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Monday, 21 December 2009

Obituaries for musicians in 2002

Last Update: 04/01/2010 - Total (up to now): 139. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
  • Kevin MacMichael (31/December/2002)
  • Billy Brooks (trumpet) (24/December/2002)
  • Joe Strummer (guitar) (22/December/2002)
  • Zal Yanovsky (guitar) (14/December/2002)
  • Bob Berg (sax) (05/December/2002)
  • Arvell Shaw (bass) (05/December/2002)
  • George Gaffney (keyboards / trombone) (04/December/2002)
  • Mal Waldron (keyboards) (02/December/2002)
  • Dennis Correll (vocals) (30/November/2002)
  • Bobby Forrester (keyboards) (23/November/2002)
  • Hadda Brooks (vocals / keyboards) (21/November/2002)
  • Webster Lewis (keyboards / arranger) (20/November/2002)
  • Michael Stewart (producer / guitar) (13/November/2002)
  • Bill Berry (trumpet) (13/November/2002)
  • Roland Hanna (keyboards) (13/November/2002)
  • Johnny Griffith (keyboards) (10/November/2002)
  • Billy Guy (vocals) (05/November/2002)
  • Christian Boule (guitar) (03/November/2002)
  • Matt Betton (drums) (03/November/2002)
  • Lonnie Donnegan (03/November/2002)
  • Jim Roberts (guitar) (29/October/2002)
  • Tom Dowd (producer) (27/October/2002)
  • Richard Harris (vocals) (25/October/2002)
  • Chuck Domanico / Charles Domanico (bass) (17/October/2002)
  • Sonny Seals (sax) (17/October/2002)
  • Paul Owens (vocals) (17/October/2002)
  • Henri Renaud (keyboards) (17/October/2002)
  • Derek Bell (15/October/2002)
  • Ray Conniff (trombone / arranger) (12/October/2002)
  • Abe Most (sax / clarinet) (10/October/2002)
  • Darryl DeLoach (guitar) (03/October/2002)
  • Ellis Larkins (keyboards) (29/September/2002)
  • Mickey Newbury (vocals) (28/September/2002)
  • Tim Rose (vocals) (24/September/2002)
  • Peter Kowald (bass / tuba) (21/September/2002)
  • Dodo Marmarosa (keyboards) (17/September/2002)
  • Juvenal Gomez (drums) (12/September/2002)
  • Erma Franklin (vocals) (07/September/2002)
  • Peter Tetteroo (vocals) (05/September/2002)
  • Charles McGhee (trumpet) (05/September/2002)
  • Bob Helm (sax) (01/September/2002)
  • Lionel Hampton (keyboards) (31/August/2002)
  • Gordie Fleming (keyboards / accordion) (31/August/2002)
  • Phil Thomas (drums) (23/August/2002)
  • Denny Purcell (engineer) (21/August/2002)
  • Peter Matz (arranger) (09/August/2002)
  • Paul Samson (guitar) (09/August/2002)
  • Ronnie Stephenson (drums) (08/August/2002)
  • Mauricio Smith (flute) (03/August/2002)
  • Jerry Underwood (sax) (03/August/2002)
  • Roy Kral (vocals / keyboards) (02/August/2002)
  • Pico Payne (vocals) (26/July/2002)
  • Idrees Sulieman (trumpet) (25/July/2002)
  • Lelan Rogers (producer) (22/July/2002)
  • Gus Dudgeon (producer) (21/July/2002)
  • Jimmy Maxwell (trumpet) (20/July/2002)
  • Jerry Fuller (drums) (13/July/2002)
  • Alan Shulman (cello) (10/July/2002)
  • Jimmie Lee Robinson (06/July/2002)
  • Ray Foxley (06/July/2002)
  • Jean-Pierre Arnoux (percussion) (04/July/2002)
  • Ray Brown (bass) (02/July/2002)
  • Pistol Allen (drums) (30/June/2002)
  • Rosemary Clooney (vocals) (29/June/2002)
  • John Entwistle (bass) (27/June/2002)
  • Russ Freeman (keyboards) (27/June/2002)
