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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Obituaries for musicians in 2013

Last Update: 17/03/2015 - Total (up to now): 232. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
December/2013: November/2013:
  • Larry Martin (drums) (30/November/2013)
  • Dick Dodd (vocals / drums) (29/November/2013)
  • Played in: The Standells / Dick Dodd Band
  • Lewis Collins (bass) (27/November/2013)
  • Played in: Stu James & The Mojos / The Kansas City Five / The Eyes / Georgians
  • Chico Hamilton (drums) (26/November/2013)
  • Ricky Wellman (drums) (23/November/2013)
  • Bernard Parmegiani (21/November/2013)
  • Shared albums with: Barry De Souza
  • Billy Adamson (drums) (11/November/2013)
  • Played in: The Searchers / Jet Harris Band / Bellrocks
    Shared bands with: Bob Jenkins
    Shared albums with: Phil Kenzie, Mac Poole
  • Bob Beckham (vocals / producer) (11/November/2013)
  • Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey
  • Lee Crystal (drums) (06/November/2013)
  • Played in: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts / The Boyfriends / Crash Conference / Secret Chiefs
  • Anthony Delmonte Lyon (drums) (04/November/2013)
  • Betsy Smittle (bass) (02/November/2013)
  • Played in: Garth Brooks Band / Betsy Smittle Band / Gus Hardin Band
  • Bobby Parker (vocals / guitar) (01/November/2013)
  • Played in: Bobby Parker Band / Otis Williams Band / Bo Diddley Band
    Shared bands with: Stretch, Steve York
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Tabu Ley Rochereau, Oliver Cheatham, Robert Mulrooney, Stan Stennett, Arik Einstein, Olivia Wise, Douglas Anderson-Jordet, Bob Day, Wayne Mills, Brian Dawson, Paulo Camilo, Nick Babeu, Ronny Coaches, Pavel Bobek, Blackie Schackner, S R D Vaidyanathan, David Neil Bebbington, Olufemi Mayomi, Georgina Anderson, Ali Akbar Mohammed Rafie, Ali Eskandarian, Soroush Farazmand, Arash Farazmand, Bob Gillett, Chiyoko Shikamura, Clyde Stacy, Charlie Chesterman, Reshma, Jack Alexander.
October/2013: September/2013:
  • Oscar Castro-Neves (guitar) (27/September/2013)
  • Played in: Toots Thielemans Group / Paul Winter Group / Sergio Mendes Band / Oscar Castro-Neves Band
    Shared albums with: Carlos Vega, Larry Bunker, John Guerin, Donald Bailey, Monty Budwig, Herb Ellis, Pete Jolly, Hank Jones, Roy Markowitz, Frank Marocco, James Moody, Phil Ramone, Lew Soloff, Jerry Steinholtz, Enzo Todesco, Joe Wilder, Snooky Young
  • Tommy Wells (drums) (24/September/2013)
  • Played in: Orleans / Dust / First Gear / Gene Cotton Band / RPM
    Shared bands with: Roy Markowitz
    Shared albums with: Kenny Buttrey
  • Paul Kuhn (23/September/2013)
  • Played in: SFB Big Band
  • Tommy Hughes (keyboards) (21/September/2013)
  • Played in: The Kansas City Five / The Bluegenes
  • Lindsay Cooper (horn) (18/September/2013)
  • Played in: Mike Westbrook Band / Henry Cow / Comus / National Health / News From Babel / Feminist Improvising Group / Lindsay Cooper Band / David Thomas Band
    Shared bands with: Harry Beckett, Chris Biscoe, Gary Boyle, Brian Godding, Neil Murray
    Shared albums with: Morris Pert, Chris Biscoe, Richard Brunton, Brian Godding, Francis Monkman, Micky Moody, Raphael Ravenscroft, Geoff Whitehorn
  • Marvin Rainwater (vocals) (17/September/2013)
  • Played in: Marvin Rainwater Band
  • Bernie McGann (sax) (17/September/2013)
  • Played in: Blerta / Python Lee Jackson / Southern Comfort / Bernie McGann Group / The Last Straw / Dewey Redman Group / Australian Jazz Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Chris Belshaw, Chris Biscoe, Gary Boyle
  • Roger Pope (drums) (17/September/2013)
  • Mac Curtis (vocals / guitar) (16/September/2013)
  • Played in: Mac Curtis Band
  • Jackie Lomax (vocals) (16/September/2013)
  • Played in: Dee & The Dynamites / Undertakers / Heavy Jelly / Badger / Lomax Alliance / Jackie Lomax Band / Balls / The Teabags
    Shared bands with: Peter Banks, Graham Bell, Tim Renwick
    Shared albums with: Bobby Keys, Levon Helm, Tim Renwick, Delaney Bramlett, Mick Clarke, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Andy Johns, Phil Kenzie
  • Tomas O Canainn (accordion) (15/September/2013)
  • Played in: Na Fili / Tomas O Canainn Band
  • Bobby Mansfield (vocals) (15/September/2013)
  • Played in: The Wrens
  • David Mason (keyboards) (13/September/2013)
  • Played in: Joe Walsh Band
    Shared albums with: Barry De Souza, Kay Garner
  • Fred Katz (cello) (07/September/2013)
  • Joe Kelley (guitar / bass) (01/September/2013)
  • Played in: Shadows Of Knight
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Jake Nielsen, Ramblin´ Doc Tommy Scott, Keith Crier, Dean Barlow, Al Etto, Alan Faull, Pat Fear, Gia Maione, Douglas Grassel, Alun Jones, Ready Teddy McQuiston, Johnny Laboriel, Thomas Frimpong, Kristian Gidlund, Ralph Murthy, Gene Bretecher, Jorge Pedreros, Tony Skrasek, Terry Iovino, Ray Dolby, Joan Regan, Ray Whitehorn, Jimmy Fontana, Paul Despiegelaere, Sayan Sanya, Forrest, Susan Fuentes, Cosmo Cosdon, Isamu Jordan, Kenny Whiteside, Larry Petit.
