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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Obituaries for musicians in 2016

Obituaries (in 2016)

Last Update: 17/01/2017 - Total (up to now): 224. If you can contribute with more data, please write to:
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  • Mike Casswell (guitar) (Death: 30/September/2016 - Birth: 18/June/1963)
  • Played in: Brian May Band / Saiichi Sugiyama Band / John Edwards Band / Walk On Fire / Heroes
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Neil Murray, Cozy Powell
    Appears in albums along with: Phil Kenzie, Neil Murray, Cozy Powell

  • Oscar Brand (vocals / guitar) (Death: 30/September/2016 - Birth: 07/February/1920)
  • Played in: Oscar Brand Band

  • Little Royal (vocals) (Death: 29/September/2016 - Birth: 20/November/1933)
  • Appears in albums along with: Byrd Foster, Warren King

  • Nora Dean (vocals) (Death: 29/September/2016 - Birth: 1944)

  • Taffy Taylor (vocals) (Death: 27/September/2016)
  • Played in: Quartz

  • Joe Clay (vocals) (Death: 26/September/2016 - Birth: 09/September/1938)

  • Karel Ruzicka Sr (keyboards) (Death: 26/September/2016 - Birth: 02/June/1940)

  • Kashif (keyboards) (Death: 25/September/2016 - Birth: 26/December/1956)
  • Played in: B T Express / Stephanie Mills Band / Kashif Band
    Appears in albums along with: Lew Soloff, Carlos Vega, Marcus Belgrave, Robin Gibb, George Marino, Snooky Young

  • Buckwheat Zydeco (keyboards / accordion) (Death: 24/September/2016 - Birth: 14/November/1947)
  • Played in: Buckwheat Zydeco Band / Sammy And the Untouchables / Little Buck And The Top Cats / Clifton Chenier Band
    Appears in albums along with: Bobby Keys, Andrew Love, Jim Rothermel

  • John D Loudermilk (vocals) (Death: 21/September/2016 - Birth: 31/March/1934)
  • Appears in albums along with: Delaney Bramlett, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Cornell Dupree, Eddie Hoh, Andrew Love

  • Jerry Corbetta (keyboards) (Death: 16/September/2016)
  • Played in: Classic Rock All Stars / Sugarloaf / The Four Seasons / Chocolate Hair / Jerry Corbetta Band / Moonrakers
    Appears in albums along with: Carlos Vega, Bob Babbitt

  • Leonard Haze (drums) (Death: 11/September/2016)
  • Played in: Y&T
    Appears in albums along with: Tommy Eyre, John Gustafson, Bernie Holland, Phil Kenzie, Jon Lord

  • Chris Stone (engineer) (Death: 10/September/2016 - Birth: 1935)
  • Appears in albums along with: Tom Brumley, Barry De Souza, Lesley Duncan, John ´Irish´ Earle, Tommy Eyre, Duane Jarvis, Frank Marocco, Joe Moretti, Chris Parren, Ray Russell

  • Prince Buster (vocals) (Death: 08/September/2016 - Birth: 24/May/1938)

  • Graham Wiggins (keyboards) (Death: 07/September/2016 - Birth: 25/October/1962)
  • Played in: Doctor Didg / Outback

  • Clifford Curry (vocals) (Death: 06/September/2016 - Birth: 03/November/1936)

  • Lewis Merenstein (producer) (Death: 06/September/2016 - Birth: 23/October/1934)
  • Appears in albums along with: Jerry Steinholtz, Eddie Hoh, Bob Babbitt, Jimmy Bain, Delaney Bramlett, Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Cornell Dupree, Kay Garner, John Guerin, Les Hurdle, Andrew Love, Hugh McCracken

  • Fred McFarlane (producer / keyboards) (Death: 05/September/2016)
  • Appears in albums along with: Robbie Blunt, Phil Kenzie, Phil Ramone

  • Fred Hellerman (guitar) (Death: 01/September/2016 - Birth: 13/May/1927)
  • Played in: The Weavers / Chad Mitchell Trio
    Appears in albums along with: Phil Ramone, Buddy Emmons, Hugh McCracken

  • Kacey Jones (vocals / producer) (Death: 01/September/2016 - Birth: 27/April/1950)
  • Played in: Ethel & The Shameless Hussies / Kacey Jones Band
    Appears in albums along with: Tom Brumley, Duane Jarvis, Linda Taylor

  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Lecresia Campbell, Marta Schele, Ioan Gyuri Pascu, Aurelian Preda, Jean Shepard, Hagen Liebing, Shawty Lo, DJ Spank Spank, Micki Marlo, Bobby Breen, Mandoza, Charmian Carr, Qiao Renliang, Trisco Pearson, Sunil Bardewa, Tavin Pumarejo, Alexis Arquette, Farhang Sharif, Novella Matveyeva, Bob Bissonnette, Johnny Rebel, Gary D, Jerry Heller.
August/2016: July/2016:
  • Nigel Gray (producer) (Death: 30/July/2016 - Birth: 1947)
  • Appears in albums along with: Trevor Bolder, Steve Byrd

