/2012)
  • Played in: Neil Diamond Band
    Shared albums with: Kenny Edwards, Snooky Young, Larry Bunker, Kenny Buttrey, John Guerin, Levon Helm, Hugh McCracken, Ollie Mitchell, Phil Ramone, Carlos Vega
  • George Marino (engineer) (04/June/2012)
  • Herb Reed (vocals) (04/June/2012)
  • Played in: The Platters / Herb Reed Band
    Shared bands with: Gary Moberley
  • Andy Hamilton (sax) (03/June/2012)
  • My short comment: Please, note this is the Jamaican jazz sax player that played in the Birmingham area (he was 94), not the British sax player that played with Kokomo, Johnny Warman, Roger Chapman, Wham, Judie Tzuke, etc.
    Played in: Andy Hamilton Group
  • Frazier Mohawk (producer) (02/June/2012)
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Tom Reeder, Ivan Sekyra, Teddy Mueller, Seumas Cairns, Brian Emmett Malec, Jeanette Yanks, John Koko, Don Grady, Robert Moore, Richard Adler, Donna Hilley, Bill Lindsay, Ghazala Javed, Kelly Starrett, Scott Johnson, Tim Mooney, Hassan Kassai, Mehdi Hassan, Steve Kaika, Adrian Otero, Suehiko Watanabe, Will Hoebee, Jimmy Elledge, Shingo Minamino, Rocky Rothwell, Dave McKeough, Dan Nedelcu, Lil Phat, Estela Raval, Johnny Yoshinaga, Eduard Khil, Bobby Durango, Faruq Z Bey.
  • Pete Cosey (guitar) (30/May/2012)
  • Played in: Miles Davis Group / Powertools / The Children Of Agharta / Gene Ammons Group / Electric Mudcats
    Shared bands with: Ronald Shannon Jackson, Hank Jones, Buddy Montgomery, James Moody, Ricky Wellman, Mike Zwerin
    Shared albums with: Cornell Dupree, George Gruntz, John Guerin, Ricky Wellman
  • Doc Watson (guitar) (29/May/2012)
  • My short comment: Fantastic artist, his guitar playing was fabulous.
    Played in: Doc Watson Band / Clarence Ashley Band
    Shared albums with: Dave Bronze, Levon Helm, Bud Shank, Snooky Young
  • John Harrison (bass) (26/May/2012)
  • Played in: Hawkwind / Group X / Hawkwind Zoo
  • Mark McConnell (drums) (24/May/2012)
  • Played in: Sebastian Bach Band / Madam X
  • Robert Nix (drums) (20/May/2012)
  • Played in: Atlanta Rhythm Section / Classics IV
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Dick Hanson, Eddie Hoh, Tom T-Bone Wolk
  • Robin Gibb (vocals) (20/May/2012)
  • Carrie Smith (vocals) (20/May/2012)
  • Played in: Newport Jazz All Stars / Carrie Smith Group
    Shared albums with: Hank Jones
  • Peter Jones (drums) (18/May/2012)
  • Played in: Crowded House / Deadstar / Harem Scarem
    Shared albums with: Martin Drover
  • Donna Summer (vocals) (17/May/2012)
  • My short comment: I´ve never been a fan of disco music, but I really liked Donna Summer, with her powerful voice.
    Played in: Donna Summer Band / Crow / FamilyTree
    Shared bands with: Virgil Weber
    Shared albums with: Les Hurdle, Madeline Bell, Larry Bunker, Phil Ramone, Nat Adderley, Cornell Dupree, Kenny Edwards, Frank Foster, George Gruntz, John Guerin, Freddie Hubbard, Pete Jolly, George Marino, Hal McKusick, James Moody, Bud Shank, Virgil Weber, Snooky Young
  • Doug Dillard (guitar) (16/May/2012)
  • Played in: The Byrds / Dillard & Clark / The Dillards / Ozark Mountain Boys / Doug Dillard Band
    Shared bands with: John Guerin, Donna Washburn
    Shared albums with: Ollie Mitchell, Donna Washburn, Eddie Hoh, John Guerin, Hugh McCracken, Milt Bernhart, Kenny Buttrey
  • Chuck Brown (vocals / guitar) (16/May/2012)
  • Played in: Los Latinos / Chuck Brown Band / The Soul Searchers
    Shared albums with: Ricky Wellman
  • Belita Woods (vocals) (14/May/2012)
  • Played in: Brainstorm / Funkadelic / P-Funk All-Stars
    Shared albums with: Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Andrew Love
  • Donald ´Duck´ Dunn (bass) (13/May/2012)
  • Bernardo Sassetti (keyboards) (10/May/2012)
  • Played in: Guy Barker Group
  • Ernest Warren (vocals) (07/May/2012)
  • Played in: Hudsonaires / The Spaniels
  • Michael Burks (vocals / guitar) (06/May/2012)
  • My short comment: Soon to be featured here, hopefully.
