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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Obituaries for musicians in 2018

Last Update: 15/06/2018 - Total (up to now): 100. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
June/2018: May/2018:
  • Phil Emmanuel (guitar) (Death: 24/May/2018 - Birth: 06/July/1952)
  • Played in: Emmanuel Quartet / The Trailblazers

  • Reggie Lucas (guitar) (Death: 19/May/2018 - Birth: 25/February/1953)
  • Played in: Miles Davis Group / James Mtume Band / Billy Paul Band / Roberta Flack Band / Reggie Lucas Group
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Leon Ndugu Chancler, Hank Jones, Buddy Montgomery, James Moody, Horace Silver, Ricky Wellman, Joe Lee Wilson, Mike Zwerin
    Appears in albums along with: Leon Ndugu Chancler, Cornell Dupree, Hugh McCracken, Lew Soloff, Jerry Steinholtz, Bob Babbitt, Jesse Ed Davis, George Gruntz, Mac Tontoh, Ricky Wellman

  • Philip Tabane (guitar) (Death: 18/May/2018 - Birth: March/1934)
  • Played in: Malombo

  • Glenn Branca (guitar) (Death: 13/May/2018 - Birth: 06/October/1948)

  • Mikhail Alperin (keyboards) (Death: 11/May/2018 - Birth: 07/November/1956)
  • Played in: Moscow Art Trio / Mikhail Alperin Group

  • Ben Graves (drums) (Death: 09/May/2018)
  • Played in: Murderdolls
    Appears in albums along with: Jimmy Bain

  • Lara Saint Paul (vocals) (Death: 08/May/2018 - Birth: 30/April/1945)

  • Maurane (vocals) (Death: 07/May/2018 - Birth: 12/November/1960)
  • Appears in albums along with: Carlos Vega

  • Dick Williams (vocals) (Death: 05/May/2018 - Birth: 07/June/1926)
  • Played in: The Williams Brothers
    Appears in albums along with: Al Caiola, Frank Marocco

  • Abi Ofarim (guitar) (Death: 04/May/2018 - Birth: 05/October/1937)
  • Played in: Esther & Abi Ofarim Band

  • Steve Coy (drums) (Death: 04/May/2018)
  • Played in: Dead Or Alive

  • Tony Kinman (vocals / bass) (Death: 03/May/2018)
  • Played in: Rank And File / The Dils

  • Jabo Starks (drums) (Death: 01/May/2018 - Birth: 26/October/1938)
  • Played in: Fred Wesley Band / James Brown Band / The Funkmasters
    Appears in albums along with: Albert Aarons, Snooky Young, Andrew Love, Hugh McCracken, Gary Moore, Hank Crawford, Jesse Ed Davis, Martin Drover, Cornell Dupree, Tommy Eyre, Bobby Keys, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Al Porcino, Phil Ramone, Linda Taylor

  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Demba Nabe, Joseito Mateo, Maria Dolores Pradera, Stewart Lupton, Pippo Caruso, Josh Martin, Evio Di Marzo, Andy MacQueen, Ivan Khristoforov, Thomas Helgeland, Harry Klynn, Anthony Cruz, Jack Reilly, Gerard Jouannest, Hideki Saijo, Ulla Sallert, Scott Hutchison, Carl Perkins, Gayle Shepherd, Soren Hyldgaard, Big T, Patricia Lascelles, Maria Paris, Vadim Mulerman, Tony Cucchiara, Max Berru, Jurgen Marcus.
April/2018: March/2018: February/2018:
  • James Nixon (vocals) (Death: 28/February/2018)
  • Played in: James Nixon Band

  • Eddy Amoo (vocals / guitar) (Death: 23/February/2018 - Birth: 05/May/1944)
  • Played in: The Real Thing / The Chants
    Appears in albums along with: Martin Drover, Graham Jarvis, Gordon Hunte, Chris Mercer

  • Norm Rogers (drums) (Death: 19/February/2018)
  • Played in: The Jayhawks / The Cows

  • Didier Lockwood (violin) (Death: 18/February/2018 - Birth: 11/February/1956)
  • Played in: Didier Lockwood Group / Magma / Alain Caron Band / Fusion / Gordon Beck Group / Billy Cobham Band / Mike Stern Group / A Gathering Of Minds
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Cornell Dupree, Brian Godding, Allan Holdsworth, Ray Warleigh
    Appears in albums along with: Harry Beckett, Jon Hiseman, Nat Peck, Bud Shank

  • Boyd Jarvis (producer) (Death: 16/February/2018 - Birth: 26/October/1958)

  • Little Sammy Davis (harmonica) (Death: 16/February/2018 - Birth: 28/November/1928)
  • Played in: Earl Hooker Band

  • Scott Boyer (guitar) (Death: 13/February/2018 - Birth: 1947)
  • Played in: Cowboy / The Decoys / Gregg Allman Band / The Travelers / The Bitter Ind / The 31st Of February
    Appears in albums along with: Tom Dowd, Delaney Bramlett, Andrew Love, Tom Coyne, Hank Crawford, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Cornell Dupree, Eddie Hoh, Bob Johnston, Bobby Keys, George Marino, Hugh McCracken, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Lew Soloff

