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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Obituaries for musicians in 2017

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  • Phil Cohran (trumpet) (Death: 28/June/2017 - Birth: 08/May/1927)
  • Played in: Sun Ra Orchestra / Phil Cohran Group

  • Gary DeCarlo (vocals) (Death: 28/June/2017)
  • Played in: The Chateaus / The Glenwoods / Steam

  • Dave Rosser (guitar) (Death: 28/June/2017)
  • Played in: The Twilight Singers / Afghan Whigs

  • Geri Allen (keyboards) (Death: 27/June/2017 - Birth: 12/June/1957)
  • Played in: Geri Allen Group / Charlie Haden Group / Charles Lloyd Group / Dewey Redman Group / Louis Sclavis Group / The Cookers / Paul Motian Group / David Weiss Group / ACS Trio / Marcus Belgrave Group / Roy Brooks Group / Oliver Lake Group / The Supremes / Steve Coleman Group
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Chris Biscoe, Dwayne Burno, Paul Motian
    Appears in albums along with: Marcus Belgrave, Paul Motian, Steve Berrios, Dwayne Burno, Rudy Van Gelder, Roy Hargrove, Freddie Hubbard, Hank Jones, Bobby Keys, Buddy Montgomery, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Phil Ramone, Ben Riley

  • Jimmy Nalls (guitar) (Death: 22/June/2017)
  • Played in: Sea Level / Jimmy Nalls Band / Alex Taylor Band / Dr John Band
    Appears in albums along with: Tom Coyne, Clydie King, George Marino, David ´Fathead´ Newman

  • Gunter Gabriel (vocals) (Death: 22/June/2017 - Birth: 11/June/1942)
  • Played in: Gunter Gabriel Band

  • Thara Memory (trumpet) (Death: 19/June/2017)
  • Appears in albums along with: Albert Aarons, Stretch

  • Chris Murrell (vocals) (Death: 18/June/2017 - Birth: 18/December/1956)
  • Played in: Count Basie Orchestra / Christian Disciples
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Albert Aarons, Bob Brookmeyer, Buddy Catlett, Frank Foster, Chico Hamilton, Al Porcino, Ed Shaughnessy, Joe Wilder, Snooky Young

  • Rosalie Sorrels (vocals) (Death: 11/June/2017 - Birth: 24/June/1933)
  • Played in: Rosalie Sorrels Band

  • Norro Wilson (vocals / producer) (Death: 08/June/2017 - Birth: 04/April/1938)
  • Played in: Norro Wilson Band
    Appears in albums along with: Kenny Buttrey, Jerry Carrigan

  • Vin Garbutt (vocals) (Death: 06/June/2017 - Birth: 20/November/1947)
  • Played in: Vin Garbutt Band
    Appears in albums along with: Dick Hanson

  • Tony Hall (sax) (Death: 01/June/2017 - Birth: 1944)
  • Played in: Dana Gillespie Band / Frankie Reid Band / Florida Sun / Flying Fox / The Flowerpot Men / Tony Dangerfield Band / Geno Washington Band / Chas & Dave / Wainwright´s Gentlemen / Peter Nelson And The Travellers / Rupert´s Spoon / Simon K & The Meantimers / White Plains / Cliff Bennett Band
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Chris Belshaw, Craig Collinge, Dana Gillespie, John Knightsbridge, Jon Lord, Tex Makins, Mike Paice, Ged Peck, Bob Weston
    Appears in albums along with: Andy Brown, Les Davidson, Rod De´Ath, John ´Irish´ Earle, Mickey Gee, Dick Hanson, Chas Hodges, Mac Poole

  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Sabita Chowdhury, Paolo Limiti, Sudhin Das, Arne Garvang, Belton Richard, Prodigy, Eliza Clivia, Sheila Raye Charles, Harry Prime, Luis Abanto Morales, Corneliu Stroe, Prince Udaya Priyantha, Jan Hoiland, Sandra Reemer, Skipp Pearson, Educated Rapper, Aamir Zaki.
  • Bern Nix (guitar) (Death: 31/May/2017 - Birth: 21/September/1947)
  • Played in: Ornette Coleman Group / The Decoding Society / Bern Nix Group
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Ronald Shannon Jackson
    Appears in albums along with: Ronald Shannon Jackson, Freddie Hubbard

  • Gregg Allman (keyboards) (Death: 27/May/2017 - Birth: 08/December/1947)
  • Played in: The Allman Brothers Band / Gregg Allman Band / The Hour Glass / Delaney & Bonnie Band / The 31st Of February
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Delaney Bramlett, J J Cale, Bobby Keys
    Appears in albums along with: Tom Dowd, Delaney Bramlett, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Clydie King, Andrew Love, George Marino, Cornell Dupree, Byrd Foster, Warren King, Steve Madaio, Tom Coyne, Hank Crawford, Levon Helm, Eddie Hoh, Joe Lala, Alvin Lee, David ´Fathead´ Newman, Phil Ramone, Johnny Winter

  • Mickey Roker (drums) (Death: 22/May/2017 - Birth: 03/September/1932)

  • Jimmy LaFave (vocals / guitar) (Death: 21/May/2017 - Birth: 12/July/1955)
  • Played in: Jimmy LaFave Band / The Night Tribe
    Appears in albums along with: Ian McLagan