  • Duane West (vocals) (23/June/2002)
  • Matt Dennis (vocals) (21/June/2002)
  • Jeff Naideau (keyboards) (17/June/2002)
  • Paul Furey (accordion) (16/June/2002)
  • Mark Richardson (engineer) (07/June/2002)
  • Tony Rose (vocals) (06/June/2002)
  • Truck Parham (bass) (05/June/2002)
  • Dee Dee Ramone (bass) (05/June/2002)
  • Curtis Amy (sax) (05/June/2002)
  • Randy Hardison (drums) (04/June/2002)
  • Kenny Craddock (keyboards) (30/May/2002)
  • George Hanson (producer) (27/May/2002)
  • Oscar Tellez (bass) (26/May/2002)
  • Jim Dewar (bass / vocals) (16/May/2002)
  • Rudy Calzado (vocals) (11/May/2002)
  • Roland Chambers (guitar) (08/May/2002)
  • Otis Blackwell (keyboards) (06/May/2002)
  • Mike Stone (producer / engineer) (May/2002)
  • Pete Jacobsen (keyboards) (29/April/2002)
  • Marshall Sosson (violin) (28/April/2002)
  • Hillous Butrum (producer / bass) (27/April/2002)
  • Frank Floyd (backing vocals) (27/April/2002)
  • Cesar Diaz (guitar) (26/April/2002)
  • Larry Blackshere (producer) (20/April/2002)
  • Claudio Slon (drums) (16/April/2002)
  • Alex Baroni (backing vocals) (13/April/2002)
  • Bernie Dwyer (drums) (12/April/2002)
  • Thomas Dinger (drums) (09/April/2002)
  • Juno Lewis (drums) (09/April/2002)
  • Kevin Kelley (drums) (06/April/2002)
  • B J Baker (vocals) (02/April/2002)
  • Rico Reyes (percussion) (April/2002)
  • Dudley Moore (keyboards) (27/March/2002)
  • Joe Schermie (bass) (26/March/2002)
  • Randy Castillo (drums) (26/March/2002)
  • John B Spencer (vocals) (25/March/2002)
  • Big John Patton (keyboards) (19/March/2002)
  • Shirley Scott (keyboards) (10/March/2002)
  • Roy Hollingworth (guitar) (09/March/2002)
  • Malcolm Pinson (drums) (07/March/2002)
  • Mark Vann (banjo) (04/March/2002)
  • John ´Speedy´ Keen (vocals) (March/2002)
  • Karl Chambers (drums) (24/February/2002)
  • Ronnie Verrell (drums) (22/February/2002)
  • Rudy Robinson (keyboards / arranger) (18/February/2002)
  • James Ward (guitar) (16/February/2002)
  • Mick Tucker (drums) (14/February/2002)
  • Waylon Jennings (vocals) (13/February/2002)
  • Bill McElhiney (trumpet) (09/February/2002)
  • Nick Brignola (sax) (08/February/2002)
  • Walter Bolden (drums) (07/February/2002)
  • Wendell Marshall (bass) (06/February/2002)
  • James Blackwood (vocals) (03/February/2002)
  • Remo Palmier (guitar) (03/February/2002)
  • Tony Waite (29/January/2002)
  • Andy Kulberg (bass / flute) (28/January/2002)
  • Hank Cosby (sax) (22/January/2002)
  • Peter Bardens (keyboards) (22/January/2002)
  • Peggy Lee (vocals) (21/January/2002)
  • John Jackson (guitar) (20/January/2002)
  • Loonis McGlohon (keyboards) (19/January/2002)
  • Bob Neely (sax) (15/January/2002)
  • George Jinda (percussion) (11/January/2002)
  • David McWilliams (vocals) (08/January/2002)
  • Tyrone Green (drums) (08/January/2002)
  • Tim Buckley (vocals) (06/January/2002)
  • Bobby Austin (vocals) (06/January/2002)
  • Little Bo Savich (drums) (04/January/2002)
  • Tele Palacios (drums) (2002)
  • Brian Knight (vocals) (2002)
  • Ron Carthy (trumpet) (2002)
  • Graham Moores (guitar) (2002)
  • Gordon Edwards (keyboards) (2002)

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