August/2013: July/2013: June/2013: May/2013: April/2013:
  • Tim Hensley (vocals) (30/April/2013)
  • Shared albums with: Barry Reynolds
  • Deanna Durbin (vocals) (30/April/2013)
  • George Jones (vocals) (26/April/2013)
  • Played in: The Aces / The Four Jacks / The Half Cuts / The International Monarchs / The Jokers / The Monarchs / Deanie Sands and The Javelins / George Jones Band
    Shared albums with: Bob Brookmeyer, Hank Crawford, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Cornell Dupree, Frank Foster, Jim Hall, Freddie Hubbard, Andrew Love, Hugh McCracken, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Al Porcino, Carlos Vega, Joe Wilder, Snooky Young
  • Lillian Leach (vocals) (26/April/2013)
  • Played in: The Mellows
  • Bob Brozman (guitar) (24/April/2013)
  • Played in: Bob Brozman Band
    Shared albums with: Jim Rothermel
  • Richie Havens (vocals) (22/April/2013)
  • Played in: Richie Havens Band
    Shared albums with: Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Joe Cocker, Levon Helm, Lew Soloff, Bob Babbitt, Graham Bell, Robin Gibb, Alvin Lee, Eric Lowen, Johnny Winter
  • Christina Amphlett (vocals) (21/April/2013)
  • Played in: Divinyls / Batonrouge
    Shared bands with: Duane Jarvis
    Shared albums with: Carlos Vega
  • Dani Crivelli (drums) (21/April/2013)
  • Played in: Krokus / Killer / Ain´t Dead Yet
  • Artie White (vocals) (20/April/2013)
  • Cordell Mosson (bass) (18/April/2013)
  • Played in: Funkadelic / United Soul / Parliament
  • Gary Biddles (vocals) (17/April/2013)
  • Played in: Presence
  • Scott Miller (vocals / guitar) (15/April/2013)
  • Played in: Game Theory / Loud Family
  • Dave McArtney (vocals / guitar) (15/April/2013)
  • Played in: Pink Flamingos / Hello Sailor / Shona Laing Band
    Shared albums with: Bruce Lynch
  • George Jackson (vocals) (14/April/2013)
  • Chi Cheng (bass) (13/April/2013)
  • Played in: Deftones
  • Vince Montana (percussion) (13/April/2013)
  • Played in: MFSB / Salsoul Orchestra
    Shared bands with: Bob Babbitt
    Shared albums with: Andrew Love, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Les Hurdle, Madeline Bell, Joanne Williams
  • Don Blackman (keyboards) (11/April/2013)
  • Played in: Lenny White Group / Don Blackman Group
  • Jimmy Dawkins (guitar) (10/April/2013)
  • Played in: Jimmy Dawkins Band
    Shared albums with: Chris Mercer
  • Annette Funicello (vocals) (08/April/2013)
  • Played in: Annette Funicello Band
  • Andy Johns (producer / engineer) (07/April/2013)
  • Neil Smith (bass) (07/April/2013)
  • Played in: AC/DC
  • Chris Bailey (bass) (04/April/2013)
  • Played in: The Angels / Red Angel Panic / Headband / GANGgajang / Tattered Sole
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Paulo Vanzolini, Janos Starker, Stu Page, Jimmy Damon, Braxton Schuffert, Chuy Quintanilla, Yoshio Tabata, Shamshad Begum, Lalgudi Jayaraman, Carmel Kaine, Dariush Safvat, Yngve Moe, Bi Kidude, Sita Chan, T K Ramamoorhy, Richard D Kelley, Jim McCandless, George Beverly Shea, Pier Beland, Colin Davis, Stephen Dodgson, Dean Drummond, Adolph Herseth, Oophoi, Gilles Marchal, Paul Wilson, Tim Carr, Emilio Pericoli, Sara Montiel, Stanislav Hranicky, Slawek Archangielskij, Enzo Toppano, Robert Linden, Harry J, Roy Cox Jr, Johnnie Billington.
March/2013: February/2013: January/2013:
  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: George Higgs, Ferdi Ozbegen, Danilo Jacques, Sally Starr, Brian Bailey, Stefan Kudelski, Gour Khyapa, Gregory Carroll, Mason Mauldin, Tony Douglas, Janos Korossy, Milan Opacich, Paco Strickland, Tracy Sugarman, Susan Denny, Richard Patt, Bob Engemann, Mehnaz Begum, A Rafiq, Steve Kramer, Martin Miglioretti, Craig Lieske, Ivo Varts, Sam Pace, Morten Molster, David Wilson, Precious Bryant, Khushi Murali, Bill Mills, Rex Trayler, Frank Page, Tandyn Almer, Tom Ebbert, Liz Lands, Kent Abbott, Bart Van Den Bossche, Freddy E, Sammy Johns, Senay Yuzbasioglu, Jon Fromer, Andy Banks.

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