  • Kenny Cordray (guitar) (Death: 21/May/2017 - Birth: 21/July/1954)
  • Played in: The Children / Skylark / Kenny Cordray Band / Wayne Cochran Band
    Appears in albums along with: Ian McLagan

  • Curtis Womack (vocals) (Death: 21/May/2017)
  • Played in: The Valentinos

  • George Reiff (bass) (Death: 21/May/2017)
  • Played in: Bump Band / Chris Robinson Band
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Ian McLagan
    Appears in albums along with: Ian McLagan, J J Cale

  • Butch Stewart (vocals) (Death: 19/May/2017)

  • Jimmy Hayes (backing vocals) (Death: 18/May/2017 - Birth: 12/November/1943)
  • Played in: The Persuasions
    Appears in albums along with: Hugh McCracken, Joe Wilder

  • Chris Cornell (vocals) (Death: 18/May/2017 - Birth: 20/July/1964)
  • Played in: Soundgarden / Chris Cornell Band / Temple Of The Dog / Audioslave
    Appears in albums along with: Bob Babbitt, Joe Cocker, Jim Copley, Robin Gibb, Phil Ramone

  • Kevin Stanton (guitar) (Death: 17/May/2017)
  • Played in: MI-Sex

  • Tom McClung (keyboards) (Death: 14/May/2017 - Birth: 1957)
  • Played in: Archie Shepp Group / Tom McClung Group

  • Jan Arnet (bass) (Death: 13/May/2017)
  • Played in: National Czech Jazz Orchestra / Art Blakey Group
    Appears in albums along with: Joe Wilder

  • Jim Copley (drums) (Death: 13/May/2017 - Birth: 1953)

  • Bill Dowdy (drums) (Death: 12/May/2017 - Birth: 15/August/1932)
  • Played in: The Three Sounds / The Four Sounds
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Donald Bailey
    Appears in albums along with: Al Harewood, Mickey Roker, Rudy Van Gelder

  • William D Brohn (arranger) (Death: 11/May/2017 - Birth: 30/March/1933)
  • Appears in albums along with: Derek Watkins, Laurence Cottle, Ray Russell

  • Dave Pell (sax) (Death: 08/May/2017 - Birth: 26/February/1925)
  • Played in: Dave Pell Group / Bobby Sherwood Orchestra / Bob Crosby Orchestra / Les Brown Orchestra / Prez Conference
    Other members of these same bands already covered here: Jim Hall
    Appears in albums along with: Larry Bunker, Milt Bernhart, Bud Shank, Herb Geller, Ollie Mitchell, Lyle Ritz, Snooky Young, Bob Brookmeyer, Monty Budwig, Frank Foster, Jim Hall, Al Porcino, Tony Terran, Buddy Catlett, Joel DiBartolo, Herb Ellis, Sonny Igoe, Pete Jolly, Hank Jones, Hal McKusick, Joe Morello, Nat Peck, Ed Shaughnessy, Horace Silver, Ed Thigpen, Carlos Vega, Derek Watkins

  • Sandy Ross (vocals) (Death: 06/May/2017 - Birth: 24/June/1950)

  • Ustad Rais Khan (Death: 06/May/2017 - Birth: 25/November/1939)
  • Appears in albums along with: Les Davidson, Francis Monkman

  • Clive Brooks (drums) (Death: 05/May/2017 - Birth: 28/December/1949)
  • Played in: Uriel / Egg / Groundhogs / Bearded Lady / Liar
    Appears in albums along with: Chris Hughes

  • Casey Jones (drums) (Death: 03/May/2017 - Birth: 26/July/1939)
  • Played in: Albert Collins Band / Casey Jones & The Engineers / Johnny Winter Band
    Appears in albums along with: Johnny Winter, Tom Coyne, Donald ´Duck´ Dunn, Ric Grech

  • C´el Revuelta (bass) (Death: 03/May/2017)
  • Played in: Black Flag

  • Saxa (sax) (Death: 03/May/2017 - Birth: 05/January/1930)
  • Played in: The Beat / International Beat

  • Bruce Hampton (guitar) (Death: 02/May/2017 - Birth: 30/April/1947)
  • Played in: The Aquarium Rescue Unit / Fiji Mariners / Hampton Grease Band / The Late Bronze Age / New Ice Age / The Codetalkers / The Quark Alliance

  • Jimmy Dale (keyboards / arranger) (Death: May/2017 - Birth: 1935)
  • Played in: Peter Appleyard Group / Gloria DeHaven Group / Andy Williams Band / Sonny & Cher / Rob McConnell Group / Smothers Brothers Band
    Appears in albums along with: Pete Jolly, Bud Shank

  • Other musicians that passed away this month, but I probably won´t cover them here: Arleen Lanzotti, David Lewiston, Marcus Intalex, Wajahat Attre, Irio De Paula, Zbigniew Wodecki, Leo Kristi, Kid Vinil, Frankie Paul, Rosa Nell Speer, Derek Poindexter, Keith Mitchell, Ibrahim Erkal, Joy Byers, Robert Miles, Christopher Boykin, Zoran Madzirov, Mary Tsoni, Almir Guineto, Katy Bodtger, Daliah Lavi, Kevin Garcia, Erkki Kurenniemi, Robbie Souter.
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