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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Obituaries for musicians in 2015

Last Update: 23/09/2016 - Total (up to now): 231. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
  • Marion James (vocals) (Death: 31/December/2015 - Birth: 08/October/1934)
  • Played in: Casey Luton Band / Marion James Band
    Appears in albums along with: Bob Babbitt

  • Natalie Cole (vocals) (Death: 31/December/2015 - Birth: 06/February/1950)
  • Played in: Natalie Cole Band
    Appears in albums along with: Phil Ramone, Larry Bunker, Hank Jones, George Marino, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Ed Shaughnessy, Carlos Vega

  • Rusty Paul (guitar) (Death: 31/December/2015 - Birth: 1941)

  • John Bradbury (drums) (Death: 28/December/2015 - Birth: 16/February/1953)
  • Played in: The Special AKA / The Specials / JB´s Allstars

  • Ron Ford (vocals) (Death: 28/December/2015)
  • Played in: Funkadelic

  • Joe Houston (sax) (Death: 28/December/2015 - Birth: 11/July/1926)
  • Played in: Defrosterz
    Appears in albums along with: Noel Norris

  • Lemmy (guitar / bass) (Death: 28/December/2015 - Birth: 24/December/1945)
  • Played in: Hawkwind / Opal Butterfly / Motorhead / The Rockin´ Vickers / Sam Gopal Band / The Motown Sect / The Rainmakers / Lemmy Band
    Appears in albums along with: Ronnie James Dio, Jimmy Bain, Micky Moody, Cozy Powell, Trevor Bolder, Rob Burns, Laurence Cottle, Kay Garner, Mark Griffiths, Andy Johns, Ian McLagan, Neil Murray, Linda Taylor, Victor Unitt

  • Andy M Stewart (vocals / banjo) (Death: 27/December/2015)
  • Played in: Andy M Stewart Band

  • Stevie Wright (vocals) (Death: 27/December/2015 - Birth: 20/December/1947)
  • Played in: Stevie Wright Band / Easybeats / Black Tank / Likefun

  • William Guest (vocals) (Death: 24/December/2015 - Birth: 02/July/1941)
  • Played in: Gladys Knight & The Pips
    Appears in albums along with: Hugh McCracken, Jerry Steinholtz

  • Peter Lundblad (vocals / guitar) (Death: 22/December/2015 - Birth: 26/August/1950)
  • Played in: Peter Lundblad Band / Nailband / Duga
    Appears in albums along with: Barry De Souza, John Gustafson, Caleb Quaye

  • Cal Batchelor (guitar) (Death: 20/December/2015)

  • David McNiven (vocals / guitar / clarinet) (Death: 18/December/2015 - Birth: 04/November/1945)
  • Played in: Bread Love & Dreams / Wildcat / Mama Flyer
    Appears in albums along with: Davy Graham

  • Gareth Mortimer (vocals / guitar) (Death: 17/December/2015)
  • Played in: Racing Cars / Strawberry Dust / Ancient Grease
    Appears in albums along with: Laurence Cottle, Les Davidson, Barry De Souza, Gary Pickford-Hopkins, Tim Renwick, Ray Russell, Geoff Whitehorn

  • Adam Roth (guitar) (Death: 16/December/2015)
  • Played in: The Del Fuegos

  • Don Doane (trombone) (Death: 16/December/2015 - Birth: 06/November/1931)
  • Played in: Maynard Ferguson Orchestra / Woody Herman Orchestra / Don Doane Group

  • Terry Horbury (bass) (Death: 15/December/2015 - Birth: 06/February/1950)
  • Played in: Ozzy Osbourne Band / Cream Revival Band / Dirty Tricks / Vardis / Stairway To Zeppelin / Outskirts Of Infinity / Winner / McKitty / Strategy / Paddy Goes To Holyhead

  • Luigi Creatore (producer) (Death: 13/December/2015 - Birth: 21/December/1921)
  • Appears in albums along with: Milt Bernhart, Charles Pitts, Sonny Igoe, Barry Reynolds

  • Rainer Bloss (Death: 10/December/2015 - Birth: 1946)
  • Appears in albums along with: Andy Brown, Doreen Chanter, Bob Jenkins

