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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Obituaries for musicians in 2020

Last Update: 05/05/2020 - Total (up to now): 118. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
  • Lorne Munroe (cello) (Death: 04/May/2020 - Birth: 24/November/1924)
  • Played in: Philadelphia Orchestra / New York Philharmonic
    Appears in albums along with: Al Harewood

  • Dave Greenfield (keyboards) (Death: 03/May/2020 - Birth: 29/March/1949)
  • Played in: The Initials / The Movement / Stranglers / Purple Helmets / Rusty Butler
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: John Knightsbridge
    Appears in albums along with: Phil Ramone

  • Bob Lander (guitar) (Death: 03/May/2020 - Birth: 11/March/1942)
  • Played in: Rock-Teddy And The Blue Caps / The Frazers / The Rebels / The Spotnicks

  • Gilbert Sigrist (keyboards / arranger) (Death: 02/May/2020 - Birth: 1938)

  • Jonathan Kelly (vocals) (Death: 02/May/2020 - Birth: 08/July/1947)

  • Richie Cole (sax) (Death: 01/May/2020 - Birth: 29/February/1948)
  • Played in: Ritchie Cole Group / Buddy Rich Orchestra / II-V-I Orchestra / Harold Land Group / Lionel Hampton Group / Doc Severinsen Group / Alto Madness Orchestra
    Appears in albums along with: James Moody, Herb Ellis, Freddie Hubbard, Ollie Mitchell, Snooky Young, Harry Beckett, Monty Budwig, Larry Bunker, Joel DiBartolo, Buddy Emmons, Med Flory, John Guerin, Hank Jones, Roy Markowitz, Al Porcino, Hugo Rasmussen, Bud Shank, Ed Shaughnessy, Carlos Vega, Cedar Walton, Joe Wilder, Jimmy Wyble

  • Will Theunissen (guitar) (Death: 01/May/2020 - Birth: 30/June/1954)

  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Dragan Vucic, Aldir Blanc, Erwin Prasetya, Idir, Cady Groves, Ranu Devi Adhikari, Tavo Limongi.
April/2020: March/2020: February/2020:
  • Eduardo Bort (guitar) (Death: 26/February/2020 - Birth: 02/January/1948)
  • My short comment: Eduardo Bort was a great guitar player from my city. He released the album Eduardo Bort in 1975, a great album to me. I heard him many years later in a radio broadcast, his style had moved from progressive rock to more jazzy flavoured, but still very enjoyable, Some months ago there was a tribute concert for him in Valencia, with some of his musicians friends attending (such as Max Suñe or Jorge Pardo). He was ill for several years, and finally passed away on February 26th, 2020. A sad loss.
    Played in: Eduardo Bort Band

  • Jahn Teigen (vocals) (Death: 24/February/2020 - Birth: 27/September/1949)

  • David Roback (guitar) (Death: 24/February/2020 - Birth: 04/April/1958)
  • Played in: Opal / Mazzy Star
    Appears in albums along with: Bert Jansch

  • Hector (vocals) (Death: 19/February/2020 - Birth: 20/October/1946)
  • Played in: Hector Band

  • Jon Christensen (drums) (Death: 18/February/2020 - Birth: 20/March/1943)
  • Played in: Eberhard Weber Group / Jan Garbarek Group / Palle Mikkelborg Group / Keith Jarrett Group / Miroslav Vitous Group / Stu Goldberg Band / Mike Stern Group / Masqualero
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Gary Boyle, Paul Motian
    Appears in albums along with: Herb Geller, George Gruntz, Ray Warleigh

  • Andrew Weatherall (Death: 17/February/2020 - Birth: 06/April/1963)

  • Henry Gray (vocals / keyboards) (Death: 17/February/2020 - Birth: 19/January/1925)
  • Appears in albums along with: Donald ´Duck´ Dunn

  • Cavan Grogan (vocals) (Death: 15/February/2020)
  • Played in: Crazy Cavan ´n´ The Rhythm Rockers
    Appears in albums along with: John Schroeder

  • Ron Thompson (guitar / keyboards) (Death: 15/February/2020 - Birth: 05/July/1953)
  • Played in: John Lee Hooker Band / Ron Thompson Band / Mick Fleetwood Band
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Steve York
    Appears in albums along with: Tom Brumley

  • Franco Del Prete (drums) (Death: 13/February/2020 - Birth: 05/November/1943)
  • Played in: Napoli Centrale

  • Buzzy Linhart (vocals / guitar) (Death: 13/February/2020 - Birth: 03/March/1943)
  • Played in: Music / Buzzy Linhart Band
    Appears in albums along with: Buddy Emmons

  • Paul English (drums) (Death: 12/February/2020 - Birth: 06/November/1932)
  • Played in: Willie Nelson Band
    Appears in albums along with: Buddy Emmons, Robin Gibb, Andrew Love, Ian McLagan, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Lew Soloff

  • Joseph Shabalala (vocals) (Death: 11/February/2020 - Birth: 28/August/1941)
  • Appears in albums along with: Hal Blaine, J J Cale, Bob Johnston, Hugh McCracken, Joe Osborn, Jo Partridge, Phil Ramone, Lew Soloff

  • Lyle Mays (keyboards) (Death: 10/February/2020 - Birth: 27/November/1953)
  • Played in: Pat Metheny Group / Armstrong / Joni Mitchell Band / Eberhard Weber Group / Lyle Mays Band / Woody Herman Orchestra
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Gary Boyle, John Guerin

  • Buddy Cage (steel guitar) (Death: 05/February/2020 - Birth: 18/February/1946)
  • Played in: New Riders of The Purple Sage / Bad Dog / Terry & The Pirates / The Great Speckled Bird / The San Francisco All Stars / John Cipollina Band / The Band
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Levon Helm, Snooky Young
    Appears in albums along with: Bob Johnston, Jesse Ed Davis, Lew Soloff

  • Ivan Kral (bass) (Death: 02/February/2020 - Birth: 12/May/1948)
  • Played in: Patti Smith Band

  • Harold Beane (guitar) (Death: 01/February/2020)
  • Appears in albums along with: Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Andrew Love, Charles Pitts

  • Andy Gill (guitar) (Death: 01/February/2020 - Birth: 01/January/1956)
  • Played in: Gang Of Four
    Appears in albums along with: Sergio Castillo, Stevie Lange

  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Simon Posthuma, Mike Somerville, Suthep Wongkamhaeng, Nick Apollo Forte, Hans Deinzer, Lionel D, Claude Flagel, John S Corcoran, Zoe Gail, Mohammed Abaamran, Bob Cobert, Pop Smoke, Thiruvalaputhur T A Kaliyamurthy, Kizito Mihigo, Lindsey Lagestee, Pearl Carr, Clyde Davenport, Graeme Allwright, Reinbert De Leeuw, Sonam Sherpa, Darryl Braxton, Christophe Desjardins, Jacob Thiele, Victor Olaiya, Mike Lilly, Abdel Aziz El Mubarak, Nexhmije Pagarusha, Ola Magnell, Romuald Lipko, Diego Farias, Lynn Evans, Andrew Brough, Ljiljana Petrovic, Kofi B.
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