  • Klaasje Van Der Wal (bass) (Death: 13/February/2018)
  • Played in: Shocking Blue

  • Daryle Singletary (vocals) (Death: 12/February/2018 - Birth: 10/March/1971)
  • Played in: Daryle Singletary Band

  • Tom Rapp (vocals / guitar) (Death: 11/February/2018 - Birth: 08/March/1947)
  • Played in: Pearls Before Swine / Tom Rapp Band
    Appears in albums along with: Kenny Buttrey

  • Johann Johannsson (keyboards) (Death: 09/February/2018 - Birth: 19/September/1969)

  • Craig MacGregor (bass) (Death: 09/February/2018 - Birth: 13/September/1949)
  • Played in: Roger Earl´s Foghat / Foghat / The Kneetremblers / Swan

  • Mickey Jones (drums) (Death: 07/February/2018 - Birth: 10/June/1941)
  • Played in: Bob Dylan Band / First Edition / Trini Lopez Band / Johnny Rivers Band
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Kenny Buttrey, Ric Grech, Levon Helm, Ian McLagan
    Appears in albums along with: Kenny Buttrey, Bob Johnston, Levon Helm

  • Pat Torpey (drums) (Death: 07/February/2018 - Birth: 13/December/1953)
  • Played in: Mr Big / Odd Man Out / Impelliteri / John Parr Band / Belinda Carlisle Band / Roger Daltrey Band / Montrose / Richie Kotzen Band / The Exile Social Club / The Knack / Robert Plant Band / Pat Torpey Band
    Appears in albums along with: Ronnie James Dio, Jimmy Bain, Laurence Cottle

  • Zeno Roth (guitar) (Death: 05/February/2018 - Birth: 30/June/1956)
  • Played in: Black Angel / Zeno

  • Leon Ndugu Chancler (drums) (Death: 03/February/2018 - Birth: 01/July/1952)

  • Dennis Edwards (vocals) (Death: 01/February/2018 - Birth: 03/February/1943)
  • Played in: Dennis Edwards Band / The Temptations / The Contours
    Appears in albums along with: Bob Babbitt, Leon Ndugu Chancler

  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Harvey Schmidt, Wim Claes, DJ Kuya, Roy McDonald, Stormin MC, Heli Laats, Nuray Hafiftas, Al Garner, Carmela Rey, Billy Johnson, Jan Maxwell, Vic Damone, Algia Mae Hinton, Ebony Reigns, Lovebug Starski, Nelson Cooke, Fedora Aleman, Jockie Soerjoprajogo, Leif Rygg, Mowzey Radio.
  • Eddie Shaw (vocals / sax) (Death: 29/January/2018 - Birth: 20/March/1937)
  • Played in: Howlin´ Wolf Band / Eddie Shaw Band / Muddy Waters Band

  • Grant Fell (bass) (Death: 27/January/2018)
  • Played in: Headless Chickens
    Appears in albums along with: Ivan Zagni

  • David Zard (producer) (Death: 27/January/2018)

  • Floyd Miles (***lv*gu*dr***) (Death: 26/January/2018 - Birth: 13/April/1943)
  • Played in: Gregg Allman Band / Floyd Miles Band / Universals / Clarence Carter Band
    Appears in albums along with: Warren King, Byrd Foster

  • John Morris (arranger) (Death: 25/January/2018 - Birth: 18/October/1926)

  • Mark E Smith (vocals) (Death: 24/January/2018 - Birth: 05/March/1957)
  • Played in: Vinx Band / The Fall
    Appears in albums along with: Leon Ndugu Chancler

  • Hugh Masekela (trumpet) (Death: 23/January/2018 - Birth: 04/April/1939)
  • Played in: Hugh Masekela Band / Jazz Epistles
    Appears in albums along with: Madeline Bell, J J Cale, Sergio Castillo, Laurence Cottle, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Stevie Lange, Andrew Love, Hugh McCracken, Carlos Vega, Joanne Williams, Snooky Young

  • Lari White (vocals) (Death: 23/January/2018 - Birth: 13/May/1965)
  • Played in: Lari White Band
    Appears in albums along with: Robin Gibb

  • Preston Shannon (vocals / guitar) (Death: 22/January/2018 - Birth: 23/October/1947)
  • Played in: Preston Shannon Band
    Appears in albums along with: Andrew Love

  • Billy Hancock (bass) (Death: 22/January/2018 - Birth: 04/November/1946)
  • Played in: The Fallen Angels / Danny Gatton Band / Billy Hancock Band

  • Jim Rodford (bass) (Death: 20/January/2018 - Birth: 07/July/1941)

  • Mario Guccio (vocals) (Death: 20/January/2018)
  • Played in: Machiavel

  • Terry Evans (backing vocals) (Death: 20/January/2018 - Birth: 14/August/1937)
  • Played in: Ry Cooder Band / Terry Evans Band / The Coasters / The Knights / John Fogerty Band
    Appears in albums along with: Leon Ndugu Chancler, Johnny Winter, Tom T-Bone Wolk, Albert Aarons, J J Cale, Tom Coyne, Dana Gillespie, Andrew Love, George Marino, Bud Shank, Snooky Young

