This is intended to be a homage to very many musicians I've loved since I started listening to music. My intention is to tell what I know about them, hoping that those people who like them too, will help me fill numerous gaps, which I may have in their careers and discographies. Sorry, but there are no MP3 audio files here at all, just info (and love for the musicians).

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Monday, 21 December 2009

Obituaries for musicians in 2006

Last Update: 22/02/2010 - Total (up to now): 113. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
  • James Brown (vocals) (25/December/2006)
  • Tim Tobias (keyboards) (23/December/2006)
  • Dennis Linde (guitar) (22/December/2006)
  • Denny Payton (sax) (17/December/2006)
  • Ahmet Ertegun (producer) (14/December/2006)
  • Sivuca (guitar) (14/December/2006)
  • Kenny Davern (sax / clarinet) (12/December/2006)
  • Oscar Klein (trumpet / clarinet) (12/December/2006)
  • Rick Hardy (guitar) (11/December/2006)
  • Freddie Marsden (drums) (09/December/2006)
  • Martha Tilton (vocals) (08/December/2006)
  • Jay McShann (keyboards) (07/December/2006)
  • Marshall Sehorn (producer) (05/December/2006)
  • Dave Black (drums) (04/December/2006)
  • Dave Mount (drums) (03/December/2006)
  • Mariska Veres (vocals) (02/December/2006)
  • Don Butterfield (tuba) (27/November/2006)
  • Anita O´Day (vocals) (23/November/2006)
  • Robert Lockwood Jr (guitar) (21/November/2006)
  • Ruth Brown (vocals) (17/November/2006)
  • Jabu Khanyile (vocals) (11/November/2006)
  • Basil Poledouris (arranger) (08/November/2006)
  • Peter Leopold (drums) (08/November/2006)
  • John Wyre (percussion) (07/November/2006)
  • Sonny Cohn (trumpet) (07/November/2006)
  • Jance Garfat (bass) (06/November/2006)
  • Art Wood (vocals) (03/November/2006)
  • Paul Mauriat (arranger) (03/November/2006)
  • Buddy Killen (bass) (01/November/2006)
  • Ian Rilen (bass) (30/October/2006)
  • Jo Jo Laine (vocals) (29/October/2006)
  • Marijohn Wilkin (vocals) (28/October/2006)
  • Sandy West (drums) (21/October/2006)
  • Tommy Johnson (tuba) (16/October/2006)
  • Freddy Fender (vocals) (14/October/2006)
  • Ed Summerlin (sax) (10/October/2006)
  • Patrice Holloway (backing vocals) (01/October/2006)
  • Josh Graves (30/September/2006)
  • Rob Ruzga (bass) (26/September/2006)
  • Etta Baker (guitar) (23/September/2006)
  • Aladar Pege (bass) (23/September/2006)
  • Boz Burrell (bass) (21/September/2006)
  • Al Casey (guitar) (17/September/2006)
  • Hollis Gentry (sax) (05/September/2006)
  • Ian Hamer (trumpet) (03/September/2006)
  • Dewey Redman (sax) (02/September/2006)
  • Jimmy Vass (sax / flute) (September/2006)
  • Jeff Sarli (bass) (29/August/2006)
  • Pip Pyle (drums) (28/August/2006)
  • Maynard Ferguson (trumpet) (23/August/2006)
  • David Schnaufer (23/August/2006)
  • Bruce Gary (drums) (22/August/2006)
  • Tony Hicks (drums) (13/August/2006)
  • Bruce Carter (drums) (12/August/2006)
  • Anga Diaz (percussion) (09/August/2006)
  • Duke Jordan (keyboards) (08/August/2006)
  • Moacir Santos (sax) (06/August/2006)
  • John Locke (keyboards) (04/August/2006)
  • Arthur Lee (vocals) (03/August/2006)
  • John Mole (bass) (01/August/2006)
  • Rufus Harley (horn) (31/July/2006)
  • Ronnie Pearson (drums) (29/July/2006)
  • Sam Myers (harmonica) (17/July/2006)
  • Bill Miller (keyboards) (11/July/2006)
  • Milan Williams (guitar / keyboards) (09/July/2006)
  • Syd Barrett (guitar) (07/July/2006)
  • Al Hodge (guitar) (06/July/2006)
  • Don Lusher (trombone) (05/July/2006)
  • Ross Tompkins (keyboards) (29/June/2006)
  • Johnny Jenkins (guitar) (25/June/2006)
  • Arif Mardin (producer) (25/June/2006)
  • Hilton Ruiz (keyboards) (06/June/2006)
  • Billy Preston (keyboards) (05/June/2006)
  • Vince Welnick (keyboards) (02/June/2006)
  • Duane Roland (guitar) (June/2006)
  • Desmond Dekker (vocals) (25/May/2006)
  • Freddie Garrity (vocals) (19/May/2006)
  • Johnny Wilder (vocals) (13/May/2006)
  • John Hicks (keyboards) (10/May/2006)
  • Soraya (vocals) (10/May/2006)
  • Paul Caruso (producer / drums) (03/May/2006)
  • Moio Weideli (fl*vi*) (26/April/2006)
  • Gracie Ridgeway (vocals) (19/April/2006)
  • June Pointer (vocals) (11/April/2006)
  • Gordon Terry (violin) (09/April/2006)
  • Henry Lewy (producer) (08/April/2006)
  • Gene Pitney (vocals) (05/April/2006)
  • Martin Gilks (drums) (03/April/2006)
  • Jackie McLean (sax) (31/March/2006)
  • Don Alias (percussion) (29/March/2006)
  • Peter Wells (guitar) (27/March/2006)
  • Nikki Sudden (vocals) (26/March/2006)
  • Buck Owens (vocals / guitar) (25/March/2006)
  • Cindy Walker (vocals) (23/March/2006)
  • Howard Evans (trumpet) (17/March/2006)
  • Willie Kent (vocals / bass) (02/March/2006)
  • Martin Lickert (bass) (March/2006)
  • Thomas Koppel (keyboards) (25/February/2006)
  • Jim McAllister (guitar) (19/February/2006)
  • Ray Barretto (percussion) (17/February/2006)
  • Clifton James (drums) (16/February/2006)
  • Sid Feller (producer) (15/February/2006)
  • Elton Dean (sax) (07/February/2006)
  • Gene McFadden (vocals) (27/January/2006)
  • Sherman Ferguson (drums) (23/January/2006)
  • Rick Van Der Linden (keyboards) (22/January/2006)
  • Luther Rabb (bass) (21/January/2006)
  • Wilson Pickett (vocals) (19/January/2006)
  • Bob Weinstock (producer) (14/January/2006)
  • Lou Rawls (vocals) (06/January/2006)
  • Bumi Fian (trumpet) (06/January/2006)
  • Ron Capone (engineer) (02/January/2006)
  • Steve Hayton (guitar) (2006)

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