    Played in: Michael Burks Band
    Shared bands with: Michael Burks
    Shared albums with: Michael Burks
  • Joe Russell (vocals) (05/May/2012)
  • Played in: The Persuasions
    Shared albums with: Hugh McCracken
  • Adam Yauch (vocals) (04/May/2012)
  • Played in: Beastie Boys
  • Mort Lindsey (arranger) (04/May/2012)
  • Shared albums with: Phil Ramone
  • Lloyd Brevett (bass) (03/May/2012)
  • Played in: The Skatalites
    Shared albums with: Andrew Love
  • Bobby Thomas (vocals) (03/May/2012)
  • Played in: The Vibranaires / Vibes / V-Eights / The Orioles / Crooners
  • Alan Mintz (producer) (02/May/2012)
  • Charles Pitts (guitar) (01/May/2012)
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Michael Grant, Kiyohiko Ozaki, Joe Albanese, Drew Keriakedes, Steve Rhea, Toni Arden, Georgy Espiritu, Ales Zimolka, Walter Malli, Yoshiyuki Suzuki, Kathi Goldmark, Janet Carroll, Bryan Hagan, Eddie Blazonczyk, Masud Sadiki, Thomas Kaimbi, Nobuyuki Morikawa, Warda Al-Jazairia, Maude Aimee Humbard, Katya Filipova, Trong Brathen, Everett Lilly, Chance Taylor, Jose Perez, David Lescht, Felix Werder, Nenad Saric, Edith Bliss, Willie French Lowery, Zvi Zeitlin, Larry Donn, Muddy Fraser.
April/2012: March/2012:
  • Sonny Igoe (drums) (28/March/2012)
  • Earl Scruggs (banjo) (28/March/2012)
  • Played in: Earl Scruggs Band / Bill Monroe Band / Foggy Mountain Boys / Flatt And Scruggs
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Alvin Lee, Tommy Eyre, Levon Helm, Ed Shaughnessy
  • Khalil Shaheed (trumpet) (23/March/2012)
  • Played in: Buddy Miles Band
    Shared albums with: George Marino
  • Eric Lowen (vocals) (23/March/2012)
  • Pete Saberton (keyboards) (21/March/2012)
  • Played in: Ralph Salmins Group / Graham Collier Group
    Shared bands with: Harry Beckett
    Shared albums with: Derek Watkins, Laurence Cottle, Francis Monkman
  • Warren Luening (trumpet) (18/March/2012)
  • Played in: Mel Torme Group / Lawrence Welk Orchestra / Bob Florence Orchestra / Hollywood Bowl Orchestra / Tony Almerico Orchestra / Ronnie Dupont Group
    Shared bands with: Joel DiBartolo, Derek Watkins
    Shared albums with: Frank Marocco, Larry Bunker, Joel DiBartolo, Pete Jolly, John Guerin, Phil Ramone, Leroy Cooper, Bud Shank, Snooky Young, Ollie Mitchell, Milt Bernhart, Monty Budwig, Jake Hanna, George Marino, Hugh McCracken, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Tom T-Bone Wolk, Steve York
  • Cedric Sharpley (drums) (13/March/2012)
  • Played in: Gary Numan Band
  • Michael Hossack (drums) (12/March/2012)
  • Played in: Doobie Brothers / Mourning Reign / Bonaroo / Les Dudek Band
    Shared bands with: Andrew Love
    Shared albums with: Andrew Love, John Guerin
  • Sergio Castillo (producer / drums) (09/March/2012)
  • Jimmy Ellis (vocals) (08/March/2012)
  • Played in: The Trammps
  • Bugs Henderson (guitar) (08/March/2012)
  • Played in: Mouse & Traps / Bugs Henderson Band
  • Joe Byrd (bass) (06/March/2012)
  • Played in: Great Guitars / Charlie Byrd Group / Joe Byrd Group / Gypsy Jazz Trio
    Shared bands with: Herb Ellis
    Shared albums with: Herb Ellis, Bob Brookmeyer, Hank Jones, Bud Shank
  • Toni Vazquez (drums) (05/March/2012)
  • Played in: Radio Futura / Labanda / Miguel Rios Band / Esclarecidos / Whiskey Viejo / Orquestra Mondragon / Manolo Tena Band
    Shared bands with: Sergio Castillo
  • Ronnie Montrose (guitar) (03/March/2012)
  • Played in: Van Morrison Band / Montrose / Gamma / Ronnie Montrose Band / Boz Scaggs Band / Edgar Winter Band / Sawbuck / Rail / Grim Reapers
    Shared bands with: Doreen Chanter, Martin Drover, Bernie Holland, Big Jim Sullivan, Carlos Vega
    Shared albums with: Alvin Lee, Pete Haycock, Andrew Love, Bud Shank
  • Frank Marocco (accordion) (03/March/2012)
  • Lucio Dalla (lv*cl) (01/March/2012)
  • My short comment: Fantastic Italian singer and composer Lucio Dalla, I love his song ´Caruso´, it´s very moving.
    Played in: Lucio Dalla Band
    Shared albums with: Laurence Cottle, Tommy Eyre
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Zoran Romic, Doreen Ncube, Jerry McCain, Ademilde Fonseca, Gian Franco Pagliaro, Murio Gian Franco, Tommy Wells, Nick Noble, Joao Mineiro, Marion Marlowe, Iqbal Bahu, Vince Lovegrove, Chico Anysio, Will, Johnny McCauley, Ernie Williams, Doc Stovall, Bob Henry, Jalal Zolfonun, Gary Cornell, Dieter Zechlin, Andre Catlett, Andy Brown, James Arneson, Karl Roy, Bodjie Dasig, Eddie King, Pat Newman, Matthew Smith, Domna Samiou, Benjamin Escoriza, Charles Lamb, Brenner Eugenides, Lucia Mannucci, Jacky Mekaiten, Robert B Sherman, Gerard Rinaldi, Rick Vail, Big Walter.
February/2012: January/2012: 2012:
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  1. Just FYI: Soul/Blues artist Syl Johnson is alive and well - just caught his show this past Saturday in LA.


    1. OK, thanks, my mistake then. But I read that news, I must say; you can find it published in several websites and blogs. I'll modify it, of course, and thanks again for your contribution.


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