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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Obituaries for musicians in 2009

Last Update: 07/02/2011 - Total (up to now): 149. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
December/2009: November/2009: October/2009: September/2009:
  • Greg Ladanyi (producer) (28/September/2009)
  • Shared albums with: Kenny Edwards, Robbie Blunt, Hank Crawford, Leroy Cooper, Ronnie James Dio, Phil Grande, John Guerin, Dan Hickey, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Donna Washburn, Viola Wills
  • Amy Farris (vocals / violin) (26/September/2009)
  • Played in: Alejandro Escovedo Band / Kelly Willis Band / Amy Farris Band / Dave Alvin Band
    Shared albums with: Duane Jarvis
  • Sam Carr (drums) (21/September/2009)
  • Michael Whitwell (trumpet) (17/September/2009)
  • Mary Travers (vocals) (16/September/2009)
  • Played in: Peter Paul & Mary
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey
  • Bobby Graham (drums) (14/September/2009)
  • Played in: Joe Brown & The Bruvvers / John Barry Seven / Outlaws / Carter Lewis / Stormers / Joe Brown Band / Marty Wilde & The Wild Cats
    Shared albums with: Cliff Barton, Davy Graham
  • Jim Carroll (vocals) (11/September/2009)
  • Played in: Jim Carroll Band
    Shared albums with: Barry De Souza
  • Juanita Brooks (vocals) (10/September/2009)
  • Shared albums with: Marva Wright
  • Eddie Locke (drums) (07/September/2009)
  • Played in: Roland Hanna Group / Earl Hines Group
August/2009: July/2009:
  • George Russell (keyboards / drums) (27/July/2009)
  • Played in: George Russell Orchestra / Benny Carter Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Joyce Collins
    Shared albums with: Mike Zwerin
  • Danny McBride (guitar) (23/July/2009)
  • Played in: Sha Na Na / Chris De Burgh Band / Transfusion
    Shared albums with: Barry De Souza
  • Marcel Jacob (bass) (21/July/2009)
  • Played in: Yngwie Malmsteen Band / Talisman / Human Clay
  • John Dawson (guitar) (21/July/2009)
  • Played in: New Riders of The Purple Sage / The Flying Burrito Brothers
  • Gordon Waller (vocals) (16/July/2009)
  • Played in: Peter & Gordon
  • Hart McNee (sax) (14/July/2009)
  • Dee Dee Bellson (backing vocals) (04/July/2009)
  • Shared albums with: Enzo Todesco
  • Drake Levin (vocals / guitar) (04/July/2009)
  • Played in: American Rock All Stars / Paul Revere And The Raiders / Sir Winstons Trio / The Surfers / Brotherhood / The Cosmic Travelers
    Shared bands with: Virgil Weber
    Shared albums with: John Guerin, Pete Jolly
June/2009: May/2009:
  • Siegfried Carver (violin) (30/May/2009)
  • Played in: Pavlov´s Dog
  • Uli Trepte (bass) (21/May/2009)
  • Played in: Kickbit Information
  • Butch Stone (sax) (19/May/2009)
  • Randy Purcell (trombone) (16/May/2009)
  • Played in: Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Glenn Miller Orchestra / Si Zentner Orchestra / Fred Waring Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Larry Bunker, Jake Hanna, Hank Jones, Mike Zwerin
    Shared albums with: Milt Bernhart, Hank Jones, Bud Shank
  • Wayman Tisdale (bass) (15/May/2009)
  • Played in: David Benoit Group
  • Buddy Montgomery (keyboards / vibes) (14/May/2009)
  • Antonio Vega (vocals / guitar) (12/May/2009)
  • Played in: Nacha Pop / Antonio Vega Band / Uhu-Helicopter
  • Julie Coryell (vocals) (10/May/2009)
  • Played in: Larry Coryell Group
  • Stephen Bruton (guitar) (09/May/2009)
  • Played in: Bob Dylan Band / Kris Kristofferson Band / Christine McVie Band / Bonnie Raitt Band / Stephen Bruton Band / The Resentments
    Shared bands with: Kenny Buttrey
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Bud Shank, Barry De Souza, John Guerin, Tom T-Bone Wolk
  • Ean Evans (bass) (06/May/2009)
  • Played in: Cupid´s Arrow / The Outlaws / Noon / Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Viola Wills (vocals) (06/May/2009)