  • Steve Nisbett (drums) (Death: 18/January/2018 - Birth: 15/March/1948)
  • Played in: Steel Pulse

  • Christian Burchard (drums) (Death: 17/January/2018)
  • Played in: Embryo

  • Dolores O´Riordan (vocals) (Death: 15/January/2018 - Birth: 06/September/1971)
  • Played in: The Cranberries / Dolores O´Riordan Band
    Appears in albums along with: Harry Beckett, J J Cale

  • Edwin Hawkins (vocals) (Death: 15/January/2018 - Birth: 19/August/1943)
  • Played in: Edwin Hawkins Singers
    Appears in albums along with: Barry De Souza, Hugh McCracken, Caleb Quaye

  • Marlene VerPlanck (vocals) (Death: 14/January/2018 - Birth: 11/November/1933)
  • Played in: Marlene VerPlanck Group / Charlie Spivak Group / Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
    Appears in albums along with: Hank Jones, Joe Wilder, Al Caiola, Sonny Igoe, Hugh McCracken, Derek Smith

  • Paul Dunkel (flute) (Death: 14/January/2018 - Birth: 22/July/1943)

  • Eddie Clarke (guitar) (Death: 10/January/2018 - Birth: 05/October/1950)
  • Played in: Fastway / The Muggers / Motorhead / Curtis Knight Band / Blue Goose / Continuous Performance / The Bitter End / Eddie Clarke Band
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Nick South
    Appears in albums along with: Neil Murray, Ronnie James Dio, Pete Haycock

  • Denise La Salle (vocals) (Death: 08/January/2018 - Birth: 16/July/1939)
  • Played in: Denise La Salle Band
    Appears in albums along with: Andrew Love

  • France Gall (vocals) (Death: 07/January/2018 - Birth: 09/October/1947)
  • Played in: France Gall Band
    Appears in albums along with: Carlos Vega, Jimmy Horowitz, Mick Grabham, Francis Monkman, Joanne Williams

  • Jimmy Robinson (engineer) (Death: 06/January/2018 - Birth: 29/July/1950)
  • Appears in albums along with: Bob Welch, Tom Dowd, Martin Drover, Andy Johns, Joe Lala

  • Chris Tsangarides (producer) (Death: 06/January/2018 - Birth: 17/August/1956)
  • Appears in albums along with: Gary Moore, Cozy Powell, Jimmy Bain, Rod Coombes, Barry De Souza, Jon Hiseman, Les Hurdle, Francis Monkman, Madeline Bell, Doreen Chanter, Ronnie James Dio, Martin Drover, Kay Garner, Mick Grabham, Bob Jenkins, George Marino, Ian McLagan, Neil Murray, Tim Renwick, Derek Watkins, Geoff Whitehorn

  • Ray Thomas (flute) (Death: 04/January/2018 - Birth: 29/December/1941)
  • Played in: Moody Blues / Ray Thomas Band / The Saints And Sinners / The Ramblers / El Riot And The Rebels / Krew Cats
    Appears in albums along with: Pip Williams, Jo Partridge, Marcus Belgrave, Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Lesley Duncan, Lew Soloff, Joanne Williams, Snooky Young

  • Rick Hall (producer) (Death: 02/January/2018 - Birth: 31/January/1932)
  • Appears in albums along with: Andrew Love, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Tom Dowd, Delaney Bramlett, Cornell Dupree, Eddie Hoh, Phil Ramone

  • Tony Calder (producer) (Death: 02/January/2018 - Birth: 27/June/1943)
  • Appears in albums along with: Barry Reynolds, Steve York

  • Robert Mann (violin) (Death: 01/January/2018 - Birth: 19/July/1920)
  • Played in: Juilliard String Quartet
    Appears in albums along with: Laurence Cottle, Ray Warleigh

  • Dahaud Shaar (drums) (Death: January/2018)
  • Played in: Van Morrison Band / Terry & The Pirates / Chrysalis / Etta James Band / Saturday Night Live Band
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Doreen Chanter, Martin Drover, Bernie Holland, Big Jim Sullivan
    Appears in albums along with: Jim Dewar, Graham Jarvis, Martin Jenner, Jim Rothermel

  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Del Delker, Hwang Byungki, Leah LaBelle, Mark Salling, Asmund Bjorken, Neil Harris, Coco Schumann, Buzz Clifford, Lyudmila Senchina, Tommy Banks, Sabar Koti, Aleksandrs Kublinskis, Ceylon Manohar, Shorty Castro, Fredo Santana, Augusto Polo Campos, Madalena Iglesias, Shammi Akhtar, Buddhadev Das Gupta, Khadija Abdullahi Daleys, Tzimis Panousis, Alfred Morris III, Buster Stiggs, Mikio Fujioka, Yon Koeswoyo, Rayya Elias, Joseph Gunduza Magigwani, Radha Viswanathan, Teddy Edelmann.

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