  • Rusty Jones (drums) (Death: 09/December/2015 - Birth: 13/April/1942)
  • Played in: Judy Roberts Band / George Shearing Group / Marian McPartland Group / Rusty Jones Group / Buddy De Franco Group / Lee Konitz Group / Ira Sullivan Group

  • John Garner (vocals / drums) (Death: 05/December/2015)
  • Played in: The Lizards / Sir Lord Baltimore

  • Scott Weiland (vocals) (Death: 03/December/2015 - Birth: 27/October/1967)
  • Played in: Mighty Joe Young / Velvet Revolver / Stone Temple Pilots / Scott Weiland Band / Art Of Anarchy / The Magnificent Bastards
    Appears in albums along with: Joe Cocker, George Marino

  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Dal Richards, Zjef Vanuytsel, Guru Josh, Tore Andersen, Geraldo Roca, Elvin Ordubadli, Manuel Agujetas, Takeharu Kunimoto, Zemya Hamilton, Ove Johansson, Selma Reis, Peter Broggs, Mick Lynch, Sandor Benko, Edmund Lyndeck, Bonnie Lou, Marque Lynche, J Capri, Chris Carney, Anthony Valentine, Kelvin Knight, Sabri Khan.
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  • Johnny Meeks (guitar) (Death: 30/July/2015)
  • Played in: Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps / Country Earl & The Circle E Ranch Boys / The Champs / Jimmy Clanton´s Band / Michael Nesmith Band / Merle Haggard Band
    Appears in albums along with: Joe Moretti

  • Lynn Anderson (vocals) (Death: 30/July/2015 - Birth: 26/September/1947)
  • Played in: Lynn Anderson Band / Lawrence Welk Orchestra

  • Buddy Emmons (steel guitar) (Death: 29/July/2015 - Birth: 27/January/1937)

  • Rickey Grundy (vocals / keyboards) (Death: 27/July/2015 - Birth: 30/January/1959)
  • Played in: Rickey Grundy Band

  • Vic Firth (percussion) (Death: 26/July/2015 - Birth: 02/June/1930)
  • Played in: Boston Symphony

  • Don Joyce (Death: 22/July/2015 - Birth: 09/February/1944)
  • Played in: Negativland

  • Eddie Hardin (keyboards) (Death: 22/July/2015 - Birth: 19/February/1949)
  • Played in: Spencer Davis Group / Hardin & York / ER / Pete York Band / Axis Point / Eddie Hardin Band
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Miller Anderson, Colin Hodgkinson, Jon Lord, Bob Metzger, Pete York
    Appears in albums along with: Pete York, Jon Lord, Miller Anderson, Colin Hodgkinson, Ronnie James Dio, Keef Hartley, Raphael Ravenscroft, John Gustafson, Micky Moody, Cozy Powell, Barry De Souza, Kay Garner, Mick Grabham, Bobby Keys, Gary Moberley, Mike Piggott, Roger Pope, Caleb Quaye, Joanne Williams

  • Dieter Moebius (keyboards) (Death: 20/July/2015 - Birth: 16/January/1944)
  • Played in: Cluster / Harmonia / Michael Rother Band / Dieter Moebius Band
    Appears in albums along with: Andy Fraser

  • Wayne Carson (vocals / guitar) (Death: 20/July/2015 - Birth: 31/May/1943)
  • Played in: Hinkley´s Heroes
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Bernie Holland, Andrew Love
    Appears in albums along with: Hugh McCracken

  • Van Alexander (arranger) (Death: 19/July/2015 - Birth: 02/May/1915)
  • Played in: Van Alexander Orchestra
    Appears in albums along with: Milt Bernhart, Chico Hamilton

  • Dave Black (guitar) (Death: 18/July/2015)
  • Played in: Spiders From Mars / Goldie / Kestrel / 747 / Brendan Healy Band
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Trevor Bolder
    Appears in albums along with: Trevor Bolder