  • Vern Gosdin (vocals) (29/April/2009)
  • Played in: Vern Gosdin Band / The Hillmen / The Gosdin Brothers / Golden State Boys
    Shared albums with: Carlos Vega
  • Rev Timothy Wright (vocals) (23/April/2009)
  • Shared albums with: Tom T-Bone Wolk, Phil Grande, Jerry Stevenson
  • Gayle Caldwell (vocals) (19/April/2009)
  • Played in: The New Christy Minstrels
  • Robert Brookins (vocals / keyboards) (15/April/2009)
  • Played in: Stanley Clarke Band / Earth Wind & Fire / Little Robert And The Fondeles / Afterbach
  • Ron Stallings (sax) (13/April/2009)
  • Played in: Reconstruction / Mother Earth / Huey Lewis & The News / Machete Ensemble / Que Calor
    Shared albums with: Delaney Bramlett, Mark Griffiths
  • Zeke Zarchy (trumpet) (12/April/2009)
  • Played in: Joe Haymes Orchestra / Benny Goodman Group / Artie Shaw Orchestra / Glenn Miller Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Milt Bernhart, Monty Budwig, Hank Jones
    Shared albums with: Pete Jolly, Milt Bernhart, Bud Shank, Larry Bunker, Herb Ellis
  • Paul Frank (vocals / guitar) (11/April/2009)
  • Played in: Head Over Heels / Bruzer / Chromium Plated Streamlined Baby / Fresh Start
  • Bud Shank (sax / flute) (02/April/2009)
  • Duane Jarvis (guitar) (01/April/2009)
  • Maurice Jarre (arranger) (29/March/2009)
  • Manny Oquendo (percussion) (25/March/2009)
  • Played in: Steve Turre Group / Tito Puente Orchestra / Eddie Palmieri Group / Manny Oquendo Group / Conjunto Libre
  • Dan Seals (vocals / guitar) (25/March/2009)
  • Played in: England & John Ford Coley Dan
    Shared albums with: John Guerin, Kenny Buttrey
  • Uriel Jones (drums) (24/March/2009)
  • Played in: The Funk Brothers
  • Reg Isidore (drums) (22/March/2009)
  • Played in: Robin Trower Band / Truce / The Isidore Brothers Band / Quiver / High Tensions / Peter Bardens Band / Joe Jammer Band / Bobby Harrison Band / Skaterlites / Peter Green Band
    Shared albums with: Chris Mercer, Morris Pert, Dave Bronze
  • Mel Brown (guitar) (20/March/2009)
  • Played in: Tompall Glaser Band / Oliver Nelson Group / Albert Collins Band
    Shared bands with: Monty Budwig, Ed Thigpen
    Shared albums with: Monty Budwig, Ed Thigpen
  • Kent Henry (guitar) (18/March/2009)
  • Played in: Steppenwolf / Blues Image / Steppenwolf (Bogus)
  • Eddie Bo (vocals / keyboards) (18/March/2009)
  • Shared albums with: Marva Wright
  • Alain Bashung (vocals) (14/March/2009)
  • Played in: Alain Bashung Band
    Shared albums with: Les Davidson
  • Barry De Souza (drums) (11/March/2009)
  • Hank Locklin (vocals) (08/March/2009)
  • Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey
  • David Williams (guitar) (06/March/2009)
  • Played in: Madonna Band / Michael Jackson Band / Chaka Khan Band / The Jacksons / The Temptations
    Shared albums with: Carlos Vega, Geoff Whitehorn, Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Kenny Edwards, Pete Jolly, Roy Markowitz, Gary Moberley, James Moody, Mike Paice, Tim Renwick
  • Leon Zachery (sax) (25/February/2009)
  • Shared albums with: Les Hurdle
  • Ian Carr (trumpet) (25/February/2009)
  • Played in: New Jazz Orchestra / Nucleus / Kaleidoscope of Rainbows / Ian Carr´s Nucleus / The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble / Ian Carr Group / Centipede / Michael Garrick Orchestra / Don Rendell Group
    Shared bands with: Harry Beckett
    Shared albums with: Harry Beckett, Dick Heckstall-Smith
  • Lyman Woodard (keyboards) (24/February/2009)
  • Played in: Lyman Woodard Group / Martha & The Vandellas
  • Fats Sadi (percussion) (20/February/2009)
  • Played in: Kenny Clarke Group / Clarke-Boland Big Band / Don Byas Group / Bob Shots / Sacha Distel Band / Fats Sadi Group / Caterina Valente Band / BRT Jazz Orchestra
    Shared albums with: Lesley Duncan, Herb Ellis, David ´Fathead´ Newman
  • Kelly Groucutt (bass) (19/February/2009)
  • Played in: ELO / ELO Part II / The Orchestra / Orkestra / Sight´n´Sound
