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Monday, 21 December 2009

Obituaries for musicians in 2003

Last Update: 17/02/2010 - Total (up to now): 125. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
  • Johnny Bedder (guitar) (26/December/2003)
  • Foggy Lyttle (guitar) (25/December/2003)
  • Hans Koller (sax) (22/December/2003)
  • Michael Hakes (guitar) (19/November/2003)
  • Greg Ridley (bass) (19/November/2003)
  • Michael Kamen (keyboards / arranger) (18/November/2003)
  • Arthur Conley (vocals) (17/November/2003)
  • Don Gibson (vocals) (17/November/2003)
  • Speedy West (steel guitar) (15/November/2003)
  • Shaun Solomon (bass) (15/November/2003)
  • Tony Thompson (drums) (12/November/2003)
  • Lance Dickerson (drums) (10/November/2003)
  • Buddy Arnold (sax) (09/November/2003)
  • Bernard Brightman (producer) (09/November/2003)
  • Guy Speranza (vocals) (08/November/2003)
  • Bobby Hatfield (vocals) (05/November/2003)
  • George Kawaguchi (drums) (01/November/2003)
  • Ron Davies (vocals) (30/October/2003)
  • Elliott Smith (vocals) (21/October/2003)
  • Mildred Jones (vocals) (20/October/2003)
  • Carl Fontana (trombone) (09/October/2003)
  • Tom King (trumpet) (06/October/2003)
  • Mick Cowdroy (06/October/2003)
  • Chubby Jackson (bass) (01/October/2003)
  • Ted Wood (drums) (29/September/2003)
  • Shawn Lane (guitar) (26/September/2003)
  • Robert Palmer (vocals) (26/September/2003)
  • Charles Dungey (bass) (22/September/2003)
  • Tary Owens (producer) (21/September/2003)
  • Frank Lowe (sax) (19/September/2003)
  • Sheb Wooley (vocals) (16/September/2003)
  • Michael Knust (guitar) (15/September/2003)
  • Billy Sanders (guitar) (14/September/2003)
  • Johnny Cash (vocals) (12/September/2003)
  • Warren Zevon (vocals) (07/September/2003)
  • David Waibel (bass) (02/September/2003)
  • Tony Jackson (bass) (18/August/2003)
  • Stephen Miller (keyboards) (17/August/2003)
  • Andrew Pryce Jackman (keyboards) (15/August/2003)
  • Roy C Ames (producer) (14/August/2003)
  • Ava Aldridge (vocals) (12/August/2003)
  • Bill Perkins (sax) (09/August/2003)
  • Grover Mitchell (trombone) (06/August/2003)
  • Mike Tompson (sax) (04/August/2003)
  • Roger Voudouris (guitar) (03/August/2003)
  • Sam Phillips (producer) (30/July/2003)
  • Aaron Bell (bass) (28/July/2003)
  • Erik Braunn (guitar) (25/July/2003)
  • Benny Carter (sax / trumpet) (12/July/2003)
  • John Purdell (producer) (10/July/2003)
  • Skip Battin (guitar / bass) (06/July/2003)
  • Barry White (vocals) (04/July/2003)
  • Jim Cotton (engineer) (02/July/2003)
  • Herbie Mann (flute) (01/July/2003)
  • Greg Dwinnell (producer) (21/June/2003)
  • Peanuts Hucko (sax / clarinet) (20/June/2003)
  • Ethan James / Ralph Burns Kellogg (keyboards) (19/June/2003)
  • Volker Kriegel (guitar) (15/June/2003)
  • Jimmy Knepper (trombone) (14/June/2003)
  • Harold Ashby (sax) (13/June/2003)
  • Edwin Swanston (keyboards / arranger) (13/June/2003)
  • Tommy Perkins (drums) (07/June/2003)
  • Dave Rowberry (keyboards) (06/June/2003)
  • Billy Hodges (trumpet) (01/June/2003)
  • Mickie Most (producer) (30/May/2003)
  • Almir Chediak (producer) (26/May/2003)
  • June Carter Cash (vocals) (15/May/2003)
  • Harry Hess (guitar) (12/May/2003)
  • Noel Redding (bass) (11/May/2003)
  • Dewey Terry (vocals) (11/May/2003)
  • Martin Jenner (guitar) (07/May/2003)
  • Gerry Shephard (guitar) (06/May/2003)
  • John V Baker (guitar) (05/May/2003)
  • Jerry Rusch (horn) (05/May/2003)
  • Nigel Hammond (drums) (04/May/2003)
  • Doc Pittman (28/April/2003)
  • Nina Simone (vocals) (21/April/2003)
  • Teddy Edwards (sax) (20/April/2003)
  • Walter Fuller (trumpet) (20/April/2003)
  • Earl King (guitar) (17/April/2003)
  • Richie Borkan (keyboards) (16/April/2003)
  • Allen Eager (sax) (13/April/2003)
  • Little Eva (vocals) (10/April/2003)
  • Frederick Grady (drums) (09/April/2003)
  • Frederick Bernard Grady (drums) (09/April/2003)
  • Babatunde Olatunji (percussion) (06/April/2003)
  • Homer Banks (producer) (03/April/2003)
  • Edwin Starr (vocals) (02/April/2003)
  • Chris Michie (guitar) (27/March/2003)
  • Ian Samwell (producer) (13/March/2003)
  • Tom Boras (sax) (12/March/2003)
  • Adam Faith (vocals / producer) (07/March/2003)
  • Linton Garner (keyboards) (06/March/2003)
  • Richard Felts (horn) (05/March/2003)
  • John Ridge (vocals) (04/March/2003)
  • Hank Ballard (vocals) (02/March/2003)
  • Jimmy Bilsbury (vocals) (March/2003)
  • Earl Forest (vocals) (26/February/2003)
  • Tom Hall (vocals / guitar) (25/February/2003)
  • Howie Epstein (bass) (23/February/2003)
  • Esther Ridgeway (vocals) (22/February/2003)
  • Ty Longley (guitar) (20/February/2003)
  • Johnny Paycheck (vocals) (18/February/2003)
  • Dr Richie Moore (engineer) (16/February/2003)
  • Michel Graillier (keyboards) (12/February/2003)
  • Chuck Lampkin (drums) (10/February/2003)
  • Bill Matthews (vocals) (10/February/2003)
  • Ruby Braff (trumpet) (09/February/2003)
  • Claude Pepper (drums) (04/February/2003)
  • Tony Bell (guitar / arranger) (04/February/2003)
  • Mongo Santamaria (percussion) (01/February/2003)
  • Timothy Moore (keyboards) (01/February/2003)
  • Cy Touff (trumpet) (24/January/2003)
  • Paul Haines (21/January/2003)
  • Joe Zinkan (bass) (15/January/2003)
  • Maurice Gibb (vocals) (12/January/2003)
  • Micky Finn (percussion) (11/January/2003)
  • Bill Russo (trombone) (11/January/2003)
  • Ken Hamann (engineer) (10/January/2003)
  • Ron Goodwin (arranger) (08/January/2003)
  • King Biscuit Boy (harmonica) (05/January/2003)
  • Bob England (vocals) (January/2003)
  • Don Lamond (drums) (2003)
  • Webster Young (trumpet) (2003)
  • Chuck Carter (sax) (2003)

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