  • John Taylor (keyboards) (Death: 18/July/2015 - Birth: 25/September/1942)
  • Played in: Mike Gibbs Orchestra / Gil Evans Orchestra / Kenny Wheeler Group / Peter Erskine Group / Alan Skidmore Group / Tommy Smith Group / Azimuth / Johnny Dankworth Orchestra / John Taylor Group / Volker Kriegel Band / Harry Beckett Group / Miroslav Vitous Group / Morning Glory / Cleo Laine Band / Ronnie Scott Group / Marilyn Mazur Group
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Harry Beckett, Chris Biscoe, Gary Boyle, Herb Geller, Gerry Niewood, Al Porcino, Ray Russell, Lew Soloff, Stan Tracey, Rob Van Den Broeck, Derek Watkins, Tommy Whittle
    Appears in albums along with: Harry Beckett, Ray Warleigh, Derek Watkins, Gary Boyle, Martin Drover, Stan Tracey, Miller Anderson, Madeline Bell, Laurence Cottle, Frank Foster, Kay Garner, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Bernie Holland, James Moody, Joe Moretti, Ray Russell, Mac Tontoh, Snooky Young

  • Buddy Buie (producer) (Death: 18/July/2015 - Birth: 23/January/1941)
  • Played in: Classics IV

  • Howard Rumsey (bass) (Death: 15/July/2015 - Birth: 07/November/1917)

  • Dave Somerville (vocals) (Death: 14/July/2015 - Birth: 02/October/1933)
  • Played in: The Diamonds / The Four Preps / Belland & Somerville / WW Fancy / Dave Somerville Band / Belland & Somerville Yester
    Appears in albums along with: Hugh McCracken, James Moody, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Enzo Todesco

  • Raymond Katarzynski (trombone) (Death: 13/July/2015 - Birth: 1935)
  • Appears in albums along with: Nat Peck, Ollie Mitchell

  • Joan Sebastian (vocals) (Death: 13/July/2015 - Birth: 08/April/1951)
  • Played in: Joan Sebastian Band

  • Javier Krahe (vocals) (Death: 12/July/2015 - Birth: 30/March/1944)
  • Played in: Javier Krahe Band

  • Michael Masser (producer) (Death: 09/July/2015 - Birth: 24/March/1941)
  • Appears in albums along with: Carlos Vega, Larry Bunker, Frank Foster, Joe Lala, Hugh McCracken, Ollie Mitchell, Phil Ramone, Lew Soloff, Jerry Steinholtz, Snooky Young

  • Ernie Maresca (vocals / producer) (Death: 08/July/2015 - Birth: 21/August/1938)
  • Played in: Ernie Maresca Band

  • Masabumi Kikuchi (keyboards) (Death: 06/July/2015 - Birth: 19/October/1939)
  • Played in: Gil Evans Orchestra / Sadao Watanabe Group / Paul Motian Group / Lionel Hampton Group / Masabumi Kikuchi Group / Tethered Moon
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Herb Geller, Paul Motian, Gerry Niewood, Al Porcino, Ray Russell, Lew Soloff, Derek Watkins
    Appears in albums along with: Paul Motian, Lew Soloff, Rudy Van Gelder

  • Val Doonican (vocals) (Death: 01/July/2015 - Birth: 03/February/1927)
  • Played in: Val Doonican Band / Four Ramblers
    Appears in albums along with: Adrian Tilbrook

  • Red Lane (guitar) (Death: 01/July/2015 - Birth: 09/February/1939)
  • Appears in albums along with: Buddy Emmons, Bob Johnston, Andrew Love, Noel Norris

  • Arthur Wright (guitar) (Death: July/2015 - Birth: 1937)
  • Appears in albums along with: Albert Aarons, Bob Babbitt, John Guerin, Big Jim Sullivan, Marcus Belgrave, Delaney Bramlett, Les Hurdle, Martin Jenner, Bobby Keys, Frank Marocco, Ollie Mitchell, Gary Moore, Al Porcino, Caleb Quaye, Bud Shank, Jerry Steinholtz, Jerry Stevenson, Stretch

  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Ndidani, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Iceu Wong, Doug Rowe, Norbert Schwefel, Daron Norwood, Robert Broberg, Theodore Bikel, Mitch Aliotta, Justin Lowe, Kyoko, Banza Stone, V Ramakrisna, Mansour Nariman, M S Viswanathan, Tom Skinner, Capo, Hussein Fatal, Govind Marodia, Jaime Morey, Lil´ Bob, Stan Carew, Julio Angel, Charanjit Singh, Roy C Bennett, Slavko Avsenik.
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