  • Ken Barrie (backing vocals) (Death: 29/July/2016 - Birth: 09/January/1933)
  • Played in: Neil Richardson Singers
    Appears in albums along with: Big Jim Sullivan, Martin Drover, Kay Garner, Linda Taylor, Bob Wackett

  • Jose Menese (vocals) (Death: 29/July/2016)
  • Appears in albums along with: Ray Warleigh

  • Fred Tomlinson (vocals) (Death: 29/July/2016)

  • Pat Upton (vocals / guitar) (Death: 27/July/2016)
  • Appears in albums along with: Tom Brumley, Pete Jolly, Ollie Mitchell

  • Sandy Pearlman (producer) (Death: 26/July/2016 - Birth: 05/August/1943)
  • Appears in albums along with: Phil Grande

  • Roye Albrighton (guitar) (Death: 26/July/2016 - Birth: 1949)
  • Played in: Nektar / Snowball
    Appears in albums along with: Chris Mercer

  • Allan Barnes (sax / flute) (Death: 25/July/2016 - Birth: 21/September/1949)
  • Played in: Gil Scott Heron Band / Blackbyrds / Allan Barnes Group
    Appears in albums along with: Marcus Belgrave

  • Marni Nixon (vocals) (Death: 24/July/2016 - Birth: 22/February/1930)
  • Appears in albums along with: Milt Bernhart, Pete Jolly, Bud Shank

  • Keith Gemmell (sax / clarinet) (Death: 24/July/2016 - Birth: 15/February/1948)
  • Played in: Audience / Sammy / Roy Young Band / Stackridge / The Pasadena Roof Orchestra
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Dave Caswell, Mick Clarke, Rod Coombes, Nick Judd, Ray Russell, Nick South
    Appears in albums along with: Martin Drover, Nick Judd, Bobby Keys, Linda Taylor, Richard Brunton, Brian Chatton, Barry De Souza, Kay Garner, Felix Krish, Bruce Lynch, Ray Russell, Bob Wackett, Ray Warleigh, Tommy Whittle

  • Lewis Steinberg (bass) (Death: 21/July/2016 - Birth: 13/September/1933)
  • Played in: Booker T & The MG´s / The Mar-Keys
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Donald ´Duck´ Dunn
    Appears in albums along with: Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Andrew Love, Cornell Dupree

  • Tamas Somlo (Death: 19/July/2016 - Birth: 17/November/1947)
  • Played in: Locomotiv GT / Omega

  • Gary Paxton (vocals / producer) (Death: 17/July/2016 - Birth: 18/May/1939)
  • Played in: Pledges / Chuck & The Chuckles / Gary & Clyde / Skip & Flip
    Appears in albums along with: Kenny Buttrey, Buddy Emmons, J J Cale, Andrew Love

  • Alan Vega (vocals) (Death: 16/July/2016 - Birth: 23/June/1938)
  • Played in: Suicide

  • Bonnie Brown (vocals) (Death: 16/July/2016 - Birth: 31/July/1938)
  • Played in: The Browns
    Appears in albums along with: Kenny Buttrey

  • Roland Prince (guitar) (Death: 15/July/2016)
  • Played in: Elvin Jones Group / Sam Rivers Group
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Frank Foster, Freddie Hubbard
    Appears in albums along with: Frank Foster, James Moody

  • Steve Grover (drums) (Death: 07/July/2016)
  • Played in: Lenny Breau Group / Steve Grover Group

  • Danny Smythe (drums) (Death: 06/July/2016 - Birth: 25/August/1948)
  • Played in: Box Tops / The Devilles

  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Mike Mohede, Peter Sadlo, Lucille Dumont, Daasebre Gyamenah, Lachhu Maharaj, Maggie MacDonald, Peter Re, Horacio Olivo, George Reznik, Edgar Muenzer, Bijoya Chaudhuri, Lawrence Minors, Mubarak Begum, Karina Jensen, Bobby Ramirez, Erik Petersen, Danny Nettey, Andrew Franklin, Steven Young, El Lebrijano, Christian Salcedo, Minerva Herrera, Nik Baydin, Leif Nylen, Genevieve Castree Elverum, Gerard Bourgeois, Rokusuke Ei, Hugo Gonzalez Neira, Alirio Diaz, William Hawkins, Teddy Rooney, Renee De Haan.
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  1. Thank you for providing this service-time is approaching when the list of my friends & those that provided so much joy will be somewhat reduced in curtain call.


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