This is intended to be a homage to very many musicians I've loved since I started listening to music. My intention is to tell what I know about them, hoping that those people who like them too, will help me fill numerous gaps, which I may have in their careers and discographies. Sorry, but there are no MP3 audio files here at all, just info (and love for the musicians).

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Monday, 21 December 2009

Obituaries for musicians in 2000

Last Update: 17/02/2010 - Total (up to now): 96. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
  • Isaac Guillory (guitar) (31/December/2000)
  • Eddy Shaver (guitar) (31/December/2000)
  • Jack McVea (sax) (27/December/2000)
  • Adrian Henri (vocals) (21/December/2000)
  • Rob Buck (guitar) (19/December/2000)
  • Milt Hinton (bass) (19/December/2000)
  • Pops Staples (vocals) (19/December/2000)
  • James Mitchell (sax) (18/December/2000)
  • Kirsty MacColl (vocals) (18/December/2000)
  • Rosa King (sax) (12/December/2000)
  • Neal Creque (keyboards) (01/December/2000)
  • Scott Smith (bass) (30/November/2000)
  • Bobby Sheen (vocals) (23/November/2000)
  • Paul Crane (vocals) (18/November/2000)
  • Dick Morrissey (sax) (08/November/2000)
  • Bill McCauley (keyboards) (04/November/2000)
  • Vernel Fournier (drums) (04/November/2000)
  • Dave Plews (trumpet) (November/2000)
  • Winston Grennan (drums) (27/October/2000)
  • Don Brooks (harmonica) (25/October/2000)
  • Jeanne Lee (vocals) (25/October/2000)
  • Bob MacKenzie (producer) (20/October/2000)
  • Julie London (vocals) (18/October/2000)
  • Britt Woodman (trombone) (13/October/2000)
  • Neely Plumb (arranger) (04/October/2000)
  • Benjamin Orr (bass) (03/October/2000)
  • Jack Duff (sax / clarinet) (30/September/2000)
  • Paddy Chambers (guitar) (28/September/2000)
  • Baden Powell (guitar) (26/September/2000)
  • Nick Fatool (drums) (26/September/2000)
  • Tommy Reilly (harmonica) (25/September/2000)
  • Willie Cook (trumpet) (22/September/2000)
  • Bob Foster (steel guitar) (12/September/2000)
  • Stanley Turrentine (sax) (11/September/2000)
  • David Brown (bass) (September/2000)
  • Saunders King (31/August/2000)
  • Rick Jaeger (drums) (27/August/2000)
  • Allen Woody (bass) (26/August/2000)
  • Jack Nitzsche (keyboards) (25/August/2000)
  • Audie Ashworth (producer) (24/August/2000)
  • Bob Cummins (producer) (17/August/2000)
  • Alan Caddy (guitar) (16/August/2000)
  • Mabel Scott (vocals) (19/July/2000)
  • Johnny Duncan (guitar) (15/July/2000)
  • Paul Young (vocals) (15/July/2000)
  • Bill Barth (guitar) (14/July/2000)
  • Jerome Richardson (sax / flute) (23/June/2000)
  • Paul Griffin (keyboards) (14/June/2000)
  • Abe Lincoln (trombone) (09/June/2000)
  • Clint Houston (bass) (06/June/2000)
  • Arnold Ross (keyboards) (05/June/2000)
  • Tito Puente (percussion) (01/June/2000)
  • Joe Puma (guitar) (31/May/2000)
  • Johnnie Taylor (vocals) (31/May/2000)
  • Tom Ayres (producer) (30/May/2000)
  • Buzzy Drootin (drums) (21/May/2000)
  • Richard Payne (bass) (17/May/2000)
  • Tony Charles (drums) (17/May/2000)
  • Geoff Goddard (keyboards) (15/May/2000)
  • Gary Hogue (steel guitar) (14/May/2000)
  • Wilbur Brown (sax) (07/May/2000)
  • Teri Thornton (vocals) (02/May/2000)
  • Jonah Jones (trumpet) (30/April/2000)
  • Bill Woods (30/April/2000)
  • Vicki Sue Robinson (vocals) (27/April/2000)
  • Clarence Holliman (guitar) (23/April/2000)
  • Neal Matthews Jr (vocals) (21/April/2000)
  • Pete Minger (14/April/2000)
  • Heinz (bass) (07/April/2000)
  • Walter Nims (guitar) (06/April/2000)
  • Ervin Charles (guitar) (01/April/2000)
  • Jack Nance (31/March/2000)
  • Adrian Fisher (guitar) (31/March/2000)
  • Ian Dury (vocals) (27/March/2000)
  • Al Grey (trombone) (24/March/2000)
  • Gene Eugene (producer) (20/March/2000)
  • George Siravo (arranger) (28/February/2000)
  • Ofra Haza (vocals) (23/February/2000)
  • John London (bass) (12/February/2000)
  • Screamin´ Jay Hawkins (vocals) (12/February/2000)
  • Oliver (12/February/2000)
  • ´Lonesome´ Dave Peverett (guitar) (07/February/2000)
  • Joachim-Ernst Berendt (producer) (04/February/2000)
  • Si Zentner (trombone) (31/January/2000)
  • Friedrich Gulda (keyboards) (27/January/2000)
  • Don Ralke (arranger) (26/January/2000)
  • Lin Halliday (sax) (25/January/2000)
  • Ray Jones (bass) (20/January/2000)
  • Don Abney (keyboards) (20/January/2000)
  • Philip Jones (trumpet) (17/January/2000)
  • Gene Harris (keyboards) (16/January/2000)
  • Joe Dan Petty (bass) (08/January/2000)
  • Nat Adderley (trumpet) (02/January/2000)
  • Julian Infante (guitar) (2000)
  • John Piper (drums) (2000)
  • Roger Saunders (guitar) (2000)

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