    Shared bands with: Mac Poole
    Shared albums with: Ronnie James Dio, Carlos Vega
  • Snooks Eaglin (guitar) (18/February/2009)
  • Louie Bellson (drums) (14/February/2009)
  • Played in: Louie Bellson Group / Oscar Peterson Group / Roy Eldridge Group / Jazz At The Philharmonic
    Shared bands with: James Moody
    Shared albums with: Herb Ellis, Bud Shank, Pete Jolly, James Moody, Monty Budwig, Larry Bunker, John Guerin, Jake Hanna, Hank Jones, Nat Adderley, Freddie Hubbard, Ed Thigpen, Jimmy Wyble
  • Gerry Niewood (sax) (12/February/2009)
  • Coleman Mellett (guitar) (12/February/2009)
  • Played in: Chuck Mangione Group / Jeanie Bryson Group / Adam Scone Group
    Shared albums with: Gerry Niewood
  • Estelle Bennett (vocals) (11/February/2009)
  • Played in: The Ronettes
    Shared albums with: Milt Bernhart, Herb Ellis
  • Vic Lewis (arranger) (09/February/2009)
  • Played in: Vic Lewis Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Jake Hanna, Bud Shank
    Shared albums with: Bud Shank, Jake Hanna
  • Blossom Dearie (vocals / keyboards) (07/February/2009)
  • Played in: Blossom Dearie Group / Alvino Rey Orchestra / Woody Herman Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Nat Adderley, Monty Budwig, Jake Hanna
    Shared albums with: Ed Thigpen, Herb Ellis
  • Tom Brumley (steel guitar) (03/February/2009)
  • Dewey Martin (drums) (31/January/2009)
  • Played in: Buffalo Springfield / Randy Meisner Band / The Dillards / Pink Slip
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey, Eddie Hoh, Tom T-Bone Wolk
  • John Martyn (vocals) (29/January/2009)
  • Played in: John Martyn Band
    Shared albums with: Morris Pert, Stevie Lange, Tim Renwick
  • Hank Crawford (sax) (29/January/2009)
  • Billy Powell (keyboards) (27/January/2009)
  • Played in: Lynyrd Skynyrd / Alias / Rossington Collins Band / Allen Collins Band
  • Leonard Gaskin (bass) (24/January/2009)
  • Played in: Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra / Charlie Parker Group / Don Byas Group / Charlie Shavers Group / Errol Garner Group / Billy Taylor Group
    Shared bands with: Larry Bunker, Hank Jones
    Shared albums with: Larry Bunker, Herb Ellis, Hank Jones
  • Mickey Gee (guitar) (21/January/2009)
  • David ´Fathead´ Newman (sax) (20/January/2009)
  • Whitey Mitchell (bass) (16/January/2009)
  • Shared albums with: Hank Jones
  • Leroy Cooper (sax) (15/January/2009)
  • Angela Morley (arranger) (14/January/2009)
  • Shared albums with: Lesley Duncan
  • Louis Borenius / Andy Berenius (drums) (13/January/2009)
  • Played in: Black Cat Bones / Chicken Shack / The Blackjacks / Bop Brothers / Coup D´Etat / Quip / Grooveyard / Big Chief / The Wild Flowers / Phil Ram Band / OK / The Republic / Tununkwa Band / PC Green & The Traffic Lights / The Dimestore Jive Revue / The Sussex Jazz Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Robbie Blunt, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Dave Winthrop
    Shared albums with: Dick Heckstall-Smith, Mark Griffiths, Noel Norris
  • Freddie Mac (vocals) (11/January/2009)
  • Played in: Freddie Mac Band
    Shared bands with: Jeff Seopardie
  • Butch Baldassari (mandolin) (10/January/2009)
  • Jon Hager (vocals) (09/January/2009)
  • Played in: The Hagers
    Shared albums with: John Guerin, Pete Jolly
  • Dave Dee (vocals) (09/January/2009)
  • Played in: Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich / Dave Dee And The Bostons / Marmalade
  • Claude Jeter (vocals) (06/January/2009)
  • Played in: Dixie Hummingbirds / The Swan Silvertones / Four Harmony Kings
    Shared albums with: Roy Markowitz
  • Ron Asheton (guitar) (06/January/2009)
  • Played in: Destroy All Monsters / The Stooges
  • Walter Haynes (producer / steel guitar) (01/January/2009)
  • Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey

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